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New York University (NYU):
New York University (NYU) is the largest private university in the United States. The University, which is composed of 14 schools, colleges, and divisions, occupies five major centers in Manhattan, New York City. The average amount of students have a 3.7- 3.9 average reaching to a 4.0. We offer a truly comprehensive range of over 2500 programs in academic fields including business, law, medicine, communications, the sciences, education, the health professions, public service, liberal arts, and more.

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Photo of University Degree Programs in New York CityUndergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs
With more than 2,500 courses offered, the University awards more than 25 different degrees. NYU gives students many job offers in their fields according to their major. NYU also offers students individual paces and classes/scheduals to how they would like to shape their future and careers.

New York University offers students an early start by an early graduation if they are able to receive as many credits the school year. NYU has not only in school classes but also summer and outdoor classes from students to take to pace their own study time.

NYU offers the following programs:

- Accounting, Taxation & Business Law
- Acting: Graduate
- Administration, Leadership aImage of University Degree Programs in New York Citynd Technology
- Advanced Digital Applications
- Africana Studies
- American Studies: Graduate
- Anesthesiology: School of Medicine
- Animation
- Animation and Digital Arts (Tisch Asia): Graduate
- Anthropology: Undergraduate
- Anthropology: Graduate
- Applied Psychological Studies: Undergraduate
- Applied Psychology: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Art and Art Professions: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Art and Arts Administration: Non-Credit
- Art and Public Policy: Graduate
- Art Education: Graduate
- Art History: Undergraduate
- Art Therapy: Graduate
- Arts and Humanities Education: Graduate
- Arts Workshop, BA
- Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program and InstitPhotos of New York University (NYU)ute
- Basic Medical Sciences/Medicine
- Bilingual Education: Graduate
- Biochemistry: School of Medicine
- Biology
- Bioethics: Graduate
- Business Education: Graduate
- Career Education and Life Planning
- The Center for Marketing
- Chemistry
- Childhood Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Cinema Studies
- Classics: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Communication Studies: Undergraduate
- Community Learning, BA
- Community Public Health: Graduate
- Comparative Literature: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Computational Biology: Graduate
- Computer Science: Undergraduate
- Computer Science: Graduate
- Continuing Education
- Counseling and Guidance: Graduate
- CoPicture of University Degree Programs in New York Cityunseling for Mental Health and Wellness
- Counseling Psychology: Graduate
- Creative Writing: Graduate
- Creative Writing in Spanish: Graduate
- Dance
- Dance Education: Graduate
- Design for Stage & Film
- Drama: Undergraduate
- Drama Therapy: Graduate
- Dramatic Literature, Theater History, and the Cinema: Undergraduate
- Dramatic Writing, Goldberg Department of
- Dramatic Writing (Tisch Asia): Graduate
- Early Childhood Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Humanities and Social Thought
- Dermatology: School of Medicine
- East Asian Studies: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Education, Teaching, & Learning
- Economics
- Economics: Stern
- Education and Jewish Studies: Graduate
- Educational Communications and Technology: Graduate
- Educational Leadership: Graduate
- Educational Psychology: Graduate
- Educational Theatre: Undergraduate & Graduate
- English: Undergraduate & Graduate
- English as a Second Language
- English as a Second Language: Graduate
- English Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Environmental Conservation Education: Graduate
- Environmental Studies: Undergraduate
- Environmental Health Science: Graduate
- Environmental Medicine: School of Medicine
- Ergonomics and Biomechanics: Graduate
- European and Mediterranean Studies: Undergraduate
- European and Mediterranean Studies: Graduate
- Expository Writing Program
- Film and Television
- Film and Television (Tisch Asia): Graduate
- Finance
- Finance and Accounting
- Fine Arts: Graduate
- First Year Program, BA
- Food Studies and Food Management: Graduate
- Foreign Language Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting
- French
- French Studies
- Gender & Sexuality Studies: Undergraduate
- Germanic Languages & Literature
- Global Public Health: Graduate
- Hebrew & Judaic Studies: Undergraduate
- Hebrew & Judaic Studies: Graduate
- Hellenic Studies: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Higher Education Administration: Graduate
- History
- History of Education: Graduate
- Hospitality, Tourism & Sports Management: Continuing Eduation
- Hospitality, Tourism & Sports Management: Graduate
- Hospitality, Tourism & Sports Management: Undergraduate
- Humanities & Performing Arts
- Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions: Graduate
- Individualized Projects, BA
- Information Systems
- Instructional Design & Online Education: Corporate Training
- Interactive Telecommunications
- Interdisciplinary Seminars, BA
- Interdisciplinary Study, BA
- Interdisciplinary Study, MA
- International Education: Graduate
- International Relations: Undergraduate
- Italian: Undergraduate
- Italian: Graduate
- Jazz: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Joint Degree Programs: The J.D. (Law), M.B.A.; the M.A. (French Studies), M.B.A.; and the M.A.(Politics), M.B.A.
- Journalism
- Latin American & Caribbean Studies: Graduate
- Law & Society: Graduate
- Law and Taxation
- Liberal Arts for Adults
- Liberal Studies Program
- Linguistics: Undergraduate
- Linguistics: Graduate
- Literacy Education: Graduate
- Management & Organizational Behavior
- Management Communication
- Marketing
- Marketing & Management
- Mathematics
- Mathematics Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Media, Culture, and Communication: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Media Ecology: Graduate
- Medicine: School of Medicine
- Medieval & Renaissance Center
- Metropolitan Studies
- Microbiology: School of Medicine
- Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
- Morse Academic Plan: Undergraduate General Education Program
- Museum Studies: Graduate
- Music: Undergraduate
- Music: Graduate
- Music and Performing Arts Professions: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Music Business: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Music Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Music Performance: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Music Technology: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Music Theatre Writing: Graduate
- Music Theory and Composition: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Music Therapy: Graduate
- Near Eastern Studies: Graduate
- Neural Science
- Neurological Surgery: School of Medicine
- Nursing
- Nutrition and Dietetics: Graduate
- Nutrition and Food Studies: Undergraduate
- Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Obstetrics & Gynecology: MY Medical Center
- Occupational Therapy: Graduate
- Operations Management
- Oral Biology: Graduate
- Otolaryngology: School of Medicine
- Pathology: School of Medicine
- Pediatrics: School of Medicine
- Pediatric Cardiology: School of Medicine
- Pediatric Neurosurgery: School of Medicine
- Performing Arts Administration: Graduate
- Performance Studies: Graduate
- Philanthropy & Fundraising
- Philosophy: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Philosophy of Education: Graduate
- Photography & Imaging
- Physical Therapy: Graduate
- Physics: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Politics: Undergraduate
- Politics: Graduate
- Professional Studies for s
- Psychiatry: School of Medicine
- Psychology: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Psychological Development: Graduate
- Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis: Postdoctoral Program
- Publishing
- Radiology: School of Medicine
- Real Estate and Construction
- Recorded Music, Clive Davis Department of
- Religious Studies: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Russian & Slavic Studies: Undergraduate
- Russian & Slavic Studies: Graduate
- School Psychology: Graduate
- Science Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Scoring for Film and Multimedia: Graduate
- Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA)
- Social Studies Education: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Sociology: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Sociology of Education: Graduate
- Spanish & Portuguese Languages and Literatures: Undergraduate and Graduate
- Special Education: Undergraduate and Graduate
- Speech & Interpersonal Communication: Graduate
- Speech Language Pathology & Audiology: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Speech-Language Pathology: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Statistics & Operations Research
- Studio Art: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Studio Art Summer: Graduate
- Studio Art: Art in Media: Graduate
- Surgery: School of Medicine
- Teaching & Learning: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Television, Film
- TESOL/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: Graduate
- Theater
- Trauma and Violence Trans disciplinary Studies: Graduate
- Visual Arts Administration: Graduate
- Visual Culture-Costume Studies: Graduate
- Visual Culture-Theory: Graduate
- Vocal Performance: Undergraduate & Graduate
- Writing & Speech
- Writing Program, BA

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SUNY College of Old Westbury, Long Island
Courses / Programs
The State University of New York (SUNY) College at Old Westbury, located centrally on Long Island, New York, is a liberal arts university college that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in academic fields including Education, Business & Management, Humanities, Languages, and more.

The goal at Old Westbury is to prepare students to achieve their potential and to create the career - and life - they imagine. Old Westbury offers more than 40 degree opportunities, all well-respected and many with prospects for students to engage in the real-world while they pursue their studies.

SUNY College is accreditated by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (School of Education), and the American Chemical Society (B.S. in Chemistry).
Undergraduate Degree Programs:
- Bachelor of Arts Degree (majors include: Education, Humanities, Visual Arts & Languages)
- Bachelor of Science (majors include: Criminology, Finance & Biochemistry)
- Bachelor of Professional Studies (majors include: Business & Management)

Graduate Degree Programs:
- Master of Science in Accounting
- Master of Science in Taxation
Ferrara's Beauty School
Courses / Programs
Based in Forest Hills, Queens, Ferrara's Beauty School (FBS) provides beauty career training programs to students and professionals who are looking to pursue or further a career in the cosmetology industry.

Founded by Vincent Ferrara, our beauty school provides dedicated training in Hairdressing & Cosmetology, Nail Technology, and Make-up Application.

FBS is licensed by New York State Education Department, and offers a very unique training philosophy and learning environment.
Hairdressing / Cosmetology Course:
- Duration: 1000 hours

Nail Technology Course:
- Duration: 250 hours

Introductory Make-up Application:
- Duration: 35 hours

Advanced Make-up Application:
- Duration: 35 hours
Brittany Beauty School, Levittown & Bronx
Courses / Programs
Brittany Beauty School provides dedicated beauty career training courses at our schools in The Bronx and Levittown, Nassau County (on Long Island).

Founded in 1968, we provide day, evening and Saturday classes covering all forms of beauty culture including Hairdressing & Cosmetology, Nail Technology, and Make-up Artistry.
Beauty Career Training:

- Hairdressing & Cosmetology (1000 hours)
- Nail Technology (250 hours)
- Fashion & Glamour Make-Up
- Cosmetology Refresher Course
John Cabot University
Courses / Programs
Calling US students! Would you consider studying abroad in the beautiful and historical city of Rome in Italy?

• The largest overseas American liberal arts university in Italy, JCU is accredited by the American Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

• We provide four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) and 2-year Associate of Arts (AA) degree programs to students from the U.S. and worldwide. We also offer a Masters in Art History, semester and year-long study abroad programs, and summer programs.

All courses are taught in English with an average of 15 students per class and are taught by faculty of international distinction.

• Our graduates are globally-recognized, and have been accepted at top-tier universities in the U.S. and Europe, and for being employed by well-known international companies.

• Our diverse student body comprises about 1,200 students from over 60 countries from the Americas, Asia and Europe, and from more than 130 U.S. universities.

• Students benefit greatly from culturally conscious views and discussions through which they become well prepared for successful and productive engagements in our fast-paced global world.

• Whether you are considering studying in Rome with us for 4 years, or as a visiting student for one semester, JCU, with our prestigious and dedicated faculty, and our rich and rigorous curricular offerings, will provide an unforgettable academic experience whose fruits you will enjoy for a lifetime.
4-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) & 2-year Associate of Arts (AA) undergraduate degree programs in:

• Business Administration; International Affairs; Political Science; Communications; Economics and Finance; International Business; Marketing; Art History; Classical Studies; English Literature; History; Humanistic Studies; Italian Studies.

• Year-long & Semester Abroad Programs

• Summer Study Abroad Programs

• Master of Arts (MA) in Art History
Hamilton College
Courses / Programs
Hamilton College, located in Clinton (90 minutes west of Albany), New York, is a private, independent, liberal arts college offering Bachelor of Arts degree programs. Hamilton expects students to take responsibility for their educational choices. They will be counseled and supported by teachers and advisors, but the ultimate responsibility, just as the ultimate growth, will be the student's. For this reason, Hamilton does not have distribution requirements, which are found at nearly every other American college and university. We trust students with the freedom to select courses that make sense for their own intellectual development. As a result, Hamilton students attend classes because they are genuinely interested in the subject, not because they are fulfilling a requirement.

The Bachelor of Arts degree programs at Hamilton College are registered with the New York State Education Department, Office of Higher Education and Professions, Cultural Education Center.
Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs:
- Anthropology
- Art History
- Astronomy
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Comparative Literature
- Computer Science
- Creative Writing
- Dance
- Economics
- Education Studies
- English
- Environmental Studies
- History
- Interdisciplinary Concentration
- Mathematics
- Music
- Neuroscience
- Philosophy
- Physics
- Psychology
- Preprofessional Advising
& many more ...
Colgate University
Courses / Programs
Located in Hamilton, in Madison County, NY, Colgate University is a private liberal arts university offering a range Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree programs in academic fields such as Art History, Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, Psychology, and many more. Colgate is an inclusive institution with diverse students and faculty.

With a mission to educate leaders who will and must come from all societal groups, Colgate is committed to educate students to virtue and encourages them to respond openly and sensitively to others who are different from themselves. Within the limitations of its resources, Colgate extends opportunities to academically qualified students without regard to their ability to finance their education.

With small classes and heavy emphasis on close faculty-student interaction, we help students become thoughtful critical thinkers and perceptive leaders. We offer 52 majors and 13 additional minors to an internationally and culturally diverse student body of 2,900 students

At Colgate University, our BA Degree Programs are approved by the Dean's Advisory Council and registered officially with the New York State Education Department.
Undergraduate Degree Programs:
- Art and Art History
- Asian Studies
- Biochemistry
- Chinese
- Computer Science
- Economics
- Educational Studies
- Environmental Geology
- International Relations
- Music
- Neuroscience
- Philosophy
- Political Science
- Psychology
- Religion
- Social Sciences

Graduate Degree Program:
- Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
- Master of Arts (M.A.)