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Masters Degrees in Nigeria - Online Universities

1. Arden University, UK - Online Masters Courses
Courses / Programs
• Online education with Arden University empowers you to study a master's degree program from a UK University and enhance your career potential from Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere around the world!

• Arden University has a physical campus in Coventry, UK, and also offers high quality online bachelor & postgraduate degree programmes to international students all over the world.

• Through their 25+ years of experience, Arden University have positioned themselves as distance learning specialists, enabling students to access their career-focused programmes online.

• They have supported over 50,000 students whilst remaining true to their core values, ensuring higher education is available for all.

• Arden University’s commitment to quality education is demonstrated through their portfolio of career-focussed online programmes. Their versatile undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications are approved by UK professional bodies, with many programmes receiving accreditation.

• Covering a range of professional subjects in 12 academic fields, Arden University make UK education accessible and affordable through their innovative study platform. You can study from any location, at any time, and on any digital device, meaning you have complete control over your education.
Masters Degree Programs
MBA (Finance)
MBA (Data Analytics)
MBA (Top Up)
MSc Psychology (BPS)
MA Human Resource Management (CIPD)
MA Strategic Marketing (CIM)
MSc Engineering Management (CMI)
MSc IT Security Management
MSc Strategic IT Management
MSc Project Management (APM)
MSc Telecommunications Management
MSc Enterprise Architecture Management
MSc Data Analytics (8)

Bachelor & BA Top-Up Degrees
Business  (12)
Graphic Design
Health Care
Top ups (5)
2. Stafford Global - Online Masters Programs
Courses / Programs
Earn a UK Masters Degree online with Stafford Global! Based in the UAE, we are a top provider of quality distance learning education to students in Nigeria, throughout Africa, and worldwide.

Part-time study options are available for many of our online courses. Stafford Global delivers a wide range of online masters programs in partnership with leading UK universities including:

- University of Leicester
- University of Northampton
- University of Nottingham
- University of Dundee
- Edinburgh Napier University

If you are an ambitious person, recent graduate or a working professional who wishes to further your education online, earning an internationally-recognised graduate qualification with Stafford Global can greatly enhance your career opportunities in your chosen area of expertise.

With extensive experience in delivering top distance learning education in the fields of business, management, HR, and education among other fields, Stafford Global provides lifelong learners with quality courses at an affordable price.

Study at your own pace at times that best suit your busy work schedule or family commitments. Benefit from high-quality university programs without having to worry about a rigid timetable!

We ensure that all Stafford Global students receive superior academic support to complete your online course successfully.

Student Review:
"I have had a great experience with the University/programme thus far and have felt very supported by Stafford."
- Maude
Online Masters Degrees
• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• Actuarial Science
• Applied Linguistics & TESOL
• Business Management
• Construction Project Management
• Data Science
• Diabetes
• Education (M.Ed)
• Educational Leadership
• Finance
• HR Management
• Health & Social Care
• International Education
• Leadership & Innovation
• Marketing
• Media & Public Relations
• Museum Studies
• Psychology
• Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management
• Security & Risk Management
• Transport Planning & Engineering

Online Doctorate Programs
• Doctorate in Social Science
3. Masters Degree in Human Resource Management in Nigeria
Courses / Programs
Would you like a professional career in the in-demand field of Human Resources Management in Nigeria or abroad?

Earning a masters degree in HR management (HRM) online or onsite gives you a distinct advantage in a competitive marketplace, due to the specialized knowledge you gain and the contacts you make.

To effectively lead and manage personnel in an increasingly-globalized business world, HR professionals must possess exceptional skills in the fields of talent acquisition & deployment, labor relations, employment law, and more.

The typical curriculum of a HR management masters program aims to equip you with a strong knowledge of business management strategies, communication skills, negotiation techniques, administration, and organizational behavior, as well as business strategy and ethics.

You will often have the option of concentrating on a particular area of HR management, depending on your professional goals and personal interests.

Generally, a Masters in Human Resources Management degree takes one or two years of full-time study to complete.

However, many universities and graduate business schools offer flexible study options, making it easier for those in full-time employment to earn their qualification.

Completing your masters program online allows you to schedule your study around your work and family commitments.

Other institutes offer part-time studies through evening or weekend classes, where you may have up to five years to finish your degree.
Human Resources Management Degree:

Core subjects may include:

• Foundations of Human Resource Management
• Corporate Communications
• Managing in a Global Economy
• Organizational Behavior
• Organizational Change Management
• Talent Development and Workforce Planning
• Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
• Budgeting & Resource Allocation
• Human Resource Information Systems
• Business Strategy & Ethics..

Concentrations may include:

• Human Resource Management
• Global Talent Management
• Learning, Development, & Executive Coaching
• Organizational Strategy..
4. Masters Degree in Public Health, Nigeria
Courses / Programs
In today's increasingly globalized world, a strong healthcare workforce is essential for every country. As the most populous country in sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria needs specialized healthcare professionals trained to graduate level in all areas, including Public Health.

Earning a masters degree in public health prepares you to work on a wide range of public health initiatives, such as health education, disease prevention, treatment delivery, policy advocacy, and institutional administration among others.

Many graduate students focus their studies by choosing a specialization. For example, you may opt to specialize in environmental health, disaster management, or occupational health and safety management.

At this level, joint programs are especially popular. Most graduates pursue dual degrees in either social policy or clinical practice.

On successful completion of your graduate degree, you may find employment in a wide range of positions, including family therapist or counselor, health educator, clinician, or epidemiologist.

Generally, a public health masters program takes one or two years of full-time study to complete.

However, many universities and graduate schools offer flexible study options (part-time study or online education), making it easier for working professionals to earn their qualification.

Completing your masters program online allows you to schedule your study around your work and family commitments.
Masters Degree in Public Health

Specializations may include:
• Public Health Administration
• Occupational and Environmental Health
• Occupational Health & Safety Management
• Global Disaster Management & Humanitarian Relief
• Industrial Hygiene
• Environmental Health & Toxicology
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Health Care Organization and Policy
• Maternal & Child Health Policy & Leadership
• Epidemiology
• Infection Control
• Health, Safety & Environment..
5. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Nigeria
Courses / Programs
With over 51 million people in employment in Nigeria alone, what will enable you to stand out from the crowd in rapidly-growing business environments? One definite advantage is to hold an accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Even more attractive to some employers is an MBA awarded by a leading UK or US university.

The aim of any MBA student should be to become as highly-proficient as possible in a range of business and management fields. You can choose to pursue a general management program or complete a specialization in an in-demand subject such as accounting, marketing, HR management, or supply chain management.

A specialization allows you to become an expert in a particular field. This gives you a distinct advantage in today's competitive marketplace, and greatly increases your job opportunities and potential salary in Nigeria or abroad.

A typical MBA program takes two years of full-time study to complete. However, many universities and graduate business schools offer flexible study options to make it easier for working professionals to earn their qualification.

In many cases, you can choose part-time study on-campus, or you can complete an online MBA degree. Online MBA programs allow you to schedule your study around your work or family commitments.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Program

Specializations / Concentrations may include:
• Accounting
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance
• General Management/Strategy
• Health Care Management
• Human Resources Management
• Marketing
• Industry/Operations
• Information Systems/IT/Technology
• International Business
• Media/Communication
• Supply Chain Management
• Telecommunications...
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