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Design Apprenticeship Training Course for Graduates

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Jacob Jensen Design | KMUTT Bangkok:
Collaborating with King Mongkut’s University of Technology in Thonburi, Bangkok, Jacob Jensen Design offers creative services and a 1-year / 3-semester academic design apprenticeship programme.

12-month / 3-semester Apprenticeship Design Program:
Photo of Design Apprenticeship Training Course for GraduatesEach topic is practiced in a real practicing design studio environment on real client based projects.

The curriculum is structured on work integrated learning practice; working on professional studio techniques and applying design methodologies in practice based learning.

Each project is followed by a timeline with real deadlines, gaining one on one and group communication skills, and professional presentation techniques.

Course Title: Design Methodology:
Total of 3 Credit Hours (16 weeks) during Semester One

Students are introduced to the uniqueness of Jacob Jensen Design Methodology through understanding the phases of a studio design process. During the process students gain professionalism by interacting in daily discussions developing articulate communication skills.

The studio environment puts emphasis on practical work developing design fundamental skills covering design research, communicating ideas, hand sketching, CAD and demonstrations of different building scale models at a professional level under guidance of Studio Creative Director.

At the end of the course, students will have learnt the importance of an iterative process by understanding how perfection can be achieved which is the heart of Jacob Jensen Design Methodology.

Course Title: Design Analysis

Total of 3 Credit Hours (16 weeks) during Semester One

Image of Design Apprenticeship Training Course for GraduatesThis course presents students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the heritage of the Jacob Jensen Design history and its unique design philosophy reflecting on studio rituals, and design culture.

As Jacob Jensen Design represents a part of Scandinavian design history students will have opportunities throughout the course to learn more on the thinking process and philosophies of other famous designers who have greatly contributed to Scandinavian design history from different industries in design.

Course Title: Design Language
Total of 3 Credit Hours (16 weeks) during Semester Two

Working with a real project, students will practice and learn how to develop form and design through understanding an International Form Language that is based on Scandinavian values and design sustainability that are the core of Jacob Jensen Design.

This framework allows the students to learn how design affects emotion by using that skill to further develop into rule breaking in design that compromises with morals and ethics as a professional designer.

Course Title: Communication Design
Photos of Jacob Jensen Design | KMUTT BangkokTotal of 3 Credit Hours (16 weeks) during Semester Two

Participants advance their communication skills in this course by exploring new ways in presenting their ideas with confidence through oral presentations and develop their public speaking skills.

Advanced visual presentations are made by building more complex models with different materials of design concepts to final implementations of professional presentation models to convey their ideas.

Course Title: Design IntelligencePicture of Design Apprenticeship Training Course for Graduates
Total of 3 Credit Hours (16 weeks) during Semester Three

Working in groups, the topics in this course are introduced through a series of collaboration workshops, and case studies on different design industries.

The course will cover issues from basic understanding of Copyrights, Trademarks, Proprietary issues, to understanding Design Patents and Trade Secrets in relation to studio clients and studio operation.

Course Title: Design Management
Total of 3 Credit Hours (16 weeks) during Semester Three

Upon completion of the program students enhance each skill set and knowledge they have learnt throughout the year by taking more responsibilities on a client project.

Throughout the final course, students will learn their project-based time management skills and gain tangible knowledge in professional design leadership, practical principles, and contributing influences to the team.

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Address: Knowledge Exchange Centre, 15th floor 110/1 Krung Thonburi Road, Banglamphulang Klongsan, Bangkok 10600 Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
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