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MBA Degree Program in Paris, France

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INSEAD, Paris:
INSEAD - The Business School for the World. As one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world to change lives and transform organisations. Located in Fountainebleu, Île-de-France, 65 km south of Paris, France, with a second campus in Asia (Singapore) our renowned faculty members from 32 countries inspire more than 1,000 degree participants in MBA, Executive MBA and PhD programmes and more than 9,500 executives from the world’s leading companies. Across this comprehensive range of programmes, our participants are drawn from more than 100 countries and represent all continents. Today’s organisations need leaders with the knowledge and sensitivity to operate anywhere in the world. This is why business turns to INSEAD – to develop the next generation of transcultural leaders. The INSEAD MBA will provide you with a solid foundation for your future as a truly global business leader.

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Masters in Business Administration:
One year to challenge your thinking, change your outlook and choose your future. With two fully-integrated campuses in Europe and Asia and over 70 different nationalities in the classroom, no other business school offers such a multicultural experience. The accelerated 10-month curriculum develops successful, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organisations and their communities. Our alumni often say that their year at INSEAD was life-changing.

At INSEAD, you will have one year to challenge your thinking, change your outlook and choose your future. We invitePhoto of MBA Degree Program in Paris, France you to learn more about how INSEAD can help you achieve your desired success by visiting this site, downloading our brochure or connecting with us at one of our many on or off-campus events.

The INSEAD MBA will provide you with a solid foundation for your future as a truly global business leader.

The INSEAD MBA curriculum is designed to quickly and thoroughly prepare you for a career in international business. This aim is reflected in the compressed timeframe, reliance on group work and clear focus on international markets and settings.

The first few study periods are based on a structured series of 13 core courses. These courses cover all of the key management disciplines as well as focusing on the environment in which business takes place. Subjects such as 'Macroeconomics in the Global Economy' and 'International Political Analysis' will enable you to understand the drivers of change that will affect your future career.

The second half of the programme iImage of MBA Degree Program in Paris, Frances customisable. Choosing 11 electives from a portfolio of more than 80, you will create a unique mix of topics that will support your individual educational and professional goals. You can pursue a generalist path towards management or concentrate on a specific area, such as finance or entrepreneurship.

During your core curriculum, you will work in study groups of five to six, where no more than two people of the same nationality will be represented. When you begin your elective courses, your groups will no longer be pre-determined, but INSEAD's focus on group work and peer-to-peer learning will continue. Drawing from INSEAD's unparalleled diversity, you will develop the communication and leadership skills necessary to apply your world-class business education anywhere in the world.

Learning Methodology:
Our MBA programme requires a high level of engagement from participants. It is the vast experience that a diverse group of MBA participants brings to the classroom under the leadership of a professor that makes our MBA programme unique. The sharing of experiences and exchange of views happens not only in the classroom but also during group work.

As an MBA participant you will join a group designed to maximise diversity along many dimensions: age, experience, previous education, nationality and professional background. Professors will use these groups for class assignments and discussions, and your group will become a central focus point for your work on the majority of courses.

The goal of professors at INSEAD is to bring out the best in each of you so that you can learn from each other's experiences. Their objective is to put all these experiences together and provide a framework that you take with you when you leave the class. Professors are acPhotos of INSEAD, Paristively involved in research and challenge the classroom discussion with new ideas.

There is no single preferred teaching method at INSEAD. Faculty are free to choose the method they believe fits best with the content of the session. You will therefore experience a wide variety of teaching styles, including cases, computer simulations and role-plays. What matters to INSEAD is not the method chosen but the result: the effectiveness of your learning experience.

Programme Structure:
The one-year curriculum comprises 13 required core courses and a minimum of 10.5 electives. All courses are taught from a unique international perspective. The curriculum itself is flexible enough to allow you to tailor the MBA to your career objectives, both in terms of location and subject matter, for all or part of your elective periods.

The MBA Programme has two classes each year in both Europe and Asia:

Class of July: Late August to early July

Class of December: Early January to late December

Both classes are organised into five periods of eight weeks each. Each period ends with exams and is followed by a short breakPicture of MBA Degree Program in Paris, France.Both classes are identical academically. The January class also includes an eight-week summer break, during which you can choose to undertake an internship or project work. Recruitment opportunities for the two classes are comparable, with one notable exception: major investment banks currently recruit primarily for their summer associate programme as an entry point for full-time positions. This is more conducive to the January class, although September participants can apply for full-time banking positions as well.

The EXECUTIVE MBA Programme:

The INSEAD Executive MBA is a Masters-level degree programme. It takes place on a part-time modular basis over a period of 15 months.  The programme takes place on both the INSEAD Asia Campus in Singapore as well as on the Europe Campus in Fontainebleau, France.

To allow participants to continue their work, the programme takes place in modular periods (approximately every six to seven weeks). To allow business men and women to optimise their travel, each period on campus is of at least one-week duration (typically Monday AM – Saturday lunch) or maximum of two-weeks. There are 8 on-campus modules for a total of 12 weeks.

What can participants expect to gain from such a major investment? What is the pay off? What improvement will they gain as managers and as human beings? The INSEAD Executive MBA focuses on three key developmental objectives:

Management is as much an art as a science. It is about getting things done, efficiently anImages of INSEAD, Parisd with the greatest benefits and the minimum input. Firms need efficient managers, but they also need creative ones who know how to apply various and rigourous tools in creative ways.

* Rigorous analysis and problem solving
Efficient management is based first of all on the mastery of the various business disciplines, such as Marketing, Finance or Strategy. Without such solid foundations, decisions are likely to be flawed.

* Generalist point of view
For most managers, a successful career moves from specialist expertise to a general management position. A General Manager runs a business, directs people, makes difficult choices and is ultimately responsible for profit. General Management skills include: a holistic approach, the ability to view the business as a whole and awareness of the broader context.

* Interpersonal and teamwork skills
To get things done, most managers rely on the cooperation of others. To be effective in their job, they must be able to communicate, which includes listening.They must clearly define their expectations and provide timely feedback. Not only do they interact with their subordinates, but with their peers and their boss as well.

* Creative Application
Managers must develop creative intuition. This means developing a comprehensive toolkit from which to draw upon and integrate. It also means learning by analogy from the experience of others.

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Address: Fontainebleau, Boulevard de Constance, Paris, France
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