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Instituto Hemingway, Bilbao:
A warm welcome awaits you at Instituto Hemingway, a leading Spanish language school in Bilbao in the beautiful Basque region in Northern Spain. Accredited by the Cervantes Institute, we provide quality Spanish courses to working expats and international students all year round. We design and deliver customized programs for individuals and groups who want to learn about other cultures by studying or working abroad. We also offer online Spanish courses via Skype / Zoom for individual students, groups - adults, children, high school students & families worldwide via a wide range of schedules.

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Spanish Language Courses and Work / Volunteer Programs:

Spanish Language Programs:
Photo of Spanish Language Courses in Bilbao, Northern Spain
• General Spanish for 6 levels from basic to proficient (20 hours per week)
• Afternoon Spanish Classes - Available 3 hours per week or 6 hours per week
• Intensive Spanish Courses - Combine General Spanish with afternoon Spanish classes for 23 / 26 hours per week
• SIELE / DELE exam preparation courses (recognised qualifications for proficiency and fluency in Spanish)
• Business Spanish Courses - Minimum 1 week
• Intensive Crash Course for Executives - 40 private lessons per week
• Intensive Refresher Course for Teachers - 2 weeks / 40 hours per week
• Summer Spanish courses for adults & college students

Work Placement Programs / Internships:
• Au-Pair Placement Program (2 months +)
• Au-Pair Family Application (2 months +)
• Volunteer Work in Spain (1 month +)
• Work Experience, Internships (1 month +)
• Hospitality Management & Hotel Internships (4 weeks +)
• Culinary Arts - Spanish Cuisine Internship (4 weeks +)

Internships are offered in locations all over Spain, including Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Granada.

Virtual / Online Spanish Classes:
Image of Spanish Language Courses in Bilbao, Northern Spain• A1 Level / Beginner Spanish Course via Skype / Zoom
• A2 Level / Elementary Spanish Course via Skype/ Zoom
• B1 Level / Intermediate Spanish Course via Skype / Zoom
• B2 Level / Upper Intermediate Spanish Course via Skype / Zoom
• Customized private Spanish course (10 hours of private Spanish lessons + 10 hours of interactive lessons)
• The Past Tense in Spanish
• Spanish Prepositions Course
• The Subjunctive in Spanish
• Ser and estar verbs in Spanish
• Basic Hospitality Course (to learn the functioning of the hotel industry, restaurants, gastronomy in Spain).

Our Spanish Courses in Bilbao are Customized to your needs:
Whether it is linguistic, academic, or professional, our program is always tailored to meet your needs.

No matter how long you have been learning Spanish, we will help you to acquire this international language quickly and easily. Our experienced teachers are here to answer all your questions, queries and concerns.

Teachers and other staff are also available to support you in making the cultural transition as smoothly as possible, as well as to boost your learning and progress in Spanish. Whatever you need to make the best of your experience!

Photos of Instituto Hemingway, BilbaoGenerally, the Spanish classes are from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., from Monday to Friday. The classes each last 50 minutes. Afternoons are filled with a wide variety of courses along with fun activities, outings, fiestas, barbecues, concerts, cinema and sports. 

The curriculum is designed with you as a learner in mind: to build your skills and confidence. The Spanish classes are focused on the essentials of language acquisition: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Lessons are lively and interactive, with discussions, projects, role-playing, and specific tasks. Your progress is carefully monitored and your weaker points in the language are corrected immediately. 

General Spanish Course:
Our most popular and most requested Spanish language course involves 20 hours of Spanish lessons per week (4 hours per day). 

To ensure that students get the individual attention that they need, the maximum class size is restricted to 10 although the average size is usually 5. 

The first session focuses on the study of grammar and practicing reading and writing skills. The second concentrates on speaking and listening skills.

Afternoon Spanish Course:
Available 3 hours per week or 6 hours per week, this course is aimed at people who live in Bilbao and want to improve their Spanish language skills and General Spanish students who want a more intensive program.

They are also aimed at intensive course students, who attend morning classes, but want to add to their learning by attending during the afternoons as well.

Preparation for the DELE Examination:
Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language.
Picture of Spanish Language Courses in Bilbao, Northern SpainIf you are interested in preparing for the exams which are set by Instituto Cervantes in order to obtain the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE, an officially recognised qualification for proficiency and fluency in Spanish, awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education), you can count on us.

As an Instituto Cervantes accredited centre, Instituto Hemingway has all the resources you need to ensure that you can prepare successfully for the Diploma.

We have specialised material, including past exam papers, and our teachers will help you with practical advice. Another advantage is that you can take the exam in Bilbao.

There are now four different levels for the exam – A1, inicial B1 (elementary), intermedio B2 (intermediate) and superior C2 (advanced) and there are three opportunities per year to take the exam in Spain – in May, August and November.

Business Spanish Course:
The Business Spanish Course is a Spanish course with a specific objective. It is a specialized course.

It looks to ensure fast and complete progress, fostering the knowledge of the economic and business world and expanding vocabulary and the use of specific terms in the Spanish business world.

Theory is combined with onsite visits to relevant companies and institutions.

The classes tackle topics such as:
- Business: general questions
- Human Resources: people and negotiation
- Marketing and Publicity
- Buying and Selling: commercial letters
- Import and Export: payment documents, Incoterms...
- Finances: banking, means of payment, the Stock Exchange
- Spanish and Hispano-American organizations: constitutions, political organization, society
- Business negotiations
- Legal matters

You can start this course any Monday of the year. The course is available in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Spanish 'Crash' Course for Executives
Images of Instituto Hemingway, BilbaoThe crash course is an intensive take on the main Spanish course and approaches general Spanish language topics and specific business topics.

It is designed with business people in mind or for those who need to learn Spanish really quickly. You will have 40 private Spanish lessons per week plus one meal with your Spanish teacher each day.

Spanish for Seniors - Ages 50+
The Spanish course is 20 hours per week with teachers highly qualified who speak English and with a charming attitude to teach you Spanish quickly and fun. Learn and improve your Spanish language proficiency while having a good time in a vibrant Spanish city.

We plan many activities for you according to your level of Spanish and hobbies to make learning of Spanish as pleasant as possible.

Year-Round & Summer Spanish Immersion Programs for Teens (ages 13-17)
- High School Group courses, private Spanish lessons, Homestay options

Our Spanish holiday courses for groups and individuals help young students to master their Spanish language skills by immersion in the culture. Our Spanish classes are fun, interactive and practical, with Spanish used constantly. We offer free leisure and cultural activities every day during their stay, full support.

Our carefully selected host families welcome students straight away and treat the teenage visitor like an additional member of the family.

Intensive Spanish Course for Teachers in Bilbao:
The object of this course is to bring teachers of Spanish as a second language (ELE) up-to-date with regard to the practical aspects of teaching, methodology, and the historical/social aspects of Spain.

The offer includes specific grammar, the study and analysis of present day teaching methods, types of classes, the use of various teaching materials in the classroom and the classification and evaluation of students.

Classes cover customs, history, art, literature, sociology and Spanish politics.

This is an intensive two-week course of sixty units with a maximum of six students in a group. The course is for teachers of all nationalities. (1hr. = 50mins). If you wish to prolong your stay, you can also enroll on a course at Advanced or Higher level.

Culinary Arts - Spanish Cuisine Internship:

- 4, 8 or 12 weeks - 30 hours of internship work per week

Participating in our Culinary Arts internship program provides an invaluable opportunity to upgrade your resume and find better employment opportunities upon return to your home country. Learn to speak and understand the Spanish language, have the opportunity to network with your peers as well as obtain personal enhancement in the gastronomy / cooking field.

Depending on your interests, there's a wide range of possible internship arrangements, from local restaurants to hotels. In this program, you will be living in the world of real Spanish cuisine and its environment.

For further information on our Spanish language programs & internships in Spain, please email us below.

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