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SFAI - San Francisco Art Institute:
Located on Russian Hill overlooking beautiful San Francisco Bay, the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) is an accredited art school that offers a wide-range of Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs in art & design fields that include Animation, Art History, Fine Arts, Photography, and more. We provide a variety of undergraduate and graduate options for students from our fully equipped facilities and state-of-the-art technology resources on campus. SFAI emphasizes vision, imagination, intellectual development, hands-on experience, and engagement with the world.

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Photo of Arts Degree Courses in San FranciscoUndergraduate Programs
San Francisco Art Institute’s focus on skills, experimentation, and active dialogue makes it a perfect place to explore and emerge as the artist, writer, or scholar you want to become. Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs are designed to develop your ability to think creatively and to give you the confidence to realize your vision. The program will provide you with equal-parts skill development, guidance, challenging discussion, and the freedom to explore and experiment. Since an undergraduate program is an important time to focus on your interests, SFAI’s curriculum offers adaptable opportunities, including studio practice, seminars, critiques, tutorials with individual faculty members, and internships, enabling you to design your own individualized learning program.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program
Fundamentally, education at SFAI is a process of dialogue and reflection; it is attuned to the challenges and responsibilities of the individual in a changing global world, and it engages a broad range of knowledge and technologies. This education is creative and generative, self-directed, yet collaborative; it reflects the role artists play in shaping our collective understanding. In the end, SFAI’s education is not about one single necessary outcome; instead it is an education for possibility that prepares you to shape your work and life in effective and unexpected ways. Specifically, it encourages you to question the accepted definitions of art, to build new tools for your practice, to redefine the venues for the exhibition of art, and to define new audiences for contemporary art. As our alumni attest, San Francisco Art Institute educates students as innovators and leaders in a wide range of professional endeavors.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Program
San Francisco Art Institute's Bachelor of Arts program is a challenge to students to be as curious about the world-at-large as they are about the world of art. It represents the depth of SFAI's commitment to preparing students to be engaged world citizens — as creative thinkers, activists, explorers, and visionaries. The Bachelor of Arts degree programs support the role of research and other forms of knowledge production at SFAI and are based on the premise that critical reading, thinking, and writing informed by an in depth understanding of theory and practice are essential for engaging and understanding contemporary art and global society. SFAI offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in two areas of study: History and Theory of Contemporary Art and
Urban Studies.

Bachelor of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art

The program in History and Theory of Contemporary Art at SFAI provides students with an in-depth and critical understanding of the history of the ideas, conditions, institutions, and discourses surrounding contemporary art and culture and how these inform the study, interpretation, analysis, and exhibition of art today.

Master of Fine Arts
The two-year MFA program provides graduate students with the opportunity to explore studio production and theoretical work in a flexible structure that encourages individual development within an interdisciplinary context. The program stresses the importance of a profound understanding of the conditions in which art is produced. Students are exposed to methodologies of inquiry that foster innovative, analytic, and speculative thinking skills necessary for artistic development and creative production. The program’s internationally accomplished faculty are actively engaged in a range of disciplines and areas that include art and cultural theory, art history, film, video, sound, digital media, design, print media, photography, painting, sculpture, new genres, and writing. A number of the faculty hold appointments in the Centers for Interdisciplinary Study.
Master of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art
The program begins with the acknowledgment that the fraught legacy of Western modernity (capitalism, the enlightenment, modernism), underscored by colonialism and imperialism, produced a dominant set of lenses through which artistic procedures have been historicized. Yet, oftentimes this legacy has either been antagonistic to non-western artistic models or sublimated those models to a primitivist and ethnographic historiography. This subjugation of non-western artistic models has provided powerful incentives for radical cross-cultural interpretations of modern and contemporary art. Simultaneously, a number of critical disputes provided by feminism, post-colonialism, psychoanalysis, postmodernism, and discourses of identity and multiculturalism have further redefined and expanded art historical methodologies, thereby moving the study of contemporary art towards a richer disciplinary broadness.

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies

Urban Studies at SFAI is a new studio and research-based program developed specifically to address the contributions of art, artists, and researchers to the urban domain.

Master of Arts in Urban Studies
The rapid growth of urban populations and the rise of cities as the primary spaces of human dwelling have transformed the way we think of social, political, economic, and cultural relationships. Migration, displacement, economic instability, and political turmoil have all affected settlement patterns. Meanwhile, population density has exacerbated the compass of cities and strained their coping and carrying capacities. These changes bring to the fore demands for new ways of constituting community, ethnicity, citizenship, kinship, and belonging. The pressures of a perpetually growing world have affected spatial dynamics and necessitate new regimes of urban geography and forms of living.

Master of Arts in Exhibition and Museum Studies
We are living during a cultural moment in which every aspect of life is perpetually displayed and constantly reviewed, interpreted, and consumed. The study of museums and exhibitions and their continuing expansion provides a unique avenue towards understanding the intersection of preservationism and constant display in contemporary culture.

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Address: 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, California , USA
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Davide Bigazzi Studio, San Francisco Bay Area
Courses / Programs
Davide Bigazzi is an award winning designer and metalsmith from Florence, Italy who is renowned for his mastery of chasing and repousse. Davide offers workshops in chasing and repoussé as well as weekly classes in chasing, repoussé, and jewelry fabrication at his studio in the San Francisco Bay Area (Menlo Park, CA).

Workshops and classes are intensive, hands-on, individualized, and limited to four students. The studio setting and small classes guarantee a unique and effective environment for learning, as well as tailored instruction. Both beginners and experienced students are welcome.

Learn all about Davide Bigazzi’s handcrafted jewelry and hollowware - a blend of contemporary artistry and old world craftsmanship that echoes back to his native Florence. Capturing the intrinsic beauty and sculptural qualities of precious metals has been his lifelong passion.
1-5 Day Intensive Chasing, Repoussé & Jewelry Fabrication

- The Art of Chasing & Repoussé
- The Chasing & Repoussé Jewelry Project
- The Cuff Bracelet Workshop
- Day Studio Classes
- Tool Workshop

Weekly Classes in Chasing, Repoussé, and Jewelry Fabrication
Arts University Bournemouth
Courses / Programs
• Study for 1, 2 or 3 semesters at the UK’s No. 1 arts university!

• Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a leading university specialising in arts, performance, design, and media education. Easily accessible less than 2 hours south of London by train, AUB provides study abroad BA (Hons) courses for US / international students & professionals who wish to spend time abroad in pursuit of careers in creative arts, graphic design, interior design, textiles, fashion, makeup, animation, visual communication, event management, architecture, dance, acting, film production, photography, & more.

• Our short study abroad courses are designed for students who want to spend time learning in the UK, developing their creative skills and perhaps gaining credits towards their university degree, but do not necessarily want to spend as much as 2-3 years studying in the UK.

• Students are fully integrated with our full-time BA (Hons) degree students, and these courses can be taken for 1 term, 2 terms, or 3 terms.

• If you can't find the exact course you want, we can design a course tailored to your individual needs. You can join several groups of students on a range of different courses and also receive one-to-one tuition.

• We also provide summer study abroad programs.

"The facilities that the Arts University Bournemouth has to offer are absolutely amazing. First off, the library was one of the most resourceful places I have come across in my entire stay there."
- Orlando, USA, Animation Production
1, 2 or 3 semesters on the following degree courses:

• Architecture
• Animation Production
• Acting
• Costume with Performance Design
• Creative Events Management
• Dance
• Fashion Studies
• Film Production
• Fine Art
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Interior Architecture & Design
• MakeUp for Media & Performance
• Modelmaking
• Photography
• Textiles
• Visual Communication
• Visual Effects Design & Production

Further Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Art, Design & Media (2 terms)

• Preparation for Masters (1 or 2 terms)
AML Academy, Los Angeles County
Courses / Programs
Conveniently located in the heart of Glendale CA, just 10 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles, AML Academy is a quality make-up school that offers a wide range of professional make-up artistry courses including 'High Definition' specialities in beauty, fantasy, Avanti grade, and airbrushing. We also provide a range of hair styling courses in celebrity and print hair styling for bridal, fashion, runway and television.

Our founder, Alice Atakhanian, opened the doors of AML Academy to future artists, and has graduated over 50 students since it's opening in 2009. Her students learn all the secrets of make-up artistry and hair styling and she doesn't hold anything back from them.
Professional Make-Up & Hair Dressing Courses:

- 3 Week Make-up Course
- Specialized Make-Up Courses (Airbrush, Beauty, Bride, and Fantasy Make-up)
- Hair Extension
- Airbrush Course
- Hair Cutting Course
- Color & Highlight Course
- Hairstyling Up-Do's
- Permanent Make-up Course
- Special Effects Course
Jake Carpenter Acting Studio
Courses / Programs
The Jake Carpenter Acting Studio on Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood in West Los Angeles is an actor training studio offering classes for adults and children from beginner level to working professionals. The studio is headed by renowned-acting coach Jake Carpenter. The Jake Carpenter Acting Studio provides a safe, positive and encouraging space for actors to grow.

At our acting studio, we believe that when actors grow into strong artists, their performances are powerful. These kinds of performances are what the great directors, producers and actors are looking for and they are rare. The goal of the studio is to help you become strong actors and contenders for major roles in film and television projects.

Jake Carpenter began his professional acting career while at UCLA. Jake is one of the stars of the famous movie, ALIVE, which also stars Ethan Hawke and John Malkovich. Jake has acted in projects with Renee Zellweger, Dean Cain and Tim Roth. He has performed for a season on the L.A. Law television series and guest-starred in several other popular television shows. Jake loves teaching acting and has a passion for guiding his fellow actors to grow artistically and professionally.
Acting training classes for both adults and children at all levels from beginner to working professionals:

- Classes focus on doing scenes and monologues from plays and movies.

- Students do their work and then receive constructive and encouraging feedback from Jake.

- Students are encouraged to work at least once, and preferably twice, in each class.

- Classes work on a monthly system.

- Classes take place on Saturdays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
The Colburn School, Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
The Colburn School is a non-profit independent institution located in downtown Los Angeles (across from the Walt Disney Concert Hall), and encompasses the Colburn School of Performing Arts (CSPA) and the Conservatory of Music (CCM). The CCM provides a range of music Certificate, Diploma & Degree programs, while the CSPA provides performing arts classes for children and adults from beginner to advanced levels.

The Conservatory of Music is a highly-selective college offering classical instrumental music training at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels. Concerts of dance, drama, mime and music performances are offered to the public throughout the year.

The CSPA is a community-based school that provides music, dance and drama training from introductory to advanced levels to students from ages preschool through adult.
Conservatory of Music Programs:
- Bachelor of Music (BM) Degree
- Performance Diploma (PD)
- Artist Diploma (AD)
- Professional Studies Certificate (PSC)

Colburn School of Performing Arts:
Programs in Music, Dance, Drama for children and adults, plus private lessons.
Aviva Spray Tanning Academy - Onsite & Online
Courses / Programs
• Gain spray tan certification in California or online with Aviva Spray Tanning Academy - we offer the longest-running spray tan classes in the world!

• Aviva provides onsite spray tan certification programs in Los Angeles and San Diego in Southern California and San Francisco in the Bay Area.

• In each city, our spray tanning training takes place in a leading hotel.

• We also offer convenient, short and comprehensive online spray tan certification programs to beauty professionals and complete beginners based in California and nationwide.

• On completion of your course, you receive a Certificate.

• All of our spray tan classes come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

• Our students are those who are looking to add sunless tanning certification to their beauty career portfolio, or to start a successful spray tanning business, want to host mobile spray tan parties, or improve the profitability of their current spray tanning business.

• We offer in-class spray tan training in a host of other venues throughout the U.S. & Canada, including Las Vegas & Reno NV, NYC, Boston MA, Houston & Dallas TX.

Student Review:
"I had taken several online courses and what set Aviva's apart for me was the in-depth demonstration of spraying technique. It completely changed my game up 100%.

I would recommend Aviva to others because they are amazing at what they do. They are leaders in this business and simply the best."

• Sophia Rocha, Owner, Golden Glow Studio Mobile Spray Tanning Services, Long Beach CA
Onsite Spray Tan Training Courses:

Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification Program:

• A 1-day comprehensive course for basic beginners up to intermediate level.

• All of our spray tan classes come with a 100% money-back guarantee

Online Spray Tan Certification Programs:

Sunless 101 Online Course:

• 3 hour course for beginner to intermediate level spray tanning professionals.

• This is a web-based course to study at your own pace