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Chinese Language Lessons in Tampa FL

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Longmen Chinese Language Center, Tampa:
Located in Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County, Florida, Longmen Chinese Language Center is dedicated to providing professional and quality Mandarin Chinese language training to kids, teenagers and adults. Courses for kids include regular Chinese learning (K-3rd Grade & 3rd-8th Grade options), in-home Chinese tutoring, group classes, private Chinese lessons, conversation classes, and more. We offer a great curriculum, patient and professional teachers, and practical & useful Mandarin Chinese lessons and is tailored to you at very affordable prices.

Traditional & Simplified Chinese:

We teach both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Students may choose to learn either one or both. We suggest students learn to recognize both and learn to write at least one form. Basically the differences are some characters, pronunciation and the terms. (Try to think about the difference between British English and American English.) Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese speakers can communicate with each other with no problems.

Traditional Chinese (Standard Chinese) is the completed form of Chinese characters currently used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and most of the Chinese communities in the U.S.A..

As for Simplified Chinese characters, they are based mostly on popular cursive (caoshu) forms embodying graphic or phonetic simplifications of the "traditional" forms that were standardly used in printed text for over a thousand years. The government of the People's Republic of China has promoted it for use in printing in an attempt to increase literacy. They are officially used in Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Professional & Quality Mandarin Chinese Langauge Classes:

We offer a great curriculum which contains practical & useful Mandarin Chinese lessons and is tailored to you at very affordable prices.

- General Mandarin Chinese classes for kids, teens, adults
- Private Mandarin Chinese lessons for beginner, intermediate, advanced students
- Small group Mandarin Chinese classes
- In-home Chinese tutoring
- Chinese Conversation classes
- Chinese test preparation for AP Chinese, SAT 2 & HSK

Adult Courses:
Courses for adults include Business Chinese, Chinese for Traveling or other interests. We can also assist you with the test preparation for AP Chinese, TOP and HSK.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ:

Is it hard to learn Mandarin?
Although Mandarin is one of the hardest languages in the world, we have effective methods and materials to help students learn this language faster and easier. However, the learning progress varies individually.

Will I learn to handwrite the Chinese characters while taking your class?
We do not require our students to be able to handwrite all of the vocabulary. Our teachers usually ask students to do the writing practice on frequently used characters only. However, the writing assignments may vary by the progress of the class and the teacher's curriculums.

How do you teach students to recognize the Chinese characters?
The teaching method and the material we use is the "spiral approach"; each new character is first introduced and the recycled in classroom activities and subsequent lessons to enhance retention of new vocabulary over time.

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Address: 3715 W. Horatio St, Tampa, Florida , USA
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Portland, OR; LARGO; PALMETTO; Wauchula Florida; Boston; St.Petersburg; Lithia; Tampa, Florida; and more.
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• Our Junior camp takes place in Fort Lauderdale, and is suitable for students ages 13-18, while our Miami camp is suitable for students ages 11-18. Both of our summer programs include 20 intensive English classes per week, as well as fun activities and excursions.

• Our successful methodology, a student-centered approach to teaching, has provided our students a competitive edge in today´s market. We provide all elements of language instruction including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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French American International School of Boca Raton
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French American International School of Boca Raton is a non-profit, private bilingual school that serves families in Florida from Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale.

Through full French language immersion, we offer a bilingual academic program to elementary students from Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

The instruction will follow the official guidelines of the French Ministry of National Education as well as the Core standards of education for the State of Florida.

Children enrolled in our school will have the opportunity to become fluent in a second language, as well as being exposed to an internationally renowned educational system.
Bilingual French Immersion Programs - Kindergarten through 4th Grade:

- The curriculum will cover both academic core standards of Florida and France.

- Divided by 50% tuition in French and 50% in English and taught by native speaking teachers.

- Both French-speaking and non-French-speaking children are accepted at all grade levels.
Miami Chinese Language School, Miami
Courses / Programs
Located at the Coral Gables Senior High School in Miami, Florida, Miami Chinese Language School is a Mandarin Chinese language Saturday school offering classes for both children (Kindergarten - 6th Grade) and adults. Our curriculum is designed to help students understand, speak, read and write Chinese as used in daily life.

In addition to our language learning content, our programs also include cultural and extra-curricular activities such as Chinese folk dance, Chinese chess, Tai-Chi, Chinese calligraphy, abacus and Chinese arts and crafts. Currently we hold seven different levels of classes at Coral Gables High School, which provides an excellent environment and facilities for our students and school program.

Established in January 1978, most of our students are the offspring of overseas Chinese who would like to carry on the Chinese heritage by learning Chinese and our culture. Some are children who were adopted by American parents and who would like to get in touch with the roots of their origin, while others are just interested in this fascinating and growing world language.
Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Classes for Kids (K-6th Grade)

- Saturday school classes (9:00am to 12:00pm) Kindergarten, Pin Yin 1 & 2, 1st - 6th Grade

- Learn traditional Chinese characters, Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation, simplified Chinese characters, and more

- Curriculum designed to help students understand, speak, read and write Chinese as used in daily life

- Elective options include: Arts & Crafts, Recreation, Traditional Arts & Dance. We also offer Chinese classes for adults
Le Petit Prince - The French International School of Boca Raton
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Welcome, Bienvenue !

The French International School of Boca Raton Le Petit Prince, founded in 2012, is a small, non-sectarian, coeducational, independent, private day school. As an international school, we offer our diverse student body a unique academic and cultural program combining the rigor of the national French curriculum with a strong focus on the arts and anchored in best practices.

Our faculty is comprised of dedicated and passionate educators committed to instilling in our students a lifelong love of and thirst for learning. With an eye toward progressive instruction, yet mindful of traditional values, our teachers empower students to be curious about the world around them. They do so in a nurturing environment that emphasizes differentiated instruction allowing for personalized delivery tailored to each student’s individual needs and learning style.

In 2015, our school was honored to be invited to join the Mission Laïque Française (MLF) network as one of 25 French schools in North America recognized for their dedication to excellence in education.  The MLF is a world-wide organization, partner of the Ministère de l'éducation nationale, serving 60,000 students ​in 110 French international schools across 39 countries.
The Preschool
- PreK-2 (Toute Petite)
- PreK-3 (Petite)
- PreK-4 (Moyenne)
- PreK-5 (Grande)

The Elementary School
Cycle 1 - Maternelle (Kindergarten)
Cycle 2  - Foundation (Grades 1, 2, 3)
Cycle 3  - Consolidation (Grades 4, 5, 6)

French Language Arts, English Language Arts, Math, Science & Technology, History & Geography, Civics & Ethics, Art History, Music, Fine Arts, PE

After-School Language Classes

French for Native/Heritage Speakers

French for Non-Native Speakers

Spanish for Beginners
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Learn American English while enjoying a vacation in Orlando, Florida - one of the top travel destinations in the United States and worldwide!

Range of total-immersion English programs of international students:
• Residential summer English Camp + Disney for juniors / teens (ages 12-14) and seniors (ages 15-18).
• Intensive English Course + College Preparation Program (ages 15+)
• Year-round residential ESL immersion programs for large groups of 30+ students (adults & children from ages 15+).

Accredited ESL Programs:

All of our intensive English courses are accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

Using a "communicative approach" (CLT) to second-language instruction, classes are based on the theory that the primary function of language use is communication.

Carefully selected certified English teachers who are experienced in teaching international students assure an unforgettable 'English Language Adventure'.

Using the “80:20 Rule", the instructor’s goal is to create an environment where students are communicating 80% of the time and the instructor is communicating 20% of the time. Students move at their own pace through our highly engaging curriculum.

Located in the "Fun Capital of the World" Orlando, Florida fun is non-stop! With over 11 theme parks, museums and Kennedy Space Center, students enjoy every minute of their adventure.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded on completion.
Summer ESL Immersion Camps
2-10 weeks, residential programs - June, July & August

• Junior / Teen English Program (ages 10-14)
• Senior Program (ages 15-18)

Course features
• 30 hrs per week of English instruction
• Workshops: Accent Reduction, American Etiquette, Spelling Techniques
• Excursions to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World & more
• Online English Lessons

ToCollegeUSA - English plus College Preparation
• 4 Month Program (Intensive English Program + College Preparatory Program)
• GUARANTEED COLLEGE ADMISSION in Florida without taking the SAT. ACT, or TOEFL!
• For Individuals & Groups.
Spanish for Kids @ World Class Languages, Boca Raton
Courses / Programs
Are you searching for quality Spanish classes for kids in the South Florida area? Based in Boca Raton, World Class Languages is a provider of foreign language classes to adults and children throughout the South Florida area. We teach Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, English among others to students of all levels - beginner to advanced.

We offer our language classes to students from throughout the tri-county area (Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County). Lessons can take place at our school in Boca Raton or at a location of your choice.

World Class Languages provides fun and engaging Spanish language classes for kids. Taking advantage of the ease with which young children can acquire a new language, our lessons are filled with activities that make language learning enjoyable. We aim to immerse our young students in their new language, so classes are held almost entirely in Spanish. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching Spanish, and dedicated to making sure each child achieves their learning objectives while also having fun!
- Mommy and Me Spanish Classes (ages 2-5)
- Spanish for Kids - Conversational Spanish program for children (ages 6-12)