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XML Bulk Job Posting Requirements

  Providing an XML feed is the fastest way to post your jobs on Learn4Good.com. Once your feed is ready, submit your jobs or contact us if you have any questions.

The following are some simple guidelines for preparing an XML feed:

  • Please provide the proper character encoding for your feed in the XML header. All content must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • All textual job content must be inside CDATA sections to avoid issues processing your XML feed.
  • The file has one <jobs> tag, and one or more <job> elements. Please see a sample XML feed below.
  • HTML is not supported within the job form fields.

Sample XML Feed

Fields in blue text are required. Other fields are optional but strongly advised for best performance:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <title><![CDATA[Cisco Network Architect or Outside Sales Executive]]></title>
            <job_category>IT / Technology</job_category>
            <job_category>Software Development</job_category>

            <job_subcategory>Software Architect</job_subcategory>

        <country>United States</country>
        <city>San Jose</city>
            <![CDATA[San Francisco, Los Angeles]]>



            <employment_type>Full Time</employment_type>
            <employment_type>Part Time</employment_type>

        <contact_name><![CDATA[TM8 Recruitment]]></contact_name>

            <![CDATA[Outside Sales Executive - Golf Fleet Software TM8 Recruitment 
            is helping our fast-growing Fleet Management Solutions client find a 
            high-performing Territory Sales Executive. 
            This client is growing very quickly and needs to continually be looking 
            at ongoing excellence in sales and customer service to new clients 
            in various regions throughout the USA. 
            This is a tremendous opportunity to be a part of a well-managed and growing 
            company as a Territory Sales Executive.]]>
            <![CDATA[*Must have reliable transportation and preferably a 
            solid network of golf contacts in assigned territory. 
            *Minimum of 5 years of successful business development/sales, 
            preferably with a high-tech service product. 
            *Can generate new sales on a consistent basis. 
            *College degree or appropriate industry experience.]]>
            <![CDATA[Compensation: Earning potential will be based on your sales
            ability to close deals as this role provides a competitive 
            Base salary of $40,000 plus a generous commission's structure with target 
            first year earnings in the minimum $80,000+ range - this is a true six figure 
            opportunity with comprehensive benefits]]>
        <education_level>High School</education_level>
        <employer_name><![CDATA[My Company name]]></employer_name>

Sample for an XML Posting on a Link Plan

Detailed Description of Permitted Fields

jobs:  The root element of the whole feed. If the element is not found, the whole feed (file) is not processed.
job:  The enclosing element for a job posting. There can be one or more job elements. If at least one element is not found, the feed (file) is not processed.
id:  A unique value, (Such as 1,2,3,4,5 and etc). It must be unique for all your postings (a number must be unique thoughout the lifetime of your account) and submited using XML.
title:  A job title string (text entry) of length less than 200 characters. Good title examples include: Sales Manager, Construction Engineer, Spanish Speaking Customer Service Advisor, ED Care Coordinator, Senior Java/J2ee Developer, Senior PHP Web Application Developer. The job title should not contain information that is all added elsewhere, including; location names, experience required, job conditions, benefits, interjection language or any other text un-related to describing the professional title of the exact position itself.
reference_number:  A string (text entry) for your own records for easy tracking in future when manually reviewing jobs posted, or when receiving applications.
job_categories:   This element must contain one or two job_category elements, assigning a job category that best matches the job. Up to 2 suitable categories can be selected, and is advised for broader jobseeker reach (viewing by different people in different areas of the site).
employment_types:  This element must contain one or more employment type words.
salary:  This element must contain 3 sub-elements (The amount, payment frequency/period, and the currency)
         amount:  An integer digit greater than 0
         currency:  A 3 letter currency code
         period:   Specify the frequency of payment - Daily, weeekly, monthly
expiry_date:   A string, with the date in YYYY-MM-DD format setting job expiry date. Jobs are deleted immediately after that date.

country:   A name or a 3 letter code of the country
state:   A state name if applicable
city:   A full city name
zip_code or Latitude and Longitude: A valid zip code or two separate fields for coordinates which we will map to ZIP code ourselves
A string (text value) used when there is more than one location for the job, or when the location is not on our current list of allowed values.
A string
A string - the email address to receive job applications.
A string.

required_application_page:  A string - This value is required and possible on "Link Out Job Postings" only (with employer_contact_method set to "The Required Application Page" . See this Example of implementation.
A string - describing just the job itself, employee duties, tasks.
A string - a list of skills the ideal candidate should have.
benefits:   A string describing any additional benefits offered in addition to salary, such as
a clear list of the benefits of working for the company, or for example, living in this town, city, county, state or country.
experience_level:  T
he minimum number of years of experience in the industry required of the candidateThis is a candidate filtering setting.
education_level:  The minimum education level required of the candidate. This is a candidate filtering setting.

employer_name: A string. In other words, use this tag where you want the name (rather than your own) of a 3rd party company to be displayed on an individual job page.
logo_url: A string. Full URL including scheme (https). Ignore this tag if you want your own company logo displayed on all jobs posted via XML. Use this tag to provide an alternative employer's or recruiter's logo only if different from what is specified on the overall account for your company (the one providing the feed). In other words, use this tag where you want the brand (rather than your own) of a 3rd party company to be displayed on an individual job page.