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Apply for Jobs Online — Jobseeker FAQs

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1. Is this a Free service?
Yes. Online since 2003, this jobsite service is Free to all jobseekers. Through our site, you may make initial introductory contact with prospective employers & recruiters in your profession who have manually posted listings on Learn4Good.com. This jobsite also lists automatically-posted opportunities for businesses, recruiting agents and 3rd party jobsites which redirect jobseekers (via a button link) to other sites and niche job application pages.

2. What kind of jobs are posted?
Millions of jobs are listed for thousands of different career specializations and skillsets, and the job lists are updated daily. You will find U.S. & international jobs worldwide. Examples of Organizations with currently posted jobs include:
Absolute Staffers, LLC, Accent Advisor, Albert Loh Consultants Pte Ltd, All Things Digital, ALLIANCE, AM Global Medical Recruitment, AMS on behalf of Delta Air Lines, Applied Counseling and Consulting Services, Aptech Staffing, Avse-Tesol, Azure knowledge Corporation, Bell Beyond, Ben Khan & Associates, Berlitz, Bloomsbury Education, Bologna Health Jobs, Bratini & Associates Enterprises LLC, British Summer School, Camp Modin, Cedar Financial, Centific, Charter Research, Chilcotin Ark Institute, Clark Schaefer Strategic HR, D&D INVEST, Davidson Healthcare Recruitment, Deekay Technical Recruitment Ltd, Design Electric Inc., Discovery Zone Child Development Center, Dominion Due Diligence Group, Dominion Lock and Security, Inc, Dripping Springs ISD, Edgewood Golf and Recreation LLC, Educify Inc., English Advance, Entourage Consulting LLC, Euro-Finanz-Service AG, Express Employment Professionals, Family Service of Rhode Island, First State Floats, GardaWorld Security, GIOS Technology, Global Water Center, Goddard School of Twinsburg, Greenlight Professional Services, Hands on Recruitment, Harlem Print Magic, HDG, Herman Medical Staffing, HireLevel, Home Care Advantage DBA HCA Solutions, Homewatch Caregivers of Yorba Linda, HSHS St. John's Hospital, InSearch Recruiting & Staffing, Inspired Hope Inc., InspireWorks Enrichment, Instructional Connections, LLC, Island Recruiting, JK Designs, Joveo, Kelly Education, Keystone Associates Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, LLC, Kidz Choice Services, Kroger Delivery, Lan IT 24, LLS AUS Services, Mathnasium, Matvey Foundation Repair, MCR Health, Milan Laser Hair Removal, Milestone Technologies, MVS360, NDT Global, Neighbors Pllus, NW Quilting, Pacific Homecare Services, Paytm, People Group, Peopleplustech, PhD-Jobs NET, Phoenix Development Centre, Pro Services, Inc., Proven, Public Employees Retirement Association, Radiant Digital, Ranis Media Group, LLC, Rosland Capital LLC, RWS Group, Saxoncourt Taiwan Ltd., São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, Seacare Manpower Services Pte Ltd, SearchPlus HR, Searchplushr HR, SeekTeachers, Select Virtual, Sellstate Advantage Realty, Spanish Work Exchange Programme, Spital Bülach AG, Tannfeen Norge AS, TekwissenLLC: Professional Recruitment & Consultancy, TESLAbroad, Texas Juvenile Justice Dept., The READ Center, The Technology House, Tifler Global Recruitment Services, Touch Dynamic Inc, Triskel Consulting, VYSoft Solutions Inc, Wellness Health Careers, Wombi...

3. How can I apply for jobs on the jobsite and send my resume?
For automatically-posted job opportunities by 3rd party jobsites, recruiting agents and businesses, you do not first need to register on this jobsite. Instead, you first view the introductory job description on Learn4Good.com, and then may follow through to an external independent website via a button link to learn more about the job posting and the posting company and employer.

To apply to manually-posted job opportunities on this site by recruiting agents, business entities and individuals which have registered on Learn4Good.com, and have verified their email address as a functioning address, the Jobseeking candidate must first register on this jobsite via the jobseeker registration form, and confirm/verify your registration via your email address inbox. Then you may Apply for jobs by email (and include your CV/resume document and Cover Letter) through using the Apply Online box located at the end of the job description on it's individual webpage.

The registration process is straight-forward: On registering on this jobsite via the Jobseeker registration form page, you are automatically sent your account login details to your email address. You are then able to log into your account area (where you may additionally save a Resume Summary outline for employers if you wish). A clear message will be displayed on the web page when your CV / Resume Outline has been successfully saved on our jobsite system. You can edit your Resume Outline as often as you need. This Resume Outline (if you have entered one) will automatically be sent to the employer in a clear and easy-to-follow format, as part of your application when you apply for a job.

You may wish to apply directly for a job without first entering your Resume Outline in your account area. If so, log into your account and browse directly to your job posting of interest. You will find an Apply Online Box located directly below the job posting. Here, you may also attach 1 to 3 files to send with your application. The combined / total size of these files cannot exceed 7 MB.

Your Resume Outline (if you have entered one) and/or your attached files will be sent directly to the employer's email address as part of your application, along with your introductory message (cover letter) and your account contact profile.

4. What is the status of my application?
Please note that the Learn4Good Jobsite is not affiliated with any business, recruiter or individual posting jobs on this site. How an individual company or employer filters or processes applications or qualifies applicants or replies to candidate questions in applications is the sole decision and responsibility of that company or employer.

Thousands of companies, recruiters and schools post jobs annually; mostly short-term job listings while some employers and recruiters post on-going job listings. Thousands of companies, recruiters and schools means there are thousands of different individual process through which people handle, prioritize, process or respond to applications.

As an independent website and entity, we cannot know the true veracity, intentions or recruiting processes of any 3rd party entity (among thousands) which posts a job listing on this website. Our jobsite is simply a medium/place where jobseekers can make initial introductory contact with prospective employers & recruiters, and vice versa.

5. How will an employer or recruiter that I have applied to, contact me? Will they reply to my email address or to my jobseeker account?
When you directly apply for a position by email, via the Apply Online Box located directly below each job posting, the employer is sent your contact profile as part of your application.

Most employers and recruiters only contact successful applicants. If your application is successful, the employer or recruiter will most likely contact you through your email address, phone number or mailing address (if you have added a phone number or mailing address on your Account Profile page). The employer will not contact you through this jobsite account.

6. Are my Resume details or contact details made publicly available online when using this service?
You control your own information and the privacy setting in your account area. It is optional to post your CV/ Resume details or not. If you choose to make at least some of your Resume details available online on our Resume search boards so that employers and recruiters can find your resume summary, you control what you enter into the Resume posting boxes. However, please note that in order to help protect your privacy, it is not advised or permitted to enter personally identifiable information (PII), contact details or other sensitive personal details into the Resume posting boxes (such as your name, date of birth, home address, phone number, social security number, your passport number, driver's license number, email addressess etc.).

How the resume database works if you enter your Resume Outline in your account area:
Learn4Good provides you with the option of entering your CV/ Resume summary details into a default layout and saving it in HTML format and PDF format in your account area. This neat and structured Resume summary format is automatically sent to any employer that you directly apply to on this jobsite, as part of your application.

Additionally, Learn4Good provides a Privacy Tickbox facility where you can directly control whether those saved Resume details are made publicly available online or not. This easy-to-use tickbox option for added privacy is available at the beginning of your Resume Outline posting page in your account area.

Learn4Good provides Resume boards where it is possible for you to make the contents of your CV / Resume Outline (your objective, work history, education history and skills list) publicly available online to unregistered and registered employers with Learn4Good.com, that are actively searching for potential employees with your specific skills/experience, on this jobsite or on search engines. (It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you follow the Resume posting guidelines and privacy advice on this page and in your account area).

Employers and recruiters are actively searching the Resume boards daily in order to find and contact potential candidates for their thousands of positions. When a Registered Employer on Learn4Good.com finds, reviews and is interested in your Resume Outline, they can then select to receive your name and contact details if or when they request them. Your name and contact details that a registered employer would see are the contact details that you have entered on the "My Account" profile page in your account area.

How the Privacy Tickbox Facility works:
At the beginning of the Resume Outline posting form, you are presented with a Privacy Tickbox option which enables you to prevent all employers that you have not directly applied to (unregistered and registered employers) from seeing any of your Resume details or contact details publicly online. Once you have set (ticked) and saved the Privacy Tickbox setting and your Resume Outline, only those specific employers that you directly apply to, using the "Apply Online Box", will be able to see your CV / Resume Outline and contact details. You can select this option by clicking on the tick box "Additional Privacy Tickbox Option - I do not want my Resume publicly available online", on the Resume Outline form page.

7. What does Learn4Good recommend me to enter in the text boxes on the Resume Outline form?
Only enter information regarding your previous to current employment history, experience, skill sets and education, that you are happy to make available to employers that you directly apply to, or information that you are happy to make publicly available to recruiters searching for candidates on the internet (if you choose to make that information publicly available). To help protect your privacy online, it is not advised or permitted to enter personally identifiable information (PII), contact details or other sensitive personal details into the Resume posting boxes (such as your name, date of birth, home address, phone number, social security number, your passport number, driver's license number, email addressess etc.).

For further Resume Posting recommendations, see our CV / Resume Tips Page .

8. I cannot send my Resume for the job I want to apply for. I get a message saying I cannot apply for this job. Why is that? What should I do?
First, you must be a registered jobseeker on our jobsite. If you are already a registered jobseeker, then in this case, it may indicate that you have not selected this Employment Category as one of your preferred employment categories in the "Edit CV/ Resume" section of your account. You may select up to 10 employment categories at any one time. You can edit your list of categories at any time in the "Edit CV/ Resume" section of your jobseeker account. Save your new preferred list, and then go back to the job posting and apply for the job using the Apply Online Box below the job.

Ensure that the combined / total size of any files you attach (if you attached any) as part of your application does not exceed 7 MB.

9. How do I know / remember which employers have already been sent my CV / Resume document?
First log into your account and see your "My Applications" page, which lists any jobs still posted that you have applied for. Also, when you are logged in and search for jobs in the job boards and tables, you will see a green notice next to the job title that says "You applied". This indicates that you applied to that employer previously. This does not mean that the employer will reply to you with an answer. Most employers only reply to successful applications.

10. What does the green "Verified email" check mark mean when located next to the name of a business or company above a job description?
To register on this site and to be able to receive jobseeker applications by email, an advertiser or employer much have a functional email address. The "Verified email" check mark simply means that the entity which posted the listing first registered on this website using a "functional email address" of a working website domain (and responded to our site's automated email asking them to prove/verify the functionality of the domain email address submitted by them on the company registration page).

Jobseekers should note that the vast majority of listings on this site are posted via automation, and therefore only a small percentage of listings on this site have the "Verified email" check mark (which indicates manual registration on this website by the listing poster, plus verification of their functional email address).

The green "Verified email" check mark does not in any way signify or represent our authentication or approval of the poster of a job listing to be wholly genuine, accurate or valid. The green "Verified email" check mark also does not in any way imply or indicate that our site's security process is complete or that the administrators of this site have fully verified the authenticity and accuracy of all content posted. As an independent website, we cannot know the true veracity, intentions or recruiting processes of any 3rd party entity (among thousands) which posts a job listing on this platform. Caution and shrewdness are therefore advised at all times when applying for a job opportunity through the internet or when corresponding with anyone offering a job opportunity.

11. What does Learn4Good advise me to do if an employer or company contacts me, offers me a job and then asks me for money to begin the employment, or asks for money for a work visa, paperwork, plane ticket or other?
Immediately Contact us here and provide the contact details of that person or business (such as the email address/es and business name/s they have used in any correspondence with you).  Do not reply to any person or supposed recruiter, employer or company that asks you to send money for a job opportunity. NEVER send money blindly to an online contact or telephone contact. If you are asked to send money for a visa and paperwork or job opportunity, it is almost certainly Fraudulent Activity / a Scam. Legitimate employers or recruiting agents should not ask you to pay money for employment (unless in the case where it is an absolutely legitimate internship or work placement program run by a reputable organization, and their reputability and process has been clearly established by you).

You should be absolutely certain that any requested fee for immigration or visa processing considerations is genuinely a required step towards employment, and is requested by a fully registered and recognized authority or immigration consultant. To establish this certainty BEFORE you would ever make a payment for any immigration-related fee to any entity, you should FIRST contact (and seek the advice of) a respective recognized authority or the supervisory authority for immigration to that country, and also ask them to confirm the legitimacy of the company, website or person you may have been in contact with. Alternatively or additionally, you should seek the advice of your own local government consulate or embassy for that country regarding all immigration matters and possible related fees for the processing of necessary paperwork.

12. What does Learn4Good advise me to do if an employer or company contacts me and asks me for very personal information?
Immediately Contact us hereNever immediately give prospective employers or recruiters any very personal information (such as your passport number, credit card number, bank account number, social insurance number, driver's license number, home address, date of birth, eye color, height, marital status etc.).

Only when it is clearly established with certainty by you that you are corresponding with a legitimate employer or recruiting agent, and you have thoroughly researched that employer or company and are completely satisfied, should you proceed with corresponding with that employer or company. Even then, you should continue to use caution and common sense.

13. What does Learn4Good advise me to do if an employer or company contacts me and says that Learn4Good.com has a job opportunity for me?
If a prospective employer ever claims to be from Learn4Good.com, it will almost certainly be a scam.
Immediately Contact us hereDo not reply to that person or company.

14. What does Learn4Good advise me to do if I am not sure that the job I am being offered is a legitimate job?
Do not respond to any employer or company that you do not 100% trust.  Thoroughly check their website and company details. Ask for the contact details of as many of their employees as possible. Always seek the advice of your local government embassy, and review the labor laws, before moving to another country to begin a job or new career.

Only when it is clearly established with certainty by you that you are corresponding with a legitimate employer or recruiting agent, and you have thoroughly researched that employer or company and are completely satisfied, should you proceed with corresponding with that employer or company. Even then, you should continue to use caution and common sense.

While the Learn4Good Jobsite admin and management team are experienced and diligent in reviewing registrations and job listings in order to help prevent the posting of dubious or fraudulent job openings, we cannot 100% guarantee continuous prevention of fraudulent or unprofessional recruiting activity on this site. Fraudsters globally are increasingly cunning, and can use sophisticated methods of portraying and disguising their registrations and job entries as genuine employment opportunities. The Jobseeker therefore must understand and accept this fact if you proceed to use this jobsite, and should also use caution and vigilance at all times when corresponding with prospective employers, recruiters or individual online. If you cannot accept the fact that our jobsite is unable to 100% guarantee continuous prevention of fraudulent or unprofessional recruiting activity, then please do not use this site.

Please immediately report any requests for money or PII or any other potentially dubious communication from a prospective employer or recruiter to our Jobsite Admin Team via our Contact Page.

15. Account Removal - How do I delete my free account if I no longer need it? What happens if I forget about my account, or have not logged-in in a long time?
You can instantaneously delete your account and any personal information contained therein at any time. Simply Log In Here and click on the "Delete my Account" link and confirm your request. No further action is then needed. To further help to protect your privacy online and the efficient operation of this jobsite, inactive accounts are deleted automatically 6 months after your last log-in date, without notice of deletion. A deleted account cannot be reinstated, and all data contained previously therein is completely removed. In such a case, a jobseeker may re-register at any time.

16. Finding Work Abroad:  Is there a quick way to see which companies or employers accept applications from my country?
Yes, our Advanced Job Search "Filter" searches (by default) only for jobs that accept applications from your present country of residence. Also, jobseekers from some of our most popular countries for visitors can browse international jobs by their country of citizenship.

17. Can I get back tax paid as a student working overseas or in the US (a tax refund)?
Yes, and you should contact the relevant government tax office directly or a tax reclaim specialist for up-to-date advice on how to get your tax back if you work abroad. The following pages provide brief information on the subject of student tax returns; Student Tax Returns & US Income Tax Returns.