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1. Can I make Free Job Postings / receive Applications & Resumes for Free?

Yes. The Free Job Plan provides free postings to attract free applications / Resumes to your email. It's simple and straight-forward.

The Free Job Plan option for manual job posting = 20 Free Job Listing Credits over a 6 month period, which can then be extended for a new 6 month term with a further 20 free credits, and so on. Your 20 job credits can be used all at once, in groups or gradually as you need, and your jobs may be edited at any time. Free postings receive applications or inquiries via email or phone / VoIP call, and the number of direct email applications (CVs / Resumes) or calls you can receive for your positions is unlimited. (External web page linking is not possible for free for manually entered jobs. Web page linking to your own website application page is only possible via a Paid Link Plan.)

Why we provide a Free Job Posting option: Because it enthuses a lot of employers & recruiters to post quality jobs and try out our service, and a percentage of those companies who use the Free Job Plan decide to upgrade to a paid plan at a later date. However, many companies simply continue to renew their Free Plan on an ongoing 6 month basis, and there is absolutely no obligation to ever upgrade. You control your jobs & plan. Free always means for Free on

With the Free Job Plan, we simply ask that you post quality, detailed job descriptions of the positions for jobseekers - in order to attract and encourage quality, qualified candidates to contact you. Quality attracts quality! All postings are reviewed by our team for compliance. Register Here to post jobs.

Examples of Renowned & Specialist Organizations that currently post jobs on our site include:
Adroit People, Allstate, AM Global Medical Recruitment, Aramark, Baltimore Police Department, BARE International, Blu.Selection, Bologna Health Jobs,, Brightstar Careers, Concentra, Dell s.r.o., Dish, Dover Corporation, Education 1st Recruitment, Edvectus, EF English First, Eolas International, Fedex, FRS Recruitment, Fujitsu, Fusion Academy, Gao Tek, GE Aviation, GEOS Language Centre, Global Teacher Recruitment, Greenpeace, Herman Medical Staffing, Holden Knight, HUMANTEC, IBM, iBS, inAdvance, InfinityQuest, Intektal, JCPenney, Kelly Services, Kemper, Lingoda GmbH, Lowe's Companies, Inc., Luxoft, Marfeel Solutions SL, Medacs Healthcare, MediCarrera, Medicolink, Millennium Technology Services, Mindlance INC, MNM Medical Recruiters Canada, NCR, New York Habitat, NYS Department of Transportation, Optima Recruitment Europe, Orchid Orthopedics, PADT, Parasoft, PhD-Jobs NET, Primark, Prime Source Consultancy, RGIS LLC, Robsco Search, SeekTeachers, Segway Inc., SeoulESL, Spoton Connections, StaffingForce, Sutherland, TeachAway Inc., Techouts Inc, Tekwissen, Tickmill Europe LTD, Toradex AG, Transition Consultants, U.S Census Bureau...

The experienced HR teams of these sample brand names, companies & specialist recruitment agencies in their fields are happy to test this jobsite as part of their recruiting strategy, and we hope that you also find our job board of value to your needs. OK. I am ready to Start:
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2. How Manual Job Posting or XML Posting Works - in a nutshell.

⚫ Applications to your Email Address:
Interested candidates apply for your job/s via the Apply Online box below the job posting. If you are on a FREE Plan, Basic Plan, Professional Plan or ULTRA Plan (see the table of Plans below), our jobsite program automatically sends the application (with CV/ Resume summary) to the email address that you enter into the job posting form for that listing, as long as the candidate matches your qualified candidate requirements for that job.

⚫ Job Inquiries by Telephone / VoIP:
Alternatively, some candidates will call the telephone number / VoIP ID displayed (if you choose to display one).

⚫ ​Applications via your own Website:
An alternative option for Paid Plan users where you can enter your own landing page URL for applications to your job posting - Please see the paid Link Plan options & details below. Also, XML feed postings may use an external landing page URL for applications.

XML / Bulk Job Posting for companies & job aggregators is possible via paid CPC feeds as long as our existing system can easily integrate your XML feed code. We already work via XML job feed with many established companies & job aggregators. Our XML reading system is very flexible, and posting is very straight-forward. Contact us with details of your feed, target market/s, and minimum CPC rate. Once we reply and agree to proceed, we sign up to your partner program. (Higher CPC feeds receive more continuous exposure and priority downloading regularity on our job board system, and more customization when needed on our developer side - all of which is key to achieving optimal performance / targeted traffic volumes).

3. What happens when I use up all of the 20 Free Job Credits?
If you use up all of your 20 free job listings before the end of the 6 month job plan period, you must either wait until the 6 month period has expired before renewing to a new Free Job Plan  or  you may upgrade at any time to a Paid Job Plan for further job posting credits and resume views.

The excellent value Paid Job Plan options and their credits are shown in the Job Plan Table below. Prices quoted are the Total Prices for a 6 month term (with a one-off payment). The new package credits are automatically added on top of your existing account credits.

4. What if I want to search for additional candidates to those that apply directly?
If you search our Resume search database, and find an additional Resume of a potential candidate that you are interested in, you must be on a Paid Job Plan in order to view the candidate's contact details for that additional Resume. You can select from the Paid Job Posting & Resume View packages/plans shown below to upgrade your account in order to view the candidate's contact details for any additional Resumes that you find and are interested in. If you want to use the additional Resume Viewing service, and are not already registered, you may Register Here ».

5. Can anyone register to post jobs? Are postings monitored? 
Each employer registration and job posting is reviewed by our admin and security team.

Please Note:  Learn4Good is the sole interpreter of our jobsite's intended and acceptable purpose.  Learn4Good reserves the right to refuse any organization or employer, and to remove any User account or job posted without notice, that is deemed not best suited or unacceptable for this website upon review by Learn4Good administrators for whatever reason we decide. Please ensure that you carefully follow all guidelines on the job posting page when logged in.

The following are not permitted on this jobsite and are removed:
Organizations, companies and jobs related to the adult entertainment industry, physically aggressive or potentially violent roles in any form, work at home (eg. home-based, data entry, email processing), multi-level marketing (MLM), online business opportunities, other job boards, and any job services or jobs that are not clearly defined or have very poor quality descriptions, or that involve fees from candidates. 

Any bogus companies or scammers should heed this notice: 
Upon official request, we will provide local law enforcement with all relevant details logged on our database if an official complaint is made regarding anyone posting non-genuine jobs or deceptive texts.

6. What are the different Job Posting Plan options & What do they provide?
The available Job Plans (valid for 6 Months) and their credits & costs are listed in the following table:

Job Plans for Email Applications or Telephone Inquiries:

Job Plan Type Database CV Views
(+ contact details)
Job Postings Top Job Placement Credits Featured Company Duration Price for 6 Months
Free Plan 0 20 0 No 6 Months 0 USD
Basic Plan 10 50 5 No 6 Months 59 USD
Professional Plan 100 100 20 Yes 6 Months 99 USD
ULTRA Plan 1000 1000 100 Yes 6 Months 199 USD
Free Plan
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 0
Job Postings: 20
Top Job Placement Credits: 0
Featured Company: No
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 0 USD
Basic Plan
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 10
Job Postings: 50
Top Job Placement Credits: 5
Featured Company: No
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 59 USD
Professional Plan
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 100
Job Postings: 100
Top Job Placement Credits: 20
Featured Company: Yes
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 99 USD
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 1000
Job Postings: 1000
Top Job Placement Credits: 100
Featured Company: Yes
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 199 USD

Job Plans with a Link to your Site for Applications (processed by your own website)

Link Plans enable you to receive applications via your own Website Address Application Page. Interested candidates request the application page address from your job posting, and follow the web link through to your site's application form landing page.

Job Plan Type Database CV Views
(+ contact details)
Job Postings Top Job Placement Credits Featured Company Duration Price for 6 Months
Link Plan 5 0 5 0 No 6 Months 59 USD
Link Plan 30 0 30 10 Yes 6 Months 99 USD
Link Plan 1000 0 1000 100 Yes 6 Months 199 USD
Link Plan 5
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 0
Job Postings: 5
Top Job Placement Credits: 0
Featured Company: No
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 59 USD
Link Plan 30
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 0
Job Postings: 30
Top Job Placement Credits: 10
Featured Company: Yes
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 99 USD
Link Plan 1000
Database CV Views (+ contact details): 0
Job Postings: 1000
Top Job Placement Credits: 100
Featured Company: Yes
Duration: 6 Months
Price for 6 Months: 199 USD

7. What are Top Placements / Sponsored Job Listings? How to Display at the Top?
Top Jobs receive over 5 Times More Views than regular listings on average, and are displayed for 90 days in the top table area of their respective location, employment categories, and specializations' job lists.

Great, so how do we Display as a Top Job / Sponsored Listing? This requires having Top Job Placement Credits on your selected job plan in your profile area. You then simply indicate when a posting is to be treated by the jobsite as a Top Job (Sponsored Listing), and this uses 1 Top Job Credit.

Top Job Placements / Sponsored Listings (with Green Job Titles) are displayed with other Top Jobs in the first displayed (highest) table of jobs in their respective employment categories, specializations and location job lists. Up to 15 Top Jobs are randomly displayed in that list at one time (on each page refresh).

With 5 Times More Views on average than regular listings, Top Jobs provide Optimal Exposure & Performance for your jobs on the Learn4Good Jobsite, with much greater national or international exposure than regular job postings (which always appear further down the lists in their respective categories and location lists).

This greater market exposure and candidate reach provides you with the opportunity of more job applications in turn, and greatly increases your chances of finding highly qualified candidates who are actively viewing jobs in your target employment markets & fields of specialization (skills).

Top Job posting requires a paid plan which offers Top Job Placement Credits. See the Job Plan Tables above for the numbers of credits available per plan.

8. What is a Featured Company & How do I become a Featured Company?
A Featured Company is a company that upgrades to a Professional Plan, Link Plan or Ultra Plan. Featured Companies receive the following Featured Company Perks.

9. How do I upgrade to a paid Job Plan?
To upgrade your job plan, you must first have at least one job posting posted. When logged into your jobsite account, click on the “Upgrade Job Plan” link on your right side menu. Select the paid job plan you prefer from the table of options, and click on the “Upgrade or Renew” button.

You will then proceed to the invoice area where you can select to pay via credit card or wire transfer. The credit card option brings you through to a secure credit card payment system. Please follow each step carefully.

Your payment will trigger an automatic upgrade to your account, for immediate use. Each upgrade and payment must pass a strict review process shortly afterwards.

10. What if my 6 Month Job Plan is about to expire or has recently expired?
You will receive an email 14 days before your job posting period expires. This email will inform you of this fact, and will offer you the possibility of renewing to the Free Job Plan for a further 6 months  or  upgrading to a Paid Job Plan if you prefer. You can then select any of the Job Plans listed in the table above, on the "Upgrade Job Plan" page of your account area, and click on the “Upgrade or Renew” button to follow the steps.

If your Job Plan (free or paid) has already expired, you can immediately renew the Free Job Plan again  or  upgrade to a Paid Job Plan. To do this, see the "Upgrade or Renew" link in your account area, and follow the upgrade/renew steps.

11. How long does a job posting remain on this site?
The employer has full control over when the job posting expires on the account. The expiry date is set when creating or editing the job posting. Job postings may be posted, edited, or deleted at any time. A job posting plan (either free or paid) runs for 6 months, after which time you may renew or upgrade your job posting plan. You may delete your account at any time. For XML feed providers, your own feed system controls your job expiry.

12. Who will see my job posting and how will qualified candidates contact me? receives over 10 million unique visitors a year. Jobseekers with qualifications in your career field actively search through our 100 different employment categories every day. Registered Jobseekers can contact you directly to your company email address via this recruiting tool.

Registered Jobseekers use the online application form located directly below each of your job postings. Jobseekers can alternatively contact you through your telephone number, instant messaging / VOIP ID or your mailing address if you choose to display them on your postings or company profile.

Companies on the paid Link Plan 5, Link Plan 30 & Link Plan 1000 can receive job applications via their own website.

13. Can I actively search for qualified candidates in the Resume Database?
Yes. Employers can search additional Resume Outlines via the Resume Search Database on this site, but the employer must be on a paid job plan in order to see the candidate's contact details for an additional Resume when found in our Resume search database.

14. Can I filter out unqualified candidates & unqualified applications?
Yes, you can. We advise that you set up an Applicant Filter on each job posting. On providing this filter system, and the opportunity to specify the required education level and years of related-work experience required for each job opening, accepts no liability for any job applications or inquiries that the employer or recruiter would later consider to be of low quality, time-wasting or spam.

15. Can I try to reach & attract further candidates by posting jobs in other country markets (when the job role will be performed in my country)?
No. Please only post a job "in the country where it will be performed", and not where you hope to find candidates (from abroad). It is not permitted to post jobs performed in one country into another country's job board, unless it is an online role. Incorrectly-posted jobs will be moved or removed for quality control purposes by the admin team.

16. Can I try to reach & attract further candidates by posting Online Jobs in other country markets (when the job role will be performed online)?
Yes, within reason as determined by Learn4Good. Please first contact our admin team to explain your objectives, and we will confirm whether your vision matches our site's intended purpose, and what may be possible.

Thank you for reviewing and using our jobsite. We wish you quick success in finding the right candidates for your positions. Register Here Today »

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Healthcare, Nursing
Location: California - Position Summary - - Oncology Nurse (RN), Cancer Support Contact Center - - AccessHope is an organization...
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RazorSync has an exciting opportunity for an Assistant Customer Service Manager based out of our Minneapolis office. This role will define...
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Healthcare, Customer Service
Westgate Management Company is looking for an experienced HUD Occupancy Specialist to join our team in Greensburg, PA! Our property...
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North Brunswick - New Jersey - USA

ITTDigital is growing rapidly in providing content management services to leading Life Sciences and Media companies. We empower digital...
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West Jordan - Utah - USA

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Overview - - Allen Communication Learning Services offers a suite of performance improvement solutions designed to support client needs...
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Ann Arbor - Michigan - USA

Administrative, Sales
The Bouma Group Realtors - - Martin Bouma and The Bouma Group Realtors of Keller Williams Realty has been in the business for 34 years and...
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ZAG Technical Services, Inc. (ZAG) is an award - winning IT consulting firm specializing in network infrastructure, security, disaster...
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Mud Pie is seeking a Brand Copy Specialist to be responsible for all copy written for digital and print channels across Mud Pie’s three...
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The Role - Loloi is on a mission to become the first true rug brand in America, and we’re seeking a talented Senior Director of Marketing...
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