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France Business School:
ESCEM offers the innovative Online MBA program, designed for international working adults is intended to provide working adults with all the necessary skills in all major areas of business administration (leadership, management, marketing, accounting and finance, information systems, strategy and the business environment). Students will work together with other professionals to develop their skills, character and ability to manage people and concepts. In general, the world's most well known business degree (MBA) was originally designed for working adults coming from various educational and professional backgrounds. Therefore the courses do not require previous knowledge of the subject area. It is the professional experience that is important.

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Online MBA Course:

- CHIC MBA, completely in English is flexible, attractive, and affordable. This core courses last 18 months. After the 12 courses, three students do a capstone project in sustainable development. Courses begin in September, limited space, enroll early. This program allows organizations to keep their employees who can study from the convenience of their own home through the distance learning platform at ESCEM School of Management. There are 12 required courses in the CHIC MBA and 1 Capstone Project.

The Online MBA is particular in that it the most flexible blended learning MBA in Europre. The Online MBA program also offers the opportunity to visit France and enjoy its culture.

Modules Include: International Management, International Marketing, Introduction to Finance and Accounting, International Business, Marketing and Economy, Leadership and Change, Negotiation, Information Systems Management, Managerial Finance, Strategy, Global Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Legal issues in International Business, Capstone Project in Sustainable Development, Performance Management and Coaching.

Our Mission:

Collective reflection has led FBS to base its mission on 4 basic values that now characterise the school and are present in all its activities.

These 4 values are: integrity, commitment, curiosity and humility.

Integrity: Honesty, whether it be intellectual, financial or even ethical, is a mark of respect: respect for others but also for oneself.

Commitment: Firms need responsible men and women they can rely on and who are determined to act to put forward their ideas.

Curiosity: In order to understand an ever more complex world, one needs to open up, to share one's ideas, and to survey the scene in order to maintain one's own progression.

Humility: True success is assumed with humility. Remaining modest, being open to the world in order to be closer to reality. These are the signs of greatness.

It is by putting these values into practice everyday and by handing them down to its students that ESCEM intends to fulfil its mission :

"FBS's mission is to ensure initial and continuing education for the employees, principally managers, that companies will need to rely upon in order to implement their development strategies and react to the numerous changes that they are confronted with in an uncertain world."

It is with its mission firmly in mind that FBS positions itself as :
A top French Business and Management school offering a wide range of high level professional programs, and providing access to corporate affairs through its partnerships with businesses and also to the international scene.

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Address: 1 rue Léo Delibes, Tours, BP 0535 37205, France
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The American University Of Paris
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The American University of Paris (AUP) is a university in motion, building the path to becoming a leading academic, intellectual, and cultural center in France and in the world.

We offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas including Computer Science, Economics, International Business Administration, Psychology and many more. All programs are taught through English.

The university is located in one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods of Paris, a European capital where business, diplomacy, culture, literature, and aesthetics all converge.

As the crossroads of Europe, it has seen and led the sweep of political history, from monarchy to revolution, from Bonaparte to the European Union.

Located very near the Eiffel Tower, and within walking distance of the Champs-Elysées, the Louvre, and the famous Quartier Latin, AUP students fully participate in the intellectual, cultural and social life of the "City of Light".
Undergraduate Degree programs:

- Art History
- Comparative Literature
- European and Mediterranean Cultures
- Film Studies
- French Studies
- Global Communications History
- International Business Administration
- International Economics
- International Finance
- International and Comparative Politics
- Literary Studies and Creative Arts
- Psychology...

AUP also offers 9 different Graduate programs.
Courses / Programs
Based in France, Global-Exam is a specialized provider of language test preparation courses online, including TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, HSK and DELF. Our courses offer over 180 test examples, 355 hours of training and more than 18,000 practice questions.

Exam Focused
- We are the first elearning platform 100% dedicated to online preparation for language exams. To earn your certification, you need to perfect your language skills and seriously prepare for your exam.

Success Focused
- Training under real testing conditions will help you progress and quickly build up points. More than 23,000 questions created by professionals, with their corrections, are updated every day.

Global-Player Focused
- A responsive interface adapts itself to the level of each player to help each and every one of our learners succeed. An interface that is both well-designed and user-friendly provides a playful experience for our users.
Global-Exam offers training for the following exams:
Capital Vin
Courses / Programs
Capital Vin are professionals of Wine Knowledge and also Wine makers in Languedoc (South of France). We established our wine school 5 years ago offering courses for those in charge of referencing, advising and selling wine. Our Learning Director is an Oenologist and also a Tasting Teacher. We work with specialists in Wine Marketing and Selling, Sommeliers among many others and offer online and in-class courses.

Our school is dedicated to increasing wine knowledge and selling. We consider that the more the consumer will find professional advice and help when choosing wines, the more he will consume and buy quality wines. Being ourselves producers of fine wines, and experiencing how people love wine and are expecting help to understand this complex product, we decided 5 years ago to create a wine school in the South of France.
We offer 3 levels course:

1. Online course - "The Basis of Wine Culture". 13 Units, for a total of 7 hours, to be trained in an economical and comfortable way. Progress and questions of the students are followed and answered online by our Managing Teacher.
2. When succeeding to the final quiz the Student can register to Level 2 "Tasting Wine", physical courses
3. Level 3 is the ultimate and advanced level at the end of which one can obtain our "French Wine Knowledge - Capital Vin" Diploma
Telefrench online French lessons, Nice
Courses / Programs
Telefrench, based in Nice, southeast France, offers one to one online French classes with an experienced and friendly native French teacher via Windows Live Messenger or Skype. You can get tailor-made lessons for all level and all needs, exam preparation (DELF/DALF), conversation classes, homework and extra teaching. Everything is possible. Wherever you are, enjoy learning French with a personal tutor simply from the comfort of your home.
Online One-to-One French classes via Windows Live Messenger or Skype; Conversation classes; Professional and Business French; Exam preparation (DELF / DALF).
Speak French Today
Courses / Programs
Speak French Today is an online French language school which offers one-to-one classes with an native French tutor or French lessons via e-mail.

Thanks to the telephone, web conferencing and Skype, you can study with a French teacher in France, wherever you are in the world.

Tailor-made one-to-one lessons are the quickest and most efficient way to improve your spoken French, especially when given by an experienced French teacher living in France, perfectly up-to-date with the latest trends in French language, culture and society.

They are ideal if you want to make rapid progress in speaking French. We will talk live together and you will study and practice exactly the French you need in real-life role plays.
- Online one-to-one French classes for beginner to advanced level using Skype
- French lessons via e-mail
The American Business School Paris
Courses / Programs
The American Business School Paris is a leader in international education in France offering accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Master of Arts (MA) degree programs, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with Rider University in New Jersey, USA. Our programs are offered through English.

Founded in 1985, The American Business School Paris is proud to welcome students from nearly 80 different countries, seeking an international experience. In 1995, our business school joined IGS University (Institut de Gestion Sociale), one of France’s most dynamic private universities.

The American Business School Paris is a worldwide educational reference in France. Based on the American academic system, we embody an international vision of education in business and commerce; The American Academic System with the European Touch.

With the American Business School Paris, become a citizen of the world. The American Business School Paris prepares you to become future business leaders. Currently, 1,100 alumni of the American Business School work on 6 continents worldwide in over 35 countries in marketing functions, sales, finance and international trade.
- Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program is issued by the American Business School Paris or by a partner university in the US where students can perform the final year of study

- Masters of Arts (MA) degree program in International Business Development

- Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program with Rider University (USA)

- Summer program: The courses are aimed at exploring the European economic environment in the cultural, historical, economic and management