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Reviews of MIP Politecnico di Milano

MIP was established in 1979 as a collaboration between Politecnico di Milano - one of the leading technical universities in Europe - and some leading organizations operating in Italy. One of MIP’s great strengths is being part of the Politecnico di Milano, whose engineering tradition and technology leadership allow MIP to have access to up-and-coming technology, to play a key role in innovation and to be at the forefront of company growth and technological investment.
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Programs / Courses:
- International Full Time MBA ; - International Part Time MBA ; - Iflex MBA (online) ; - International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management ; - International Master in Luxury Management ; - International Master in BIG DATA ; - International Master in Supply Chain & Purchaising Management ; - Advanced MAster in Innovation & Entrepreneurship ; - International Master in Industrial Management ; - Master in Strategic Project Management
Swayum Somrah ; from Italy
(2012-05-28  04:58:16)
The exchange program at California Polytechnic was wonderful, there I had the opportunity to experience real American academic life, living in the campus and attending the MBA program. It allowed me to get a feeling of American culture. The campus is very well located and surrounded by nature, there the students organize many activities that involve you with the local community. The recreational center, that was opened in 2012, is a first class facility. I really appreciated the classes that allowed me to experience the Cal Poly teaching methodology which is very practical and interesting, in particular for students coming from Europe.
Tsung-Pei Yu ; from Taipei
(2012-02-01  12:29:41)
Before coming to MIP Italy for my MBA, I worked in Taipei for Hinton Information Services as Sales/Marketing Specialist. I did my 3 months project work in Acer Europe in the area of Marketing. After graduating from MIP, I received a job offer to continue to work with them in the area of E-commerce and Customer Relationship Management. Doing an MBA in MIP not only allows me to have an overview of all the business subjects, to improve my English communication skill in the international class setting, but also an opportunity to travel to many beautiful places in Europe! At the professional level, I strengthened my business background knowledge and improved myself tremendously; at the personal level, I enriched my life experience and brought along with me a network of friends from all continents in the world!
Javier Carrillo ; from Peru - now Bologna, Italy
(2011-11-24  06:43:19)
 (Highly Recommended)
Project Manager for Tech Projects, Yoox
My experience as an MBA student at MIP Politecnico di Milano was great
in three aspects: education, people and work opportunities. I was able to
meet people with different backgrounds and from different cultures while attending lectures given by professionals in the industry, from Europe, the USA, and Latin America. These lectures were much more than just listening and they taught us to be ready to “think and add”. Then, even before finishing the program, MIP sponsored work experiences in different international companies for every one of us! After the MBA, I got job offers from 3 different countries and finally decided to go for the position in the e-commerce/fashion business in Yoox, the same company I undertook the Project Work with. To sum up, MIP offered me a life changing experience with a whole new world of opportunities.
Haiyin Chen ; from China
(2011-10-25  13:04:25)
 (Highly Recommended)
William Arthur Ward wrote, “Nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.” With 100% imagination and 0% expectation, without knowing anyone or any Italian, I arrived in the land of Italy and walked into the MBA classroom at MIP. 
With the endless support of classmates, faculty, and staff, working together through tireless hours of anxiety, relief, sadness, laughter, disappointment, and accomplishment, my time at MIP proved to be truly rewarding. 
My project work at Ferrari marked one of the final tests in the program, yet it was just the end of the beginning of the game, the first of many career challenges still to come. I am confident that MIP has expanded the realms of my imagination, prepared me for new possibilities, and will allow me to meet the future head-on.
Guillermo Fernando Grassi ; from Buenos Aires
(2011-07-14  12:52:18)
MIP’s experience consists of not only in classroom activities but activities directly linked to the Real World. For example, thanks to MIP’s partnership with the World Business Forum, I was able to work closely with one of the main speakers, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani. I was given a chance to manage his agenda and work as his press officer organizing all the committee activities during the duration of the event. In addition I met people of the calibre of Robert Kaplan, Malcolm Gladwell and Madeleine Allbright. This experience was truly unique and enriching from a personal and professional point of view. It provides yet another example of how MIP offers its students exciting and up-to-date activities.
Davide Maglio ; from Italy
(2011-05-25  03:53:51)
I realised that if I was to continue growing in my professional career I could either increase my technical skills and become an expert in a special niche of the engineering world, or I could develop new managerial skills in a business school. I decided for the second option because of the huge amount of possibilities that a business school can offer and because I was very attracted by the learning experience of an international MBA.
JOHN HARPER - Visiting Research Fellow ; from UK
(2011-05-10  07:26:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
For me, the most striking impression of MIP is how well the needs of the students – intellectual, personal and professional – are addressed by the staff responsible for the MBA program. Secondly, MIP has created a good, coherent program of continuous personal and professional development. This program is well integrated into the students’ syllabus and teaching. Finally, the MIP student population is rich with
diversity, thus making for a healthy cultural mix. MIP is especially successful in attracting able students from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. All these factors make the MBA programme at MIP a stimulating experience for students, teachers and researchers.
Luigi Corleto ; from Italy
(2011-05-10  06:19:43)
Senior consultant, Bain & Company, Rome - MBA Class 2005
MIP’s MBA was actually a real turning point in my professional experience, as well as a unique moment in my personal life. After many years of R&D and engineering experience in the Energy field in Japan, I wanted to get more involved in companies’ strategic decisions, but I felt I did not have the proper “tools”. Thanks to MIP’s Project Work I joined Bain & Company, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, where I have been able to leverage both my technical background and the newly learned business and management skills. Currently I am a senior consultant and I work alongside the top management of the largest Italian and European Energy firms, supporting them on M&A, IPOs, performance improvement and strategy definition engagements. Moreover, I have the chance to participate, as Bain & Company’s “expert”, in the public debate on Italy’s energy policy and strategic choices (e.g. the Nuclear comeback issue). Life during MBA was equally rewarding, as I had the pleasure to study, live and...(last but not least)party with my classmates, people from all over the world (Europe, Asia, South America etc.). It was really a rich and refreshing experience to get to know each other in a “student mood” and now, more than three years after graduation, many of them are among my best friends.
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