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Dialogo Language Services is a small, independent Italian language school in Turin, Northern Italy specializing in teaching Italian to people who are fascinated by the Italian culture and way of life. We and the highly qualified staff of Dialogo are committed to providing you with both quality learning and a rich cultural program which will make your stay in Turin an unforgettable and profitable experience.
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Programs / Courses:
- Italian courses for foreigners ; - Intensive Italian ; - Business Italian ; - Preparation for TECL & CILS Certificates ; - Italian summer courses ; - Private Italian classes ; - Parent & Child Italian courses ; - Italian courses for 50+ ; - Italian & Leisure ; - Tourism & Guided Tours in Italian, English, German & French
(2011-03-09  06:47:24)
I really liked the kindness and flexibility of the teachers. It was not an academic course but a "linguistic journey" through new routes. Thank you for leading me along these language paths.
(2011-03-07  18:37:43)
I am happy !
I have learnt a lot !
The family was very kind !
It was a very special course for me.
(2011-03-03  12:56:04)
Very injoyable course. A good mix grammar and conversation, enthousiastic teachers.
I hope to keep my Italian going and feel that I now have a stronger grammatical base from which I can proceed. Grazie a tutti !
(2011-02-27  07:15:46)
 (Highly Recommended)
It is uncommon to find such a combination of confidence and charm and relaxation in the classroom. Why are your fees so low ? I suppose you have found the way to attract people and know the best fee to charge; but I would have willingly have paid double.
(2011-02-22  21:52:08)
 (Highly Recommended)
The 2-week course offered lots of variety with the main enphasis on communication - one of my aims was to speak as much as possible.
I have really enjoyed the course as it also offered me an inside into Piedmontese and Italian culture.
No complaints, I will recommend the school to friends who may be interested.
(2011-02-20  08:24:41)
The teachers did a good job engaging the students in an effective way. I enjoyed my stay.
(2011-02-15  10:05:45)
I really enjoyed my stay in Torino and wish all the best to the school Dialogo amd I'am looking forward to the next course.
Email: Contact us here     ( or request a callback ).
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