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Italian Courses in Turin

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Dialogo Language Services, Turin:
Dialogo Language Services is a small, independent Italian language school in Turin, Northern Italy specializing in teaching Italian to people who are fascinated by the Italian culture and way of life. We and the highly qualified staff of Dialogo are committed to providing you with both quality learning and a rich cultural program which will make your stay in Turin an unforgettable and profitable experience. We offer a range of Italian courses to students of all ages and levels.

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Italian courses offered Photo of Italian Courses in Turininclude:
- Italian courses for foreigners
- Intensive Italian
- Business Italian
- Preparation for TECL & CILS Certificates
- Italian summer courses
- Parent & Child Italian courses
- Italian courses for 50+
- Italian & Leisure
- Junior Summer Camp
- Italian & Wine
- Tourism & Guided Tours in Italian, English, German & French
- Private Italian classes

Standard Group Courses:
Code A) 20 units weekly in group, 4 units daily
Code B) 30 units weekly in group, 6 units daily

For those who place great importance to the language learning and want to make progress in a short time. Courses start every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Afternoon & Evening Courses:
4 units weekly in group, 2 units twice a week, For those who need to combine their work schedule with the learning of tImage of Italian Courses in Turinhe language. Courses start every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Two-to-One Lessons:
The fun of a group lesson and a course program oriented to the objectives of the participants as in an individual lesson. Day and timetable can be agreed.

One-to-One Lessons:
Great flexibility, quick results. Day and timetable can be agreed.

Courses 50+:
Senior participants are welcome at the school with special programs of intensive, two-to-one and one-to-one courses. To groups of 50+ people who want to learn another language and its culture deepening their cultural interests are tailored the several programs “Incontri con l’Italiano” and “Divertiamoci in Italiano” with the participation of literature, art and culture specialists who will take the group on its journey.

TELC – The European Language Certificate in Turin:

Dialogo Language Services is an authorised centre for the Certificato di Italiano TELC (The European language Certificates). Specially formulated on the basis of the language skill levels by the Council of Europe, the Certificato di Italiano TELC certifies six different levels of compentence and it is recognised all over Europe. Exam dates can be agreed with the school (minimum 3 students). The school organizes 60 units preparatory courses.

Photos of Dialogo Language Services, TurinPreparatory Courses for CILS Certificates in Turin:
Dialogo Language Services organizes 60 units preparatory courses for CILS certificates. CILS (Certificate of Italian as Second Language) is the certificate of knowledge of Italian language issued by the University for Foreign Students of Siena.

Junior Summer Camp
Special summer program for teenagers combining Italian language tuition in the morning and sporting activities with local clubs in the afternoon. The college is situated few chilometers far from Turin in a lively area around a lake at the bottom of the Olympic Valleys. All inclusive program.

Italian Cultural Programs:
Special evenings allowing people to meet each other, dialogue in Italian and understand Italian culture.

"Parole in Libertà":
Meetings to dialogue and chat about daily arguments, newspaper articles or matters of personal interest. To improve our ability in dialoguing and comprehending spoken Italian.

"Leggiamo Italiano":
Reading and interpretation of Italian literature, analysis and comprehension.

"L'Italiano al cinema“:
For non-mother tongues who love Italian cinema and wish to watch a movie comprehending its language and cultural background. One lesson at the cinema and discussion.

"L'Italiano e l’Opera":
If Italian Opera fascinates you but its language is too difficult to comprehend, let’s listen together to the most famous arias and analyze the language.

Italian + Leisure ProgramPicture of Italian Courses in Turins:

Italian on Holiday:
A perfect combination of relaxation, study and excursions in Turin or in the enchanting wine area of the Langhe.
- Relax Weekend: from Friday to Sunday, 9 units of Italian, guided tours.
- Relax Week: from Sunday to Saturday, 15 units of Italian, guided tours in Turin, Alba, Barolo wine area, visits to local producers.

Italian and Golf:
In the relaxing and enchanting atmosphere of Golf Club in the open country, easy to reach and just few kilometers far from Turin, golf players can choose a Golf Weekend program (4 units of Italian course) or a Golf Week (10 units of Italian course), counting on the exquisite cuisine and kindness of the golf club staff. Designed for those who want to study the Italian language while playing their favourite sport and having the possibility of taking organized guided tours in the enchanting area around.

Italian & Cuisine:
The 1 week program includes: 9 units of Italian language course- three days cooking course in the cuisine of the restaurant “Operti1772” and in the Chef’s Fausto biological botanical garden - visit to cheese and chocolate local producers - 1 day trip to Liguria and visit to local oil and “pesto” producer - visit and wine tasting to a local winery

The 4 day program includes: 9 units of Italian language course - three days cooking course in the cuisine of the restaurant “Operti1772” and in the Chef’s Fausto biological botanical garden -visit and wine tasting to a local winery.

Italian and Sport:
July and August in Valle pellice, on the Alps of the olimpics: one week to approach the Italian language and culture combining them with sport activities (rafting , trekking, mountain bike) on the pathways of the Valdese community. Accommodation and Italian lessons in B&B.

Italian & Art Programs:
One weekend in Turin learning the Italian language and getting acquainted with artistic techniques according to one’s creativity. Special sessions on the meaning of colours for your environment.

Wine and Romanic art in Monferrato (Asti):
Castello di Razzano, Vezzolano and romanic churches on the hills of Asti approaching the Italian language of architecture and art.

Dialogo Language Services can organize other tailored programs for groups who require it.

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Address: Corso Massimo D'Azeglio 60, Torino, Italy
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• Elba is small and beautiful Mediterranean island in Tuscany, 10 kilometres from the coast, and the language courses at ABC Elba Italian language school combined with supplementary activities and excursions offer students a complete picture of Porto Azzurro and the island culture and lifestyle.

• ABC Elba offers an open and friendly environment that not only facilitates learning, but also creates the basis for lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences during the students' stay on Elba.

• Our Italian language school for international students is located in Porto Azzurro in an Italian villa of the late 1800s with park and swimming pool, where students can also stay.

• The mild climate of the island of Elba allows you to study Italian in the open air, in the shade of the oaks and eucalyptus trees in the middle of our beautiful park with swimming pool, which surrounds the ancient Villa Teresa, the seat of our italian language school.

• ACCOMMODATION: There are several accommodation options during your language study trip to Porto Azzurro. Our secretary will assist you with any type of accommodation request. For example, VILLA TERESA - Porto Azzurro – seat of the school on Elba - The Residence has a 7 × 14 m swimming pool.

• Join us this summer or autumn for a Mediterranean adventure on the Island of Elba!
Italian Language & Culture Courses in Summer and Autumn:

- From mid-May to the beginning of October
- Group Course (20 lessons per week)
- Group Course (30 lessons per week)
- Group Courses + 3, 5 or 10 weekly individual lessons
- Individual courses with a number of hours chosen by the student with maximum flexibility both for the timetable and the program to be carried out.
- Combinations with cooking classes, art and culture.
- 30+ adult program (with a large program of supplementary afternoon activities).
- Italian for families with children/ teens
- Combined courses ELBA & Florence
- Online courses
Updated: 2019-12-13
Updated: 2019-12-13
EUROPASS, Centro Studi Europeo
Courses / Programs
Situated in the heart of Florence, Italy, EUROPASS, Centro Studi Europeo is an accredited Italian language and culture school that provides a wide range of beginner to advanced level Italian classes and culture courses. Each year, EUROPASS welcomes students from all over the world who wish to learn or perfect their knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

Language study options include Standard and Intensive Italian group classes, Private One-on-One courses, Part-time courses, Weekend courses, Italian Exam Preparation, and Italian for Professionals among others. Our culture classes include Italian History, Cinema, Literature, and more.

At EUROPASS we aim to create a comfortable, familiar yet professional atmosphere, and all of our staff try to put our students at ease and satisfy every request that they may make. Our teaching method is based on modern and innovative principles which allow our students to communicate in every day situations with ease and confidence.

In addition to Italian language and culture courses, the Centre also offers art courses (painting, sculpture, fresco painting), specialized music classes as well as cooking courses.
Beginner to Advanced Level Italian Language Courses:
- Standard Italian
- Intensive Italian
- Grammar course
- Conversation course
- Part time course
- One / Two-on-One Private course
- Combined Group & Private course
- Weekend Course
- Italian Exam Preparation (CELI, CIC, CILS)
- Italian for Professionals

Italian Culture Courses:
- Italian Art History
- Middle Ages to the Renaissance
- Contemporary Florence
- Italian History
- Italy in the European Union
- Italian Literature
- Italian Cinema
Live Language Salento, South of Italy
Courses / Programs
Live Language Salento is a small, friendly school in the heart of Apulia, South Italy. It is located in a lovely town, close to the city of Gallipoli and just a stone's throw from the unspoiled coastline. Learning Italian at the Live Language Salento gives you the opportunity to combine a wonderful holiday by the sea with a professional course in Italian language in typical Mediterranean surroundings. Our language programmes run from Monday to Friday and there is equal emphasis on both spoken and written communication. Our native teachers are trained in teaching Italian as a foreign language. We also offer cultural and social activities that allow students the possibility to experience every day Italian life and make the students' stay in Salento more fun, and their learning easier and more relaxing. Get a free guided tour in Salento for a two week standard course!
Holiday Course (2 hours per day/5 days per week); Standard Course (4 hours per day/5 days per week); Super Intensive (4 hours per day/5 days per week + 2 hours per day -Individual-); Parents & Children (2 hours per day/5 days per week); Weekend Course (4 hours per day/1 weekend); Italian Literature; Italian Cinema; Italian Cookery.
Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera, Sardinia
Courses / Programs
Located in Alghero on the North West coast of Sardinia, the Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera offers Italian language and culture courses all year round. From the very beginning, we take language out of the classroom and onto the streets of Alghero. We also offer a special Vacationer's Course - AllegraMente is for visitors here only a short time and its purpose is to teach basic notions of Italian, to ease communications with locals, in restaurants, bars and shops, to gain more insight as to the way of life in Alghero, and just generally for a more enjoyable holiday.
Our Italian language courses are small in size, max. 8 persons and we offer a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the learning of Italian and familiarising with this country's culture. Italian cooking sessions, culture courses, summer courses for children as well as a special vacationer's course called AllegraMente.
Courses / Programs
Located in the historic centre of Milan, Northern Italy, SPAZIOLINGUA is an Italian language training school for foreign visitors that provides a wide range of Italian language and culture courses. Classes can be taken individually or in group format, with day, evening, and weekend courses available from beginner to advanced levels. We also have classes that offer a unique taste of Italian culture, with Italian cooking, wine tasting, and travel Italian options available. Our school is conveniently situated on Via Carducci, close to Red & Green Line underground public transport services.

Taught by a team of dedicated linguistic professionals, our goal is to enhance learning with a human connection and to work in a calm and welcoming environment that encourages the ' pleasure ' of learning. The character of each individual student and their needs are our starting point. We then plan and build a path that enhances and gratifies the student constantly.

Our methodology is based on an effective humanistic approach; everything revolves around the student, their needs and their competences. Our students are constantly accompanied from the beginning to the end of their successful path.
Beginner to advanced level Italian language & culture classes:

- Standard Group Italian classes
- Twice-a-week Italian courses
- Evening / Weekend options
- Individual / Private Italian lessons
- Intensive Italian courses
- Italian language test preparation courses for CILS and CELI on demand
- Corporate Italian courses
- Cocktail Making course
- Italian Culture & History classes
- Italian Wine Tasting courses
- Italian for Travel
- Italian Cooking courses
- Opera Singers classes
- Englsh & Russian classes
Reggio Lingua, Reggio Emilia
Courses / Programs
Reggio Lingua is a specialized language center in Reggio Emilia, north of Italy, teaching Italian language and culture to people of all ages and nationalities. We organize Italian courses for groups, individuals, and businesses (for managers, technicians and employees), as well as for high school and university groups, homestay programs in an instructor’s home, and courses in preparation for the CILS and CELI exams.

Courses are offered year round. They are organized by level, with a limited number of students in each class to encourage the students’ active participation and to provide a peaceful, relaxed working environment.
Intensive Italian Homestay Programs; Group Italian Courses; Private Italian lessons; Preparatory Courses for the CILS and CELI exams; Specialized Business Courses; Italian cooking classes.