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Brentwood Open Learning College:
Brentwood Open Learning College is the UK's leading distance learning service. Based in Leicester, we specialise in open college courses and online learning, providing affordable, accessible and enjoyable education in a wide range of career topics.

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Online Career Training Certificate & Diploma Courses:
At BOLC, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of accredited courses, provided to give your career a push in the right direction.

Business Courses:
• Certificate in Business Administration Level 3
• Budget Planning Course (Level 3)
• Certificate in Business Process Management
• Writing Reports and Proposals (level 3)
• Certificate in Business Management (Level 3)
• Starting an Online Business Course (Level 3)
• Certificate in Communication Skills
• Writing a Business Plan (Level 2)
• How to Start and Run an Online Business (Level 1)
• Diploma in Business Administration (Level 4)
• Certificate in Business Communications (Level 3)
• Business Management Course (Level 1)

Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Change Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in Team Leading Skills Course (Level 2)
• Certificate in Crisis Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in Performance Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in E Commerce Management (Level 3)
• Anger Management Course (Level 2)
• Conflict Resolution Course (Level 2)
• Disability Awareness Course (Level 2)
• Time Management Course (Level 2)
• Managing Virtual Work Place (Level 2)
• Stress Management Course (Level 2)
• Certificate in Team Leading Skills (level 3)
• Certificate in Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Management (Level 4)
• Management Course (Level 1)

Construction Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Construction Management (Level 3)
• Construction Management Course (Level 1)
• Diploma in Construction Management (level 4)

Project Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Project Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in Project Management (Level 2)
• Project Management Course (Level 1)
• International Diploma in Project Management

Public Relations Courses:
• Certificate in Public Relations (Level 3)
• Certificate in Public Relations (Level 2)
• Diploma in Public Relations (level 4)
• Public Relations Course ( Level 1)

Supply Chain and Logistics Courses: 
• Certificate in Inventory Management (Level 3)
• Supply Chain Management (Level 2)
• Certificate in Supply Chain Management (level 3)
• Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Level 4)
• Supply Chain Management Course ( Level 1)

Risk Management Courses:
• Certificate in Risk Management (level 3)
• Certificate in Risk Management (level 2)
• Diploma in Risk Management (level 4)
• Risk Management Course ( Level 1)

Marketing Courses:
• Creating Google Adwords Campaign (Level 3)
• Certificate in Marketing (Level 3)
• Certificate in Telemarketing (Level 3)
• Certificate in Internet Marketing (Level 3)
• Certificate in Social Media Marketing (Level 3)
• Marketing and Sales Course (Level 2)
• Internet Marketing Course (Level 1)
• Diploma in Marketing (Level 4)

Human Resource Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Human Resource Management (Level 2)
• Certificate in Human Resources Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 4)
• Human Resources Management Course (Level 1)

Travel and Tourism Courses: 
• Certificate in Travel and Tourism (Level 3)
• Diploma in Travel and Tourism (level 4)
• Travel and Tourism Course (Level 1)

Hotel Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Hotel Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Hotel Management (Level 4)
• Hotel Management Course (Level 1)

Accounting and Finance Courses: 
• Certificate in Accounting and Finance (Level 3)
• Accounting and Finance Course (Level 2)
• Diploma in Accounting and Finance (level 4)

Forensic Accounting Courses:
• Diploma in Forensic Accounting
• Certificate in Forensic Accounting (Level 3)

Islamic Banking Courses: 
• Certificate in Islamic Banking (Level 3)
• Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance (Level 4)

Customer Services Courses: 
• Certificate in Customer Service (Level 3)
• Call Centre Certificate Course
• Customer Services Course (Level 2)
• Customer Services Course (level 1)
• Diploma in Customer Service (Level 4)

Beauty Therapy Courses:
• Certificate in Beauty Therapy and Salon Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Salon Management (Level 4)

Event Management Courses:
• Certificate in Event Planning (Level 3)
• Conference and Event Planning Course (Level 2)
• Diploma in Event Management (Level 4)
• Event Management Course (Level 1)

Health and Safety Courses:
• Certificate in Health and Safety (Level 2)

Nutrition Courses:
• Certificate in Diet and Nutrition (Level 3)
• Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (Level 4)

Psychology Courses:
• Certificate in Child Psychology (Level 3)
• Diploma in Child Psychology (Level 4)

Language and Teaching Courses:
• Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer (Level 3)
• Introduction to Trainer Skills (Level 3)
• Coaching and Mentoring (Level 2)
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (Level 2)
• Advanced Writing Skills (Level 3)

Wedding Planning Courses:
• Certificate in Wedding Planning (Level 3)
• Diploma in Wedding Planning (level 4)

Environmental Management Courses:
• Certificate in Environmental Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Environmental Management (level 4)

Interior Design Courses:
• Certificate in Interior Design (Level 3)
• Diploma in Interior Design (Level 4)

Fashion Design Courses:
• Certificate in Fashion Design (Level 3)
• Diploma in Fashion Design (Level 4)
• Fashion Design Course (Level 1)

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Address: 3 Oswin Road, Brailsford Industrial Estate, Leicester, England , UK & England
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China;   India;   Cameroon;   Sri Lanka;   Malaysia;   Botswana;   Saudi Arabia;   Nepal;   Trinidad & Tobago;   Uganda;   and more.
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Commonwealth Open University
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Commonwealth Open University (COU) is an international institution registered and established in the British Virgin Islands (U.K.), which has many students all over the world. COU offers undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs in a wide variety of fields that are acknowledged as the foremost, with an excellent academic reputation.

COU staff and lecturers are very committed to quality in services. As an institution of distance learning, COU has been able to assemble a faculty of recognized experts from throughout the global marketplace. Our faculty consists of university professors, business executives, consultants, and other specialists.

There are no entry requirements for undergraduate courses. You decide how long you will take to complete your course work. While you are studying, a teacher will be available to offer help, answer questions, and guide you through the learning process, but students are free to choose their own study pace. Commonwealth Open University is a full member of the British Learning Association and the Council for Education in the Commonwealth.
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Educational Courses in a wide variety of fields:

Undergraduate Degree courses:
- Bachelor of Arts (BA)
- Bachelor of Sciences (BSc)

Masters Degree courses:
- Master of Arts (MA)
- Master of Sciences (MSc)
- Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Doctor's Degree courses (PhD)
Oxford Home Study College
Courses / Programs
Oxford Home Study College (OHSC) is one of the leading distance learning colleges in the UK. We specialize in providing a wide range of accredited certificate and diploma courses in popular career training topics.

Our management is a team of experienced professionals who have a vast experience in delivering home study programs.

One of the main reasons for OHSC success is its uniquely individual, friendly and supportive service.

We are proud of our achievements in setting the high standard for distance learning .The quality of our courses and the support we offer to our students has resulted in tremendous success to the OHSC.

We believe in quality; from our course materials to our tutor support and from our customer service to administration sector, students find fully committed team of professionals to deal with.

From revisiting past qualifications to discovering inspiring subjects for the first time, Oxford Home Study College follows a higher standard in adult learning.
Online / Distance Learning Certificate & Diploma Courses:

Categories include:
• Accounting & Finance
• Beauty Therapy
• Business Studies
• Construction
• Customer Services
• Diet and Nutrition
• Event Management
• Fashion Design
• Forensic Accounting
• Health and Safety
• Hotel Management
• HR Management
• Interior Design
• Islamic Banking
• Management
• Marketing
• Project Management
• Psychology
• Public Relations
• Risk Management
• Supply Chain Mgmt
• Trainer Courses
• Travel and Tourism
• Wedding Planning
Arden University - MSc Data Analytics Dual Degree Programmes Online
Courses / Programs
• The modern workplace relies heavily on data, and people with the skills to handle and interpret business data are in high demand. Arden University’s dual degree programmes combine Data Analytics with another relevant industry sector to prepare you for the modern workplace regardless of your industry. 

• Current trends reveal that data analytics is no longer for specialists.  The modern employee needs data analysis skills regardless of their role in the company.  That is why Arden has developed 8 unique programmes that pair big data with other topics such as finance, human resource management, operations management, and more.

• Arden University has physical study centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Berlin, Germany, and also offers high quality online degree programmes to British and international students all over the world.

• These programmes are ideal for people who want to increase mobility within their industry by incorporating data analytics into their skill set.  Learning skills such as data visualisation alongside topics relevant to your industry makes these courses extremely valuable and directly applicable to your career.

• All of Arden’s programmes are delivered with a strong focus on employability and career success. This professional programme is designed and delivered by experienced practitioners, so you can ensure your career has the best foundation through direct industry experience.
- MSc Data Analytics & Finance
- MSc Data Analytics & Human Resource Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Information Systems Management
- MSc Data Analytics & IT Security Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Marketing (CIM)
- MSc Data Analytics & Operations Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Project Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Enterprise Architecture
Updated: 2019-10-13
Updated: 2019-10-13
Courses / Programs
PCT2U is a leading UK training provider and has been established for 7 years training teachers and assessors and verifiers in the UK.

PCT2U was granted common centre approval with the NCFE in 2010 primarily to deliver on-line and distance learning courses in-regards to Teacher Training courses such as PTLLS, CTLLS & DTLLS. As well as provide training in Quality Assurance with the new suite of assessors courses available and the higher programs such as the IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) again all delivered on-line and over distance.

PCt2U is equipped to deliver training and educational programs into the future using the latest technology that promotes and includes all students in their educational journey using the tried and tested ‘Moodle’ online learning platform as used by all major UK Universities and Colleges.
UK Teacher Training Courses & Educational Quality Assurance:

- TAQA (Assessors) Awards and Certificate (Units 1/2/3)
- IQA (Verifiers) Awards and Certificate (Units 1/2/3)
- Award in Education and Training (AET)
- Certificate in Education and Training (CET)
- Diploma in Education and Training (DET)
Woodgrove Tutorials
Courses / Programs
Woodgrove Tutorials are an award winning college and a training provider of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses through distance learning / home study.

ICB's primary objectives are to promote bookkeepers and enable them to gain recognition as an integral element of the financial system. The ICB controls this through qualifications and grades of membership which recognise the achievements of its members in academia, experience and individual competence.

There are many ICB courses which range from beginners through to expert levels. A trainee will normally start at the beginner's level and take incrementally more challenging tests throughout their career, although it is not uncommon for students to start at a more intermediate level if they already have relevant experience.

The ICB qualifications attained as a result are enormously beneficial in gaining employment as a bookkeeper. Although the ICB provide the examination body, they don’t teach the courses themselves. With Woodgrove Tutorials, students receive a ‘hard copy’ Course Modules on enrolment (by email and/or post by air mail) and then submit assignments online.
ICB Bookkeeping courses:

- ICB Level I Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping

- ICB Level II Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping

- ICB Level II Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping

- ICB Level III Diploma in Manual Bookkeeping

Students receive a ‘hard copy’ of the Course Modules on enrolment (by email and/or post by air mail) and then submit assignments online. The end exam for the ICB Level 1 is taken online at your home. External exams for levels II & III can be taken in most countries around the world.
Courses / Programs
e-Careers is an Essex, UK-based training provider that offers a wide range of popular career courses online to students from the UK, U.S., and around the world. Our courses are generally delivered via an e-Learning platform, however, classroom-based training is also available as well as the possibility of training in workshops and clinics.

With over 200 man years already invested in research and development, e-Careers aim to offer a one-stop, end-to-end e-Learning development solution. Founded in 2002, our strong team of career developers are available to advise students on career paths and study programmes.

Our courses seamlessly combine Animated Content, Video Based Training, Audio Based Training, Virtual Classroom and Virtual Laboratories into a solution that provides students with a truly 21st century education programme.
Online / e-Learning Courses:
- Career & Business Skills
- Hobbies & Interests
- IT Technical Courses
- Microsoft Office Training
- Project Management Training
- A-Level Courses
- Accountancy & Book Keeping
- APP Developer Training
- CompTIA
- Digital Photography
- Drivers License Training
- e-Tech Language Courses
- Health & Safety
- IT Basics & ECDL
- (CIMA) Management Accounting
- Web Design