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Brentwood Open Learning College:
Brentwood Open Learning College is the UK's leading distance learning service. Based in Leicester, we specialise in open college courses and online learning, providing affordable, accessible and enjoyable education in a wide range of career topics.

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Online Career Training Certificate & Diploma Courses:
At BOLC, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of accredited courses, provided to give your career a push in the right direction.

Business Courses:
• Certificate in Business Administration Level 3
• Budget Planning Course (Level 3)
• Certificate in Business Process Management
• Writing Reports and Proposals (level 3)
• Certificate in Business Management (Level 3)
• Starting an Online Business Course (Level 3)
• Certificate in Communication Skills
• Writing a Business Plan (Level 2)
• How to Start and Run an Online Business (Level 1)
• Diploma in Business Administration (Level 4)
• Certificate in Business Communications (Level 3)
• Business Management Course (Level 1)

Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Change Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in Team Leading Skills Course (Level 2)
• Certificate in Crisis Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in Performance Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in E Commerce Management (Level 3)
• Anger Management Course (Level 2)
• Conflict Resolution Course (Level 2)
• Disability Awareness Course (Level 2)
• Time Management Course (Level 2)
• Managing Virtual Work Place (Level 2)
• Stress Management Course (Level 2)
• Certificate in Team Leading Skills (level 3)
• Certificate in Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Management (Level 4)
• Management Course (Level 1)

Construction Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Construction Management (Level 3)
• Construction Management Course (Level 1)
• Diploma in Construction Management (level 4)

Project Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Project Management (Level 3)
• Certificate in Project Management (Level 2)
• Project Management Course (Level 1)
• International Diploma in Project Management

Public Relations Courses:
• Certificate in Public Relations (Level 3)
• Certificate in Public Relations (Level 2)
• Diploma in Public Relations (level 4)
• Public Relations Course ( Level 1)

Supply Chain and Logistics Courses: 
• Certificate in Inventory Management (Level 3)
• Supply Chain Management (Level 2)
• Certificate in Supply Chain Management (level 3)
• Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Level 4)
• Supply Chain Management Course ( Level 1)

Risk Management Courses:
• Certificate in Risk Management (level 3)
• Certificate in Risk Management (level 2)
• Diploma in Risk Management (level 4)
• Risk Management Course ( Level 1)

Marketing Courses:
• Creating Google Adwords Campaign (Level 3)
• Certificate in Marketing (Level 3)
• Certificate in Telemarketing (Level 3)
• Certificate in Internet Marketing (Level 3)
• Certificate in Social Media Marketing (Level 3)
• Marketing and Sales Course (Level 2)
• Internet Marketing Course (Level 1)
• Diploma in Marketing (Level 4)

Human Resource Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Human Resource Management (Level 2)
• Certificate in Human Resources Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 4)
• Human Resources Management Course (Level 1)

Travel and Tourism Courses: 
• Certificate in Travel and Tourism (Level 3)
• Diploma in Travel and Tourism (level 4)
• Travel and Tourism Course (Level 1)

Hotel Management Courses: 
• Certificate in Hotel Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Hotel Management (Level 4)
• Hotel Management Course (Level 1)

Accounting and Finance Courses: 
• Certificate in Accounting and Finance (Level 3)
• Accounting and Finance Course (Level 2)
• Diploma in Accounting and Finance (level 4)

Forensic Accounting Courses:
• Diploma in Forensic Accounting
• Certificate in Forensic Accounting (Level 3)

Islamic Banking Courses: 
• Certificate in Islamic Banking (Level 3)
• Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance (Level 4)

Customer Services Courses: 
• Certificate in Customer Service (Level 3)
• Call Centre Certificate Course
• Customer Services Course (Level 2)
• Customer Services Course (level 1)
• Diploma in Customer Service (Level 4)

Beauty Therapy Courses:
• Certificate in Beauty Therapy and Salon Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Salon Management (Level 4)

Event Management Courses:
• Certificate in Event Planning (Level 3)
• Conference and Event Planning Course (Level 2)
• Diploma in Event Management (Level 4)
• Event Management Course (Level 1)

Health and Safety Courses:
• Certificate in Health and Safety (Level 2)

Nutrition Courses:
• Certificate in Diet and Nutrition (Level 3)
• Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (Level 4)

Psychology Courses:
• Certificate in Child Psychology (Level 3)
• Diploma in Child Psychology (Level 4)

Language and Teaching Courses:
• Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer (Level 3)
• Introduction to Trainer Skills (Level 3)
• Coaching and Mentoring (Level 2)
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (Level 2)
• Advanced Writing Skills (Level 3)

Wedding Planning Courses:
• Certificate in Wedding Planning (Level 3)
• Diploma in Wedding Planning (level 4)

Environmental Management Courses:
• Certificate in Environmental Management (Level 3)
• Diploma in Environmental Management (level 4)

Interior Design Courses:
• Certificate in Interior Design (Level 3)
• Diploma in Interior Design (Level 4)

Fashion Design Courses:
• Certificate in Fashion Design (Level 3)
• Diploma in Fashion Design (Level 4)
• Fashion Design Course (Level 1)

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Address: 3 Oswin Road, Brailsford Industrial Estate, Leicester, England , UK & England
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India;   Trinidad & Tobago;   Nepal;   Sri Lanka;   USA;   Ghana;   Cameroon;   Malaysia;   Kuwait;   Tanzania;   and more.
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The Makeover Studio School of Make-up
Courses / Programs
Are you captivated by new looks when you thumb through magazines, would you love to try out new brands and products but don’t know how to use them? Do you ever wish you knew how to create the looks you see on TV or in fashion magazines?

Training as a make-up artist can be a fascinating and rewarding career choice, working with people for a variety of events and creating beautiful looks that will both intrigue and inspire. From selling top brands and giving group or individual make-up lessons, to bridal makeovers, or make-up for photography and fashion, there are many interesting avenues to follow.
Bridal and Beauty Make-up Course
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Arden University - Online Courses
Courses / Programs
• Online education with Arden University empowers you to study a degree from a UK University and enhance your career potential from anywhere in the world!

• Arden University has physical study centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Berlin, Germany, and also offers high quality online bachelor and master degree programmes to British and international students all over the world.

• Through their 25+ years of experience, Arden University have positioned themselves as distance learning specialists, enabling students to access their career-focused programmes online.

• They have supported over 50,000 students whilst remaining true to their core values, ensuring higher education is available for all.

• Arden University’s commitment to quality education is demonstrated through their portfolio of career-focused online programmes. Their versatile undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications are approved by UK professional bodies, with many programmes receiving accreditation.

• Covering a range of professional subjects in 12 academic fields, Arden University make UK education accessible and affordable through their innovative study platform. You can study from any location, at any time, and on any digital device, meaning you have complete control over your education.
Post Graduate Degrees
MBA (Finance)
MBA (Data Analytics)
MBA (Top Up)
MSc Psychology (BPS)
MA Human Resource Management (CIPD)
MA Strategic Marketing (CIM)
MSc Engineering Management (CMI)
MSc IT Security Management
MSc Strategic IT Management
MSc Project Management (APM)
MSc Telecommunications Management
MSc Enterprise Architecture Management
MSc Data Analytics (8)

Bachelor & BA Top-Up Degrees

Business  (12) 
Graphic Design
Health Care
Top ups (5)
Updated: 2020-05-20
Updated: 2020-05-20
Online Training College
Courses / Programs
Welcome to the easiest way to become a Legal Secretary! From the comfort and safety of your own computer, simply log onto our online training classes from anywhere and you could end up working within a prestigious and well paid office of a UK Law Firm, or wherever English Law is practised, as in some countries of the Commonwealth.

The Legal Secretary courses are taught by Wendy Souter, the creator and founder of the Legal Secretary course in London. These online courses focus on Conveyancing, Litigation and Paralegal Studies for those who wish to work in a UK law firm, or wherever English Law is practised, as in some Commonwealth countries.

Our online courses are tailor-made to give all the benefits, without stress or you having to give up valuable nights or weekends attending outside classrooms. To be eligible to study a Legal Secretary Course, you must have previous secretarial/office skills, minimum typing speed of 50wpm and MS word proficient.

Student Testimonial:
"Since obtaining my diploma with OTC, this, with my work experience, has enabled me to become a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. I would thoroughly recommend the OTC training programme. The lectures are easy to understand, well presented and convenient.

Anyone wishing to take the leap from Secretary to Fee Earner, this is definitely the route to take. I cannot thank all those involved with OTC enough for their help and enthusiasm."
  - Joan 
Online Legal Secretary / Paralegal Training:

The courses cover the English Legal System and are eligible for use wherever English Law is practised. The courses are:

- Conveyancing (Freehold & Leasehold) - 5 weeks
- Litigation (Criminal, Civil & Matrimonial) - 5 weeks
- Combined Course: Conveyancing & Litigation - 10 weeks
- Paralegal Course - 12 weeks (6 weeks each Module)
Indian Board of Alternative Medicines
Courses / Programs
• The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is an internationally-recognised holistic medicine training institute offering online / distance learning courses to students from the UK, Europe, and around the world.

• We provide undergraduate and graduate diploma and degree programmes in a range of natural medicine therapies including Naturopathy; Medicinal Herbalism; Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition among many others.

• 1-year Specialization Diploma courses include: Child Health, Dermatology, Respiratory Medicine, Neurology Medicine, Dental Medicine, E.N.T. (Ear, Nose & Throat); Oncology & Haematology, and more.

• Our graduates are required to demonstrate a broad understanding and competency in healthcare and maintain a commitment to intellectual development, health and healing practice and scholarship in complementary, alternative and traditional medicine, and integrated health practices.

• The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is one of the largest open international educational academies and a premier institution in the field of alternative / complementary medicine and health promotion. All of our courses are taught in English.

Student Review:
"First, I would like to confirm that I am thoroughly enjoying the BASM course. Hopefully, I should be ready soon to take the exams.

The course is very interesting and refreshing. My greetings to everyone. I am very intent on starting the Ph.D. with IBAM."
- Catherine Cammen, Portsmouth, UK
Online / Distance Education Holistic Medicine Courses

Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Master Degree & Doctorate study options

• Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine
• Doctor of Oriental Medicine
• Doctor of Holistic Medicine
• Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture
• Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling
• Bachelor's in Alternative Medicine
• Paramedical Diploma courses
• 1 yr Diploma courses in Yoga & Massage, Reflexology, Iridology, Holistic Nutrition..
• 1 yr Specialization Diploma courses
University of London International Programmes
Courses / Programs
The University of London is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse universities in the UK. It is a federation of 19 distinct, separate and, in many cases, multi-faculty Colleges, together with 9 smaller specialist Institutes. The University of London International Programmes manages the majority of the University of London's distance learning courses.

It was established in 1858 to make University of London degrees accessible to students who, for one reason or another, could not come to the University to study in the conventional way. Studying through the University of London International Programmes provides an attractive option for those with financial constraints, commitments to work or family, or lack of local access to higher education. Today, there are 32,000 students studying in over 180 countries for more than 100 University of London qualifications.

Upon successful completion, you are awarded a University of London degree or diploma. The certificate states that you have studied at the University of London.
Undergraduate & Graduate Degree programmes include BA, BSc, Diploma, PG Dip, PG Cert, MSc in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Computers (Computing & Information Systems), Economics, Languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), International Relations, Law with Management, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Sociology, Theology
London School Of Business and Finance - Professional Qualifications
Courses / Programs
London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) offer intensive online and on-campus programmes leading to ACCA and AAT professional qualifications.

These programmes are designed to help you distinguish yourself from other accounting and finance professionals – by providing not only a professional qualification, but also the practical skills that employers search for. You will be able to take advantage of a wide range of high quality study support and resources, all geared to rapidly accelerate your professional career.

At LSBF, you will benefit from:
- Award winning tutors
- One-to-one coaching*
- Live online sessions
- Online and on-campus study modes
- Pass 1st time guarantee*

*See site for full terms and conditions.
ACCA Courses:
- ACCA Online
- ACCA Part-Time

AAT Online Course:
- AAT Online Tuition