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Spanish Tutoring in North Atlanta, GA area

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Spanish in Atlanta, Marietta GA:
Located in Marietta, Cobb County, and serving the Atlanta-Metro area, Spanish in Atlanta is a professional Spanish language studio in that provides a wide range of Spanish language programs to adults, students and professionals of all levels. We provide private, semi-private and group lessons with a special focus on getting the most out of your learning experience. We are passionate about passing down the gift of languages to our community and look forward to being of service to the local area. We map out approximately how many lessons you will need to reach your desired language goal - including an estimate of how long it will take, a brief explanation of the lesson objectives, what will be learned in that time span and what skills you will master in that time frame. Contact us today and learn Spanish in a fun and friendly environment.

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Private Lessons
Photo of Spanish Tutoring in North Atlanta, GA areaWe currently offer specialized one on one programs for all levels in the following:

- Spanish for Professionals
- Spanish for Students
- General Spanish for Adults
- Travel Spanish
- Spanish for Fun

Spanish in Atlanta offers specialized private lessons for adults, students and professionals who need to use Spanish in the workplace, while travelling, or at school and who need to develop the ability to converse in Spanish with confidence. We train our students to be functional by helping them target learn Spanish by doing a free assessment of each professional student's goals, strengths, weaknesses, workplace tasks, workplace responsibilities and target audience. 

Once this information is collected and analyzed, we create personalized lesson plans and authentic worksheets that will help give the brain the workout it needs to strengthen each professional's conversational skills, auditory comprehension and comprehension of the grammatical structure.

The personalized assessment and the creation of the specialized worksheets are two of Spanish in Atlanta's signature services-currently offered free of charge. We offer all our private and semi-private Spanish students with a personalized action plan which offers the student an overall picture of their language training journey. We map out approximately how many lessons you will need to reach your desired language goal- including an estimate of how long it will take, a brief explanation of the lesson objectives, what will be learned in that time span and what skills you will master in that time frame!

Semi-Private/Group Lessons
Image of Spanish Tutoring in North Atlanta, GA areaThe semi-private lessons are perfect for those students that want to share their lessons with their spouse, family member, friend or co-worker at an additional discount! Semi-private lessons are just as specialized, flexible and targeted as private lessons the difference is that you pay less! Lessons plans are strategically created based on each student's goals with the Spanish language!

A free assessment is done by our instructor and an action plan is presented to the students illustrating approximately how long it will take to reach each milestone, what material will be covered, and what your investment of time and money will earn you! All lessons focus on the three most important pillars of any language M.A.C. M.= Mental comprehension of material A.

Auditory comprehension ( ear training) and C.= Conversation! Semi-private lessons are the best choice for those students that want personalized language instruction that focuses on their personal goals, those that want the freedom of flexible scheduling, and for those that want lesson plans to mold to their pace.

6 Week Courses

Photos of Spanish in Atlanta, Marietta GA- Beginner Level I

Our beginner Spanish courses are the perfect introduction for the total beginner student and a great review for the more experienced beginner! The lessons are fun, empowering & strategically designed to help students easily overcome common obstacles faced when learning to speak Spanish! Spanish in Atlanta specializes in training the English speaking student to learn Spanish therefore pronunciation, grammatical structure, conversational ability and ear training will be impossible not to grasp and master.

- Level II

The 6 week Level II Spanish courses are perfect for the more experienced beginner student that wishes to communicate in Spanish. These lessons will help you master the basics of Spanish grammar and will empower you to develop conversational ability, as well as, auditory comprehension in Spanish.

- Level III

The Level III courses are represent pillar three in the functional speaker equation of M.A.C. It is an important and necessary step for the student that wishes to be a functional Spanish speaker or fully bi-lingual! On level III we learn how to create past tense/preterit in Spanish- usage, irregular verbs, insightful tips and great conversational exercises are a great part of Level III.

- Level IV
This 6 week Spanish course focuses on conversation & auditory comprehension. Students who sign up for this course must already know how to use present tense, future tense & past tense but just need practice. Please view the lesson objective's of levels I-III in order to decide if this course is for you or feel free to call us and we can do an over the phone assessment free of charge. A combination of articles, stories, pictures & topics will be presented in class for discussion about them in Spanish. Conversations in Spanish will require use of present tense, past tense, & future tense plus everything that has been taught in levels I-III. These courses are cumulative thus ensuring that you use everything you have learned previously in each level.

- Level V
Picture of Spanish Tutoring in North Atlanta, GA areaThis Level V course is an exciting course for the more conversationally advanced student because aside from learning new material, this course strategically presents
the students with opportunities to use everything that has already been learned in prior levels. You'll be able to appreciate and recycle what you have learned in the past thus
significantly improving your conversational ability in Spanish. Blending in everything you have learned with the new level V material will be a powerful combination.

Specialized Spanish Tutoring
Tutoring our 6th graders to college level students is one of our specialty services here in Spanish in Atlanta. Through the years we have rescued many students from confusion, frustration, and failure. We know how most schools and colleges operate and we can many times predict what it is that our new students need help with just by knowing what level they are in school.

Our instructor takes careful notes on each student's case so that a successful action plan can be created. Since each student's needs can differ, our strategic approach will be different and personalized to each student's goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses.

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Address: 2501 E. Piedmont Rd. Suite 204 Marietta, GA 30062, Atlanta, Georgia , USA
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atlanta; Rex ga; Kennesaw; Mableton Ga; and more.
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• All you need is a web camera and audio headset.

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Online Spanish classes:
Taught via Zoom / Skype to adults & high school students

• Beginners Spanish classes
• Intermediate Spanish classes
• Advanced Spanish classes
• Spanish conversation classes
• Business Spanish classes & more..

Our private online classes can be tailored to your specific requirements.
Language Institute of Georgia, Atlanta
Courses / Programs
Language Institute of Georgia based in Atlanta offers classes in Spanish and German using Graded Reader Method. We use Graded Readers leer en espanol.

Our focus is on building a strong vocabulary and a very good command of the structure of the target language.

When you speak, you have to respond to your speaking partner and build sentences fast. You can not do this unless your mind is thoroughly integrated with the language.

There are no short cuts to learning a language. If you spend few hours each week, you can be functional in the target language in about one year. We do not offer any custom-made programs.

Language learning has its rules which need to be followed. No matter what your needs are, you have to master the structure and acquire a vocabulary of 2000 words before you can speak.

As an adult, reading is the best way to achieve it. We will teach you how to read on your own in less than six months.
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Programs; Intensive Spanish Programs; Business Spanish Programs; Private Spanish Tuition. We also offer Programs in German.
Spanish Gurus
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Learn Spanish online through live classes taught by professional teachers who are native Spanish speakers!

Spanish Gurus provides fun and engaging group Spanish classes and private Spanish lessons online via video conference to students in Georgia and throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

We teach adults and children of all levels - from total beginner to advanced - and our flexible scheduling makes it easy to learn at times that best suit you.

Day, evening and weekend classes are available. You can connect to our virtual classroom easily via any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop.

On completion of a course, you will receive a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Certificate.

At Spanish Gurus, we believe that students of all ages learn most effectively when they are having fun! Our live group Spanish courses are taught by experienced teachers who know how to make the content engaging.

Whether you wish to learn Spanish for work purposes, to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, or simply as a fun hobby, we have an online Spanish class that will meet your needs.

Our online Spanish courses ensure students acquire the level of Spanish language that is required by DELE and SIELE, the official Spanish language exams.


"I have access to native teachers from anywhere I am in the world. If I miss a class when travelling for work, I can always attend the class offline when I get to the hotel. Spanish Gurus is the best way to learn Spanish!"
- Steven
Online Spanish Courses
European Spanish & Latin American Spanish taught via Video Conference

Group Spanish Courses (3- 6 students)

• General Spanish classes
• DELE exam preparation
• SIELE exam preparation
• Spanish for children
• Customized Spanish course for companies
• VIP courses - customized classes

Private & Semi-private Spanish Lessons (1-2 students)
• General Spanish classes
• DELE exam preparation
• SIELE exam preparation
• Spanish for children
• Customized Spanish course for companies
• Tutors for IB / IGCSE Spanish
• VIP courses - customized classes
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Located in north-ease Atlanta GA, just 20 minutes from Downtown, Atlanta International Nursery is a full language immersion program in Spanish, French and English for children ages 1 years to 5.

Our program supports both the educational and social development of each child.

One of the best ways to impart another language, especially if it’s not already spoken in the home, is language-immersion learning.

When they have direct access to native speakers and use a language in the context of social cues, young learners are most likely to be impacted long-term by the language.

Our program follows the International Curriculum and supports Spanish as a second language within the classroom environment.
Spanish, French & English Language Immersion Programs:

- For toddlers & preschool children ages 1-5

Toddler Program:
Toddlers develop independence, discover new objects and communicate through both Spanish and English.

Spanish / English Immersion Preschool:
Our preschool space is designed to give your child the ability to work independently and to enjoy group activities.
Atlanta International Language Institute
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Atlanta International Language Institute is a private language school, offering classes in over 60 languages, the most popular including Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Italian and Japanese. We offer group classes (max 9 students per group), private one-on-one lessons and corporate classes at client's location. All of our teachers are native speakers of the languages they teach and are experienced instructors. As a true small business we have only one location, our team is our family and our students our friends.
We are proud to provide university-level language classes with a personal touch. AILI also partners with a school in Mexico to provide immersion Spanish courses.

Please note that AILI does not offer students visas or I-20s to foreigners. AILI is also not accredited for college purposes.
Private/Semi-Private Training and Group Classes, Beginner to Master Advanced. Hours are flexible and class times are based around student needs. We also offer on-location corporate training classes as well as interpretation and translation services.
Atlanta English Institute
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The Atlanta English Institute (AEI) in Atlanta, Georgia aims to provide instructional excellence as well as instructional integrity in ESL and test preparation. Whether your dreams are great or small, our experienced, professional instructors will help you fulfil your dreams in a comfortable, challenging environment. As you make your decision about your future, we want you to know that we are in the process of building a world-class institution, second to none. AIE is conveniently located in the heart of Atlanta's international community. We are 10-15 minutes from downtown Atlanta with immediate access to major freeways and public transportation.
ESL & Test Preparation:

Seven levels of the Intensive English Program, Scholar's Courses, Mastery English, Business English, Workplace English, Youth Program, Tutoring, Test Preparation: TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, GED, TOEIC, TSE, LSAT and etc.