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Film Making Courses in Bangalore, India

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CREO Valley School of Film & Television, Bangalore:
Located in the heart of the garden city of Bangalore, The CREO Valley School of Film & Television has been accredited by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) in the UK. We provide a range of filmmaking Certificate courses in fields that include Film Direction, Film Editing, Acting, Sound Recording, and Cinematography. CREO Valley strives to nurture various art forms, and has formed a strong backbone of cutting edge support system, which is at par with international standards of education, to enable our students become artists of international repute.

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QAI-Accredited Filmmaking Certificate Courses: 

Certificate Course in Film Direction (CCFD)
Duration: 6 Months (100 Hours)

Modules / features include:
- Budgeting
- Casting
- Communication: concepts and Theories - Print, Films, Radio & Television as means of mass communication
- Costume & set designing
- Dubbing voice-over, background music, sound effects
- Editing – sequencing, transitions, visual effects (VFX), titling, color correction
- Film making – Concepts and processes
- Final output/master print of the film
- On-location sound recording
- Organizing the equipment and logistics
- Organizing the team – technical & non-technical staff
- Post-production
- Pre & post-release publicity – print, electronic, social media, events
- Pre-production
- Preparing the master break-down for the film
- Production
- Recording of the music & songs
- Releasing/broadcasting the film
- Research & Planning for the shoot
- Role of the director in film making
- Script writing - story, one-liner, screenplay & dialogues
- Shooting the film 

Certificate Course in Film Editing (CCFE)
Duration: 6 Months (100 Hours)

Modules / features include:
- Computer hardware for editing
- Editing softwares - Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Express, Velocity
- Elements of the edit: motivation, information, shot composition sound, camera angle, continuity
- Objectives of Editing
- Role of the editor and his relationship with the director
- Tape to tape video editing system.
- Video editing -   theory and practice
- Video Editing as an art and craft of film & television production
- Voice over and sound bytes, dubbing and mixing of sound 

Certificate Course in Acting (CCA)
Duration: 6 Months (100 Hours)

Modules / features include:
- Basics of Acting
- Acting Therapy
- Action Problems
- Concentration
- Diction
- Imagination Exercises
- Improvisation
- Listening
- Observation Exercises
- Sense Memory Exercises
- Speech (Variation and Modulation)
- Voice Analysis
- Voice Culture

Certificate Course in Cinematography (CCC)
Duration: 6 Months (100 Hours)

Modules / features include:
- Basics of Cinematography/video filming
- Camera & lighting techniques
- Still Photography
- Types of cameras – Film and video – SD Cam, HD Cam, XD Cam
- Use of trolley, tripod, crane, jimmy jib, fly-cam
- Video shooting

Certificate Course in Sound Recording (CCSR)
Duration: 6 Months (100 Hours)

Modules / features include:
- Designing the sound recording studio
- Hardware for sound recording – Computer, sound card
- Medias of sound recording, Digital Audio Tapes (DAT), CDs, Hard Discs, SD Cards
- Softwares for sound recording – protocols, Steinberg Nuendo, Sony sound forge
- Sound Recording: Theory and Practice
- The loudspeaker and monitoring of sound
- The Microphone and its creative use
- The Nature of Sound - Human Voice and Speech
- The Sound Mixer - Acoustic of Enclosures
- Types of microphones

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Address: 97, Umiya Emporium, Hosur Road, Oppo Forum Mall, Dairy Circle Side, Koramangala, Bangalore 560029, Bangalore, India
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•Short 2 to 4 weeks courses in Indian Cinema - Bollywood

•2&1/2 year course that will award students a WWI Diploma in: The Art and Technique of Animation

•2 year courses that will award students a WWI Diploma in Film Making with specialization in: Acting for Screen; Production; Cinematography; Direction; Editing; Screenwriting; Sound Recording, Design & Music Production

•1 year course that will award students a WWI Diploma in: Screenwriting
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The degree courses at WIZTOONZ are affiliated to top Universities like Punjab Technical University, Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) and Annamalai University amongst others.
B.Sc in Multimedia and Animation
M.Sc in Multimedia and Animation
Certificate in Graphic Design
Certificate in Web Design
Certificate in 3D Animation
Certificate in Final Cut Studio
Certificate in Architectural Visualization
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Fashion Design Courses:
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- Diploma in Fashion Design (1 year)

Interior Design Courses:
- Bachelors of Design in Interiors
- Two Year Diploma in Interior Design
- Diploma in Interior Design (2 years)
- Diploma in Interior Design (1 year)

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Based in the Vastrapur area of the city, we have been providing quality Degree & Diploma programs since 2000. Designing is all about creativity and passion, and at Amor Design Institute - we stand for both.

As a teaching institute, we pave the way and build a bridge to enable our students to reach a level where they can confidently sign off on their own designs, and turn their aspirations to reality.
Design Degree Program:
- Bachelor of Science in Apparel & Fashion Design (BScAFD, in collaboration with Sikkim Manipal University)

Design Diploma Courses:
- Fashion Design
- Interior Design
- Jewellery Design