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Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business:
Located in Regina, south-east Saskatchewan in the Prairie Region of Central Canada, the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business is a center of excellence in graduate business education within the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina. Our graduate Masters degree and certificate programs will expand your business knowledge base and help advance your career without interrupting it. The Kenneth Levene programs allow the flexibility to continue your career while developing management skills and honing technical skills.

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Graduate Business & Management Masters Degree Programs:
The Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business offers several graduate management programs:

Master of Business Administration (MBA):
The Faculty of Business Administration offers the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program, primarily for working managers and professionals who wish to earn a graduate degree part-time. Full-time students are also welcome.The MBA program consists of 10 courses, or eight graduate courses and a project, for a total of 30 credit hours. There are several ways you will benefit from the Kenneth Levene MBA which include:

- Share insights and ideas with mature student colleagues from diverse education and professional backgrounds
- Provide a solid academic rounding in the functional areas such as human resource management, organizational behaviour, marketing, project management, and financial management
- Design a course package that best meets the needs of your academic and professional goals

The MBA offers students flexibility to reflect their personal learning goals, including course based vs. project based programs and extensive variety between the types of electives students can select. Courses are offered in the evenings and Saturdays throughout the year. Recently, the Faculty has offered one week block courses as well as on-line courses to provide students more choice to accommodate work and family commitments.

Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM):
The education you will receive in the Master of Human Resources Management (MHRM) program at the University of Regina will prepare you for the exciting challenges you will face as an HR professional. Throughout the curriculum, learners enhance their human resource management skills and knowledge and acquire the tools needed to become strategic business partners with their peers and senior managers in their organizations.

Some of the key benefits of the MHRM program are:
- Courses are offered as 13-week web-based course and one-week face-to-face courses, allowing students to continue with their careers while earning a degree.
- Students design a course package that best meets their career objectives, with options from the Master of Business Administration program and from the Master of Human Resource Development program offered through the Faculty of Education.
- Students gain a broader perspective from formal and informal interaction with MBA and MHRD students in common courses.

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA):
The Executive MBA is an intensive accelerated experience that requires a high level of commitment from participants. This program is intended for mid-career middle- and senior-level managers who have extensive business experience, and who require a graduate business education to advance their careers. Employer support is a necessary and required component of the program (either in the form of assistance with tuition fees and/or time off work to accommodate the MBA study workload).

The 16-month Executive MBA program is scheduled for one full day each week, alternating between Fridays and Saturdays. Over the course of 16 months (Fall, Winter, and Fall semesters), participants in this program take classes on 13 full days each semester (i.e., 6 or 7 Fridays and 6 or 7 Saturdays). On each of these 13 full days in a given semester, participants take four courses in two-hour time blocks.

To kick-off the program, a one-week intensive block course is scheduled in late August just prior to the Fall semester, and a second one-week intensive block course is offered in June (i.e., after the Fall and Winter semesters of study have been completed). All courses in the program are required (no exemptions). An international study tour is scheduled directly after the first two semesters.

Master of Administration in Leadership (M.Admin - Leadership):
The Faculty of Business Administration offers the part-time Master of Administration degree in Leadership, primarily for working managers and professionals who wish to earn a Leadership graduate degree part-time. This program takes approximately 30 months to complete on a part-time basis.

A limited number of mid-career managers with suitable work experience, but who lack an undergraduate degree, may be admitted to the M.Admin. (Leadership) program. Mid-career managers must meet the M.Admin. (Leadership) program’s qualifying course requirements (i.e., 10 undergraduate courses with no grade less than 70%) before beginning the graduate GBUS courses, if they have not been completed prior to acceptance.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) International:
The Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina offers the M.B.A. International program to prepare students to become future managers in an increasingly globalized business environment. This Master of Business Administration program is open to full-time students from any undergraduate discipline, who will complete the program in a period of 12-20 months (depending on the speed at which they wish to progress). The degree is offered on a cohort basis, which means that students travel through the program together, taking the same courses at the same time.

Masters Certificate Programs:
The part-time Master’s Certificate Program at the University of Regina requires only a few courses, and will prepare you for the exciting challenges you will face in your profession. Certificates are available in:

- Human Resource Management
- General Management
- Business Fundamentals
- International Business
- Organizational Leadership
- Project Management

A Master’s Certificate can be completed within 12-16 months, but may take up to 3 years to complete (depending on course availability). Each Master’s Certificate requires completion of 3 Master’s level courses (plus qualifying course). Students may register only for courses specific to the certificate program in which they are admitted.

Students who complete one of the above Master’s Certificate programs may apply their courses to the M.H.R.M., M.Admin (Leadership), or M.B.A. programs. Students will be allowed to concurrently hold a Master’s Certificate and a Master’s degree, using the same courses for both credentials.

This means that a student could earn a Master’s Certificate, apply for entry and be accepted into the M.B.A., M.H.R.M., or M.Admin (Leadership) program, and then take an additional 7 GBUS courses to earn the M.B.A., M.H.R.M., or M.Admin (Leadership) degree.

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Address: Education Building 539, University of Regina, S4S 0A2, Regina, Saskatchewan , Canada
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MBA Program:
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MBA Foundation Program option:
We understand that some students do not have the professional or academic qualifications but wish to pursue the MBA program. Students have the option of completing the three MBA Foundation courses.

Life in Vancouver:
Vancouver was voted the 3rd best city to live by The Economist*, thanks to its natural beauty and exciting metropolitan lifestyle.

Our Campus:
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Student Testimonial:
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• Tammy McMullen, 2017 Medal for Academic Excellence recipient (MBA)
MBA Program:

Tier 1: Analytical Foundations
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•Leadership in the Global Context
•Human Interfaces
•Research Methodologies & Inquiry

Tier 2 Management Principles & Practices
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•HRM in the Global Environment or Canadian Human Resource Management
•Marketing Management
•Operations Management

Tier 3 Business Applications
•Financial Management
•Consulting Practice
•Project Management
•Two electives

Tier 4 Integration & Implementation
•Consulting/Research Project or Strategic Management
•One elective

Electives in Marketing, Finance or Leadership
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Our courses are designed to help you to fully understand the logistics and customs principles and procedures. You can develop new skills and/or refresh your existing skills, improve performance and extend your career opportunities.Successful candidates will receive certificate of completion on each course. Our instructors are professionally designated and have proven experience in Supply Chain Management.

Students are required to have a computer to view the student instruction guide and study material. Course material is available online from ACLI. Virtual classes are organized according to the convenience of participants and course co-ordinator.
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- Online Freight Broker course (10 weeks)
- Online Material and Purchase Management course (10 weeks)
- Online Canada Customs Procedures course (10 weeks)
- Online Freight Audit course (4 weeks)
- Online Freight Claim Management course (4 weeks)