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The Candle Academy in Jamaica + Online Candle Making Courses:
Learn the unique skill of candle-making from your own home around the world or in the beautiful Caribbean. The Candle Academy is a world-renowned, residential candle making school in Jamaica offering year-round, specialist one-to-one training and small group courses in-person & online taught by one of the world's top candle designers - Gary Simmons. The candle making courses are short & intensive for absolute beginners through to advanced candle makers, business owners & professional designers, where you learn how to create candles and your own distinctive designs. Gary provides comprehensive online tutoring through Live Skype Seminars in your home or studio worldwide.

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Home Study / Online Candle Making Courses / Seminars via Skype:
For students living too far away globally to attend The Candle Academy, this is the next best thing.
Live Seminars via Skype and HD Video Courses for home study online for anyone who cannot come to Jamaica to learn onsite at this time. 

How Skype Seminars Work:
• You will need to purchase all basic candle making equipment yourself at home, and have a workspace set up for your class. A list of the materials and tools needed is supplied, and you can source these in your home country or with the contacts that your teacher Gary provides. The materials and tools can cost around 350 USDs.

• You will need a Skype connection set up in your home work area / studio, and you will see Gary based in his studio in Jamaica. This way, you interact through each step of your journey in becoming a candle designer or skilled candle making hobbyist as if you were working alongside Gary in person.

Course by Skype options:

Photo of Intensive Candle Making Courses in Jamaica & Online•  6 DAY COMPLETE BUSINESS SET UP COURSE
Price: 2000 USD -  Includes 4 hours a day for 6 days plus all formulas on PDFs and 6 months' email support.


Price: 1200 USD -  Includes 4 hours a day for 4 days plus all formulas on PDFs and 4 months' email support.

Price: 600 USD -  Includes 4 hours a day for 2 days plus info in starting for a business or profitable hobby.

A 20% deposit reserves the dates of your course and gives you all product details so you can set up your studio. The balance of course is due on commencing the classes.

Extensive Online Candle Making Courses via HD Video:

(Contact Gary below for further details of these online courses).

These interactive candle making courses offering students a dynamic online learning experience (unlike so many other online courses) at home or in your studio, with full HD videos and detailed formulas with new marketable techniques. 

Candle Making & Encaustic Art Courses in Jamaica & Online:
- Year-round, comprehensive courses for total beginners, arts and crafts hobbyists through to advanced candle makers, artists and professional designers.

Candle Making Business Setup Course:
 Duration: 6 days
 Price: 5,000 USD

Image of Intensive Candle Making Courses in Jamaica & OnlineCandle design techniques can take years to learn yet if shown properly can be taught through formulas. These key formulas are highly guarded by candle makers as they translate not only into ideas but also into business revenue. Everything you will learn at The Candle Academy with instructor Gary Simmons is an accumulation of being active in this market place for 20 years covering every aspect of it.

In the 6 day business set up course, you learn everything from designing candles to manufacturing to distribution and marketing your work. This is an extensive Candle Making Business Setup course starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm each day, with written homework each night. 

You are taught one-on-one so that you learn everything properly (This will save you money in this business long term). When you complete the course, you will have all of the essential information to be able to manufacture candles for retail shops, make to order for interior design stores, restaurants, hotels, event companies, weddings, gift shops etc. and to open your own boutique if desired.

The workshop price of 5000 USD includes
- 7 Nights Accommodation
- Travel to and from airport and Academy
- 6 Extensive days of design work in all aspects of candle making
- All samples approx 30 kilos- 50 candles
- Manufacturing advice
- Marketing advice
- Distribution advice
- All documented formulas
- Supplier contacts
- 1 year email support

Condensed Candle Making Business Setup Course:
Photos of The Candle Academy in Jamaica + Online Candle Making Courses Duration: 4 days• Price: 3,500 USD

The four day course is a condensed version of the 6 day business setup course. On completion of the course, you will have enough information to start selling your products, and start earning from this very versatile profession.

The workshop price of 3500 USD includes 

- 7 Nights Accommodation
- Travel to and from airport and Academy
- 4 days of Extensive design work in all aspects of candle making
- Creating Candle Ranges
- Manufacturing advice 
- Marketing advice 
- All documented formulas
- Supplier contacts
- 6 months email support

Advanced Candle Making Course:
Images of The Candle Academy in Jamaica + Online Candle Making Courses Duration: 2 days
• Price: 1,000 - 2,000 USD (depending on the content)

The customized advanced workshops is mainly for existing candle makers to improve their techniques and increase their design ranges. The course can also be tailor-made for a creative beginner who wishes to create unique and marketable designs to sell their product as a hobby. 

The workshop price of 1000 - 2000 USD (depending on content) includes 

- 3 Nights Accommodation
- Travel to and from airports and Academy
- 2 days of Extensive candle design work
- Marketing advice
- All documented formulas
- Supplier contacts 
- 1 month email support

Candle Making Weekend Course:
 Duration: 2 days
• Price: 500 USD (minimum 2 participants)

Artists over the centuries have come to the sun-blessed Caribbean region for inspiration. The Weekend Retreat Workshop at The Candle Academy is for people that would like a basic introduction to candle making as an enjoyable hobby and to escape for a nice relaxing getaway and educational learning experience on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

This short course will give you all of the information of the creative opportunities the wonderful medium of candle making has to offer.

The workshop price of 500 USD includes 
- Travel to and from airports and the school
- Creative design work in candle making

Encaustic Art / Wax Painting Workshop:
Picture of Intensive Candle Making Courses in Jamaica & Online• Duration: 2-3 days
• Price: 2,000 USD (1 person) / 3,000 USD (2 participants)

On completion of this short course, students will have complete knowledge and confidence of working with the medium of wax painting. The course includes

- 2 or 3 nights accommodation
- Pick up and drop off from the airport
- All instruction in the medium
- Understanding temperatures
- Working with color
- Texturizing
- Metal effects
- Wood effects
- Marbelyzing
- Weathering
- Aging

Student Reviews / Testimonials:

•  "The course is very interesting, and looking forward to continue...its informative and helpful, most of all from the first part of the course, I have learned some things that a few months ago didn't have an idea how it can be possible for me to do. Thanks to Gary Simmons."
- J. Sultana, Malta

•  “I never realized I could learn 20 years of design work in 6 days!”
- Katrin, Estonia 

•  "I never imagined that candle making could be so exciting and challenging. The course is full of information and helpful tips."
- Y.Tran, Brazil

•  "Very detailed and intensive. I was looking for the wow factor and thats exactly what I got."  
- G. Woodard, USA

•  "No words can describe how truly amazing this course was!"
- Safa, Nigeria

•  "The course was taught in a way that I could master extensive techniques in a short period of time."
- Harshish, India

•  "Gary sparked my imagination and excited my visual senses. I am extremely excited to be studying with him."
- K. Moss, Australia

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