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Escuelas de Fútbol para Colombianas

1. International Center of European Football
Courses / Programs
Escuela de fútbol para colombianas y jugadoras internacionales en Francia:

• ¡Bienvenidos a la academia de fútbol con mejor calificación en Europa para estudiantes-atletas de 11 a 23 años! ICEF ofrece programas futbolísticos y académicos durante todo el año en los idiomas inglés y francés desde la escuela intermedia y la escuela secundaria hasta los títulos profesionales y maestrías (se aceptan préstamos estudiantiles).

• Los programas de fútbol profesional de ICEF son implementados por un cuerpo técnico con licencia de la UEFA / FFF y expertos en desarrollo juvenil. Los estudiantes-atletas inscritos en el programa “Pro Residency” de 10 meses son elegibles para unirse al club de la Academia, el Thonon Evian Grand Geneve FC, que compite a nivel nacional en Francia.

• Estilo de vida sano en Evian, Francia:  Ubicado a solo 40 minutos del aeropuerto internacional de Ginebra y a 2 horas y 30 minutos del aeropuerto de Lyon - Saint Exupery, ICEF se encuentra en Evian-les-Bains, Francia, rodeado de impresionantes montañas, lagos y bosques, cerca de la frontera con Suiza. Reconocido mundialmente como una región con algunas de las aguas de manantial más puras, Evian es el mejor destino europeo para un estilo de vida saludable.

• El área recibe anualmente a numerosos turistas, familias, atletas de alto nivel y eventos de clase mundial. También es uno de los principales destinos en Europa para clubes y equipos profesionales como Liverpool FC., Paris Saint-Germain FC., y Leicester City FC.
Internado de fútbol para estudiantes-atletas de 11 a 23 años.
El programa “Pro Residency” de ICEF está disponible durante 10 meses, con experiencias intensivas de campamento más cortas de 3 meses, 1 mes, 1 y 2 semanas disponibles en verano, otoño y primavera.

Programas académicos disponibles:
+ Escuela intermedia y secundaria francesa - "Bachillerato francés" (francés)
+ Escuela intermedia y secundaria americana - Grados 8º - 12º (inglés)
+ Programa de Cambridge - Grados 9º a 12º (inglés)
+ Títulos profesionales y maestrías (estudiadas en inglés o francés)
+ Clases de francés e inglés..
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AquaSkills Swim Lessons, Manhattan
Courses / Programs
Based in Lower Manhattan, New York City, AquaSkills is a private swim school that offers a wide range of swimming lessons to adults and children (ages 4+) of all levels. We conduct private and semi-private classes in exclusive heated pools throughout Manhattan. AquaSkills is the premiere place to learn to swim with customized attention given to each student.

Courses include beginner to advanced level swim programs, classes for non-swimmers, stroke improvement classes, fitness / endurance swimming, and many more. We specialize in swim classes for all ages and in classes for children or adults with professional aspirations to become expert swimmers for teams or competitions. 

For 100% flexibility of class schedule, you can create your own semi-private or small groups by finding your own classmates. Swim groups & parties are available by special request.

We believe in a gentle approach to teaching swim skills. Swimming is an opportunity for personal freedom and self expression, where you can acquire discipline, coordination, balance and harmony. Being able to master the water as a medium is essential to the human spirit, the physical being and life.
Year-round Swim Classes for Adults & Children (ages 4+)

- Classes for non-swimmers
- Adult swim classes
- Kids' swim classes- ages 4+
- Beginner swim classes (all ages)
- Beginner swim classes (for adults)
- Intermediate Swimmer
- Breathing Techniques
- Overcoming Fear of Water (Aqua phobia)
- Level 1-6 Learn to Swim
- Stroke improvement classes
- Flip Turns, Turns,Butterfly
- Swim Endurance
- Aqua Exercise
- Fitness swimming
- Lap Swimming
- Triathlon Swim Prep
- Competitive Swim Team Prep
- Early Bird Swim Classes...
Manchester City Football Performance Program, Liverpool FC Residential Camps, Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools, Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools & Brighton FC Soccer Schools
Courses / Programs
• Founded in 1999, Soccer Camps International is a global leader in providing the best services and information on famous soccer football camps in the UK and Europe.

• Our prestigious UK soccer camps include intensive summer programs with Manchester City Football Performance Program, Manchester City Football Language School, Liverpool FC Residential Camps as well as Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools & Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools in London, and Brighton FC Soccer Schools.

• Manchester City Camps provide intensive on-pitch soccer training and English language classes to boys ages 9-17 and girls ages 12-17 at the world-class City Football Academy facility, the training ground for the Manchester City Football Club First Team and Academy players.

• Liverpool FC provide soccer camps for boys ages 10-17.

• Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools offers weekly football camps in London for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17 which can be combined with optional quality English language classes.

• Nike Soccer Camps with Chelsea FC Foundation offers weekly football camps in London for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17 which can be combined with optional quality English language classes.

• Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools provide 1 or 2-week summer soccer camps for boys ages 9-17 in 4 different London-based locations.

• Brighton FC offer a Soccer Schools and Language Camp for boys ages 8-17 in southern England.
Manchester City Football Performance / Development Programs
•Intensive 1-week soccer training for boys & girls 9-17 years old

Manchester City Football Language School
•1 or 2-week soccer camp for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17

Liverpool FC Residential Camps
•Boys 10-17 & Girls 12-17
•Soccer-Only Camps

Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools
•Weekly summer camps for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17

Nike Soccer Camps with Chelsea FC Foundation
•Boys 9-17 & girls 12-17

Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools
•1-2-weeks for boys ages 9-17

Brighton FC Soccer Schools

•Boys 8-17, with optional English
ISLS - Spanish Institute
Courses / Programs
ISLS, The Institute for Spanish Language Studies, is a world leader in Youth Spanish Immersion Programs. We offer unique educational summer programs for teens in Costa Rica that combine Spanish lessons with: Volunteer, Service, Cultural exchanges, Adventure Tours and Surfing. We also have a one of a kind Children's Spanish and Adventure Camp in Playa Tamarindo. The Children's Camp is for 2 to 13 year olds and our Teen camps are for 13 to 17 year olds.

All our Teen Camps in Costa Rica are designed for students to be able to mix and match. Also, with our Weekly Student Blocks, students can attend a camp from one week up to six or they can attend two or three of them. Our start dates are every Sunday for eight weeks from mid-June to mid-August.

Students can attend all of our Spanish Camps/Programs with any level of Spanish ability. Our classes are small and personal with professional teachers and no more than 7 students in a level. All children's and teen classes are also age and developmentally appropriate.

We have adult Spanish programs as well, so every member of the family can attend. It is a fun family vacation to a Tropical Paradise!
Here are our Teen Camp Options in Costa Rica include:

- Spanish and Surf
- Spanish and Volunteer
- Spanish and Adventure
- Intensive Spanish
- Spanish, Service & Turtle Rescue

Here are our Children's Spanish Camp Options in Playa Tamarindo:

- 2 hours/day (2 to 4 yrs)
- 4 hours/day (2 to 4 yrs)
- 6 hours/day (2 to 4 yrs)
- Elementary School (5 to 10 yrs)
- Middle School (11 to 13 yrs)

For our Adult Students we have:

- 4 hours/day, Intensive Spanish
- 6 hours/day, Super-Intensive Spanish
- Spanish and Surf
- 1 to 4 hours/day of Private Lessons
International Center of European Football, France
Courses / Programs
• We welcome young and talented UK-based soccer players to Europe’s top-rated football (soccer) boarding school for male student-athletes between 11 and 23 years old!

• ICEF provides year-round football and academic programs taught in English & French from Middle School and High School through Bachelor's & Master's degrees (529 plan and student loans accepted).

• Located in Evian, France (close to the Switzerland border and only 50 minutes away from the Geneva International Airport as well as 2 hours 30 minutes from Lyon–Saint Exupery Airport), ICEF pro football / soccer residency academy boasts to be one of the purest destinations in the world for a healthy lifestyle.

Professional football programs are implemented by a UEFA / FFF licensed coaching staff and youth development experts who develop smart, physically prepared and mentally strong football players capable of succeeding at the next level.

• Student-athletes enrolled in the 10-month Pro Residency program are eligible to join the Academy’s club, competing at the French national level, Thonon Evian Grand Geneve FC.

• They also participate in elite competitions established in partnership with highly regarded partner clubs, with at least 25 competitive games and 3 European football tournaments per season.

• ICEF student-athletes live, play, and study in a safe environment, where safety and health standards have been reinforced to provide an even safer campus to all student-athletes for the peace of mind of their families.
Residential Soccer School in France for Teen Boys / Youth ages 11 to 23 years old:
The ICEF Official Pro Residency Program is available for 10 months, 3 months, 1 month and weekly intensive experiences in the Summer, Fall and Spring.

- Program Designed by UEFA experts / FFF Certified Technical Director
+ Comprehensive and elite competition program
+ French Middle & High School
+ American Grades 8th – 12th (in English)
+ Cambridge Educational Program - Grades 9th through 12th
+ Bachelor's & Masters programs
+ Top-of-the line professional facilities
+ Lodging and healthy meals
and so much more..
Southern California Health Institute, San Fernando Valley
Courses / Programs
• Take the first step towards a rewarding career as a personal fitness trainer or health and wellness professional!

• Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) is conveniently located in North Hollywood in the east San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. We are dedicated to providing exceptional education through our range of certificate courses, which include our 45-week Personal Fitness Trainer / Health and Wellness Professional Certificate Program.

• Designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), this program prepares you for an entry-level position as a personal fitness trainer. We also provide job placement assistance. Financial aid may be available.

• The comprehensive curriculum of our Personal Fitness Trainer / Health and Wellness Professional Certificate Program is based on scientific research, fitness expert experience and is aligned with key critical occupational skills and abilities.

• A combination of scientific content areas, laboratory performance domains, and work-related activities allow you to experience a blend of didactic and hands-on learning.

Student Review:
"My time at SOCHI was incredible. I learned an immense amount, and the faculty was so supportive every step of the way. One of the greatest sources of help has been Mariam, the head of Career Services.

She perfected my resume, helped me find job opportunities while I was a student at the school, and was instrumental in helping me secure my job as an Elite Personal Trainer."

- Gabbi
Personal Fitness Trainer/Health and Wellness Professional Program:
45 weeks, full-time

Courses include:
• Kinesiology of Human Movement

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Principles of Weight Management

• Exercise Psychology

• Exercise Physiology

• Corrective Exercise

• Sports-specific training

• Client Assessment and Fitness Program Design

• Leadership Skills

• Professional Development

• First Aid and CPR
Kaptiva Sports Academy
Courses / Programs
Kaptiva Sports Academy is an elite soccer school in Barcelona, Spain that specializes in offering world-class soccer tours and soccer educational programs for teenage boys (ages 14-18). The Academy’s main goal is to offer the best annual soccer program to young talented soccer players from all over the world, helping them reach their full potential.

The Academy offers:
- Year-round Elite Soccer Training led and conducted by our Technical Academy Staff.
- Competition at the highest level, either on official competition or at friendly games.
- The opportunity to be represented by a Kaptiva Sports authorized FIFA Player Agent, who will take care of the soccer player’s career.
- The full commitment of an international Sports Company, with proven success in the soccer industry which also holds agreements with top professional Soccer Clubs and top soccer-related professionals worldwide.
- Full development: Academic, athletic and personal.

Participating players choose from full-year (10 months), half-year (6 months), or one week programs.

As well as becoming immersed in soccer, students also enroll in our Education & Language Program that guarantees the continuing education of the player.

Kaptiva Sports Academy also runs Summer Soccer Camps in collaboration with FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, Barcelona.
Year-Round Soccer Training Programs for Boys (ages 14-18)

Full Year Program (10 months)
- Our Annual Program lasts from the end of August to mid June of the following year

Half Year Program (6 months)
- Our Half Year Program lasts from from January to mid-June

One Week Program:
- This intensive program lasts for any week from January to May