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French Lessons in San Francisco Language School

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Alliance Francaise de San Francisco:
As a French cultural and educational center, the Alliance Française believes immersion is the best means of learning French and we owe our success to that philosophy. In our school, students enjoy a simultaneous cultural and linguistic education. Founded in 1889, the Alliance Francaise of San Francisco is one of San Francisco's oldest cultural and educational institutions. We offer a friendly and stimulating environment to help you gain confidence in the language.

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Photo of French Lessons in San Francisco Language SchoolLanguage classes at the Alliance cover 3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Each level is divided into steps (ranging from 4 to 6), each of them being taught for one session (twice a week for 8 weeks, a total of 24 hours). It then takes between four and seven sessions to cover each level and to evolve, for instance, from a complete beginner to a beginner level 4.

Our curriculum has been modeled after the Common European Framework standards and has been developped as a part of the AF FRAMES project (AF French American Educational Standards). 

Beginner level 1
Even as a total beginner, you'll begin speaking French from day one. Don't worry if it seems you're in over your head, practice makes perfect. Now available in a Sunday session.

Beginner levels 2, 3, 4
You may have studied French a long time ago and are a bit rusty. With a little help from your teacher, your skills can re-surface faster than you think. Beginner level 2 now available in a Sunday session.

Intermediate levels 1 and 2
You may have acquired a solid base and have had some opportunity to use the language. You’re now ready to immerse yourself a bit further.

Intermediate levels 3 and 4
You may have a good working knowledge of the language, but haven’t kept it up. You now want to study more seriously.

Advanced levels
You may have majored in French in college or lived in France. You use the language on a regular basis and want a stimulating course to match and stretch your advanced abilities.

Free Learning Assistance Sessions
Alliance students enrolled in any 3 hours/week class, who have specific grammar or vocabulary questions, can schedule a free learning assistance session with an Alliance instructor.  

Private classes
These courses are tailor-made to suit groups or individuals. Each class can be arranged at your convenience. A minimum of 10 hours is required, entitling you to a free membership card valid for one year.

Corporate Language Programs
The Alliance Française offers professional , effective and convenient language instruction either at your company or at the Alliance. Courses are tailor-made to fit your and your company's specific needs, and we can accommodate the busiest schedule.

Test Preparatory Courses
This course is tailor-made to prepare individuals for the TCF (Test de connaissance du français) or the TEF (Test d’évaluation de franais). The course is a great help in all 4 areas of these tests : written comprehension, oral comprehension, writing and speaking. A minimum of 10 hours is required for the course, entitling you to a free membership card valid for 1 year. For every renewal of 10 hours of preparatory course, the student will receive 1 free hour.

AP French
This course is tailor-made to help teenagers who are preparing for AP French Language and AP French Literature. A minumum of 10 hours is required for the course, entitling you to a free membership card valid for 1 year. For every renewal of 10 hours, the student will received 1 free hour.

French by Phone
For those unable to attend classes at the Alliance Francaise, this course emphasizes the acquisition and improvement of verbal language skills.

Children's Courses
Expose your child to the French language through our fun and enriching children's classes.

After School Programs
For Elementary School, Middle School, And High School students Of French at all levels.

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Address: 1345 Bush Street, San Francisco, California , USA
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We provide our teachers with training, constant support, serious supervision and numerous opportunities to grow.

We believe that successful communication is not found only in textbooks, drills and grammar exercises.
Successful communication is to be able to comprehend, speak and understand the culture.
French Language Immersion Classes for Adults & Children:

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- French Group classes
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In addition, we offer French language programs to schools, organizations and corporations throughout the Silicon Valley and Peninsula region of San Francisco Bay Area, including in Palo Alto, San Jose, Redwood City, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale.

We also have a foreign language school in downtown San Francisco, and offer private French tutoring throughout the Los Angeles County area.

Our French classes are taught by native French teachers, using a communicative approach, with a learner-centered classroom. This means you are speaking and practicing French from day one.

Role play, authentic conversation practice, videos and picture prompts are commonly used in our classes. You will find yourself beginning to think in French as you use your new language to interact with your teacher and fellow classmates.

Voted “Best of the Bay Area” by SF Chronicle online users, ABC has honed an excellent reputation in the Bay Area.

Teachers must have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience before even being interviewed. Our teachers make sure the language comes alive in the classroom and students feel confident and excited to speak in French.
- Group French classes at 9 levels from total beginner through to advanced
- Private French lessons
- Conversational French classes
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- French classes for kids & teens: Enrichment & homework help; After-school French programs; Private tutoring for elementary/ middle/ high school students
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• Bonjour! Are you searching for quality French classes in San Francisco?

• Learning French with ABC Languages - a leading provider of foreign language instruction - can be a fun and social experience.

• We offer group French classes and private French lessons for adults, kids and teenagers of all levels at our language school in the Financial District in Downtown San Francisco.

• Our experienced and professional French language tutors can also deliver private French lessons at your home, office or other location in the San Francisco area. Day, evening and weekend classes are available.

• Our learner-centered classrooms encourage lively conversations, role-play and games all in French.

• Our native French instructors teach you skills you can practice right away in your class, while you chat and make friends with the other students in French.

• Voted “Best of the Bay Area” by SF Chronicle online users, ABC has earned an excellent reputation in the Bay Area.

• We also teach French at our language school in downtown Menlo Park (serving the Silicon Valley and South Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and San Jose).

Student Review:
"The entire experience was seamless, the quality of teaching very professional and quite immersive in nature, and the small class environment provided the support and motivation I needed to keep going."
- Adam
French Language Classes:
For beginners to advanced students

• Group French classes (Standard classes - 1.5 hours)
• Weekend French classes (Intensive classes - 3 hours)
• Private French lessons in our school or your home/office
• French conversation classes
• Corporate French language training onsite for business professionals & organizations
• French classes for kids & teens
• Online / Skype French lessons

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In California, knowledge of a second modern language is now required in many jobs that involve dealing with the public. These may include Civil Service roles, social work, nursing, and other service-oriented fields.

Another major reason to learn the French language is that you also learn about the culture, philosophy, and civilization of another people, thereby broadening your understanding of the world and enriching your intellectual growth. On the practical side, any field of specialization (medicine, law, journalism, business, teaching) is enhanced if you can speak another language.
- Elementary French classes
- Intermediate French classes
- Advanced French classes
- Associate of Arts Degree in French
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• Learn English in Huntington Beach, Orange County - One of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern California!

• Kaplan International is an ACCET-accredited English language school with more than 40 campuses in 8 countries worldwide. We provide a wide range of English (ESL) programs to adults and college students from around the globe.

• Kaplan International ESL classes are taught by experienced, professional tutors at basic beginner to advanced levels. 

• Our Huntington Beach campus is situated in Golden West College - just 40 miles south of Los Angeles, and close to Westminster, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. Students can make short trips to world-famous Southern California attractions such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios!

• Our English language schools in California are accredited by ACCET. Kaplan International also has schools in Los Angeles (Whittier and Westwood) as well as California-based campuses in San Diego, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Barbara.

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