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Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys in Idaho

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Cherry Gulch:
Cherry Gulch is an accredited therapeutic boarding school for boys ages 10 to 14 with various difficulties including ADHD, learning differences, oppositional-defiance, depression, low self-esteem, poor motivation, anger, anxiety, family conflict, and other behavioral and emotional problems. Located beneath the western slope of the Rocky Mountains near Boise, Idaho, in the North West Pacific region of the United States (east of Washington State), we are equipped to handle very difficult students as well as "softer" students with more internalizing behaviors.

Photo of Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys in IdahoAcademics:
At Cherry Gulch, we believe that education is the cornerstone of our lives. We offer an outstanding curriculum that covers all core subject areas including English, Math, History and Science.

We also offer other elective programs including Art and Computers and even Wilderness Survival and Judo. Lessons are designed to be fun and engaging and are tailored to each student's needs. Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to give each student what he needs to succeed.


We offer approximately 10 hours per week of structured therapeutic services as directed by the Clinical Director, the child’s primary therapist, and his individualized treatment plan. The entire program is designed to be therapeutic and therapy continues throughout the day and through many of the child’s daily activities and as there is an opportunity for a therapeutic moment. Listed below is an example of the structured weekly therapeutic services offered at Cherry Gulch.
- 2 hours of Group Psychotherapy
- 2 hours of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
- 1 hour of Family Therapy
- 2 to 4 hours of Experiential
- 1 to 2 hours of individual therapy generally broken up into half hour sessions
- Additional time as needed or as therapeutic moments occur

Level System:
The level system at Cherry Gulch reinforces the concepts that students are learning and interconnects the components of the program. Our approach is unique among schools for troubled teens. The levels are cumulative and students are required to continue to practice the habits they have learned from the lower levels before advancing to the higher levels.

The level system can be expanded and/or individualized as needed since each level includes one or more target behaviors or attitudes This gives the student's therapists, teachers, and other staff members the opportunity to individualize the tasks and assignments of that level to fit with the identified needs of the student.

Daily Schedule:

Cherry Gulch is unique in the field of therapeutic schools. We have placed all our core classes in the Monday through Thursday schedule which gives us flexibility on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to go on weekend trips.

Therapy takes place as life unfolds but we also have 10 hours of scheduled therapy per week which is not necessarily listed on the schedule. Some of the planned activities are experiential therapies like equine assisted psychotherapy initiatives and therapeutic games or recreation therapy.

Students generally have the opportunity to ride horses three times a week but some students will choose other activities instead.

Students are not required to attend church services or activities but they are encouraged to. Spirituality has been shown to be an important aspect of mental health and, for many people, it is an important coping skill as well as an additional support system for struggling students. Students who would like to attend religious services can go to church with staff members.

Equine Program:

Cherry Gulch has six friendly horses, and 220 acres for the horses to roam. Students feed and groom the horeses, take riding lessons, go on trail rides, and participate in equine therapy. Cherry Gulch is bordered by 540 acres of public land which gives us lots of room to go on trail rides.

Extracurricular Activities:
Athletics: Basketball, volleyball, bad mitten, judo, flag football, ultimate frisbee, golf, cross-country, skiing/snowboarding, and rodeo are just some of the sports our students enjoy. Some of our teams will compete against other middle schools in the area.

Other Activities: Horseback riding, rafting, 4H, Boy Scouts, Corporate Kids CyberKlub, Electronics Club, hiking/camping, fishing, gardening, weekend trips, various games, building projects, drag racing (spectator), work study program, field trips, mentoring program to teach younger children to read, elderly visitation program, movies, museums, and other activities in Boise.

Camp Stanley (Summer Camp):
Camp Stanley is a “base camp to adventure” for Cherry Gulch students. Groups of students spend three to four weeks at Camp Stanley during the summer. It is a fully equipped base camp located in the breathtakingly beautiful Sawtooth Mountains.

There are numerous activities and opportunities available to students at Camp Stanley including horseback rides, backpacking, whitewater rafting, fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, biking, photography, soaking in natural hot springs, scenic back road drives, trips to the ghost town, museum, gold dredge, or a day trip to Sun Valley.

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Address: PO Box 678, Emmett, ID, 83617, USA
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Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI)
Courses / Programs
Located in northwestern Montana, Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is an accredited, family-run, therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens (boys and girls) ages 13-18.

We welcome students from Montana, across the United States, and from around the world (TWAI is authorized to issue 1-20's for international students).

In our beautiful, peaceful, and safe location, we combine the benefits of a therapeutic boarding school, a wilderness program, and a residential treatment center (RTC).

TWAI has been serving struggling teens and their families since 2002, with an exceptional degree of success.

We provide an extremely high standard of therapeutic treatment to our students, and offer help for the following presenting issues: poor academic performance, behavioral problems, addictions, low self-worth, spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and attachment disorders among others.

With a passion for helping young people in crisis, our clinical, educational, and operations staff are among the best in the country.

We are a small program (40 students) which means that we are able to provide a truly unique and customized approach for every student.

Typically our on site student to staff ratio is 5:1. The average stay at our residential treatment center is 12 months.

Parent Testimonial:
"We feel reassured that our son Chad is in good hands being guided onto the right track...We are really beginning to get our son back again! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Therapeutic Boarding School
For troubled teens ages 13-18

- Middle School Program
- High School Program
- Credit Recovery
- Accelerated Learning
- College Preparation/ AP Classes
- SAT/ACT Testing Center
- Anti-Bullying Program
- GED Program
- College-level Courses

We create a customized program for each student that requires a minimum of 3 months. However, best results for lasting success are realized through 6+ months of treatment.

TWAI graduates average a 3.5 GPA. It is common for a student to complete 1.5 years of course work in 1 year.
Clearview Horizon School for Girls
Courses / Programs
Clearview Horizon School for Girls is a therapeutic boarding school designed for girls between the ages of 13 to 21 years. We are located in Sandpoint in Bonner County, Idaho, set in the beautiful Montana mountains.

Clearview is for girls who are struggling with self-esteem, motivation, purpose, the influence of a negative peer environment, recreational drug use, an eating disorder, or some other destructive behavioral pattern.

Through our unique Christian-based program, students find the strength to overcome their disorders. Students attend school, receive tutoring when necessary, and participate in after school activities.

More than 500 students have trusted their care to Clearview Horizon since 1996. Clearview offers a program made up of skilled and experienced professionals who help young women struggling with life problems.

Clearview is fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). It has been our mission to help young girls rejoin their families and face the world better equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in life.
Therapeutic boarding school program for girls aged 13 - 21 years:

- The Clearview Experience is a controlled, therapeutic boarding school environment which emphasizes Athletic, Academic, and Emotional fitness.

- Mentoring is also a crucial part of our overall program.

- The program is highly structured and responsibilities are taken very seriously.

- Teachers are on site to ensure that all students continue their academic progress.

- Vocational training for students over the age of 18 years.
Fieldstone Academy Boarding School
Courses / Programs
Located in Gunnison, Central Utah, Fieldstone Academy Boarding School is a co-educational boarding school that specializes in College Prep and Academic Catch-up programs. Fieldstone is not a school for students with serious behavioral issues, but is commonly described as a "school for good kids who have gotten off track."

Our curriculum could be described as a highly structured, education and life skills training environment, aimed at the improvement of the whole child. Fieldstone has been very successful at reaching children from every state and in many foreign countries.

Students with ADD/ADHD and long term anxiety issues have been shown to be very successful in the campus positive peer environment.

Fieldstone has an open enrollment with students arrivals throughout the school year and is fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the State Office of Education.
Co-ed Academic Boarding School Programs:

Features include:
- Small class sizes (6-7)
- Lots of one-on-one attention
- Positive and Caring Structure
- Respect-driven culture
- Years of extraordinary results

- We start at the basics in math and in reading and then move on to more advanced subjects.

- Once students have mastered or re-mastered the basics, we move on to the subjects they should be studying.
Trinity Teen Solutions
Courses / Programs
Trinity Teen Solutions is a Catholic boarding school and adolescent residential treatment center for troubled teen girls.

Situated in the tranquil surroundings of Park County in Northern Wyoming, Trinity Teen Solutions is unlike any other residential treatment center for troubled girls in the U.S.

We provide your family with distinctive services, based on the hope and love of God, that are designed to develop certain behaviors in troubled teen girls.

A full 96% of the girls who come to Trinity and complete their stay effectively overcome the struggles in their lives.
Catholic Boarding School & Residential Treatment Center for troubled teen girls:

- We combine a customized curriculum with individual attention (1:7 instructor-to-student ratio) and small class sizes (only 14 girls per class).

- TTS instructors focus on two to three courses at a time for just three hours per day.

Our outdoor learning adventures allow students to live, breathe, touch and learn from everything in God’s beautiful creation.
Oakley School, Salt Lake City
Courses / Programs
Located in Oakley, just 45 miles east of Salt Lake City in Summit County, Utah, Oakley School is a leading college preparatory therapeutic boarding school for boys and girls in Grades 9-12.

Oakley is accredited as a Therapeutic School by the Utah Department of Human Services and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

We provide treatment and student development support programs consisting of our Off-Form Program, Intensive Clinical Services, Trails (an outdoor experience program) as well as recovery programs with individualized strategic counseling, family therapy and group therapy.

The Oakley School provides a college preparation program with honors and advanced placement courses. A strong and positive student community sets the Oakley School apart from other schools.

We are committed to academic excellence, yet we maintain a parallel concern for habits of being that yield moral stature. Each student is part of a "house" -- a kind of family group that shares home base.
Boarding Programs for Boys & Girls in Grades 9-12:

- Treatment and Student Development Support Programs consisting of Off-Form Program, Intensive Clinical Services, Trails (an outdoor experience program)
- Recovery Programs including recovery group, individualized strategic counseling, family therapy, group therapy
- Academic Curriculum including college preparatory courses, honors courses and Advanced Placement courses
- Fine Arts Program
- College Counseling
- Study Skills and Learning Specialist
Crossroads Academy
Courses / Programs
Located in Ogden, Utah, Crossroads Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for young men aged 16 and 17 years old who have experienced substance abuse with diagnoses of oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders and ADHD and learning disorders. Crossroads Academy is committed to helping each student find joy and confidence in learning.

We recognize that the future success of each student strongly depends on his completion of high school, as well as creating a positive road toward employment and/or higher education.

With this in mind, each student who enters our program will have an individual education plan that will address his current needs and skills.
Therapeutic Boarding School for At-Risk Young Men Ages 16-17:

- Individualized Educational Plans
- North West Accreditation
- Certified and Licensed Teachers
- One-on-One Tutoring
- High School Diplomas available through our program
- ACT/SAT Preparation Classes
- College Courses
- Vocational Training
- Employment Opportunities