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French Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

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Focus Language, Phoenix:
Focus Language is a well-established Language School located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Jean-Paul Setlak, the director and program designer is a talented linguist who speaks and teaches French and other languages including Spanish, English, Mandarin, Italian, Hindi and Punjabi. The school creates a safe and enjoyable environment where students can progress rapidly. Emphasis is placed on empowering the students and bringing them immediately to express themselves in their new language. We offer small groups and individual classes as part of intensive and easy-pace programs. Whether we teach individuals or corporate students, our course scheduling is always flexible enough to accommodate busy individuals. Communicating passion for languages and learning in general has remained our primary goals. Focus is situated on East Cinnabar Avenue in Phoenix. It is only one mile from the beautiful Phoenix Mountain preserve, a wonderful place to hike and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Focus offers 3 types of programs:
1. Intensive Language Programs
2. Easy-Pace courses
3. Our "Learn how to Learn a foreign language" course

All Language programs are available as private classes or as small groups classes.
Ideal small group size is 2 to 5. The "learn how to learn" course can accommodate larger groups.

We teach Beginning Italian, Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin Chinese courses.
We teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced English, Spanish and French Courses.

Intensive French:

Come and study in beautiful Arizona, or set up a course where you live.
* EPhoto of French Lessons in Phoenix, AZach French Intensive Course is a 8-day program
* 6 hours of classes per day.
* 1-5 students in the class.
* Groups are arranged privately by the students .
* Business French or General Conversational French

Highly motivated students can request to extend their training 1 or 2 more weeks. We want you to learn quickly and without stress, so you will reach fluency much faster. You will be able to interact enjoyably with natives, and continue to develop your performance and your capacity to Speak French.

We will help you organize an extended and thorough program of study at the end of your training.

Intensive programs are an ideal way to approach learning a new language. Students' motivation and desire to learn are high and there are no distractions. All the essential material can be quickly and efficiently presented.

We use a very direct conversational method imbedding the information about grammar and pronunciation. The student is encouraged to use the language naturally and immediately. This is a highly effective way to learn.

Beginning Intensive French:
This French Immersion Course focuses on teaching you accurate pronunciation and developing your capacity to speak. You immediately learn the most useful and practical grammar and vocabulary.

Jean-Paul has personally studied 14 languages and clearly understands the steps necessary to develop fluency.

Intermediate Intensive French
This French Immersion Course is excellent for people who have learned some French but who have never fully developed their fluency.

You can start at any place in the language; review or learn new vocabulary and grammar in order to develop your Conversational French fluency fast and naturally.

Advanced Intensive French:
In this French Immersion Course you will learn to adjust your pronunciation to sound more natural, begin to express yourself elegantly, and absorb idioms and practical cultural information. You can review or develop any aspect of French you desire.

You can choose to place the emphasis on Business French in any program of your choice.

Easy-pace French:
The easy-pace course allows a beginning student to acquire the entry level of the language over a period of several weeks. Intermediate and advanced students significantly increase their level of fluency. This program is primarily used by students and organizations situated in the Phoenix Metro area. We set goals and design our curriculum together.

We use two tracks for each program:
1. the specific information the students need to learn: medical, legal. technical etc.
2. The general information anyone learning a language needs. (common vocabulary, grammar etc.)

The "Learn how to Learn" French Course:
After learning and teaching for more than thirty years, I have extracted the most useful principles for learning a language. They are simple but powerful.  I have developed a course that teaches these principles. It lasts 1 day. It will immediately enhance your ability to absorb a language efficiently and enjoyably.

Would you think of competing in a new sport without training for it? Languages are learned very much like a physical discipline. They require both understanding and physical awareness/skill. This is the purpose of the "Learn How To Learn" a foreign language course. This information is automatically included in the intensive and easy-pace courses.

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Address: 205 E Butterfield Rd, #262, Elmhurst, IL, 60126, USA
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Le Tutor Language School, Phoenix area
Courses / Programs
Are you searching for quality French lessons in the Phoenix metro area for yourself or your child?

Conveniently located in Mesa, Le Tutor Language School provides French evening classes for beginner & intermediate speakers, and private French tutoring for students of all ages and levels of French.

In addition, we offer group French classes for kids ages 7-11 and corporate French language training for businesses and organizations.

As well as Mesa and Phoenix, private tutoring is available in the following city regions of Arizona: Apache Junction, Ahwatukee, Avondale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Glendale, AZ.

At Le Tutor, we teach you to speak French faster than anywhere else! Learning French is not easy, but it is achievable and fun.

Learn French from our native French teachers in small class sizes that give you essential speaking experience and focused instruction. Theme-based French lessons help you to communicate confidently in French in everyday situations.

Le Tutor also offers classes in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Farsi, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Sign Language.
French Language Classes for Adults & Children:

- French evening classes for beginner & intermediate students
- Private French lessons / academic tutoring
- French classes for kids (7 - 11 years)
- Corporate French training for businesses & organizations

Additional Second Languages:
- Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, English as a second language (ESL)
ABC Languages, Bay Area CA & Online French Classes in USA
Courses / Programs
• ABC Languages offers group and private French lessons to professionals, students and children ages 5+ from elementary through high school.

• We teach French at our language school in downtown Menlo Park (San Mateo County) as well as to schools, organizations and corporations throughout the Silicon Valley region of the South Bay and San Francisco Bay Areas. Contact us about French lessons in Santa Clara County - including in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and San Jose. 

• Our French classes are taught by native French teachers, using a communicative approach, with a learner-centered classroom. This means you are speaking and practicing French from day one.

• Role play, authentic conversation practice, videos and picture prompts are commonly used in our classes. You will find yourself beginning to think in French as you use your new language to interact with your teacher and fellow classmates.

• Voted “Best of the Bay Area” by SF Chronicle online users, ABC has honed an excellent reputation in the Bay Area. Teachers must have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience before even being interviewed.

• Our teachers make sure the language comes alive in the classroom and students feel confident and excited to speak in French. We also have a school in downtown San Francisco.
French Language Classes for Adults & Juniors:

• Group French classes at 9 levels from total beginner through to advanced
• French conversation classes
• Private French classes
• Corporate French language training
• French classes for kids ages 5+
• Online French lessons

Further Language Classes:
• We also offer instruction in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, German, Portuguese, and Farsi among other languages.
Language Centers West
Courses / Programs
Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Language Centers West is a full language school teaching Spanish as well as Italian and English. Our method of teaching is the quickest and most effective way to learn a language. Students can choose from between intensive or general Spanish, business Spanish or exam preparation courses such as D.E.L.E. We offer one-on-one teaching, classroom, groups and even corporate training. We also provide a translation service.

Our popular classes are for people that want to learn to speak Spanish, Italian or English in the Phoenix area. Our classes are offered all throughout the Phoenix valley. We promise after just one week of using our method, you will be excited and amazed with how easy learning a language can be! And once you have gotten the taste of actually holding a conversation in your new language of study, you will be completely ecstatic!
- General Spanish
- Intensive Spanish
- Business Spanish
- Conversational Spanish
- Exam Preparation Courses D.E.L.E.
- Spanish for Specific Purposes
- Corporate Training
- Spanish for Tourists
- Group Lessons
- One-to-One Tuition
- Lessons are also provided in Italian and English
- Translation Service available
ABC Languages - Online French Classes
Courses / Programs
• Learn French online in Arizona with ABC Languages - a leading provider of quality foreign language instruction in California, New York and New Jersey as well as online for students throughout the U.S. 

• Our online French language classes are convenient and flexible for adults and high school students living in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and throughout Arizona and nationwide.

• Our qualified and experienced French language tutors teach on Skype at times that best suit your schedule, allowing you to improve your French language skills around your work or family commitments.

• Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to improve your current level of French, we can customize our one-on-one online French lessons to suit your needs.

• All you need is a web camera and audio headset.

Other Online Language Classes:
ABC also teaches the following second and foreign languages online: Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Farsi.
Online French classes via Zoom / Skype:
For adults & high school students

• Beginners French classes
• Intermediate French classes
• Advanced French classes
• French conversation classes
• Business French classes & more..

Our private online classes can be customized to your specific needs.
Keats School - Online Chinese Classes
Courses / Programs
• Learn Chinese online in Arizona and throughout the U.S. with Keats School!

• Taught by highly-experienced and qualified Mandarin language teachers, online Chinese lessons offered by Keats School are available to students of all ages and levels - from beginner to advanced.

• No matter what time zone you are in, you can learn Chinese with us because we provide online lessons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• All of our online Chinese lessons are offered one-on-one and the content is customized to meet your specific requirements.

• So whatever your interests and learning goals, we will develop the perfect curriculum for you. You can learn at your own pace at times that best suit you.

• Located in the center of Kunming, the most beautiful spring city in China and the capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province, Keats School is one of the top Chinese language schools in China.

• We bring the same expertise and professionalism that we provide in our classroom-based Chinese courses to our online lessons.

Student Review:

• "The unique 1 on 1 teaching style is complimented very well by a very friendly group of teachers that are invested in helping. It is wonderful that each teacher is so patient with any student. My teacher’s teaching has far exceeded my expectations.

She is able to keep a well organized structure for class while still allowing flexibility for free conversation and to suit my interest. I thoroughly enjoyed each class. I highly recommend Keats School."

Finn, USA
Online Chinese Classes
Beginner, intermediate & advanced level

• Step-by-step Mandarin Course

• Business Chinese

• Survival Chinese

• HSK Test Preparation

• 1-hour Chinese Grammar and Culture Classes

• Chinese for Children

• Chinese for Teenagers
Arizona Language Center
Courses / Programs
Situated in Scottsdale, Maricopa County AZ (close to Phoenix), Arizona Language Center offers private one-on-one, small group and corporate group English classes to language learners of all skill levels.

Small class sizes and experienced ESL instructors make the Arizona Language Center an ideal place to learn and study English in Scottsdale.

Language courses are designed for Specific Business Purposes as required by each client. Our "Corporate Classroom" travels to the workplace for on-site instruction to business owners, managers and employees.
English as a Second Language Courses:
- Beginner to advanced levels

- Group English courses
- Private English lessons
- English immersion programs
- English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction course
- TOEFL / IELTS Exam Preparation courses
- Corporate / Business English