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Spanish Lessons in Seattle, WA

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Washington Academy of Languages, Seattle:
Washington Academy of Languages (WAL) is a language school in downtown Seattle, King County in Washington State. We offer Spanish programs at eight levels - from beginners through to advanced. Each class level involves 20 hours of in-class instruction. Spanish is a Romance Language, closely related to French, Italian and Portuguese. There are many linguistic variations in the Spanish-speaking world; Spain alone has several dialects. These differences are mostly confined to pronunciation and vocabulary. Language structure and grammar are fairly standard throughout the Americas and Spain. With a little experience, all varieties are mutually intelligible.

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Beginner level (Levels 1-6)

Spanish is spoken starting from the first day of class. Throughout the beginner level, the students learn expressing their needs, understanding and using daily and frequently used expressions such as simple sentences which are aimed at meeting immediate needs. The student also learns how to describe, in simple terms, aspects from the past and the environment. Short dialogues can be established and describing daily life issues by using simple sentences, writing postcards, writing simple letters as well as writing short stories.
Levels 1-3 (A1) are intended to help students acquire the following skills:
To recognize basic, commonly used words and expressions about oneself, one’s family and the immediate environment, when the language is spoken slowly and clearly.
To participate in a simple conversation, provided that the other person collaborates and is willing to repeat what they have said or express it in other words and more slowly, about specific needs, descriptions of people or the place where they are from.
To write short, simple cards, for example greeting cards.
To complete forms with personal information (name, nationality, address).
Required Textbook: Level 1-3
Corpas, J., Eva, G., & Garmendia, A. (2013). Aula Internacional 1 : Nueva Edicion: Student’s Book ( Spanish ed.). Barcelona: Difusión. (ISBN 9788415640097)

Levels 4-6 (A2) are intended to help students acquire the following skills:
To understand commonly used phrases and expressions related to areas of experience that are particularly relevant to them (basic information about themselves and their family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.)
To communicate when carrying out simple, everyday tasks that only require a simple, direct exchange of information about familiar or everyday topics.
To describe in simple terms their past and environment, as well as anything related to their immediate needs.
Required Textbook: Level 4-6
Corpas, J., Eva, G., & Garmendia, A. (2013). Aula Internacional 2: Nueva Edicion: Student’s Book ( Spanish ed.). Barcelona: Difusión. (ISBN 978-8415640103)

Intermediate Level (Levels 7-10)

The student is able to use communicative strategies to maintain conversations related to the past and the future in different contexts and situations. The student is able to read general texts and simple literary texts as well as writing letters and essays about general aspects of daily life.
This level of study is intended to help students acquire the following skills:
Understand the main ideas in clear texts written in standard language, if they deal with familiar topics, such as situations related to their jobs, studies or leisure activities.
Manage most situations that might arise when travelling in a Spanish-speaking area.
Write simple, coherent texts about familiar topics or those in which they have a personal interest.
Describe experiences, events, desires and ambitions, as well as briefly justify their opinions and explain their plans.
Required Textbook: Level 7-10
Corpas, J., Garmendia, A., & Soriano, C. (2014). Aula Internacional 3: Nueva Edición: Student’s Book (Spanish ed.). Barcelona: Difusión. (ISBN 9788415640110)
Intermediate Spanish Conversation

Prerequisite: Instructor’s  permission or placement.
Designed for students at the intermediate to low advanced level.  The focus is on increasing comprehension and fluency in the language,  vocabulary building and revision of grammar points. Discussion on topics of  interest helps students to express their ideas correctly, clearly and  effectively. The course is customized to fit the needs of class members. Great  for travelers too!

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Address: 521 Wall Street, Seattle, Washington 98121, USA
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• All you need is a web camera and audio headset.

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Student Review:
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Owing to this experience with ABC I now enjoy myself a lot more when I am in Spain or in Mexico. I am now a confident Spanish speaker with friends from both countries because of my much improved language abilities."

• Youness
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