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Italian Language Courses in Florence, Italy

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Scuola Parola, Florence:
At Scuola Parola in Florence we teach Italian in a friendly and professional way and we pay attention to our students´ needs.

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Italian language classes at the school Parola are both in the morning and in the afternoon (cooking class and dedicated courses). Our lessons are all held in the historical center of Florence at a very short distance from the Santa Croce Church and all the other main monuments of the city. The Italian language courses at the school Parola are held all year round from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm for the group language classes. All our lessons of Italian and our supplementary courses are open in Florence to students of all ages.


4 hours a day for a total of 80 hours of lessons + 40 optional hours of cultural and recreational activities.

Class Program:
The course consists of 2 hours of grammar and 2 hours of conversation in the morning. You can also take the course for less than one month, opting for 4 hours of lesson a day for one, two or three weeks.

6 hours a day for a total of 120 hours of lessons + 40 optional hours of cultural and recreational activities.

Class Program:
The course consists of 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon to review grammar and practice conversation. You can also take the course for less than one month, opting for 6 hours of lesson a day for one, two or three weeks.

This very intensive course is especially designed for students who want to improve and deepen their knowledge of Italian as much as possible in a very short time. The advantage of this course is the low number of participants, which promotes intensive study and the individual progress of every single student.

Class Program:
4 hours of lesson a day (3 to max. 5 students per class) for a total of 80 hours of lesson + 40 optional hours of cultural and recreational activities. You can also take this course for less than one month (1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks) or choose to take 6 hours of lesson a day for (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks or more).

This allows participants to study Italian Language without being involved too much with attending class during the day. It consists of 2 hours in the morning: 2 hour of grammar or 2 hour of conversation.

Italian Language Course " A tempo":
This Italian course is similar to our Andante but it consists of 2 hours in the morning, for 5 days a week, which are split into two sections: 1 hour of grammar and 1 hour of conversation.

This course is designed for young foreigners who want to work as Au-pairs in Florence. They can take care of children that belong to Florentine or Tuscan families and at the same time they can receive language tutoring for 2 hours (from 9 am to 10:50 am), three times a week, for 1 month up to 6 months.

Class Program:
2 hours a day, 3 days a week for a total of 24 hours of lessons + 40 optional hours of cultural and recreational activities.

This course is designed for those who want to learn Italian three times a week only. These students can receive language tutoring for 2 hours (from 9 am to 10:50 am), three times a week, for 1 month or more.

Class Program:
2 hours a day, 3 days a week for a total of 24 hours of lessons + 20 optional hours of cultural and recreational activities.

Individual Courses of Italian:
The individual courses are designed for people who need to concentrate their maximum effort in the shortest learning amount of time. Adults may want to take this kind of course but also professionals who intend to take an Italian course for job openings in Florence or business purposes in Italy.

The course vocabulary is based on words that the student uses in his/her working environment. It is a full immersion in the Italian language that allows a better and faster learning of vocabulary and quicker comprehension of the oral Italian language.

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Address: Borgo S. Croce, 4 - Firenze, Florence, Italy
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Scuola Toscana, Florence
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Scuola Toscana is an Italian language school located in the historical centre of Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy (approximately 3 hours north of Rome).

Recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, we provide a wide range of Italian language courses including intensive communication, university preparation, business, culture, art history and many more.

There are 6 levels from absolute beginners to advanced allowing you to reach the various levels of the European Language Portfolio.

Our Italian language courses open the doors for our students from all over the world, in order to get to know each other and their different cultures.

In the past 15 years, more than 8,000 students have discovered the Italian culture at our Italian language school.

Our classes consist of small groups, but we also cater for individuals offering private tuition courses. We organise extra-curricular activities in Italian language: visits of history of art, seminars, video evenings, excursions and more.

Student Testimonial:
Scuola Toscana me taught me Italian grammar in the morning, found me a place to stay, and showed me where they have the best breakfasts and lunches at a fraction of the cost anywhere else in Florence..... The teachers are so nice and helpful, they're also experts on local history! You're in the best of hands with Scuola Toscana!
- Dawn
Italian Language Courses - Beginner to Advanced levels:

- General Italian courses
- Intensive Italian courses
- Private Italian classes
- Homestay Program (with a local Italian family) 
- Italian University Preparation
- Family Holiday Italian courses (children & adults)
- Italian for Business
- Italian for Tourism
- Internship program (work experience placements)
- Italian Culture courses
- Italian Art History courses
- Italian Language + Jewellery courses
- Italian + Fashion & Design
- Italian + Music & Opera
- Italian + Wine & Cooking
Ellci Ente Lombardo Lingua E Cultura Italiana, Milan
Courses / Programs
We have been an Italian Language School in Milan since 1980's. Located in the central shopping area of Milan, close to two underground stations, our school offers students and companies from around the world, any type of course in order to learn about Italy and the Italian language. We have courses for students of any age, standard courses and intensive or individual courses. We also provide personalized courses to businessmen at very flexible schedules.

Ellci is an Italian Language School in Milan - Italy specialized in teaching Italian Language as a second Language to foreigners of any nationality. Our Italian language Courses are addressed to students, companies and managers who want to learn or improve their knowledge of the Italian Language in Italy, in Milan, Italian capital in business, fashion and design, and city of vast cultural and economic traditions.
Standard Italian Courses; Individual Italian Courses; Evening Italian Courses; Courses for Companies; Intensive Italian Courses; Online Italian Courses.
The Language House
Courses / Programs
The Language House is a cross cultural program that offers Italian language holidays and Italian immersion programs for adults and teenagers in Florence, Milan and Genoa, Italy. Our Intensive Italian language courses take place all year round, from Monday to Friday, usually from 9am to 1pm (20 hours a week). Students take a placement test in order to be placed at an appropriate level.

Our classes are very small (max.10 people) and no matter the location are held in the city centre. We feel that small class sizes are essential to facilitate the learning process and ensure that focus is placed on the learning requirements of the individual student, and on helping him/her to overcome any difficulties in a friendly environment. The range of courses offered allows the student to adapt the program to their individual needs.

Our clients also take advantage of immersing themselves for several months with our Multi-Country Adventure Program where you can combine language training in more than one country as well as include our TESOL course and/or a short-term internship.
Intensive Italian courses at seven levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency according to European standards.

We also offer:
- One to one immersion homestays
- Multi-country adventure program
Marcus Evans Linguarama Rome
Courses / Programs
Marcus Evans Linguarama language school in Rome is the right partner for your Italian Language and Cultural Training. Marcus Evans Linguarama was founded in 1971 to provide organisations and individuals with effective and efficient job specific language and cultural competence training. At our school in the centre of Rome, we offer Italian language courses for all levels. We provide our students with effective training tailored to their individual needs.

Linguarama Rome is located in the business district but close to the historic centre with the Forum, the Coliseum and Vatican City. Our goal is to enable people to operate with efficiency and confidence in an international and foreign language environment.

Linguarama is one of Europe's largest business language and communication training organisations with over 20 centres in Europe and over 1,000 clients worldwide. In Italy we have schools in Rome, Milan and Turin.

As well as in Rome, Linguarama has schools in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Soesterberg, Lyon, Cologne, Cheney Court, Turin, The Hague, London, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Stratford-upon-Avon, Hamburg, Madrid, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart.
Italian language courses for all levels from beginner to advanced:

- Intensive Italian language courses
- Standard Italian language courses
- Business Italian language courses
- Corporate Italian language training
- Full-time & part-time Italian language courses
- Group Italian language lessons
- Private Italian language tuition
- We also offer language courses in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and many other languages
ABC DE' Conti, Florence
Courses / Programs
• ABC DE' Conti provides a wide range of Italian language courses in the heart of Florence, Italy - Europe's eternal capital of the Renaissance.

• ABC DE' Conti is part of Accademia Riaci - a leading professional art and design school in Florence. 

• We offer Italian language courses for all - from beginners to students at professional level who aspire to become interpreters, from those who would like to learn Italian used in everyday life, to technical Italian used in specific fields of art and design.

• Our Italian language courses feature the extensive and intensive teaching of Italian and Professional / Technical Italian courses, which will benefit the students who are going to study specialized areas of Italian culture.

• Following the "Direct Method", without the use of intermediate language, the student-teacher ratio is kept small so to maximize the communication in the class, as well as to keep close attention to each student's progress.

• Another advantage of studying at the school is that the students can enjoy various high-quality art & cultural lessons provided at Accademia Riaci, as well as getting internship opportunities made possible by the experience and history of Accademia Riaci.
Italian Language Courses:
- Basic Beginner to Advanced Level

• Italian PLUS program (for beginners) 
• Basic Standard Italian (Group / Semi-Private / Private lessons)
• Intensive Italian (Semi-Private / Private Courses)
• Business Italian classes
• Specialized 'Technical' Italian Classes for working in design, hospitality etc
• Italian Internship Program
• Homestay Program with Italian Teacher
• Professional Italian Interpreter Training
• Summer Italian Course
• Optional Art, Design, Cooking Courses
• Guided Art / Cultural Courses
Courses / Programs
Located in the historic centre of Milan, Northern Italy, SPAZIOLINGUA is an Italian language training school for foreign visitors that provides a wide range of Italian language and culture courses. Classes can be taken individually or in group format, with day, evening, and weekend courses available from beginner to advanced levels. We also have classes that offer a unique taste of Italian culture, with Italian cooking, wine tasting, and travel Italian options available. Our school is conveniently situated on Via Carducci, close to Red & Green Line underground public transport services.

Taught by a team of dedicated linguistic professionals, our goal is to enhance learning with a human connection and to work in a calm and welcoming environment that encourages the ' pleasure ' of learning. The character of each individual student and their needs are our starting point. We then plan and build a path that enhances and gratifies the student constantly.

Our methodology is based on an effective humanistic approach; everything revolves around the student, their needs and their competences. Our students are constantly accompanied from the beginning to the end of their successful path.
Beginner to advanced level Italian language & culture classes:

- Standard Group Italian classes
- Twice-a-week Italian courses
- Evening / Weekend options
- Individual / Private Italian lessons
- Intensive Italian courses
- Italian language test preparation courses for CILS and CELI on demand
- Corporate Italian courses
- Cocktail Making course
- Italian Culture & History classes
- Italian Wine Tasting courses
- Italian for Travel
- Italian Cooking courses
- Opera Singers classes
- Englsh & Russian classes