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Japanese Language Courses in Tokyo

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NIC Japanese Language School, Tokyo:
Nihongo Instructor Club (NIC) is a Japanese language school offering top quality lessons by certified teachers in Azabu, Tokyo as well as in Saitama & Kanagawa in the Greater Tokyo Area and Chiba, a city 40 km east of the center of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay. NIC's teacher can come to your office, home or anywhere you choose. Or you can come to our school in Azabu Juban, Tokyo to take Japanese lessons in class. NIC offers Japanese language lessons at various levels from elementary to advanced at a reasonable cost. We also offer preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test. Private & group lessons are available.

Photo of Japanese Language Courses in TokyoJapanese language courses offered by NIC include:

Survival Japanese Course:

- Recommended for newcomers to Japan.
- Learn very basic Japanese, including numbers, time,days, greetings and self-introduction.
- Using an original textbook with pictures, students will learn how to ask for things in situations such as in shops, restaurants, clinics and other common places.

Beginners Japanese Course Level 1:
- Learn the basis of the Japanese Language.
- Covers the minimum Japanese required in daily life.
- Vocabulary and sentence structures are limited to those commonly used in Japanese.
- Recommended for newcomers to Japan.

Beginners Japanese Course Level 2:
- Learn and practice natural conversation patterns.
- The goal is to roughly understand what the Japanese people around you are talking about.
- By half-way through this course, students will be of a level to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4. 

Beginners Japanese Course Level 3:
- Learn various grammatical forms used to express different things.
- Learn Keigo (polite forms) and reading and writing of basic Kanji.
- The goal is to understand and speak natural Japanese for smoother communication.
- At the end of the course, you will be of a level to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3.

Intermediate Japanese Course:
- Recommended for students at least the level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 3.
- Total lesson hours depend on the student's background in the Japanese language, including their knowledge of Kanji.
- Teaches more than 1200 words.
- Improve student's oral skills through pattern practice.

Advanced Japanese Course:
- Recommended for students of a level to attempt Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
- Students are free to bring in materials of their own interest, such as magazines and newspaper articles.
- Learn how to use more difficult grammatical patterns.
- Writing practice is available depending on the student's level, interest and purpose.Image of Japanese Language Courses in Tokyo

Conversation Courses:
NIC also offers Conversation Course. This course targets the persons with the level of JLPT 3 or higher or equivalent. Various topics such as Japanese custom and culture, and the topics of the day may be discussed freely in a class. You can have a chance to talk with various people there from different fields. Instructor will give you proper advice on the usage of vocabulary, grammar and expressions when necessary.

Business Japanese Course:
-  Recommended for business people who have never studied Japanese but want to learn some business Japanese effectively in a short space of time.
- Focuses on how to acquire practical communication skills with the minimum of phrases and grammatical knowledge.
- Covers simple conversations in the Japanese business environment.

Test Preparation Courses:
NIC offers a preparatory course for both JLPT and JETRO tests.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation (JPLT):
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is designed to evaluate and certify the general language proficiency of non-native speakers of Japanese. There are 4 levels (Level 1, 2, 3 & 4). The test is comprehensive, including vocabulary, listening, reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

NIC offers courses at every level and our experienced teachers are ready to help you succeed.

JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test:
The JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test is designed to objectively evaluate the proficiency of non-native speakers in using the Japanese language for business communication. There are two tests offered by JETRO:

- JLRT (JETRO Listening and Reading Comprehension Test)
- JOCT (JETRO Oral Communication Test) *
* Offered only to those who achieve higher than 530 points in JLRT.

At NIC, the JETRO test course is only taught by teachers with long experience in teaching for the test. Courses at every level are offered on Saturdays. Applications are invited to NIC's office.

For further information on the Japanese courses available, please contact us quickly via our Contact Page.

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Address: Grand Maison Azabu Ichinohashi No.205, 2-20-10 Azabu Juban, Tokyo, Japan
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SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko
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SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko located in Sapporo, Hokkaido in north of Japan is a specialized Japanese language school for students and professionals from all over the world. We provide the opportunity to learn the Japanese language from expert instructors while experiencing Japanese culture on a personal basis. We are conveniently located from the main attractions and social activities.
Short Intensive Japanese Courses; 3 Months Intensive Japanese Courses.
Kobe YMCA Japanese Language School
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The Kobe YMCA Japanese Language School provides an educational/learning environment where young people can "shine" through Japanese language learning. By utilizing our activities, human resources and network, we create environments to help young learners in "self-discovery," "independence" and "self-realization." Learning incentives from the Japan Student Services Organization and scholarships for international students in Hyogo, Kobe. The Kobe YMCA Scholarship are provided to students with excellent academic achievements and attendance.
You will be given a placement test to determine your appropriate class (beginner / intermediate / advanced). Each course is designed to provide the necessary proficiency in all aspects of "reading" "writing" "listening" and "speaking" in the Japanese language. Strengthen the skills necessary to enter and obtain an education at a Japanese university.
NILS Japanese Language School
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With two campuses in the Fukuoka area of southern Japan, NILS Japanese Language School provides a range of short and long-term Japanese language courses to students from all over the world. Our Fukuoka Campus is located near the central area of the city, just 1 minute's walk from Nishitetsu Ohashi Station. Our Ogori City campus, about 30 minutes from Fukuoka City, houses the students in our long-term programs.

Established in 2003, we tailor our Japanese programs to suit the needs of each individual, making sure that you are truly comfortable with the language before your course is over. We offer Long and Short-Term study programs, intensive courses, summer programs, and a homestay program.

We offer various terms of programs according to student requests. We teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing with equal emphasis. Most of our students master up to intermediate level of conversation within 3 months.

If learning Japanese is what you desire, look no further than NILS. We make sure that we have a great relationship with the community, so that our students in Japan will truly be able to experience real Japanese lifestyle and culture.
Japanese Language Courses for International Students:

Short-Term Japanese Courses:
- Learn Japanese short program
- General Japanese Courses (1, 2 & 3-months)
- Japanese Summer program

Intensive Japanese Courses:
- Long-term course for Japanese university preparation
- Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation
- Intensive 1-year program
- Intensive 1.5-year program
- Intensive 2-year program
- Homestay program
WAHAHA Japanese Language School, Fukuoka
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WAHAHA Japanese Language School provides a 4-week summer Japanese course for adults. We are located in the Tenjin area of downtown Fukuoka, the center of business, economy, administration, transportation, and culture for Kyushu Island (just one hour by air from Tokyo and Yokohama). Our summer Japanese program combines quality Japanese language lessons and Japanese traditional culture activities.

Because WAHAHA is a small-scale Japanese language school, not only can we adapt to fit individual needs, but all staff members provide personalized support to assist students in attaining their goals. We offer Japanese language courses that are designed to help you achieve your dreams. Courses begin every Monday during the months of June, July and August.

The teachers at our school are experienced professionals in teaching Japanese language. We understand the importance of counseling and we communicate with each student on a constant basis to help solving learning problems. While the summer courses are 4 weeks in duration, the standard course can be extended on a weekly basis.
- 4-week summer Japanese course for adults that combines Japanese language lessons and cultural activities. The course starts every Monday from Jun. 4 to Aug. 31. 2012.
Genki Japanese & Culture School
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Genki Japanese & Culture School (GenkiJACS) was created to be one of the first Japanese Schools in Japan teaching communicative Japanese for everyday life, rather than academic Japanese for higher education. All aspects of our schools in Fukuoka and Tokyo are organized around this central philosophy.

We run multiple programs and events to help our students make friends with Japanese people, and that is why our classes are by far the smallest of any accredited Japanese Language school in Japan.

We adopt our lessons to the needs of each student, while keeping them practical and interesting, to give you the skills and confidence for success.

Classes involve real-world situations, guest instructors, field trips and more, and the small size of our schools means you will have plenty of time to talk with the teachers both inside and outside of class.
Intensive Japanese Language Courses:

1) Standard Japanese
2) Japanese+Conversation - Adding five group lessons per week focusing on specialized communicative Japanese.
3) Japanese+Traditional Culture - Gives you an opportunity to learn about the culture.
4) Japanese+Pop Culture - Combines fun visits to local pop culture hotspots. Study though manga, anime and music.
5) Long-Term Courses (6 month to a Year)
6) Visa Course (1 year)
Student Visa Course allows you to study the language for a year or more.
Kichijoji Language School, Tokyo
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Kichijoji Language School (KLS) is a professional and friendly Japanese language school in Kichijoji which is a neighborhood in the city of Musashino in Tokyo, Japan. We offer group Japanese courses at eight levels from beginner to advanced as well as private and semi-private Japanese lessons. We also prepare students for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and provide corporate Japanese language training for businesses.

Our students range from those with career goals preparing to enter Japanese universities, colleges, and government or company training programs; to a variety of individuals working in or visiting Tokyo for a short while. At KLS you will have the opportunity not only to learn Japanese; but, also to live the culture and to explore, for yourself, Tokyo, the exciting city we call home.
- Group Japanese classes at 8 levels from beginner to advanced
- Private / Semi-Private Japanese lessons
- Preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
- Corporate Japanese language training