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Japanese Courses for International Students in Japan

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Genki Japanese & Culture School:
Genki Japanese & Culture School (GenkiJACS) was created to be one of the first Japanese Schools in Japan teaching communicative Japanese for everyday life, rather than academic Japanese for higher education. All aspects of our schools in Fukuoka and Tokyo are organized around this central philosophy.

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Intensive Japanese Courses (2 Weeks)

Standard Japanese:

Photo of Japanese Courses for International Students in JapanYou won`t get far in japan without being able to speak the language, but using the special techniques our teachers have developed, you`ll be surprised how easy it is to learn to speak Japanese, and you will be fluent before you know it!

Our Standard Course uses interesting and modern materials and activities to focus on improving your Japanese speaking ability in a way that gives you the flexibility to adapt to new situations. Small group classes offer a full range of useful and exciting activities at a reasonable cost. That is probably why it is our most popular course. 

10 Grammar Lessons and 10 Practice Lessons a Week.

Japanese and Conversation:
This course build on the Standard Course by adding five extra-small group lessons per week focusing on specialized, communicative Japanese, current affairs, and vocabulary that can be hard to cover in the standard classes, giving you the tools you need to actually communicate in daily life with Japanese people. 

10 Grammar Lessons and 10 Practice Lessons a Week + 5 Conversational Classes

Japanese and Traditional Culture: 
Are you interested in Japanese culture? This course offers you the opportunity to learn about the culture while learning the language, and the chance to participate in it with other Japanese people.

You will learn topics such as kimono-wearing, pottery, tea ceremony, calligraphy, zen meditation Japanese cookery, martial arts such as aikido, katana sword fighting, religion, customs and more!

10 Grammar Lessons and 10 Practice Lessons a Week + 3 Two- Hour Cultural Lessons

Japanese and Pop Culture:

Image of Japanese Courses for International Students in JapanThis combines the best of our fun excursions to local pop culture hotspots, and Japanese study using manga, anime and music.

You will attend cosplay events, learn how to draw your own manga, and much, much more! You`ll also learn modern Japanese slang, and master the intricacies of Japanese youth culture.

10 Grammar Lessons and 10 Practice Lessons a Week + 3 Two-Hour Pop Culture lessons

Long Term Course (6 months)
Our long-term study course is the perfect way to start your life in Japan! Study with GenkiJACS for 6-12 months. If you don't need a student visa, you can take this course at either our Tokyo or Fukuoka branch. Student visas are available in Fukuoka, and only valid for study of 12 months.

Student Visa Course (1 Year)
The student visa lets you stay in Japan for a year or more, and allows you to work part time while you study. The student visa application is quite difficult, but GenkiJACS can complete most of the process for you and provides support in English for any parts you have to do. We are here to make it easy for you! 

There are, however, certain requirements, including academic and attendance. You have to pass your regular tests and have attendance higher than 80% in order for your visa to be valid. 

The course is booked and paid in advance all in one or in instalments.  You will have 20 class hours per week - two classes focusing on grammar and two classes focusing on applying your skills to real-world situations. Classes have a maximum of 8 students, by far the smallest of any accredited Japanese school and focus on communication skills for daily life, rather than academic Japanese.

The course has 2 intakes each year: April, and October. The student visa application also has very strict deadlines:

Start Date: April - Application Deadline: November 20 of the previous year.
Start Date: October - Application Deadline: May 20 

1 Year Student Visa course is only available at Beginner 0, Beginner 1 and 2 levels. 

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Address: Hakataekihigashi 1-16-23, Hakata-Ku, 812-0013, Fukuoka, Japan
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2022-04-20 were from:

Dubai, UAE; jilin province jilin city, China; Cebu City, Philippines; delhi, India; and more.
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Arc Academy, Tokyo
Courses / Programs
ARC Academy was founded in 1986 to help foreign business-related people who want to acquire Japanese as communication tool. We have schools in Tokyo and Osaka.

"ARC" means "the bridge to the world". When ARC academy was founded, the number of foreigners who had business transaction with Japanese companies was increasing as Japanese economy improved a great deal. This resulted in the number of foreign employees working for Japanese companies also drastically increased.

Most of such Foreign Japanese language learners are interested in not only Japanese language itself but also Japanese culture and history. By meeting such various demands from them, ARC Academy would like to create opportunities for communication with many people around the world in the field of Japanese language teaching.
- Intensive Japanese Course (Short-term)
- Study Abroad Course / Long-term Japanese Course (Includes business Japanese classes, special preparation classes for prestigious universities, graduate school preparation classes, Japanese language teachers' training classes)
- Anime/Manga Program
- Part-time Japanese Courses
- Private Japanese Lessons
Kobe YMCA Japanese Language School
Courses / Programs
The Kobe YMCA Japanese Language School provides an educational/learning environment where young people can "shine" through Japanese language learning. By utilizing our activities, human resources and network, we create environments to help young learners in "self-discovery," "independence" and "self-realization." Learning incentives from the Japan Student Services Organization and scholarships for international students in Hyogo, Kobe. The Kobe YMCA Scholarship are provided to students with excellent academic achievements and attendance.
You will be given a placement test to determine your appropriate class (beginner / intermediate / advanced). Each course is designed to provide the necessary proficiency in all aspects of "reading" "writing" "listening" and "speaking" in the Japanese language. Strengthen the skills necessary to enter and obtain an education at a Japanese university.
Iidabashi Japanese Language School, Tokyo
Courses / Programs
Iidabashi Language School (ILS) is a Japanese language school in Tokyo, Japan offering a range of Japanese courses to students from around the world. Our Japanese courses include intensive Japanese, JLPT exam preparation, private Japanese lessons and more. We also offer evening and weekend Japanese classes for elementary level students.

At ILS, improving conversation ability is our top priority. We aim to take our students past merely understanding the various expressions used in casual and business settings, and move on to the point where students can use these expressions in daily life.

The learning environment at ILS is ideal for those with no experience of studying Japanese as well as those who have an understanding of grammar but struggle with fluent conversation. With a maximum class size of four in group lessons, students have ample time to converse and teachers can provide finely tuned guidance while paying attention to the needs and levels of their students.

With easy access to the JR Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Yurakucho Line, Nanboku Line and the Toei Oedo Line, ILS is convenient for students living all over Tokyo.
- General Japanese classes
- Intensive Japanese course
- JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) exam preparation
- Private Japanese lessons
- Small group Japanese classes
- Evening & Weekend Japanese classes for elementary level
- Japanese cultural activities
WAHAHA Japanese Language School, Fukuoka
Courses / Programs
Do you wish to study Japanese pleasurably, would you like to experience Japanese culture and activities in an exciting atmosphere, do you have the desire to learn Japanese business and manner in an informal setting?

Here at WAHAHA Japanese Language School, located in Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, we can do this. Classes are small and conducted in a great atmosphere. All the teachers here have genuine experience and between them have helped hundreds of students to acquire the Japanese skills necessary for their life in Japan (or just to pass the JLPT!).

The school has regular events for the students to practice their Japanese with locals from the area. We offer courses ranging from practical Japanese to advanced business Japanese and cultural activities in a friendly and easy going environment. Your first day of the school will start with a level-check test, orientation, and conversation class (total 180min.) Regular class will start from the 2nd day.
- Standard Japanese Course (Group Classes)
- Standard Japanese Course (Private Lessons)
- JLPT Exam Preparation Course
- Business Japanese Course
- Japanese Culture Course
- Manga Course
- Working Holiday Course
- Internship Course
- Translation Course
- Summer Course
- Online Private Lesson via Skype
Shinwa Foreign Language Academy, Tokyo
Courses / Programs
Shinwa Academy is a Japanese language school close to Downtown Tokyo (in Shinjuku, a major commercial, business, administrative and shopping area). Shinwa Academy specialises in teaching Japanese to help students prepare to enter university in Japan, gain employment, or learn to effectively communicate with Japanese people.

Our professional teachers will teach all aspects of Japanese, reading, writing, speaking and listening. From the basic writing forms of hiragana and katakana to the more complex kanji (Chinese characters) at a pace that suits you.

If you want to get a career or attend a university in Japan, our teachers will guide you all the way.
Japanese Language Classes
- Beginner to Advanced levels

- 2 Week Japanese Short Course
- 1 Month Japanese Short Course
- 3 Month Japanese Short Course
- 6 Month Japanese Short Course
- 1 Year 3 Month Japanese Course
- 1 Year 6 Month Japanese Course
- 1 Year 9 Month Japanese Course
- 2 Year Japanese Course
Azabu Japanese Language Institute
Courses / Programs
We are a small and friendly private Japanese Language School in Nakano-sakaue and Azabu, Tokyo. All teachers hold qualifications to teach Japanese. We provide general lessons, Business Japanese and Japanese Proficiency Test Preparation courses.

AJLI (Azabu Japanese Language Institute) was established in 1997 to teach Japanese to students from overseas. AJLI is in central Tokyo, We offer a wide range of courses to students aged 18 and above.
Intensive Japanese course
Summer Japanese Program
Survival Japanese course (20 hours)
JLPT prep course
Business Japanese course
Lessons at office, home, cafe
Culture class
Courses for weekend