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Peddie School:
Located just 50 miles from New York City in Hightstown NJ, Peddie School is a private, coeducational, college preparatory boarding and day school offering Grades 9-12.

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Co-eduational Day & Boarding Programs for students in Grades 9-12:
Pioneering the use of wireless technology and a discovery-based science program, the school has increasingly seen its mission as leading the future of American education. Over the last five years, we have increased our course offerings, particularly in the sciences, including new courses in:

- Forensics
- Neurobiology
- Robotics
- Physiology
- Evolution
- Genetics
- Quantitative chemical analysis
- Organic chemistry

We have also added course offerings in arts, history and mathematics. Recently, Peddie has embarked on a number of ambitious projects, including the expansion of the 16-year-old Chinese language curriculum into a world-class Asian Studies program.

In preparing students for the world they will inherit, Peddie exposes them to languages and cultures that better position them to lead in an increasingly interdependent world.

An education in the arts plays a vital role in the development of our students and community. We provide students with a working knowledge of the cultural landscape they inhabit, expanding their sense of possibilities.

In both curricular and co-curricular offerings we encourage students to find their own creative voice. Celebrating each individual’s unique perspective while requiring of students to be accountable for their work in public exhibitions and performances, we value the creative process and its product.

Community Life:
Peddie's Community Life program supports the School Mission and Philosophy through its efforts to educate young people about social and health issues relevant to the adolescent years.

The Peddie English Department offers students a rigorous preparation for the liberal arts, and the humanities especially, by offering a rich program of reading and writing that, while drawing on some of the best that has been known and thought throughout the ages, addresses the challenges of modern life.

The Peddie History Department helps students develop an interest in and make sense of past events, ideas and people in order to discover the relevance of history to the world today. Ultimately, our mission is to help create dynamic, thoughtful students who understand the ways in which the past informs the present and the future.

We recognize our students’ diverse backgrounds and challenge them to strive for higher levels of achievement in both oral and written work. We provide an environment both inside and outside the classroom that encourages students to appreciate the connections between language and culture.

The Peddie Mathematics Department provides a rigorous college-preparatory program that fosters student understanding of and appreciation for mathematics as a discipline and prepares them to use mathematics for applications outside the classroom. The Mathematics Department has the following objectives:

- to challenge students to be confident, independent, critical thinkers and problem solvers
- to develop in students an appreciation for mathematics through diverse methods of learning
- to develop concrete mathematical fundamentals reinforced through technology
- to use technology as a tool to explore and discover mathematics and apply the mathematics in real world applications
- to develop an appreciation of mathematics in other academic disciplines

The Science Department introduces students to the ideas and theories that will help them to make sense of the world in which they live. The science curriculum provides learning experiences that build a foundation of knowledge and skills, encourage students to form opinions in a scientific manner, stimulate their curiosity about the natural world, and enable them to apply scientific methods to a variety of human endeavors and life experiences.

Advanced Placement (AP):
Last year, 166 Peddie students sat for 359 AP exams in 19 subject areas, with eighty percent scoring a 4 or 5 (the highest scores possible).

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Address: 201 South Main Street, Hightstown, New Jersey , USA
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St. Timothy's is accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools and the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges.
Residential International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme for Girls:

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Blair Academy
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We are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

The dorm becomes literally the students’ “home away from home.” Most students share living areas with roommates, though a few single rooms are available. The Housemaster and other dormitory faculty play a unique role in residential life.

While academic preparation is central to the Blair experience, we believe in our student life curriculum and emphasize leadership, service, and the ability to live in a residential community as essential elements of a student’s education.
Co-educational Boarding Programs for Grades 9-12:

- College Preparatory Curriculum with English, fine arts, foreign languages, history, math, performing arts, science, religion
- Electives include asian studies, architecture, roman history, economics, video production, mandarin Chinese and marine science
- Advanced Placement Courses
- College Preparation Courses ACT and SAT
- Summer Reading & Foreign Language Assignments
- Trips Abroad
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The Lawrenceville School
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Located in Lawrenceville NJ, just 5 miles south of Princeton, The Lawrenceville School is a four-year co-educational boarding and day school serving Grades 9-12.

Lawrenceville seeks bright, motivated, and curious students who possess imagination, energy, a willingness to take risks, a concern for others, and a commitment to academic and personal growth.

At Lawrenceville, we strive to provide a multicultural environment where students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to learn from, with and about one another. Lawrentians are part of a community where beliefs, be they cultural, ethnic, or religious, are both supported and challenged.

Because Lawrenceville receives many more applications from prospective students than there are spaces available, the Admission Committee is unfortunately not able to accommodate all applicants who are qualified.
Co-educational Day & Boarding Programs for Students in Grades 9-12:

Core subjects include:
- English
- History
- Interdisciplinary Studies
- Language
- Mathematics
- Performing Arts
- Religion & Philosophy
- Science
- Visual Arts...
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As a result, girls are engaged in learning and they feel successful in the classroom. At Purnell, girls are encouraged to try new things and when they do they feel the support of their peers and teachers.

Purnell is a place where one can grow into the woman she is meant to be, find a college that is right for her and learn important values to help her live a meaningful life. Be yourself, explore your strengths, find success, discover Purnell.
Quality Boarding High School Programs for Girls:

- High School Program for girls in Grades 9-12

- Academic subjects include English, History, Math & Science

- Enrichment Self-Discovery Program

- Studio and Performing Arts Program

- Athletics Program
Perkiomen School
Courses / Programs
At Perkiomen, we know that experience is the best teacher, and that the challenges of life can only be solved by digging in, taking part, and pushing through. Our students learn to take calculated risks and to create value wherever they go.

Our close knit, caring, accomplished faculty create a highly participatory learning environment that encourages students to be courageous. Equally impactful is our culture of gratitude and joy. We are all teachers and learners, celebrating differences and supporting each other’s well-being, through everyday tasks and in defining moments.

In this boarding and day environment, we all feel welcomed. Faculty and students engage and develop meaningful mentorships. And, students find lasting friendships in our globally diverse community.

What we learn today must prepare our students for tomorrow. With a strong liberal arts foundation and future-focused innovative education, we prepare our students for college and the challenges of a new economy.
Co-educational Boarding & Day School Program:
- Day Program (Grades 6-12)
- Boarding Program (Grades 6-12)
- Post-Graduate Year
- Challenging college preparatory curriculum
- Advanced Placement courses
- Entrepreneur Institute
- Medical Institute

Core curriculum subjects include:
- English
- Mathematics
- Science
- World Languages
- History