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Latin American art / music classes for kids in NYC

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El Taller, New York:
EL TALLER LATINO AMERICANO (The Latin American Workshop) is a non-profit arts and education organization in New York City. We offer year round art and music workshops for children. El Taller has a 22-year history of being the musical home in New York for musicians from all over the Americas. Our Artistic Director Bernardo Palombo is a composer, performer and impresario who has brought some of the greatest names in American music to El Taller including: Mercedes Sosa, Philip Glass, David Byrne, Leon Gieco and others. At our art classes children can enjoy engaging in different techniques and processes while exploring their own abilities. Different processes that are explored include painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and multimedia projects. Our music classes which take place at our center or your choice of location bring the room to life, with exciting instruments from different countries of South America including learning the instruments, rhythms and dances of the Peruvian coast.

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Year Round Litte Masters Art Classes:
An experiential art class designed to allow children to engage in different techniques and processes while exploring their own abilities and aesthetic. Different processes that will be explored include painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and multimedia projects.

The studio art portion is coupled with an art historical component in which each week an influential artist or art movement will guide us through a variety of techniques to complete a unique and interesting project. This perspective is designed to expose children to the processes and materials utilized by some of thePhoto of Latin American art / music classes for kids in NYC most famous artists throughout history and foster a healthy sense of art appreciation.

Art classes work to build children's creativity and self esteem, facilitate eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity, develop their concentration and enhance their understanding of color, shape and texture. For the older age group we will further observe and learn about the history, culture, and technical aspects of art. Elements of drawing will be introduced including line, shape, value, gesture, pattern, scale, perspective and composition. The projects will develop our awareness and appreciation of different forms of expression and creativity.
Little Masters Summer Art Classes:
Little Masters Art Classes, an arts education program, and El Taller Latino Americano, an arts and education non-profit organization, are pleased to announce Summer Arts. We are teaming up to offer kids ages 2-12 a nurturing environment to play and create together through art, drama, music, movement, and Spanish language activities! Summer Arts offers a 5 day or 3 days a week program for 4-12 year olds. Classes for 2 year olds as well as for 3-4 year olds are also offered.
Art Workshops (at your choice of location):
Fun and exciting art workshops for children.

Puppet Making Classes:
Create puppets, which can be used to play, tell stories or make theater with. Participants will be encouraged to give their puppets specific physical characteristics (red hair, long skinny legs, etc.) and emotions (happy, grumpy, sad). The puppets will be clothed and decorated with yarn, colorful papers, sequins and beads.

Painting and Drawing Workshops:
We have a number of artists who can create painting and drawing workshops for all ages. These workshops can be built around a theme or to complement the educational curriculum. We have also developed family art workshops including parents and children.

Print Making Workshop:
Make prints using Styrofoam and a variety of other materials. This workshop can last between 45 minutes to a half day and is appropriate for children, adolescents and adults.

Recycled Art Workshop:
For something really unique, many of our artists offer workshops using recycled materials to create truly unique art. These workshops can last from 1 hour to 1 day and can be customized to any age from small children to adults.

Music Classes and Workshops (at your choice of location):
Thanks to its large network of musician, artists, dancers and storytellers, El Taller offers a variety of workshops for adults and children, both at our facility and at schools, museums and other organizations. Most of the artists in our network are bilingual so workshops can be offered in English, Spanish or a combination of the two languages. Workshops can also be customized to the school's curriculum or issues in the community.
Afro-Peruvian Music and Dance Classes:
The goal of this workshop is to actively involve the participants in learning the instruments, rhythms and dances of the Peruvian coast. Using guitar, cajon and cajita, participants will learn such rhythms as festejo, lando, marinera and zapateo using their hands, song and dance. This workshop can be adapted to all ages from small children to adults and can last from 1 hour to a half day.

A Musical Journey Through South America - Workshop:
Learn South American geography through its instruments and music. The musicians bring instruments from different countries of South America, including the Charango, Cuatro, Bomba and Mandolin. After demonstrating the instruments to the children and showing where they come from on a map of South America, the children will sing and accompany the musicians on percussion instruments.

Afro-Dominican Dance Workshop:
This colorful and exciting workshop for all ages will teach the diverse rhthyms existing in the Dominican Republic such as merengue, gaga, salve and more.

Cantando, Jugando Workshop:
This workshop features Taller Creative Director Bernardo Palombo who composed many songs for the TV program, Sesame Street. He starts this workshop by showing a video illustrating his songs. Then, he teaches the songs to the children. This workshop is most appropriate for young children, either alone or with their parents.

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Address: Broadway, New York City, New York , USA
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