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Chinese School in Mercer County, NJ

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Yinghua International School, Greater Princeton area:
YingHua International School is is a private day school with a progressive inquiry-based model and English-Chinese language immersion program for preschool (2-years-old) through 8th Grade in the greater Princeton area in Mercer County, NJ. We offer dual language programs within the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum framework. We serve students in grades pre-school through Grade 8 in our full-time and after-school programs.

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Chinese-English Bilingual School for Children in Preschool through 8th Grade:
For our regular school-year program, children of 3- and 4-year olds can choose from full-day (9 am - 3:30 pm) and half-day (9 am - 12:30 pm) schedules.

Children of kindergarten and up are required to attend school 5 full days, with the options of before- and after-school care.

We offer a 10-week Chinese immersion summer camp every year, and daily after-school program is also available. Children are taught Chinese, English, math, science, art, music and P.E.

The IB Program includes the following topics:

Who we are:
Increasing awareness of our personal characteristics and abilities, and those of others, allows our self-identity to develop.

Key conceptPhoto of Chinese School in Mercer County, NJs: form, perspective, reflection Related concepts: identity, relationships

Lines of inquiry
- Physical, social and emotional characteristics
- My role within my family
- Recognizing similarities and differences between myself and others

Where we are in place and time:
Documenting personal histories allows us to reflect on and celebrate who we are and where we’ve come from.

Key concepts: causation, change Related concepts: development (growth), family

Lines of inquiry
- Ways of documenting personal history
- Personal change from birth to present: self and family
- Reflecting on past experience

How we express ourselves
We use play to express our feelings and ideas and in order to come to new understandings.

Key concepts: function, connection, perspective Related concepts: beliefs, representation

Lines of inquiry
- Communicating through play
- Imaginative use of everyday materials
- Games and toys

How the world works:
Reproduction of living things contributes to the continuation of the species.

Key concepts: change, connection Related concepts: cycles, growth

Lines of inquiry
- Reproduction as part of a life cycle
- Reproductive processes
- Genetics and hereditary factors

How we organize ourselves:
Technology impacts on the world of work and leisure.

Key concepts: change, connection, responsibility Related concepts: communication, systems, ethics

Lines of Image of Chinese School in Mercer County, NJinquiry
- Technology and inventions of the home, workplace and leisure
- Circumstances that lead to the development of important inventions and their impact
- How technology supports/impacts sustainability

Sharing the planet
Finding peaceful solutions to conflict leads to a better quality of human life.

Key concepts: causation, perspective, responsibility Related concepts: conflict, diversity, justice.

Lines of inquiry
- Causes of conflict
- Conflict resolution and management
- Living and working together peacefully

Afterschool Program:

The YingHua International School (YHIS) After School Program (ASP) is designed for non-YHIS students who attend schools other than YHIS during the day and wish to receive daily Chinese instruction during after-school hours. ASP runs from 3:30 to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

The program features a one-hour Chinese lesson (usually 4 to 5 pm), individual math tutoring conducted in Chinese, and time for snack, play, and homework assistance.

The daily Chinese lessons are designed to accommodate students with various levels of proficiency in Chinese, from beginner to intermediate level.

We aim for this linguistic and cultural experience to build the student’s confidence in communicating in another language and develop positive cross-cultural attitudes. We teach Mandarin Chinese, simplified form, and Pinyin. This year-long program follows the school calendar of YHIS.

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Address: 25 Laurel Avenue, Kingston, Mercer County, New Jersey 08528, USA
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NEW YORK;   Lyndhurst;   Trenton, NJ;   hamilton NJ;   and more.
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As bilingual research supports, skills acquired in one language transfer to another, allowing our students to learn efficiently, make connections, and approach concepts from multiple angles. Our own assessment results in English and the target language support these findings.
Day School Language Immersion Courses (Spanish / Mandarin)

- Preschool (ages 2-4) Dual-language preschool program with an academic focus.

- Pre K / Kindergarten (ages 4-6) Dual academic Kindergarten program that welcomes capable Pre K students.

- Grades 1-5: Offering an accelerated, inquiry-based curriculum in both English and the target language.

Additional Courses:
- Mommy and Me (ages 1-3)
- Supplemental Program Supplemental (young 2's and 3-5)
- After School Classes
- Summer Camp