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Tech / Computer Camps in Sugar Land / Houston area

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University of Houston Summer Camp:
Are you searching for a quality summer camp in Houston for your child or teenager? The University of Houston provides a range of summer programs for kids and teens, including a computer camp, an engineering / tech camp, and a science camp among others. Delivered in a range of locations in the Houston area (including Katy and Sugar Land), our fun and engaging summer programs are an excellent choice!

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Summer Camps in Houston for Kids & Teens:

• Compu-Camp​​ (ages 10-17)
Ideal for students who want to learn all about programming and applications, this is a high-level program with a focus on hands-on training. Participants with a working knowledge of an operating system like Windows (Unix and Mac users are also welcome!) will leave with a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of computers.

Class size is limited so that each student gets the individual attention they need from our skilled instructors.

Courses include:
- Programming with Visual Basic.NET
- Programming with C++
- Programming in Java with Greenfoot
- Programming with Javascript 
- Smart Phone App Programming: That's you
- Game Design for iPhone/iPad
- Game Design - Your Way
- Game Design using Stencyl 
- The Electrifying World of 3D Game Design
- The Ins and Outs of Raspberry PI
- Genius! Build Your Own Computer 
- Image Design and Editing for that Special Graphics
- Move it! 3D Animation

• Engineering-Camp (ages 6-17)
If your child is interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), this week-long engineering camp may be an ideal solution. Delivered in partnership with Engineering for Kids, this fun and engaging summer program explores a range of engineering disciplines including Civil, Environmental, Biomedical, Chemical, and Aerospace Engineering.

Students learn through interactive design activities and hands-on projects. While there is a focus on project based learning and academics, the social experience is an integral part of the program which creates a summer to remember!

Courses include:

- Engineering Ecosystems
- Engineering Medical Solutions: You’re the Architect
- Engineering Your Own City
- Mission Innovation: Engineering Breakthrough Energy Solutions
- The Human Skeleton: Engineering Bones
- Wreck-it-Week

• Science-Camp (ages 6-14)
Working with American Robotics and Mad Science, we provide a week-long science program ideal for students with a curious nature! Cutting-edge content will lure them into the intriguing world of science, with experiments, scientific games and hands-on projects to familiarize them with up-and-coming science concepts.

Courses include:

- Drones & Droids I
- Drones & Droids II
- Eureka!
- Red Hot Bots
- Robotics Engine-uity
- Robo GoPro
- Robo-Roller Derby
- Secret Agent Lab
- The Chemistry Mystery
- To the Lab and Beyond 

• Language-Camp

The earlier a child starts to learn a new language, the easier they will find it and the more likely they are to speak without an accent. In this fun and engaging camp which is offered in conjunction with the Berlitz organization, kids and teens will have the opportunity to learn Spanish and French.

Our French and Spanish classes are taught by highly-trained, native speaking teachers who are experienced in teaching children.

Courses include:
- ¡Ole! (Spanish I for ages 6-10)
- Una más! (Spanish II for ages 6-10)
- La vida loca! (Spanish for ages 11-15)
- Ooh la la! (French I for ages 6-10)

• Writing-Camp​ (ages 7-18)
Offered in conjunction with the Writers in the Schools organization, this camp is the ideal place for aspiring young writers who are looking to find or develop their voices. Our summer writing courses range from focusing on skills for beginning writers to mastering skills for students who are preparing to enter college.

Courses include:

- Ace the Essay: Writing Personal Statements and College Admissions Essays
- Brave New Worlds: Writing Fantasy & Sci-Fiction
- Finding Wondrous Words
- Inside the Frame
- Magic Mirror
- Make a Book!
- The Confident Writer
- Wired Words

• Summer-Academy​​

Get a head start on the coming academic year! SummerAcademy provides academic courses according to grade level, with small class sizes to ensure maximum gain. You can choose from Pre-AP/AP courses, money management healthcare, or an intensive ACT/SAT prep course to prepare for college.

Courses include:
- Ultimate SAT Prep Course
- Double Trouble: SAT/ACT Combo Prep Course
- The Cutting Edge to Healthcare
- Money, Money, Money -- Camp Millionaire

​• High School Credit Courses​​​​​
Earn credits for High School in the summer! Taught through Trent InternationalE School in Sugar Land TX, this credit program provides high school courses given regularly in most Texas schools and approved by the Texas Education Agency.

Grades are given for each course and may become a part of the student’s overall high school grade point average.

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Address: 1 Main Street, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77004, USA
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Crossing Borders, Houston North Area
Courses / Programs
• Join us in 2024 for our highly-immersive and exciting foreign language summer programs for kids and teens in The Woodlands in the North Houston area.

• Students attend our summer camps from The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Humble, Porter, Kingwood, Atascocita, New Caney, Montgomery County, and surrounding Houston area. 

• Crossing Borders provides quality English and Spanish language summer camps for kids and high school teens ages 4-16 years old, as well as German & French summer camps for kids and teens 9-16 years old.

• Offered during the months of June, July and August, our summer language immersion camps are designed to give children & teenagers a unique opportunity to spend their summer break having fun learning or improving in a second or third language.

• In our Spanish summer camps, children are grouped according to age, level, and language proficiency.

• They learn in full Spanish immersion from one of our native Spanish speakers. They take part in arts & crafts, play games, and learn Spanish in a fun, interactive setting.

• Our programs have very specific goals while creating dynamic, energetic classes with emphasis on the target language by using our immersion strategies.

Student Review:
"I'm finishing my time here, but I don't want to go without first say thanks to you and your team Crossing Borders...Each class that I have attended was excellent. I feel like I have had the best summer months."
- Spanish Student
Language Immersion Camps for Kids & Teens:
Duration: 1-10 weeks in June, July and August 

• Spanish summer camp for young kids (ages 4-12)

• Intensive Spanish summer program for teens (ages 13-16)

• English summer camp for kids (ages 4-12)

• Intensive ESL summer program for teens (ages 13-16)

• French summer camp for kids & teens (ages 8-14)

• German summer camp for kids & teens (ages 8-14)

Also:  Year-round Spanish, German, French and English lessons for children and adults.
Language Kids Summer Camps, Houston
Courses / Programs
Language Kids provides a range of Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese language immersion summer camps for children ages 3-12.

Our innovative camps are held in locations throughout the Greater Houston Area (including Katy, Bellaire, Woodlands, Briarmeadow Charter School, Central Houston, West University, and Southwest Houston).
Language Immersion Summer Camps:
- Designed for children ages 3-12

Languages include:
- Spanish
- French
- Mandarin Chinese

We provide a preschool & a school-age curriculum that will help your child develop language skills this summer while having fun.
International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) - Operation Imagination Summer Camps
Courses / Programs
Located in McAllen, TX, the International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) provides a wide range of STEAM based summer camp programs for children of grades 1-8.

Topics for our unique 4-day summer camp courses include chemistry, creative writing, engineering, robotics, environmental science, and more! Registration fees include scheduled activities, supplies, a camp t-shirt, lunch, an afternoon snack, and exploration time in our exhibit spaces.

Our camps inspire and enrich the lives of children year after year. Campers don’t even realize they are learning because they’re having so much fun! Classes are held Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Before and after care is available at an additional cost.

Camps are divided into three classes by grade level: 1-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each class has a maximum of 25 students. Our experienced Educators guide your child as they discover, create, and learn in Operation Imagination Summer Camps!
Grades 1-2
-Creativity Camp
-Ancient Engineering
-Under the Sea
-Pokemon Trainers
-Winter in July
-Little Lit's
-Jr. Geologists
-Go Green! Art Camp
-Light and Color

Grades 3-5
-Design Camp
-Ancient Egypt
-Into the Deep
-Jedi Training Camp
-Slime Time
-Creative Writing Camp
-Time Travelers Camp
-Eco Engineers
-Mad Scientists

Grades 6-8
-Design Camp
-Around the World
-Creative Writing Camp
-Special FX Camp
-IMAS Slime Fest
-The Element in the Room
-10,000 Meters Deep
-IMAS Inc.
-Time Travelers Camp
Camp Katy Technology Camps, Sugar Land & Clear Lake
Courses / Programs
Camp Katy is a family owned and operated technology day summer camp with multiple locations in Texas for boys and girls ages 5-17. We provide week-long classes in 3D Game Design, Movie Production, Computers, Photography, Lego Mindstorm Robotics and more. Students may register for one, or multiple weeks at a time. Our summer camps are located in Katy, Waller County - Clear Lake, Webster & Houston, Harris County - and Sugar Land, Stafford, Fort Bend County.

We pride ourselves in hiding the learning in our exciting and flexible curriculums. Our instructors are "current". They know how to reach your kids and instruct them in the high tech skills they will need in school and in the future. Camp Katy helps to bridge the technology gap between what your kids learn in school and the skills they will need to be successful.
Week long day technology summer camps for children & teens (ages 5-17):

- 3D Game Design courses
- Movie Production classes
- All About Computers
- Graphic Arts & Web Design
- Professional Digital Photography
- Mobile Apps & Publishing
- Lego Mindstorm Robotics
- Hybrid Camps (combine 3-in-1)
- Junior Campers
ID Tech Camps, Texas
Courses / Programs
iD Tech Camps provides immersive technology summer camp programs for kids and teens in over 80 prestigious universities throughout the USA, including in Texas cities such as Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. These quality summer programs cover a wide range of tech-related subjects including video game design, application development, programming, web design and more. For kids & teens ages 7-17, iD Tech Camps offers weeklong day and overnight camps. In addition, iD Tech Academies offers 2-week long overnight programs for teens ages 13-18.

iD Tech Camps summer programs are designed so that you can register for one or multiple weeks (further camps). Many students choose to sign up for multi-week packages to build on their skills and learn new subjects.

iD Tech Camps offers a variety of cutting-edge summer camp courses for students who are interested in technology and computer science. Kids and teens learn one course topic per week, specializing in video game design, iPhone app development, Flash animation, programming, video editing and more – using the best brand name products from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, Microsoft, and beyond.

“Everything I have experienced at iD Tech Camps was great. The instructors were helpful, accommodating and overall fun people to be around. Best experience I’ve had this summer…”
- Matthew, Student, University of Houston
Summer Tech Camps for Kids & Teens ages 7-18:

iD Tech Camp:
- Weeklong camps for ages 7-17

iD Programming Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

iD Game Design & Development Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

iD Film Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

Accredited Continuing Education Units are available from all iD Academy locations.
Camp Huawni
Courses / Programs
Camp Huawni is a co-educational residential summer camp for boys aged 7 to 15 years and girls aged 7 to 16 years, located in Shelby County in East Texas, between the small towns of Timpson and Center. Started in 1965 and still family-owned / operated today, Camp Huawni offers an overnight summer camp for kids and teens in Texas, with outdoor activities included, as well as sports, adventure and fun.

Camp Huawni has been a safe haven for 47 years where children can be themselves and where lifetime friendships begin. Camp Huawni believes in fun, meaningful relationships, being outdoors, personal growth and tradition. Our smaller setting and 3:1 camper to counselor ratio make us unique and allows us to invest purely in relationships that result in true personal growth.

Camp Huawni has a total of four sessions, including 2 two-week sessions and 2 one-week sessions, and limits each session to 130 campers. Many campers enroll in up to 4 sessions, a total of 6 weeks. Camp Huawni is a Christian-based camp but welcomes children from any faith background.

Located in the scenic pine forests of East Texas, we have enabled generations of campers to experience life-changing summers at Camp Huawni.
Co-educational residential (overnight) summer camp for kids and teens aged 7-16 years:

- Camp Huawni enrolls 130 campers in each of four summer camp sessions, two sessions of 2-week duration and two sessions lasting 1-week.

- The ratio of campers (girls to boys) is approximately 60% to 40%.

- Girls’ camp is located on the south campus and boys’ camp is located on the north campus.

- Our summer camp is based on Christian principles and values modeled by the Camp Huawni staff