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Learn Spanish in Bilbao, Northern Spain

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LINCE Spanish School, Bilbao:
Learn Spanish in Northern Spain with Lince Spanish School. Our Spanish language school in Bilbao is comprised of a team of professionals who work every day to make your stay and your experience in Bilbao unique. We teach students from around the world - from complete beginner to advanced. Our Spanish courses include Intensive Spanish, Business Spanish, DELE exam preparation, and private Spanish lessons. Online Spanish classes via Skype are also available.

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We are four young entrepreneurs, three Spanish teachers and an administrative officer. Opening the doors of this Spanish school in Bilbao means a big step for us in our career: creating a Spanish school which combines the expertise of teachers with new methodological trends in the teaching of Spanish, a school with transparent policies and environmentally friendly. A place with an international atmosphere where you are the most important!

High Quality Spanish Courses:

Photo of Learn Spanish in Bilbao, Northern Spain- Qualified native speaker teachers
Our entire team of teachers is specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners. They have specific training and years of experience.

- Reduced class-groups
Each student is unique and that's why we like the attention to be as personalized as possible, so there is a limit to the number of students per Spanish class.

- Effective Methodology
We use the finest ELE materials and we keep up to date with the latest trends in teaching Spanish.

- Flexibility
We are flexible to adapt our program to fit your needs.

- Unbeatable price/quality ratio offer
Because we all love to buy at the best price.

- Exceptional Location
Before and after school, you will enjoy the picturesque setting of Casco Viejo in Bilbao.

- Comfortable Facilities
We have Wi-Fi throughout the center, screening room and a large student lounge to share a coffee or read a book from our library or just relax.

Spanish Courses in Bilbao:

- Intensive Spanish course
- Business Spanish course
- DELE preparation course
- Private Spanish lessons
- Spanish in-company classes
- Evening Spanish course
- Spanish course for teachers (ELE)
- Advanced courses for Spanish teachers (ELE)
- Spanish courses for school groups
- Spanish classes via Skype

All our courses are carefully designed to meet the needs of different types of students of Spanish and therefore we guarantee that you will learn Spanish step by step, regardless of your previous knowledge of the language.

Alongside your Spanish language course, you will also enjoy, along with other Spanish students, the free cultural activities that we offer every week.  An exceptional way to learn Spanish in Bilbao, in an international environment.

Features of the Spanish Courses:

Image of Learn Spanish in Bilbao, Northern SpainWe provide Spanish courses at 6 levels, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR):

A1 / A2 Basic User
B1 / B2 Independent User
C1 / C2 Proficient User

You will make a level test before starting your Spanish course so that we can assign you to the appropriate group or help you to select the program that's right for you to learn Spanish.

- MethodologyThe main target of our Spanish courses in Bilbao is that, in addition to learning Spanish, students start to communicate in Spanish from the very beginning.

To instill self-confidence, we use the communicative approach, so we work on the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension), but we also pay special attention to interaction.

- Teaching MaterialThe school provides free teaching materials to all the students of the Spanish courses.

This material includes the student book and other additional resources (both physical and digital) which are necessary for the course.

- Qualified & Experienced TeachersAll LINCE Spanish School teachers are professionals in teaching Spanish to foreigners, with specific training and years of experience.

They will help you overcome all the difficulties you will encounter along your Spanish course in Bilbao in order to enjoy learning Spanish with all amenities.

- Flexible Schedules
You may join our Spanish courses every Monday. The schedule depends on the type of course that you will choose.

Free Cultural Activities:

Photos of LINCE Spanish School, BilbaoLINCE Spanish School offers a wide variety of free cultural activities to get the most from your Spanish course experience.

We know that learning Spanish is much more than going to class, and enjoying the free cultural activities with your fellow classmates is a very good way to practice Spanish outside of the classroom and to get to know them. These cultural activities are of all types and are designed for all ages and tastes. 

Our free cultural activities includes: visits to museums such as the famous Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, visits to iconic buildings, walks through historic areas, theatres, visit to natural place, gastronomic activities, school activities and visits to nearby cities such as San Sebastián, Vitoria  and Santander.

Accommodation in Bilbao:

LINCE Spanish School offers you different types of accommodation in Bilbao to make your stay in our city be one hundred percent rewarding.

- Hostels in Bilbao
We work with several high-quality hostels in Bilbao, located in different areas of the city.

Shared apartment in BilbaoYou can have more independence and share your experience with other people from different countries.

Host families in Bilbao
All our host families are of great confidence and put at your disposal everything you need for an unforgettable stay in Bilbao.


Picture of Learn Spanish in Bilbao, Northern SpainBilbao is the capital of the province of Biscay, in the north of Spain, in the autonomous community of Basque Country. With a population of 355,000 inhabitants, it is the most populous city in the Basque Country.

Its climate, which is temperate for most of the year, its mountainous landscape and its proximity to the sea, make Bilbao a friendly and welcoming city for any visitor.

During the last decades, Bilbao has undergone a total urban renewal, becoming the modern and cosmopolitan city it is today. In addition, its high quality of life places Bilbao over the other cities of Spain.

Bilbao also offers a wide range of entertainment and cultural and dining activities. An infinite number of possibilities that make our guests live a unique experience.

Student's Opinions:

"I studied Spanish with Javi for 5 months in 2014. First his enthusiasm stood out in his teaching of the language and his seriousness in class. Javi himself is very happy and open when he socializes with people. I can definitely say that he is a great professor and one of my best friends from Bilbao."
- Y.S (Japanese) 

"Three years ago a friend from Barcelona suggested I go to Bilbao, not only to visit the city, but also to study Spanish there. I met my professor Javi, who turned out to be an excellent professor, for his knowledge of the language along with all the difficulties it brings, as for his humor, pattience and passion in the teaching of Spanish that transmits to all of his students. I really like Spain and its language, and I will surely return to Bilbao, a prescious city, especially to have Spanish classes with Javi, whom I consider not only my professor but also a good friend."
- Eduard Vermeulen (Dutch)

"I studied Spanish with Javi for a period of eight months. As a professor, I have to say, he knew how to combine a special way of learning Spanish with other aspects like the customs, culture, gastronomy and Spanish history. This way I was able to not only understand and improve a foreign language but also get to know an amazing country like Spain, and of course, my dear Bilbao."
- Melanie Möller (German)

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Address: Sto.Domingo de Guzmán 11, bajo, Bilbao, Spain
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Our teachers are all well-qualified Spanish teachers with a good knowledge of English. They work as a team preparing the course material. They take considerable responsibility for various aspects of the school life. They are motivated and interested and this benefits you, the student, directly. During the course at our school, you will experience various different ways of learning Spanish. Some of them will be familiar and others new and challenging. However, you can be sure that every activity has been carefully planned and thought out.
- General Spanish
- Intensive Courses
- Spanish for Special Subjects
- Exams Preparation D.E.L.E.
- Courses for Seniors
- Group and Private Spanish Classes
- We also offer Teachers' Refresher Courses
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Based in Cadiz, southwest Spain, Speak Up Spanish is an online Spanish language tutoring service that offers a wide range of courses to students from anywhere in the world. In our virtual classroom, we offer you different Spanish courses from beginner to advanced levels. With this online method, we guarantee flexibility and the tuition by an experienced native teacher of Spanish.

Speak Up Spanish offers all of the different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1), according to the European Frame of Reference for languages. We also provide a comprehenisve conversation course (B1 and B2) and DELE (Diploma de español como lengua extranjera) Spanish exam preparation.

If you are a beginner student or have some knowledge of Spanish, at Speak Up Spanish you will find an attractive online methodology that will allow you to improve and master the language, so that you will speak Spanish fast.

The Spanish language is spoken by more than 400 million people in more than 20 countries, and nowadays it is gaining importance in European and North American schools.
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- Course B1 / B2 (for students that want to make progress in their Spanish)

- Course C1 (for advanced students)

- B1-B2 Conversation course (for students that want to develop their communicative skills)

- DELE Spanish Exam Prep (all levels from A1 to C1 according to the European Frame of Reference)