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Chinese Medicine Courses in Toronto, Ontario

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The Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TSTCM) is one of the leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) institutions in Ontario, Eastern Canada. We are dedicated to providing first-rate training in Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicine and tuina massage. TSTCM offers comprehensive programs ranging from certificate programs for people who have a strong interest in Chinese medicine, to professional diploma programs for serious students who plan on building a career around TCM.

Diploma, Certificate and Continuing Education Programs:
Photo of Chinese Medicine Courses in Toronto, OntarioMore than ever, people across North America are returning to more natural methods of improving their health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is continually growing in acceptance and practice. It focuses on health promotion, illness prevention and treatment through natural remedies such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and tuina massage. The philosophy and practice of TCM are consistent with the most significant developments in healthcare today:

- An emphasis on prevention.
- The call for natural, non-invasive medical approaches.
- An acknowledgement of the need to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.
- The changing role of the medical practitioner as the facilitator of a patient's health and well-being.

As a result, the demand for qualified health care professionals in complementary or alternative fields of practice is increasing. Acupuncture and TCM are among the fastest growing career choices in health care today.

The study and practice of TCM brings together traditional and modern views of health and eastern and western approaches. It provides an opportunity to participate in one of the truly remarkable achievements of mankind. TCM has served over a quarter of the world's population for thousands of years and repeated clinical tests have proven its effectiveness in fighting many diseases.

Diploma Programs:
Image of Chinese Medicine Courses in Toronto, Ontario
Advanced TCM Diploma:

The study and practice of TCM brings together traditional and modern views of health and eastern and western approaches. It provides an opportunity to participate in one of the truly remarkable achievements of mankind. TCM has served over a quarter of the world's population for thousands of years and repeated clinical tests have proven its effectiveness in fighting many diseases.

Equivalent Standards:
This program is designed according to the standards of the Doctoral Degree program in Oriental Medicine in the United States. It exceeds the requirements for the Doctor of TCM program in British Columbia, Canada.

This program requires a minimum of 4220 hours (including 1340 clinical hours), and takes five academic years full time, four years intensive, or five to eight years part-time to complete.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma:
Chinese herbal medicine takes advantage of the natural properties of medicinal substances to restore and balance the body's energy. For over 5000 years, it has played an important role in preventing disease as well as improving health in general.

Overall Expectations:
After completing this program, the student is expected to have comprehensive knowledge of TCM theory and diagnosis, as well as the practical skills required to safely and effectively administer Chinese herbal treatments.

Equivalent Standards:
Graduates of this program are eligible to write NCCAOM Chinese Herbology licensing exams in the United States and CTCMA Chinese Herbalist licensing exams in British Columbia.

This program requires a minimum of 2260 hours (including 680 clinical hours), and takes three academic years full time or four to six years part-time to complete.

Acupuncture Program:
Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points along energy pathways, called meridians, to prevent and treat a wide range of health problems. It is proven to be safe and effective for a variety of conditions and ailments. The acupuncture needles used at the clinic are all sterile and disposable.

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in treating a wide variety of illnesses and disorders. The demand for acupuncture treatment in Ontario is growing, and will only continue to increase with the oncoming regulation. The health care system in Ontario is currently overburdened due to a lack of physicians, and more and more people are seeking alternative treatments. There has never been a better time to consider a career in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The courses proceed from an introduction of channels to point location, functions and indications, and treatment of disease using acupuncture. The practical course concentrates on the practice of accurate point location, needling methods and precautions. These courses integrate with TCM theory, Herbal Medicine and Tuina Massage, preparing students for the study of TCM Treatments and Clinical Training.

Tuina Massage Program:
Photos of The Toronto School of Traditional Chinese MedicineTuina is a form of therapeutic massage composed of over 20 manipulations and techniques based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It provides excellent results in relaxation, rehabilitation and the promotion of general well-being, and is especially well suited for treating children. Tuina massage also enhances the effect of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Tuina constitutes one of the disciplines in TCM. In addition to the emphasis on acupuncture and herbal medicine, this modality may serve as a complementary remedy in clinical practice for acupuncturists or TCM practitioners, as well as an independent modality in health promotion and in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of conditions for tuina practitioners.

The courses introduce a brief history and the basic manipulations of tuina massage with an emphasis on hands-on practice of the commonly used manipulations, and different manipulation techniques for specific parts of the body

Continued Education- Advanced and Specialized Training in China
These courses are carefully designed and structured to meet the specific needs of our students and other TCM practitioners while maximizing the learning experience in TCM and Chinese culture. Students will study in TCM hospitals where they can observe advanced TCM modalities and the integrated approach of TCM with western medicine for the treatment of a wide range of disease. Students will also learn the treatment of specific conditions and special techniques from experts.

These programs are available to those who are interested and the length of the program may vary depending on the individual situation of the students.

Specialization programs are available in the following areas:
- Acupuncture and moxibustion
- Herbal medicine
- Tuina massage
- Internal medicine
- External medicine
- Cancer
- Endocrine and immune disorders
- Gynecology
- Geriatrics
- Osteo-traumatology and bone setting
- Skin disease

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Address: 2010 Eglinton Avenue. W., Suite 302, Toronto, Ontario , Canada
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