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Accademia Riaci, Florence:
Founded in 1983, Accademia Riaci is an Academy of Art and Design in the heart of Florence, Italy. We offer courses in jewelry design & making, interior design, drawing & painting, graphic design, culinary arts, ceramics, glass art and product design among others to Italian students and international students from around the world. Our courses include professional one-year master courses, two-year basic courses, one-year / semester programs, internship programs, short courses (including intensive options & private lessons available for students with limited time), and summer courses. Our two-year basic courses are taught in Italian only. All other courses are offered in Italian or English.

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Art & Design Courses in Florence:

Basic 2-Year Courses (offered in Italian)

Photo of Art & Design Courses in Florence, ItalyThe basic 2-year courses are designed for students who wish to study art & design subjects but have no basic knowledge of design or training.

The school provides complete training for the two years; the student will master the basic knowledge of designing and techniques.

A diploma will be granted to those who successfully pass the final examination. The language of instruction is Italian.

Courses are offered in the following fields:
- Jewelry (Jewelry Making / Jewelry Design)
- Interior Design (Interior Design / Furniture Design / Interior Coordination)
- Product Design
- Graphic Design
- Painting and Drawing
- Ceramics
- Glass Art

One-Year / Semester Courses (offered in Italian, English or Spanish)
We offer one-year "accelerated courses" for students who desire to complete the two year basic course in one year.

Initially designed for international students, the courses provide a wide range of knowledge and technique even beyond the field of arts. The volume of lessons, volume of subjects and homework will be enough to challenge each student.

The course will provide you the concentrated learning from basic to higher technique and equip each student with a high level of skill. There is certain consideration for the student who has limited knowledge of Italian language.

A diploma will be granted to the student who is passed the final examination. You can choose to study for just one semester if you have limited time. One-year courses are available for the following subjects.

Image of Art & Design Courses in Florence, Italy- Jewelry Making
- Jewelry Design
- Shoe Making – Leather Art
- Shoe Design
- Bag Making – Leather Art
- Bag Design
- Interior Design
- Product Design
- Graphic Design
- Fashion Design
- Fashion Business & Marketing
- Painting and Drawing
- Restoration of Paintings
- Ceramics
- Glass Art
- Furniture Making and Restoration 

Atelier Course:

Students on this course will have the same curriculum as the one-year course with participation in weekly art visits and monthly Art Stage, but without basic art lessons.

Master Courses in Art & Design (offered in Italian, English or Spanish)
One-year or semester study options available

The Master courses are available to students who have completed any of our Basic Courses or One-year Courses; students who have graduated from a four year college or university and studied in the design field, or anyone with sufficient working experience in their chosen field who wants to complete further advanced study. 

In this course, students are expected to learn further advanced art and the highest level of studies. There will be an examination to be qualified to take this course.

The examination includes 12 portfolios. A diploma from Accademia Riaci will be presented to those who pass the final examination. Master courses are available in the following subjects:

Photos of Accademia Riaci, Florence- Jewelry (Jewelry Making / Stone Setting / Jewelry Etching and Brattishing / Jewelry Design)
- Interior Design
- Product Design
- Graphic Design
- Leather Art (Shoe Design / Shoe Making / Bag Design / Bag Making)
- Painting and Drawing
- Restoration of Paintings
- Ceramics
- Glass Art
- Apprenticeship (Fresco Paintings / Painting / Drawing / Restoration of Paintings / Jewelry / Paper Art / Restoration of Furniture / Furniture Making / Woodcarving)
- Professional Interpretation

Masters Courses in Arts & Design Management (offered in Italian, English & Spanish)
One-year or semester study options available

- Arts Management
- Design & Design Management 
- Event Management
- Restaurant Management

Internship Programs:

DPicture of Art & Design Courses in Florence, Italyuration: 6 months / 1 Year / 18 months

In the Internship Program, you study Italian intensively for four months at the beginning of the course so that your linguistic ability improves as much as possible before beginning your work experience.

During this period, you surely acquire an intermediate level of Italian, which is needed for internship. You also learn the technical terms relevant to your chosen internship

- Restaurant Internship
Students can intern in Restaurants, Bars, Pizzerias, Bread plants, Confectionary companies, Dining cafes etc.

- Career Internship:
Opportunities include: Tourist agency, Trading company , Hotel, Pension, School secretary, Teacher of your native language, Sports Gym, Gallery, Farm...

- Specialist Internship:

Internship opportunities in Bag factories, Shoe factories, Design offices, Bottegas (Jewelry, Furniture, Glass, Ceramics, Restoration of painting, Accessories, Candle, etc). 

Art Short Courses (offered in Italian, English or Spanish)
Study for 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 / 24 weeks 

With both standard and intensive study options available, these courses are open to students of all levels of experience with a passion for art and design.

You can choose from the following list of majors:
Ceramics; Fashion; Glass Art; Graphic Design; Jewelry Making; Interior Design; Leather Art (Shoe Design, Shoe Making (minimum of 4 weeks), Bag Making, Bag Design); Painting / Drawing; Restoration of Paintings

For all short courses, we offer an intensive option, as well as private lessons, so that students with limited time can maximize their learning experience.

Summer Art Short Courses (offered in Italian, English or 
Study for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 weeks

Images of Accademia Riaci, FlorenceOur summer courses are intensive courses that allow students from around the world to learn Italian Arts in Florence. 

Private lessons are also available. Students of all levels of experience are welcome to attend - from beginners to experienced, professional artists.

You can choose from the following list of majors:

Architectural Design; Art History; Bag Design; Bag Making; Book Binding; Ceramics; Costume Making; Drawing; Editorial Design; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing & Fashion Business; Furniture Decoration; Furniture Design; Furniture Restoration; Glass Art; Graphic Design; Illustration; Interior Coordination; Interior Design; Jewelry Making; Jewelry Design; Leather Accessory; Leather Book Binding; Painting; Photography; Product Design; Restoration of Paintings; Sewing; Shoe Design.

You can also choose to study Italian language or English language.

If you attend for 2 weeks or more, you may have the opportunity to earn college credit.

Winter / Christmas Courses:
Study for 1-5 weeks. All courses are taught in English or with an English interpreter.

Choose from the following subjects:
Painting; Art History; Jewelry Making; Jewelry Design; Shoe Making; Shoe Design; Bag Making; Bag Design; Glass Art; Interior Design; Christmas Italian Home Cooking; Italian Language

Additional Programs Offered:
- Spring Jewelry Making Course: Study for 8 days, 2 weeks or 3 weeks- Italian Language Courses
- English Language Courses

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