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International Art & Design School in Italy

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Accademia Riaci, Florence:
Established in 1983, Accademia Riaci has been dedicated to providing students with exceptional cultural and educational experience abroad. The school is located in the historic city center of Florence, Italy, a few steps from the “Duomo” (Florence Cathedral). We specialize in giving professional hands-on training in several artistic fields, and we customize the programs according to the preferences, needs and levels of each student. Our arts, crafts and design courses include professional Master programs, One-Year and Semester programs, Summer Intensive programs, and Short programs. All courses are taught with free English interpretation service.

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Arts, Crafts & Design Courses in Florence:

Photo of International Art & Design School in Italy• One-Year Course
• Semester Course
• Master Course
• Art Short Course
• Summer Intensive Course
• Christmas Course
• Internship Programs

Subjects include:
• Bag Making (leathercraft)
• Bag Design
• Shoe Making (leather-craft)
• Shoe Design
• Jewelry Making
• Jewelry Design
• Graphic Design / Illustration
• Painting & Drawing
• Restoration of Paintings
• Ceramics
• Glass Art
• Fashion Design & Business
• Textile Design...

Teaching Philosophy:
Accademia Riaci was founded by leading Italian jewelry artisan and sculptor, Maestro Raymond Riachi.

His mission was to teach a blend of classical and modern techniques to young artists and challenge them to fully develop their artistic potential, creativity, and originality.

The student-teacher ratio is kept small (max. 8 students per professor) to value each student's originality and learning styles.

We provide tailored, hands-on instruction & extensive career development along with training for effective presentation skills and our graduates achieve professional goals in each field in the world.

Why Choose Accademia Riaci?

Image of International Art & Design School in Italy
•  International Students Welcome:
We welcome international students from around the world, with many of our courses available with English or Spanish interpretation. The diverse background of our students creates a rich multicultural community that promotes the exchange of ideas and viewpoints. 

•  Individual Attention:
At Accademia Riaci, we focus not only on teaching traditional styles and techniques, but on guiding each of our students to develop their own artistic abilities. You are encouraged to refine your techniques and develop your creativity.

•  Outstanding & Professional Tutors
Our experienced and dedicated faculty are leaders in their respective fields. They are united in their mission to inspire the next generation of artists with their artistic knowledge and unique tradition.

•  Small Classes:  
Due to respect for diversity of learning styles and artistic potentials, the academy limits its classroom ratio to approximately 8 students per professor.

•  Classics to Ultramodern Techniques: 
Contrary to the recent trends of mass production, at Accademia Riaci we believe in quality rather than quantity. This is why our students hone their design skills and techniques in a wide range of traditional and classical arts, and well as in modern design fields, through numerous hours of practical, hands-on training in their major of choice.

•  Tailored Instruction:  
Just as Leonardo Da Vinci taught his assistants, our lessons are conducted in close relationship with each student, taking their ability and personality into account, challenging both beginners and experienced professionals.

History of Accademia Riaci:

Photos of Accademia Riaci, Florence• Since the Renaissance, a proud heritage of art and traditional craftsmanship flourished in Tuscany, and especially in Florence.

• It was the workshops and studios of these craftsmen that were the major driving power that helped Florence to truly flourish as Italy’s artistic capital of the era. The craftsmen, together with the merchants, achieved glory and great fortune.

• Accademia Riaci was founded by Maestro Raymond Riachi in 1983. In order to fulfill his life long mission as a Maestro, he wished to create a school that not only taught his artistic techniques, but also inspired young artists with the lively spirit and atmosphere of the Renaissance.

• Accademia Riaci is a treasure box of traditional art and its irreplaceable techniques. Our teaching contains techniques unknown to any other school, and the academy strives to nurture and develop the imagination and fantasy in every single student.

• From our beginnings as a small art studio, today the same passion is shared by a spectacular team of professional teachers representing the best Italian artists in Florence. 

• Our student body has represented countries from all over the world, who wish to pursue their art in the fields of Design, Crafts, Fine Arts, Language Arts, and Art History, never failing to inspire them.


Picture of International Art & Design School in Italy• Located in the heart of the picturesque, pastoral scenery of Tuscany, the city of Florence has enchanted travelers since ancient times. 

• Steeped in history and culture, Florence is full of art galleries, museums, and numerous cultural legacies. Visitors may experience the illusion of wandering into a segment of history, as the ambience of Florence's past and present seem fused together.

• Accademia Riaci is conveniently located in the center of the old city, just a three minute walk from the Firenze railroad station. We are situated between the famous Duomo and Church of St. Lorenzo.

• At the weekends, you can enjoy the beautiful coastlines and mountains, or hike the gentle hills that stretch through vineyards and olive trees. There are excellent travel links to other Italian cities, such as Rome, Milan, Siena, and Pisa.


Images of Accademia Riaci, Florence• Accademia Riaci can provide "Student Flats" (shared apartments) for students staying in Florence for up to three months. 

• Located either within walking distance or a 10-15 minute bus ride away from our campus, these flats come with one or several rooms per apartment.

• Flats and one room may be shared by students of the same gender, or reserved for a single student. The apartments may come with or without a host family. 

• Other accommodation options are available for students enrolled in a longer course (basic, one-year, master courses). You may choose to stay in a single apartment, residential hotel, or homestay.

Student Testimonials:

•  "The teachers are excellent, very knowledgable, and very devoted. I had a great stay and learned a lot. My skills definitely grew and I will apply them in the future. I spent my free time in culture events in and around Florence."
Svenne, Netherlands (Bag Making short course)

•  "The teacher helped me to learn, and the teaching technique was very effective. At Accademia Riaci, I have learned different skills and techniques that I never knew before.

I also enjoyed shopping in the beautiful city of Florence. Studying at Accademia Riaci was very nice, and enlightening as I got to meet people from different parts of the world."

Asafa, Nigeria (Shoe Making short course)

•  "I came to the course not knowing anything about shoe design and shoe making and learnt so much from the teachers who were all highly experienced in their respective fields.

Within a short period of time, I have been able to sketch, and make prototypes of my designs. The small groups also allow individual attention by the teachers. The design component, in particular, was extremely effective as it was a one on one lesson."

Mashizan, Singapore (Shoe Making short course)

•  "The teacher helped me cross some personal barriers I had that would not let me get further as an artist. I consider my painting and drawing instructor to be a great teacher.

Not only my skills improved but also my knowledge and understanding of color composition, mixing, texture, brush strokes, art in general. The Accademia Riaci’s staff was always very nice and willing to help in whatever they could."
Valeria, USA (Painting short course)

•  "Mi sono trovata molto bene. L’insegnamento è stato veramente efficace e dettagliato nei minimi dettagli. Ora, grazie alle nuove conoscenze acquisite mi sento più sicura anche in ambito lavorativo, riuscendo a spiegare ai miei clienti in modo tecnico i prodotti in vendita. Tutto lo staff è davvero cordiale e gentile."
Francesca, Italy (Shoe Design short course)

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