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Centennial College:
Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, offers more than 100 degree, diploma, and certificate programs on a full- and part-time basis in a wide range of academic fields that include Business, Communication, Digital Design, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Transportation among many others. Students may also prepare for college and university through the general arts and science programs, English language training, and a variety of other short programs. Centennial has a record of exemplary teaching, innovative programming, and extensive partnerships with employers. Our programs provide college and university graduates with up-to-the-minute skills demanded by employers.

Degree, Diploma & Certificate Programs:
Photo of Degree, Diploma & Certificate Courses in Toronto, ON
School of Advancement:

Certificate Programs:
- ACE (Academic & Career Enterance) 
- English Language Learning  
- General Arts and Science – Arts Program 
- General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes  
- General Arts and Science – Introductory Science Program  
- Literacy and Basic Skills    
- Pre-Health  

Diploma Programs:
- General Arts and Science – Arts Program  
- General Arts and Science – Science Program  

School of Business:

Certificate Programs:
- Contact Centre Operations    
- Office Administration – General      
- Court Support Services      
- Financial Services Fundamentals     
- Pre-Business           
- Accounting Clerk - Microcomputer   
- Financial and Client Services     

Graduate Certificate Programs:
- Paralegal           
- Payroll Management       
- Financial Fraud Investigation   
- Financial Planning     
- Global Business Management           
- Human Resources Management     
- International Business Management      
- International Development         
- Logistics Management    
- Marketing - Research & Analytics     
- Marketing- Sales and Account Management      
- Project Management          
- Project Management           
- Strategic Management           
- Strategic Management – Accounting     

Diploma Programs:
- Business           
- Business - Aboriginal Stream           
- Business - Accounting           
- Business - Finance           
- Business - International Business           
- Business – Marketing           
- Business – Operations           
- Law Clerk   
- Office Administration – Executive           
- Office Administration – Legal           
- Office Administration – Medical   

Advanced Diploma Programs:
- Business Administration        
- Business Administration - Accounting           
- Business Administration - Accounting ( )         
- Business Administration - Accounting (Aboriginal Stream)           
- Business Administration - Accounting (Co-op)           
- Business Administration - Business Operations Management           
- Business Administration - Business Operations Management (Co-op)           
- Business Administration - Entrepreneurship           
- Business Administration - Entrepreneurship (Co-op)           
- Business Administration – Human Resources           
- Business Administration – Human Resources (Co-op)           
- Business Administration – International Business           
- Business Administration – International Business (Co-op)           
- Business Administration – Marketing           
- Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op)           
- Business Administration (Co-op)

School of Communication, Media and Design:

Certificate Programs:
- Communications and Media Foundations          
- Advertising - Account Management        
- Advertising – Media Management        
- Art and Design Foundation Studies          
- Book and Magazine Publishing          
- Book and Magazine Publishing        
- Corporate Communications and Public Relations          
- Sports Journalism   
- Interactive Digital Media        
- Corporate Communications and Public Relations          
- Entertainment and Media Systems Design          
- Children’s Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management        

Diploma Programs:
- Advertising and Marketing Communications Management  
- Broadcasting and Film           
- Digital Animation        
- Fine Arts Studio          
- Game Art and Design         
- Graphic Design – Media           
- Journalism           
- Journalism (Fast-Track)           
- Music Industry Arts and Performance 

School of Community and Health Studies:

Bachelor Degree Program:
- Nursing (BScN) Bachelor Degree 

Certificate Programs:
- Bridging to University Nursing - IEN           
- Community and Child Studies Foundations          
- Food Service Worker   
- Health Foundations          
- Early Childhood Assistant          
- Personal Support Worker          
- Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training          
- RPN Bridging to University Nursing           
- RPN Bridging to University Nursing - Flexible           
- Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion    

Diploma Programs:
- Child and Youth Worker          
- Community and Justice Services          
- Community Development Work          
- Developmental Services Worker          
- Early Childhood Education         
- Esthetician          
- Fitness and Health Promotion          
- Food and Nutrition Management          
- Healthcare Environmental Services Management          
- Massage Therapy          
- Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant          
- Paramedic          
- Pharmacy Technician          
- Police Foundations          
- Recreation and Leisure Services          
- Social Service Worker          
- Practical Nursing          
- Practical Nursing (Flexible)          
- Practical Nursing Bridging Program for Internationally-Educated Nurses 

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science:

Bachelor Degree Programs:
- Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Bridging to Software Systems Design    
- Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Computer and Communication Networks    
- Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Software Systems Design 

Diploma Programs:
- Architectural Technician          
- Architectural Technology          
- Architectural Technology (Co-op)          
- Architectural Technology (Fast Track)          
- Architectural Technology (Fast TrackCo-op)          
- Biomedical Engineering Technology          
- Biomedical Engineering Technology (Co-op Fast Track)          
- Biomedical Engineering Technology (Co-op)          
- Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast Track)          
- Biotechnology Technician – Industrial Microbiology          
- Biotechnology Technician – Industrial Microbiology (Fast Track)          
- Biotechnology Technologist – Industrial Microbiology          
- Biotechnology Technologist – Industrial Microbiology (Co-op)          
- Biotechnology Technologist – Industrial Microbiology (Fast Track)          
- Biotechnology Technologist – Industrial Microbiology (Fast TrackCo-op)          
- Computer Systems Technician – Networking          
- Computer Systems Technician – Networking (Fast Track)          
- Computer Systems Technology – Networking          
- Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Co-op Fast Track)          
- Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Co-op)          
- Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Fast Track)          
- Electrical Engineering Technician          
- Electrician: Construction and Maintenance - Electrical Engineering Technician          
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automation and Robotics          
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician – Automation and Robotics (Fast Track)          
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics          
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics (Fast Track)          
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics (Fast TrackPTY)          
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics (PTY)          
- Electronics Engineering Technician          
- Electronics Engineering Technician (Fast Track)          
- Electronics Engineering Technology          
- Electronics Engineering Technology (Co-op Fast Track)          
- Electronics Engineering Technology (Co-op)          
- Electronics Engineering Technology (Fast Track)          
- Energy Systems Engineering Technician          
- Energy Systems Engineering Technician (Fast Track)          
- Energy Systems Engineering Technology          
- Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Fast Track)          
- Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Fast Track-PTY)          
- Energy Systems Engineering Technology (PTY)          
- Environmental Technician          
- Environmental Technician (Fast Track)          
- Environmental Technology          
- Environmental Technology (Co-op)          
- Environmental Technology (Fast Track)          
- Environmental Technology (Fast Track Co-op)          
- Food Science Technology          
- Food Science Technology (Fast Track)          
- Health Informatics Technology          
- Health Informatics Technology (Co-op)          
- Health Informatics Technology (Fast Track)          
- Health Informatics Technology (Fast Track, Co-op)          
- Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician          
- Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design          
- Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design (Fast Track)          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (Fast Track)          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (Fast Track PTY)          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design (PTY)          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Fast Track)          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Fast Track PTY)          
- Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (PTY)          
- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic - Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician          
- Software Engineering Technician          
- Software Engineering Technician (Fast Track)          
- Software Engineering Technology          
- Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming          
- Software Engineering Technology - Interactive Gaming (Fast Track - Co-op)          
- Software Engineering Technology - Interactive Gaming (Fast Track)          
- Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming (Co-op)          
- Software Engineering Technology (Co-op)          
- Software Engineering Technology (Fast Track)          
- Software Engineering Technology (Fast Track, Co-op)          

Certificate Programs:
- Computer Repair and Maintenance          
- Construction Management          
- Electrician, Construction Maintenance    
- Medical Laboratory Technician          
- Medical Robotics and Automation          
- Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic     
- Technology Foundations (ABES)          
- Technology Foundations (AMAT)          
- Technology Foundations (ICET)

School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture:

Certificate Programs:
- Baking- Commercial Bakeries          
- Hospitality Foundations          
- Food Processing and Packaging          
- Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management          
- Hospitality Services         
- Culinary Skills - Chef Training          
- Culture and Heritage Site Management          
- Event Management – Festival and Conference          
- Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management          

Diploma Programs:
- Baking and Pastry Arts Management          
- Culinary Management- International          
- Hospitality Management – Hotel and Resort          
- Hospitality Management – Restaurant and Catering     
- Tourism and Travel        
- Tourism Management – Cultural and Heritage Tourism    
- Hospitality and Tourism Administration
School of Transportation:

Certificate Programs:
- Auto Body Repair Techniques          
- Auto Body Repairer    
- Automotive Painter     
- Automotive Service Technician     
- Automotive Service Technician Ford Company of Canada Limited Asset       
- Automotive Service Technician General Motors of Canada ASEP      
- Automotive Service Technician Honda AHAP MAP     
- Automotive Service Technician Pre-Apprenticeship        
- Automotive Service Technician Toyota       
- Motorcycle and Powersports Product Repair Techniques          
- Motorcycle Technician     
- Parts Technician      
- Professional Pilot Training     
- Transmission Technician     
- Truck and Coach Pre-Apprenticeship        
- Truck and Coach Technician – Freightliner         
- Truck and Coach Technician – MACKVOLVO MAP         
- Truck and Coach Technician ATS MAP    

Diploma Programs:
- (Automotive) Motive Power Technician – Administration          
- (Automotive) Motive Power Technician – Technical          
- Automotive Service Technician Canadian Tire MAP           
- Automotive Service Technician Co-op Apprenticeship (Partnered with Chrysler Canada Inc)          
- Automotive Service Technician Co-op  Apprenticeship (Partnered with TADA)          
- Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance          
- Aviation Technician – Avionics Maintenance          
- Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Co-op Apprenticeship)          
- Truck and Coach Technician (Co-op Apprenticeship)

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Address: M1K 5E9, Toronto, Ontario , Canada
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Jamaica;   Beirut, Lebanon;   Cape town, South Africa;   kuala lumpur, Malaysia;   Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands;   Tabriz/Eastern Azarbaijan, Iran;   santo domingo, Dominican Republic;   Democratic Republic of congo, South Africa;   Beirut/Chweifet-khaldeh- new dawha, Lebanon;   doha, Qatar;   and more.
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National Personal Training Institute, Toronto
Courses / Programs
Conveniently situated in Mississauga and serving the Greater Toronto Area, National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) is a leading personal trainer school. We provide an innovative and comprehensive Personal Fitness Trainer diploma program taught by experienced and qualified instructors. It will provide you with the specialized knowledge and skills you need for a successful and rewarding career as a Personal Trainer. You can complete this course in as little as six months, or attend class each Saturday for a year. Day, evening, and weekend class are available.

At NPTI, we are committed to providing a high standard of education for our aspiring fitness professionals. Our curriculum is geared to the needs of today’s health-minded people. Our modern facility has the latest exercise equipment and learning materials for an effective and comfortable learning environment. We emphasize hands-on, practical training, and offer FREE ongoing consultation with nutritionists and fitness experts. Free job placement assistance is also available for all our graduates.

Student Testimonial:
"I believe that this personal training course has given me the confidence and knowledge base to be a great personal trainer. The staff is top notch, very approachable whenever I had questions and supportive in their advice. The practical aspect of this course is without a doubt the biggest asset. No other program offers it...Don't hesitate to take your personal training course with NPTI."
- Steve, NPTI Graduate
- Personal Fitness Training Program:
500-hour comprehensive program that can be completed in 6 months (5 hours a day, 4 days a week) or over the course of 1 year (8 hours every Saturday).

Training includes 300 hours of classroom instruction plus 200 hours supervised, hands-on gym time. You will also have a practical internship with 6 months of hands-on experience in a fitness facility with a personal trainer.
Taylor Electronic Designs, Toronto
Courses / Programs
With more than 40 years experience in electronics, Taylor Electronic Designs provides training and courses in electronics for both the professional and novice at our studio in Toronto ON.

We provide a complete electronics facility in a modern hi-tech center located in Toronto. Instruction and supervision is provided by an experienced electronics technologist.

For the inventor, we provide assistance in the production of the prototype. For the hobbyist and student; we provide instruction in hands on electronics and the construction of projects. Tutoring in the field of electronics is also provided for students enrolled in college and university courses.
General Electronics Training Courses:
- Basic Hobbyist Electronics Course
- Hands-on Electronics Course
- Basic Electronics Course

Half-Day Courses
- Hand Soldering
- Using a Bread Board to Build a Circuit
- Using Light Emitting Diodes (LED's)
- Using Test Equipment

Advanced Courses:
- Audio Amplifiers
- Power Supplies
Discovery Community College, BC
Courses / Programs
Discovery Community College is a professional private college in British Columbia with multiple locations on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, including Campbell River, Courtenay, Nanaimo, Parksville and Maple Ridge.

We offer a range of Diploma courses in fields such as Trades, Web Development, Healthcare and Business, in addition to interactive online programs in a wide variety of subjects. Our programs are efficiently designed to equip our graduates with all the knowledge and experience they need to achieve their career goals in short periods of time.

We live up to our name here at Discovery Community College. Our professional faculty works with you to help you discover your potential and develop skills to succeed in today’s job market. Our objectives are to encourage the individual learning needs of each student, and to offer hands-on education, utilizing the latest technology.

As part of our goal to offer the best hands-on training to our students, Discovery Community College has formed alliances with numerous distinguished community partners. We are also registered with and fully accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC, since 1996.
Diploma & Certificate Programs:

- Residential Construction Programs

Web Development
- Advanced Commercial Web Development Diploma Program

- Health Care Assistant
- Community Support Worker
- Practical Nurse (LPN)
- Dental Assistant Level II
- Medical Dental Office Management

- Accounting and Finance Certificate
- Computer Business Applications
- Medical Dental Accounting Admin Diploma
- Office Administration Certificate
CDI College, Montreal campus
Courses / Programs
Established in 1969, CDI College is one of Canada's leading career training institutes offering a wide range of diploma and certification programs in the fields of business, health care and technology.

CDI College campus locations in Quebec include Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, Pointe-Claire and Longueuil. We also have colleges throughout Ontario, BC, Alberta and Manitoba. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

At our Montreal campus, we offer both day and evening diploma and certificate programs to allow you to schedule your study around the demands of your busy life.

We keep our class sizes small, which ensures more personal attention for you. All courses are taught by practitioner-instructors who combine years of industry experience with excellent instructional abilities.

Our courses combine classroom-based theory with practical application so that students complete their education with the most current skills and abilities required in both the local and national job markets. In Montreal, CDI College is accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport (MELS).

Note: CDI College only accepts inquiries here from persons living in Canada at present.
Career Diploma & Certification Programs:

- Financial Management

- Dental Assistance

- Graphic Design

- Network & Internet Security Specialist

- Programmer Analyst / Internet Solutions Developer
Southern Interior Flight Centre
Courses / Programs
Southern Interior Flight Centre (SIFC) is a Canadian aviation training school in Kelowna in southern British Columbia, approximately 270 km north-east of Vancouver. Southern Interior Flight Centre provides safe, effective, 'real world' aviation training, while setting high standards to ensure the integrity of the school and its graduates is maintained throughout the aviation industry.

Our pilot licence and rating programs are exciting opportunities for you to chase your dreams and become a member of the elite flying community. Industry-experienced leadership and instruction ensure you not only learn the basics, but also the 'Real World' of aviation.

Our graduates are flying around the globe. We offer everything from the recreational pilot permit and private pilot license to the all-inclusive commercial aviation diploma, in conjunction with Okanagan College. Our programs are well respected and supported by key figures in the aviation industry. Many of our courses are supplied or augmented by aviation companies, employers and industry pilots.

Students have to be 14 years before they can practice on their own, and 16 before the final private pilot licence can be issued.
Aviation training programs:

- Commercial Aviation diploma program (2-years): For men & women who are interested in pursuing a career in aviation

- Recreational Pilot Permit program

- Private Pilot Licence program

- Commercial Pilot Licence program

- Multi Engine Rating program

- Instrument Rating (IFR) program

- Night Rating program

- VFR Over-The-Top Rating (VFR OTT) program

- Instructor Rating program
Academy of Learning - Ottawa
Courses / Programs
Academy of Learning is Canada’s largest network of career colleges, with locations across the country. Our Ottawa campus offers full and part-time career and business diploma and certificate programs in Health Care, Business and Computer Training. Academy of Learning programs are designed around your needs and are available to Canadian, US and International Students. Time and time again, our job placement assistance and high student pass ratio confirms that we have a proven formula for success. Academy of Learning empowers you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace and set your own schedule.

We’ve shifted the focus from teaching and put it where it belongs, on learning. Recognizing that every person is an individual, our exclusive Integrated Learning System is effective enough and flexible enough to fit your particular learning needs.
Certificate & Diploma Programs (full & part-time):

- Accounting
- Applied Arts
- Business
- Customer Service
- Healthcare
- Home Inspection
- Hospitality
- Services
- Information Technology
- Insurance
- Office Administration
- Web Design