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Southern Interior Flight Centre:
Southern Interior Flight Centre (SIFC) is a Canadian aviation training school in Kelowna in southern British Columbia, approximately 270 km north-east of Vancouver. Southern Interior Flight Centre provides safe, effective, 'real world' aviation training, while setting high standards to ensure the integrity of the school and its graduates is maintained throughout the aviation industry. Our pilot licence and rating programs are exciting opportunities for you to chase your dreams and become a member of the elite flying community. Industry-experienced leadership and instruction ensure you not only learn the basics, but also the 'Real World' of aviation. Students have to be 14 years before they can practice on their own, and 16 before the final private pilot licence can be issued.

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Aviation Training Programs:

Southern Interior Flight Centre's programs are well respected and supported by key figures in the aviation industry. Our program advisory committee helps steer the training towards the needs of both the pilot and the industry. Many of our courses are supplied or augmented by aviation companies, employers and industry pilots.

- Commercial Aviation Diploma Program (2-Years)
This diploma program is for men & women who are interested in pursuing a career in aviation. The program provides students with business experience along with the aviation training required by Transport Canada. You graduate with an Okanagan College Aviation Diploma, which is backed by essential business knowledge, as well as a Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine IFR Rating, completed IATRA exam and well-prepared for the ATPL Exams. 

Most major airlines in Canada and around the globe require a diploma or a degree for consideration of employment opportunities. Pilots are the face of the airline and are ultimately in charge of their own sub-business each time they walk aboard their aircraft. In partnership with Okanagan College, SIFC has created a business-backed aviation diploma which provides the required aviation training, as well as business knowledge essential in today's aviation industry.

Program Curriculum:
 The Commercial Aviation diploma program consists of two distinct and separate areas of study - flight training and business studies. The business portion is completed at Okanagan College and normally consists of three business courses per semester for a total of 12 courses over two-years. Notwithstanding general policies of Okanagan College, the business and elective courses must be completed while concurrently enrolled in the Flight Portion of the Commercial Aviation program.

The flight-training portion taken with Southern Interior Flight Centre (1993) Ltd. consists of Transport Canada prescribed flight training, theory and exams.The Commercial Aviation Diploma Program includes the Commercial Pilot Licence, VFR Over-The-Top, Night Rating, Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, IATRA and preparation for the Airline Transport Rating Exams. Upon graduation, students will be ready to tackle the aviation industry head-on.

Career Opportunities:  Graduates of the Commercial Aviation Diploma are prepared for careers as pilots with charter companies, regional carriers and private corporations as well as additional job opportunities with major airline companies. We are currently experiencing a 100% job placement and recently, our grads have been hired by the following companies: WestJet; Kelowna Flightcraft; Air Canada; Purolator Courier Ltd. and DHL.

- Recreational Pilot Permit Program:
The Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) is designed for people who want to complete their training in the shortest timeframe in order to fly small aircraft with a maximum of one passenger. The RPP differs from the Private Pilot Licence in that it is only a permit, not a licence. As such, there are some very specific limitations:

The permit only allows for flying single-engine aircraft with up to four seats, but only with one passenger on board at any given time. The permit holder is also restricted to flying during daylight hours and only in Canada, not the United States or anywhere else. As it is only a permit, you can not add any ratings to it (night, VFR-OTT, Multi Engine, IFR). There is also no requirement for ground school and the flight test does not have as many items on it. Transport Canada has said they may allow credit for some RPP time towards a Private Pilot Licence if you decide to carry on, but it is done on a case-by-case basis without any guarantees.

- Private Pilot Licence Program
The Private Pilot Licence is the perfect solution for people who want to be able to rent or own an aircraft to take friends and family flying. Southern Interior Flight Centre's Private Pilot Licence is an exciting opportunity for you to obtain a Private Pilot Licence on you own schedule.

If you are confined for time, or need to stretch out your training for financial reasons, this is the right program for you. This is also the first step for those starting their Self-Paced Commercial Licence or Commercial Aviation Diploma Program, as a Private Pilot Licence is a prerequisite.

Summer Camp:  We also offer an accelerated Private Pilot Licence Summer Camp to obtain your Licence in approximately two months

- Commercial Pilot Licence Program
The Commercial Pilot Licence builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot training, and allows you to fly for hire or reward (pay) while you work as a pilot. The Commercial Pilot Licence is also a prerequisite of the Flight Instructor Rating.

Our self-paced Commercial Pilot Licence program allows you to attend our evening ground school classes and you can fit the flight and simulator training to your own schedule. Our Commercial Aviation Diploma program combines the CPL, Multi, IFR and prepares you for additional exams required by larger air operations.

- Multi Engine Rating Program:
The Multi Engine Rating builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot training, and allows you to fly a multi engine aircraft. It is also a prerequisite for the Multi Engine Instrument Rating. You can start at any time. We provide guided self-study to meet the requirements of the rating, or you can have one of our instructors tutor you as necessary. The flight and simulator training is done in conjunction with your schedule.

- Instrument Rating (IFR) Program:
The Instrument Rating (or IFR) builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot training, and allows you to fly an aircraft under Instrument Meteorological Conditions - IMC - (in or above the clouds, or in reduced visibility). You can start at any time. We provide guided self-study to meet the requirements of the rating, or you can have one of our instructors tutor you as necessary. The flight and simulator training is done in conjunction with your schedule.

- Night Rating Program:
The Night Rating builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot training, and allows you to fly an aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) at night.

- VFR Over-The-Top Rating (VFR OTT) Program:
The VFR Over-The-Top Rating (VFR OTT) builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot training, and allows you to fly an aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) above the clouds! If you can meet the weather, skill and equipment requirements, the CFR OTT Rating is a great way to keep flying when others are stuck on the ground.

- Instructor Rating Program
The Instructor Rating is a great way to start your piloting career, or give back the knowledge you have gained in the industry. If you are just beginning your career, the Instructor Rating is an excellent way to build flight time and contacts for your network. While instructing can be very challenging, there is gratification in making successful pilots out of your students.

At Southern Interior Flight Centre, our many instructors provide you with the edge to make you the best instructor you can be. Many of our commercial pilots start as flight instructors, build hours and go on to fly with major airlines. 

International Students:
We are highly experienced in providing training to international students from around the world. Switzerland, India, China, Japan, France, Germany and the United States are a few of the world regions who have recently used our training expertise to train successful pilots.

SIFC provides aviation language training aimed at completion of the Transport Canada Language Proficiency exam. We do not provide basic ESL training.

ESL Training:  For English language training, SIFC can refer you to various programs at Okanagan College or through other providers in the Kelowna area.

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Address: 6191 Kelowna Airport Way, V1V 2S2, Kelowna, BC , Canada
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