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Chestnut Education Group:
Chestnut Education Group are an innovative corporate training and short course provider in the UK. With locations in London, Cambridge, Oxford, and more, we specialise in offering programmes that are scalable to your needs, flexible to your schedule and affordable for your budget. The group is owned by four industry veterans who aim to revolutionise the corporate training landscape by blending engaging course content, digital learning and networking opportunities.

Flagship Courses from CEG:

- English for Graduate Students (Inclusive of research methods and assignment writing workshops) – 1 week

Advanced Professional English for Financial Executives - This course is ideal for experienced finance professionals who wish to improve their business and professional English skills in a commercial context in the shortest possible time).
1 week
English for Negotiations and Contracts  - This one-week course aims to educate delegates with the effective words and phrases used in negotiating and help learn how to build relationships for effective negotiations.
1 week

Advanced Professional English For Financial And Investment Executives - This course is ideal for experienced finance professionals who wish to improve their business and professional English skills in a commercial context in the shortest possible time.
1 week

 - Advanced Professional English for Health Care Executives  - 
English for Health Care Executives is a practical course for anyone who works in health and social care and who does not speak English as their first language, but needs to develop their communication skills and knowledge.
1 week

- Advanced Professional English for Oil and Gas Executives - This course addresses language and communication related to a range of activities within the oil, gas and energy industry such as the processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing products.
1 week

English for Hospitality Management Executives - From a teaching point of view the emphasis is firmly on functional language – giving information, making recommendations, dealing with problems and so on – and on creating a realistic situational practice where language functions can be demonstrated and developed alongside basic service-oriented performance.
1 week

English Courses: 

- Junior Winter School - The course aims to improve accuracy and fluency of spoken English, grammar skills and increase vocabulary skills to communicate in English more effectively.
1-4 weeks

- General English -  It aims to improve accuracy and fluency of spoken English, grammar skills and increase vocabulary skills to communicate in English more effectively. 1 week

- Junior Summer School
- These classes are designed to be interactive, educational and fun to appeal to 10 to 15 age groups. With a maximum of 15 students per class, you will enjoy learning through exercises focusing on speaking and listening.
1-8 weeks
Executive English - This Executive English corporate training course aims to offer business English training to executives and international managers of all levels who compete in today’s international markets and need the global currency – English.
1 week

Business and Management Corporate Training Programmes: 

- Strategic Management - 
This Strategic Management corporate training course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge on how to devise and execute strategies to ensure the realisation of organisation’s vision and goals.
1 week

The masterclass in Business Administration - This training course on Business Administration is most suited for Senior Managers or those who are stepping up to a senior managerial position and require an overview of key business functions and how to align them to the external environments.
1 week

Advanced Strategic Management - This Advanced Strategic Management corporate training course coaches delegates to create, manage and implement strategy effectively and efficiently to achieve an organisation’s vision.
1 week 

Advanced Masterclass in Business Administration - This in-depth and highly engaging course caters for the serious learners who wish to become the best managers they can be.
3 weeks

Corporate Risk Management - During this one-week of the programme, participants will learn about identifying corporate risks, protecting key assets, implementing effective corporate risk management techniques and building an effective risk management plan.
1 week

Formulating Corporate Strategy -  By the end of this dynamic training course, delegates will be able to devise credible and comprehensive answers to these questions. 
1 week

 - Corporate Governance - This engaging five-day corporate training course will pull together some of the common themes around corporate governance and draw lessons from the many recent examples. It will look at the need for the checks and balances in company structures.
1 week

Strategic Information Technology - This intensive corporate training course on Strategic Information Technology is designed for board members and senior executives who do not work in the Information Technology (IT) sector.
1 week

Advanced Strategic Information Technology - This training course on Advanced Strategic Information Technology has been popular with senior executives and management responsible for the IT strategy of the organization, because of the industry experience and insight of the trainers.
1 week

Oil & Gas - Business Environment - This training course gives senior management and executives, the opportunity to explore the business environment, industry skills, challenges, strategic considerations and specific issues of the Oil and Gas sector.
1 week

 - Oil & Gas – Finance - This one week Oil & Gas Finance training course covers key financial concepts including budgeting, financial analysis, financial modelling, treasury management, risk management, corporate governance, scenario planning and cash flow management.
1 week

 - Oil & Gas - Business Environment and Finance - This training course tailored for senior international executives and management covers key topics such as budgeting, financial analysis, treasury management, risk management, scenario planning, corporate governance and financial modelling in the oil and gas sector.
2 weeks

 - Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Exploration - This four-day training course provides a depth, clarity and a broad understanding of the upstream Oil and Gas exploration and production industry, presented in non-technical terms, such that it is relevant to industry-insiders, as well as to those outside, or just entering, the industry.
 4 days

Introduction to Process Safety - The course educates delegates on how to apply a simple model for analysing process safety incidents and elements of modern process safety management system. 
4 days

 - Upstream Oil & Gas Development Lifecycle Costing - This engaging four-day course provides a holistic view of cost forecasting for delegates to understand “where the money goes” in the Oil and Gas sector.
4 days

Oil & Gas - Contract Management - This one-week course on Oil and Gas contract management aims to develop an in-depth understanding of all phases of contracting and how to manage contractual relationships in the oil and gas sector. 
1 week

Internal Controls for Financial Institutions - This course provides delegates with depth, clarity and a broad understanding on key risk management, internal control concepts and application of main industry frameworks and standards that influence internal controls.
1 week

Advanced Reporting and Budgeting - This engaging 2-week course is ideal for delegates to refresh knowledge on methods and techniques in financial strategy and decision-making or for non-financial managers who are working in positions that require financial literacy.
2 weeks

Advanced Financial Analysis - Learn the art of calculating and interpreting key financial information to develop effective business funding policies and manage financial risk through this engaging corporate training course.
2 weeks

Corporate Finance - This one-week course is popular amongst Managers and Executives who are involved in strategic and financial planning for their organisations.
1 week

Financial Development for Non-Financial Managers - The Financial Development for Non-Financial Managers training course is most suited for managers and executives for whom finance is not a significant part of their responsibility, but who will benefit from understanding it in more depth.
2 weeks

Core Sales Skills - Level 1 - In our one-week dynamic training programme, sales managers and executives will have their skills refreshed and developed for successful selling.
1 week

Advanced Corporate Social Responsibility - This training course will analyse what Corporate Social Responsibility actually means and how it can impact corporate behaviour across a range of contexts including environmental impact, supply chain management, employee welfare, health and safety and community relations.
1 week

Advanced Sales Skills -During the two weeks of the programme, participants will learn proven methods to grow their businesses, improve market position and grow industry market share.
2 weeks

Strategic Public Relations Management - Our two-week Strategic Public Relations Management course covers a broad range of topics to equip participants with a solid foundation in Public Relations.
1 week

- Public Relations Management - This training course provides a thorough grounding of new public relations techniques and latest trends for PR Managers to stay abreast and be effective operators.
1 week

 - Senior Secretaries and Personal Assistants' Programme - This one-week course supports delegates to become more confident and competent in a range of secretarial and personal/executive assistant skills.
1 week

Advanced Dynamic Office Management & Administration - Develop your administrative and interpersonal skills to facilitate the smooth running of an office through this engaging two-week course. It aims to develop specific organisational skills such as arranging meetings, minute-taking, and travel/event management and interpersonal skills which help to ensure cohesiveness between work colleagues.
2 weeks

Cyber Security and Cultural Courses: 

- Cross-Cultural Business Communication - This highly focused training programme will give you a solid introduction to cross-cultural business communication and will cover topics such as communication channels and techniques that are best (and which are not), approaches to decision making, the perception of time, reasoning styles, plus a whole load of top tips, practical knowledge and real business scenarios.
2 days

Online Guide Against Hacking - This course is ideal for those who wish to obtain a basic understanding of cybersecurity within a short period of time.
2 days

Diploma In Cyber Security Management And Operations - This course prepares managers and executives to understand how to put in place resilient, lawful and highly practical protections to safeguard their IT infrastructure.
20 weeks

Cyber Security - This course will equip delegates with a thorough understanding of modern information and system protection technology and techniques.
2 days

Functional Behaviour Assessment - This interactive two-day course allows delegates to obtain knowledge on different types of behaviour, the impact of change on behaviour and methods of channelling productive behaviour.
2 days

Inter-Cultural Intelligence - This course on intercultural intelligence equips delegates with much-needed skills to communicate, negotiate and work with people from different cultures and ethnicities.
2 days

Leadership and Management Programmes:

 - ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management - If you're currently working in or seeking a first line management position, the ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management Certificate will enhance your career prospects by demonstrating to employers that you've got the skills, knowledge and expert training needed to be a strong and effective leader.
5 days

ILM Level 4 Leadership and Management - The Level 4 in Leadership and Management are designed for new and aspiring middle managers.
5 days

ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management -  The course will help you to develop your skills, improve your performance and prepare for senior management responsibilities.
5 days 

ILM Level 6 Leadership and Management - This qualification is designed for senior managers who are new in their roles, or middle managers who are preparing for promotion.
5 days

ILM Level 7 Leadership and Management - The programme is designed for senior managers and leaders who want to develop themselves as leaders and managers, who recognise they have to satisfy various stakeholders and also want to invest in their own personal brand.
5 days

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Address: 17 Spring Street, London, W2 3RF, UK / GB
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