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Learn Portuguese - Brazil Language Immersion

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Step1 Idiomas, Florianópolis:
At Step1 Idiomas Florianópolis we believe that language is a result of human interaction. More than any other area, language acquisition depends on natural learning situations.

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Photo of Learn Portuguese - Brazil Language ImmersionThe goal of our methodology is to make you comfortable using your new language in the practical situations that you encounter in everyday life, for example: travel, conducting business, meeting people, using the telephone, meetings, participating in a conversation effectively, etc. With our communicative and dynamic approach, you will rapidly find yourself speaking in Portuguese.

Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar is very important—we teach it in a very practical and interactive way, instead of the usual tedious, boring, and repetitive approaches. You will speak the language, not analyze it. The key to learning a new language is communication. Because communication includes reading and writing, they are included throughout our programs.


Although the teacher is an authority on grammar and compared linguistics, he/she acts primarily as a facilitator in communicative activities, always focusing on the learner's interests. Our teachers are all Brazilian native speakers of Portuguese with college degrees in the teaching of languages.


Group Portuguese Courses; One-to-One Portuguese Courses; Executive Portuguese Courses.


Step1 is a very special school for learning Portuguese. I was lucky enough to stumble on to it through the Internet. It was actually the second school I have attended in Brazil, each for a period of 6 weeks, so I have some grounds for comparison. The success of a learning experience depends on several factors. Your own motivation, the quality of your instructors and the day-to-day living environment. Since all of us who embark on learning Portuguese in Brazil are of course motivated, it is the other factors that contribute to the degree of our success. Being a former college professor teaching has been my life. I found the teacher at Step1 enthusiastic, and intelligent. The mode of instruction is similar to having a talented friend with amazing patience working closely with you. The school itself is located in Florianópolis, a beautiful tourist and college city that is safe, clean, and modern. There really isn't any comparison between the two schools I attended – Step1 is superior in every aspect.
Charles McDonald


It is highly important to us that the students are satisfied in their accommodation, whether in host families, private studio apartments or hotels.

The school has an accommodation coordinator that is here to ensure that the students are happy at all times. Host families, apartments and hotels are carefully selected by our staff. It is our aim that our students are placed only in families in which previous students have been happy.


You like to play sports or dance? If you want to keep busy and have additional hours of Portuguese learning immersion, there are many activities that can be done on the island. This is a great way to spend more time practicing your Portuguese with native Brazilians. Our school will assist you in giving information about interesting activities and put you in touch with people who offer the services you are looking for.

Every Brazilian rhythm is represented in the dance schools of Florianópolis. Learn samba, forró, axé, ballroom dance, tango and many others.

Diving is a sport that has grown in popularity over the years. Nowadays there are quite a few good schools operating in the north of the island. You don’t need to have any prior experience to start diving. Your instructors will show you the way. Don’t miss snorkeling in Campeche island.

With dozens of hiking trails, Florianópolis is literally a hiker’s paradise. From time to time, the school organizes excursions to the most important trails of the island. A great way to exercise and practice Portuguese at the same time.

Martial Arts:
Every major martial art is represented in the gyms of Florianópolis; from Kung Fu to Karate and Jiu Jitsu, everything is at your disposal. Come train with some of the greatest athletes in the country.

On any windy day you’ll see dozens of windsurfers practicing at their playground: Lagoa da Conceição. Florianópolis is home to some of the most important Brazilian windsurfing contests and is the perfect place for you to begin this fabulous sport.

Capoeira is a type of dance (it resembles martial arts, but in reality it’s an African dance). It was brought to Brazil more than 400 years ago by African slaves. Since then it has evolved and become so popular that it’s found in the most remote corners of the country. Capoeira represents Brazil and its history. In Florianópolis there are groups that meet regularly to practice on weekends.

In Florianópolis we have simply the best biking path of the south of Brazil. It spreads alongside Beira-Mar Avenue, going from the Federal University to Hercílio Luz Bridge. What a great way to move around town and enjoy some fresh air. Renting bycicles is easy here.

When the wind is proper, there are paragliders flying over Lagoa hill and at Praia Mole. Whether you want to learn or just go for a double flight, you should definitely try this adventure while you’re here. The sights you see from up in the sky are unbeatable!

Like swimming? Don’t worry. There are many swimming pools all over town. Locals love to swim; it’s no wonder this sport is known for being the healthiest of all sports.


Image of Learn Portuguese - Brazil Language ImmersionMany years before man existed, paradise was here already. It is now called Florianópolis and still maintains the same fascination that fullfiled its first inhabitants and visitors.

According to the UN, the almost 300,000 people that live in Florianópolis have the best quality of life in the country. In Florianópolis, all the facilities of a cosmopolitan city and the peculiarities of a provincial town live in harmony. Many trails leading to isolated communities can only be reached by foot or by boat, as contrasted with highway SC401. Indifferent to the rigors of modern life and to the contrasts of the city, many just want to enjoy the natural beauties of this island with more than 40 beaches.

In the summer, Florianópolis is transformed by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of tourists. The population almost triples during this season. During the 1998 season almost half a million tourists arrived on the island—63.5% from other parts of Brazil, and 36.5% from abroad. Among the Brazilian tourists, 43& were from Rio Grande do Sul state (“gaúchos”), 20% from São Paulo state (“paulistas”), 15% from Paraná state (“paranaenses”), and 7.5% were from Rio de Janeiro state (“cariocas”). Regarding visitors from abroad, the tourists from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile comprise 84.5% of the foreigners visiting the island.

The city of Florianópolis occupies part of the island and an area of the continent. In the city there is one car for every three inhabitants, as well as a variety of other facilities and services that provide for all needs. It is possible to arrive or leave the island by car, airplane, or boat. By car, bus, or truck one can reach the island only by crossing the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, and leave by crossing the Colombo Salles Bridge. The Hercílio Luz Bridge, often called the “postcard of the city,” has been closed to traffic since 1991. The sea is explored by fishermen and navigators and by private tourism companies. Planes cross the sky, landing and taking off from the International Hercílio Luz Airport, 12 kilometers from downtown.

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BridgeBrazil, Rio de Janeiro
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Our school is conveniently located in the business center of Rio, with easy access via public transportation to any place in the city. The brand new facilities offer comfortably furnished and well-equipped classrooms with DVD players & TVs. Students also have access to phone and fax services, as well as e-mail & free Internet. The central location allows students to leave for a walk after class to the historical center of the city. Our location is also great for "Live Portuguese" classes. In these classes, students carry out everyday tasks in Portuguese.
Immersion (8 hours of individual instruction per day), Group classes (4-6hrs/day with 4 students), Group + (regular Group class with 2 hrs of private classes in the afternoon. Guided excursions to different points of interest in Rio de Janeiro with one of our teachers. Homestay programs are available.
Falamos Portugues - language lessons on Skype
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Located in Lisbon, Portugal, Falamos Portugues is a Portuguese language school providing quality online Portuguese lessons via Skype to students around the world. We teach Portuguese to students of all levels - from total beginner to advanced. We are flexible and are happy to tailor a course to meet your needs.

Raquel Fernandes founded 'Falamos Portugues' to offer students the possibility of learning Portuguese in a natural and creative way. Raquel has a Post Grad in teaching Portuguese as a Second Language and a BA (Hons) in Portuguese and English Language and Literature.

For several years, she has been teaching people from various countries, feeding their curiosity and inspiring them to discover and understand more of the Portuguese language and way of life.

Perhaps you need to learn Portuguese for professional purposes; or you have come to live in Portugal, or you simply want to learn Portuguese for pleasure.

Whatever your motivation, you will develop an interest and appreciation of the Portuguese language and culture through our online classes!
Online Portuguese Lessons

- All levels - one-to-one tuition:

Study options include:
• Standard Portuguese lessons

• Portuguese conversation classes

• Preparation for exams of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (CAPLE Certificates)

• Refresher course for Portuguese immigrants
Carioca Languages, Rio de Janeiro
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Carioca is the Portuguese school for you!! Located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carioca Languages is a Portuguese language school specialized in teaching Portuguese to foreigners. We teach students of all ages, levels and nationalities. Our classes are dynamic, efficient and didactic.

We believe that culture is also an important and fun aspect of language. We are well-versed in Brazilian traditions, as well as up-to-date with the latest Carioca trends and activities! We seek, therefore, not only to teach our students to speak the language, but also to insert them into the rich cultural life of Cidade Maravilhosa!

We aim to provide full support for teaching the student to learn Portuguese as best as possible. Our teachers are highly-skilled university graduates, with degrees in Portuguese Language and experienced in teaching to non-native speakers. We have our own teaching material, with handouts, audios and videos. Our students are well-supported to achieve their language goals.
- Intensive Portuguese classes for groups of 3-7 students of basic, intermediate & advanced levels
- Private / Semi-private Portuguese lessons
- Portuguese Conversation classes
- CELPE-BRAS/ Vestibular exam preparation classes
- Portuguese for Business
- Preparation for job interviews, presentations and lectures in Portuguese
- Portuguese formal writing
Dialogo Language School, Salvador
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Diálogo situated in Salvador is one of the first schools in Brazil that offers study abroad programs for students from all over the world. At Diálogo, you will receive the best of 18 years of experience in teaching Portuguese language and Brazilian Culture.

The school also prepares students for CELPE-Bras and is recognized by the Bahian University FIB, offering university credits. Your Brazilian adventure just started! Choose between group and one-to-one classes and enjoy all the extra activities the school offers!
Private Portuguese Lessons; Group Portuguese Classes; Preparation Course for CELPE-Bras.
The Language Academy (TLA), Flórida
Courses / Programs
• A Language Academy em Fort Lauderdale, Flórida é líder de mercado no ensino do Inglês para estudantes internacionais e para executivos. A atenção personalizada e a qualidade do ensino são as nossas maiores prioridades.

• Pela eficiência do nosso material e da nossa ativa programação social, com atividades e excursões, estamos certos que você aproveitará o máximo a sua estadia em Fort Lauderdale e aprenderá Inglês muito rapidamente.

• Nossas turmas são pequenas e cuidadosamente niveladas. Em um "Executive Course" (Curso para Executivos) o número máximo de alunos é de 5 e em uma aula de "General English" (Inglês Geral) há no máximo 14 alunos. Esta regra é valida para todos os cursos diários.

• Todos os cursos anunciados são multinacionais e o Inglês e sempre o único meio de comunicação com os professores e com os outros alunos.

• Há um programa especial de estudo para cada nível e nosso sistema de avaliação possibilita a sua mudança para um nível superior quando você estiver pronto.

• Existem seis níveis em cada curso: Principiante; Elementar; Pré Intermediário; Intermediário; Intermediário superior; Avançado.
• Programa de inglês intensivo

• Preparacao para o exame de Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC & TKT

• TOEFL preparacao para o teste – Teste de Ingles como Lingua Estrangeira

• TOEIC preparacao para o teste – Teste de Ingles para Comunicacao Internacional

• IELTS preparacao para o teste

• Cursos de inglês negócio (Curso para executivos)

• Curso de verao de inglês para adolescentes
Caminhos Language Centre, Rio de Janeiro
Courses / Programs
Learn Brazilian Portuguese just four blocks from the famous Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, close to Copacabana!

Caminhos Language Centre is the largest and most exciting Portuguese language school in Brazil. You will learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese in an effective, dynamic and fun way.

We offer you a diverse learning curriculum and cultural immersion in Rio de Janeiro. Small group classes facilitate student-teacher interaction.

You can come to school wearing your shorts and flip flops! Ipanema is famous for its bustling social scene, great restaurants, cafés and shops. Ipanema’s metro station, is five minutes walk from the language school.

At the school we offer free Wi-Fi, coffee and filtered water. Many students head to the beach straight after class. Our free beach volleyball on Mondays is very popular.
Brazilian Portuguese Language Classes:

- Beginner to Advanced levels

- Portuguese Group Courses

- Private Portuguese Classes

- Portuguese Celpe-Bras Preparation

- FLAS & Scholarships

- Student Visa Options

- Accomodation Options (including Homestay)

- Volunteer Opportunities