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Japanese Courses in Fukuoka, Japan

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Japanese School Asahi Nihongo:
Our wonderful school Asahi Nihongo Language School situated in Fukuoka City is highly acclaimed for its top of the class teaching expertise.

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Philosophy and Mission:

Photo of Japanese Courses in Fukuoka, JapanWe measure our success by the progress and happiness of our students. Our mission is to provide the highest quality Japanese language courses in combination with internships, activities and home stay to help our students achieve a greater knowledge, understanding and appreciation for Japan and its culture.
The Japanese language, culture and customs are intertwined. We aim to fully immerse our students in these cornerstones of Japan in a way they would not be able to experience without coming to Japan.

We give students the ability and opportunity to truly discover and enjoy Japan. We do this by assisting and nurturing our students with their life in Japan. This includes Japanese language courses, internships, cultural activities and accommodation. In every Asahi Nihongo student we hope to develop enthusiasm, motivation, confidence and a lifelong love to Japan, Japanese culture and Japanese language.

Our programs were developed by our staff and teachers with the student needs always in our heart and mind.

We provide:
- Certified native Japanese teachers
- High academic standards with the use of standardized testing and text books
- Small-sized groups with individualized attention
- Valuable activities, free tutorials, internships, events and cultural experiences
- Free - Our unique J-Tandem language exchange program that puts you in contact with Japanese people who study English and German at our partner school
- An environment where Japanese comes alive - a big lobby, self-study rooms, internet corner, coffee corner etc.
- A friendly atmosphere based on self-fulfilment and achieving goals.

We believe that each student is a unique individual with a variety of talents, interests and learning needs. Every student will be given the support and guidance they need to reach their maximum potential, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.


We teach using the "communicative approach", and 90% of the lesson is taught in Japanese. The focus is on communication skills - learning to speak and understand Japanese.

You learn a language by communicating in it in an enjoyable and engaging way. We believe the students share of a student-teacher dialogue should be around 70%. The student improves his/her speaking skills by practicing as much as possible.

At basic course levels explanations can be given in foreign languages and the textbooks we use have translations and grammatical notes available in a range of foreign languages.

This approach may sound daunting, but it has been proven over and over again to be the best way to learn a language. Don't worry - our teachers are there to guide you all the way through your learning experience.

Overall you will find this approach challenging, but enjoyable and very rewarding and your confidence will quickly build up.


Standard Japanese Courses; Intensive Japanese Courses; Private Japanese Lessons; Test Preparation Courses;

Our teachers:

Image of Japanese Courses in Fukuoka, JapanThe Asahi-Nihongo team always push themselves to the limit, and we do our best to help our students at all times. An important philosophy in Japan is "Kaizen". It is often translated as "continuous improvement". Our teachers hold weekly meetings and always strive to improve themselves and our courses in order to give our students the best service in the business. We also have non-Japanese teachers, who teach English and German. They also help to develop the Japanese courses by giving feedback and suggestions.
Our teachers are respected members of the Japanese society. If you study here you will sense how serious and ambitious they are. They have interesting hobbies like Karate, Surfing, Tea Ceremony, Kimono fitting and so on.

Our teachers and other staff love their job, our students and our school. They are serious about providing a high quality service. You will find them to be serious, but at the same time delightful to meet, talk to and learn from foreigners. They will become true mentors for your Japanese study and your life in Japan.


We assist our students in finding accommodation during their stay in Japan and are offering the following types of accommodation:
* Home Stay with Japanese family
* Flat Share with Japanese host
* Dormitory
* Weekly Mansion

Cultural Activities:

Photos of Japanese School Asahi NihongoWe also offer special cultural activities to help our students experience the unique Japanese culture to its fullest.

Tea Ceremony :
An introduction to ancient Japanese traditions. Invented in Edo period, the unique and precise rituals of the tea ceremony are still a great experience both for foreigners and native Japanese, even in modern Japan.

Kyushu Tours:
Learn more about Japanese culture and history by visiting famous historical sites, temples, castles and cities that still keep the spirit of ancient Japan.

Fukuoka Tours:
Several sightseeing tours to help you learn more about fascinating and unique Fukuoka - the largest city in western Japan that for centuries has been a gateway to other Asian countries.

Take a brush and try your hand in the fascinating
art of East Asian calligraphy.

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Address: Chuo-ku, 2-9-30 Daimyo, Fukuoka, Japan
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Established in Tokyo in 1986 to help foreign business-related people who want to acquire Japanese as communication tool, ARC Academy in Osaka in central Japan offers classes that simulate the kind of language students can expect to encounter in everyday and business situations as well as improve usage proficiency with real life conversation based practice.

At ARC Academy we provide the most appropriate curriculum for students taught by teachers who have had the best possible training. It is time to think about communication on a global basis. It is necessary for us to have relationships with people who come from different cultures, and to respect each other. We hope each student gains valuable experience through communicating with students gathering from over 30 countries.
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With strong knowledge and experience in Asian countries, we are committed to support our students for a smooth learning and traveling experience. From pre-departure information and travel assistance, quality language classes, exciting activities & trips, to a safe and comfort living, we work hard to make our students' experience as meaningful and pleasant as possible.
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Our professional teachers will teach all aspects of Japanese, reading, writing, speaking and listening. From the basic writing forms of hiragana and katakana to the more complex kanji (Chinese characters) at a pace that suits you.

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