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Japanese Language School in Fukuoka City, Japan

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Image of Japanese School Asahi Nihongo Japanese School Asahi Nihongo:
Japanese Language and Business, Internships and Marine Sports

Asahi Nihongo's students can enjoy the use of spacious classrooms, an internet corner, self study rooms and a comfortable reception area for meeting and making new friends from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 21:00. The school is easily accessible by wheelchair. Asahi Nihongo is also the place to come to find a rewarding internship in Japan. This school can introduce you to a Japanese company for a very fulfilling work experience. Asahi Nihongo is the only school in Fukuoka that offers this valuable service. We also specialize in marine sports and offer the most exciting ways to enjoy your study. Learn Japanese while also learning to dive, surf, sail, ski or whatever takes your fancy.

We are also authorised to offer German educational holidays!

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Japanese Language School in Fukuoka City, Japan We think it is important for new students, when choosing a school to know what kind of students are already enrolled. We can proudly assure you that our students are all awesome. They are very serious about studying Japanese and some of them have already studied in other schools. So they know, what a good school looks like. The backgrounds of our students are remarkable. They are pilots, flight attendants and programmers from Lufthansa or doctors, business people, translators, manga fanatics and a lot of university students. As you can see in our photo gallery they know how to enjoy Japan.


Image of Japanese School Asahi Nihongo Internships in Japan

Choose between longterm, shortterm or trial-internship and initiate your personal and professional growth.

Our service
• placement of longterm, shortterm or trial-internships in Fukuoka, e.g. at a non-profit-organization, publishing company, hotel and catering business, shrine, language school, import -/ export- or service company, retail trade etc.
• support with visa application
• individual mentoring during your stay
• placement of accomodation in a home stay family or room share appartment
• optional: language course, recreational activities, accomodation and transfer

Call us or write an e-mail – we will be happy to advise you!


Photos of Japanese School Asahi Nihongo Our Teachers

Come and study with the best team in Fukuoka. They always push them selves to the limit. They hold weekly meetings and always strive to improve. Furthermore we have non-Japanese teachers, who teach English and German. They also help to develop the Japanese courses by giving feedback and recommendations. Our teachers are respected members of the Japanese society. If you study here you will feel, how serious and ambitious they are. They have interessting hobbys like Karate, Surfing, Tea ceremony, Kimonos and so on.

School / Office Address: Chuo-ku, 2-9-30 Daimyo
Email: Contact Us


Directions / Instructions:

7 minute walk north from Tenjin in the Showa Street on the left side towards Akasaka.

Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2023-03-06 were from:

UK / GB; Penang, Malaysia; Abidjan cocody deux plateaux, Cote d'Ivoire; and more.
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We give you assignments every day to review what you learnt to ensure that your Japanese improves, step by step. We encourage our students to make an effort to learn Japanese in an interactive way. For example, enrolling in higher education, working in Japan, trying to read Manga and Japanese Newspapers, watching films in Japanese, etc.

Japan Tokyo International School is accredited by the Immigration Bureau, and approved by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.
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You will be given a placement test to determine your appropriate class (beginner / intermediate / advanced). Each course is designed to provide the necessary proficiency in all aspects of "reading" "writing" "listening" and "speaking" in the Japanese language. Strengthen the skills necessary to enter and obtain an education at a Japanese university.
Genki Japanese & Culture School
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Genki Japanese & Culture School (GenkiJACS) was created to be one of the first Japanese Schools in Japan teaching communicative Japanese for everyday life, rather than academic Japanese for higher education. All aspects of our schools in Fukuoka and Tokyo are organized around this central philosophy.

We run multiple programs and events to help our students make friends with Japanese people, and that is why our classes are by far the smallest of any accredited Japanese Language school in Japan.

We adopt our lessons to the needs of each student, while keeping them practical and interesting, to give you the skills and confidence for success.

Classes involve real-world situations, guest instructors, field trips and more, and the small size of our schools means you will have plenty of time to talk with the teachers both inside and outside of class.
Intensive Japanese Language Courses:

1) Standard Japanese
2) Japanese+Conversation - Adding five group lessons per week focusing on specialized communicative Japanese.
3) Japanese+Traditional Culture - Gives you an opportunity to learn about the culture.
4) Japanese+Pop Culture - Combines fun visits to local pop culture hotspots. Study though manga, anime and music.
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6) Visa Course (1 year)
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