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Study Spanish Abroad in Santander, Spain

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Delta Language School, Santander:
Delta Language School founded in 1980 is a well established Spanish language school, open all year round. Delta Language School is situated in the centre of Santander, Cantabria situated on the north coast of Spain, 40 miles west of Bilbao, between Asturias and the Basque Country. It is a fully accredited school with the reputation of providing a blend of high-level language instruction, a friendly atmosphere and a wide range of services. Our teachers are all well-qualified Spanish teachers with a good knowledge of English. They work as a team preparing the course material. They take considerable responsibility for various aspects of the school life. They are motivated and interested and this benefits you, the student, directly. During the course at our school, you will experience various different ways of learning Spanish. Some of them will be familiar and others new and challenging. However, you can be sure that every activity has been carefully planned and thought out.

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Why Santander is the best choice for learning Spanish::

Photo of Study Spanish Abroad in Santander, Spain* Accent: It is important to study in a city were the local dialect is clearly spoken and as Santander is located in Castillia, progress can be made more rapidly. In fact Santander is the port of Castillia: The only costal city in Spain located in Castillia.
* Location: The city has beautiful surroundings, with mild weather all year round. As a coastal city, Santander enjoys warm winters and very pleasant summers. Culture: Santander has an active cultural calendar all year round. Its premier venue is the Palacio de Festivales concert hall, which overlooks the bay and surrounding mountains.
The International Festival in the summer brings first-class orchestras, operas, theatre companies and popular artists from around the world. The numerous performances in the parks and at the beaches are easily available to everyone (and they are free!)
* Because Cantabria has an extraordinary artistic heritage: medieval art and architecture, artistic routes medieval and picturesques villages, prehistoric art...
* Because of its magnificent leisure options:
• Water sports, golf, winter sports, mountain hiking.
• Vibrant nightlife.
• Superb local cuisine.
• Plentiful shopping opportunities from open air markets to high quality specialist shops.


Our aim at Delta Language School is to always put our students first and to satisfy their wishes and needs.We aim to ahieve a balance between hard work and a relaxed atmosphere.

We use the most up-to-date teaching material and also a selection of real materials, such as brochures, magazines, and newspapers, specifically, chosen by teachers for each class. In our Self-Study Centre, students have access to a wide variety of other materials to help them practice their reading, listening and pronunciation, as well as their writing, grammar and vocabulary. Teachers are available for individual advice and guidance. One to one lessons are also offered.


- General Spanish
- Intensive Courses
- Spanish for Special Subjects
- Exams Preparation D.E.L.E.
- Courses for Seniors
- Group and Private Spanish Classes
- We also offer Teachers' Refresher Courses


We recommend that our students stay with selected Spanish families in order to experience as much of the "Spanish lifestyle" as possible. Sharing in a family's daily routine, offers an excellent way to be directly exposed to Spanish culture as well as the Spanish language.

Our programme provides a great way to become a little Spanish and to make lifelong family connections. Hotel and Guest-house arrangements are possible at any of Santander' s fine establishments.

Santander :

Let there be no doubt that this vibrant city, situated on Spain's lush Green Coast, is your best choice for learning Spanish. Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region, lies surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes. There are more than thirty public parks, four big museums, a fabulous Cathedral and many open stretches of sandy beaches, which are distinguished by the Blue Flag of the European Community owing to their pristine condition. The history of the city and its 200,000 inhabitants is closely connected to the sea. This friendly city is situated in a privileged natural environment.

Image of Study Spanish Abroad in Santander, Spain In the Liebana region, the Picos de Europa, which are prominent from the city, are rich in Geography, History, Poetry and Art. They are an impressive range of mountains that bring together permanent examples of natural beauty, religious faith, knightly exploits, cinematographic scenery and traditional songs and dances.

The universally recognised Altamira Caves are famous throughout the world as the site of the most outstanding examples of Quaternary cave art and declared by the UNESCO as part of mankind's heritage. The colourful images, scenes of bison and deer, have been preserved since the Prehistoric Age. The sea is a wonderful part of Cantabria, due to the incomparable beauty of its coast and the universal prestige the region enjoys as an area of recreation and tourism.


All courses include a full programme of social activities, which will help you practice your Spanish and enjoy yourself at the same time.
• Museums and gallery trips, guided tours and visits to places of local interest.
• Popular new movies and Spanish special interest films.
• Visits to typical Spanish bars.
• Sports programme during the afternoons: swimming, tennis, football, sailing, horse- riding, mountaineering, ski, windsurfing, scuba diving...
• Trips to places closeby like Santillana del Mar, Vega de Pas or Picos de Europa.
• We also offer optional fascinating weekend excursions to places such as, the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Burgos, Salamanca, Madrid and other capital cities.

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Address: Juan de Herrrera 19, Santander, Spain
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Student Testimonial:
"My experience was fantastic. My Spanish is much better thanks to Spanish language course I took at the Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao.
- Mike, USA
Spanish Language Courses:
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• DELE Exam Preparation
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• Afternoon Plus Spanish Classes (6 hrs/wk)
• Business Spanish
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We offer you optimum conditions for this effective and quality way of learning Spanish. A professionally led language school with motivated teachers with university degrees in language teaching and an island which invites to use the language all the time and with fun and interest.
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Our classrooms have the charm of the classic European style: spacious, outward facing and light, with French windows and balconies with views of the monumental centre and antique wooden floors, harmoniously combined with the most modern audio visual and technical infrastructure (internet connection and wifi included) and air conditioning.

Tía Tula is focused on people - adults or teenagers. It offers an efficient way to learn the language with the best teachers and specialists alongside friendly and personalized treatment.

Our first concern is our students: we bend over backwards to provide them with whatever they need every day in order to submerge them in the language and culture of the country, coming from a balanced combination of academic teaching and extra curricular activities. Our best recommendation: the satisfaction of the students who visit us year on year and often repeat the experience the following year.
Our Spanish courses are offered at 6 distinct levels: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Basic), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Advanced), C1 (Superior) and C2 (Perfecting).

- Intensive Spanish Language Course
- Intensive Spanish Language Course + Conversation
- Intensive Spanish Language Course + Culture and Civilization
- DELE Exam Preparation
- Spanish for Business
- Formative Courses for Teachers of Spanish
- A-Level Spanish Exam Course
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LJS offers Spanish courses for adults and young people. Our Spanish Plus courses combine the Spanish language and culture by organizing cultural workshops, exchanges with the locals, day trips and other activities that will give you a real view of the Galician and Spanish cultures. Students can combine their Spanish classes with cooking, surfing or cultural activities. Summer Spanish courses are also available.

Our Spanish courses are based on the Communicative Method. This teaching method includes grammatical and linguistic structures, as well as task- based focus to encourage linguistics and cultural skills.

We recognize that communication has a social purpose. Our main objective is to help the student to develop real communication skills and abilities (oral interaction and expression, listening and reading comprehension, and writing expression).
- Standart and intensive Spanish courses
- CulturELEmente (Spanish + Cultural Activities)
- Spanish for families
- Spanish + Cooking Course
- Spanish + Surf Course
- Spanish + Au pair
- Summer Spanish Courses with excursions, outings and touristy activities
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Welcome to TARONJA a Spanish language school in Valencia, eastern Spain, a brand new different way of learning Spanish in Spain dynamically.

Our Spanish for Foreigners School in Valencia has been created by VULTURE MAGAZINE , the trendiest Spanish University publication in the County Of Valencia-Spain, a magazine which supports young artists, as well as promotes all kinds of spanihs university events such as parties, concerts, etc.
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