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Spanish Courses in Santander, Spain

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Delta Language School, Santander:
Delta Language School founded in 1980 is a well established Spanish language school, open all year round. Delta Language School is situated in the centre of Santander, Cantabria situated on the north coast of Spain, 40 miles west of Bilbao, between Asturias and the Basque Country. It is a fully accredited school with the reputation of providing a blend of high-level language instruction, a friendly atmosphere and a wide range of services. Our teachers are all well-qualified Spanish teachers with a good knowledge of English. They work as a team preparing the course material. They take considerable responsibility for various aspects of the school life. They are motivated and interested and this benefits you, the student, directly. During the course at our school, you will experience various different ways of learning Spanish. Some of them will be familiar and others new and challenging. However, you can be sure that every activity has been carefully planned and thought out.

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Courses are offered all year round and include a full Language, Cultural and Activity programme.

Courses are full or part time, intensive or regular and self-contained, suitable for students of all levels of Spanish. There is a maximum of eight students in each class.

All our students have classes in conversation, culture, grammar and vocabulary. In addition, "special interest " classes will be offered in such fields as literature, art and history. On the first morning, you will take a short test to determine your level of Spanish to find the class most suitablPhoto of Spanish Courses in Santander, Spaine for you.

We use the most up-to-date teaching material and also a selection of real materials, such as brochures, magazines, and newspapers, specifically, chosen by teachers for each class. In our Self-Study Centre, students have access to a wide variety of other materials to help them practice their reading, listening and pronunciation, as well as their writing, grammar and vocabulary. Teachers are available for individual advice and guidance. One to one lessons are also offered.

Standard General Spanish:
Available all year from 2 to 25 weeks or longer. Classes begin the first and the third Monday of each month. The program is offered in a progressive 2 week Modules. The minimum duration is two weeks and longer stay students will complete the entire program in 16 to 20 weeks.

The teaching program has been carefully designed to provide a progressive course with a good balance between the various new skills and reinforcement of the new points introduced every day.

The course consists of 20 lessons per week (50. minutes per lesson). Lessons are from 9.00 to 13.30 with a half an hour break. The course includes also conversation and cultural activities in the afternoon and optional excursions at the weekends.

The majority of our students study on this course because it is flexible and we can accept students from elementary to advanced level. Students are aged from 18 +. The average number of students per class is 4 to 6. The maximum number is 8.

Extra Cultural Course
This course is based on the Standard General Spanish and students will be in the same classes for the first 4 hours lessons each day. Afterwards, students on the Extra Cultural Course have an extra hour (generally in the afternoon) per day of Spanish Culture in and outside the classroom.

Intensive Course:
This course is based on the Standard General Spanish and students will be in the same classes for the first 4 hours lessons each day. Afterwards, students on the Intensive Course have an extra 2 hours lesson per day of practice and consolidation of the work introduced to the whole in class.

Spanish for Special Subjects:
This is a 30 hour course, starting the first Monday of each month. The course is aimed at business and professional people who need to communicate in Spanish in professional and social contest.

We build on the Spanish you already know, improve your language skills, increase your fluently, extend your vocabulary and help you to become a more confident user of Spanish in your work, travel and social activities.

The specific language focus and topics areas covered in the course will be adapted to the needs and areas of interest of each group.
We work on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills and we vary the time devoted to the four skills according to your needs and those of the group.

Each course lasts aImage of Spanish Courses in Santander, Spain minimum of two weeks. Participants should be at intermediate or advanced level and have a minimum age of 21. The maximum number of students in each class is 6.

Course for Mature People:
This course is designed for people 45+ who wish to learn Spanish and at the same time enjoy the City of Santander.
The course consists of 10 hours per week from 10.00 to 12.00 of oral Language and grammar + 10 hours per week, usually in the afternoon (after a lovely "Spanish Siesta"), visiting the city, going to nearby places of interest, learning Spanish dances and Spanish cooking (always with a teacher). Evening social programs are also available.

Exams Preparation D.E.L.E.:
D.E.L.E. (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera.) is the pre-eminent set of examinations of General Spanish for overseas students.
We offer preparation courses for Inicial and Basico. Superior requires several extra months living in Spain. We can provide individual tuition.
Exams can be taken in May or November.

This is a Standard General Course +five hours per week to provide practice for all parts of the exam.

Private Classes:

These courses are for students who wish to focus on a particular problem or who need extra practice in certain language skills. We can arrange one-to-one tuition in addition to General Spanish classes. We can also arrange individual tuition at any time of the year, from one to thirty hours per week. Your timetable can be as intensive as you wish. We will help you to design a course of study to suit your exact requirements.

Teachers' Refresher Course
Practical, stimulating courses for teachers whose first language is not Spanish lasting 4 to 6 weeks. They are designed to help teachers of Spanish brush up, update and regain confidence in their ideas to take back to their classrooms. These courses are practical, useful and enjoyable.

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Address: Juan de Herrrera 19, Santander, Spain
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