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Chinese Language Lessons in Los Angeles

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Masters of Chinese Language - Business, Travel, Daily Communication:
MCL Academy(Masters of Chinese Language) is an effective, friendly and vibrant Chinese-learning academy to help students become Chinese language masters. The headquarters of MCL Academy is located in Los Angeles, CA. We have several branches in the Greater Los Angeles Area such as Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Irvine etc. We provide group classes, corporate trainings and one-on-one classes at our school sites and your corporations.

Featured Courses:

Photo of Chinese Language Lessons in Los Angeles- Business Chinese: Do you ever feel anxious when you conduct business with Chinese speakers and are clueless about what they are talking about? Do you ever feel a little less powerful when you negotiate with Chinese, even though you are a phenomenal negotiator in your mother tongue? Do you ever feel it is inconvenient to bring translators with you to do business, especially at times the translation is not what you mean, and that can cause irreversible loss? Time to say no to those insecure feelings! And time to strengthen and empower yourself by mastering Chinese language, to be more accurate, mastering Business Chinese! If you tend to want a more personalized class with more interaction and practice with your MCL instructors, or if want to have a more flexible Chinese class schedule, since you have tons of work to deal with, or you have a business trip tomorrow, then MCL one-on-one business Chinese courses are designed for you!

- Crash Courses:
Do you want to be a speaking master of Chinese? This program is for you. Crash Courses are specially focused on speaking and listening Chinese. In this program, you will be learning Pinyin (Chinese phonetics), how to speak Chinese like a native speaker, various topics and themes containing the most authentic and useful words, phrases, sentence patterns based on our CORPORA, important grammatical points, Chinese culture, practice with your Chinese instructors, and your Chinese language buddies, etc.

- Comprehensive Courses: If you want to master all of the skills and abilities of Chinese language and culture, this program is perfect for you. In this program, your skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing will be enhanced comprehensively and systematically. You will be learning phonological techniques, the daily-life topics and themes entailing the most authentic and high-frequency words, phrases, sentence patterns in speaking, reading and writing, how to read Chinese articles, techniques of writing in Chinese, Chinese culture, etc. Do you ever feel uneasy when your team conducts business with Chinese speakers and are clueless about what they are talking about?

Why Choose Us?

Image of Chinese Language Lessons in Los Angeles-  Conversational Chinese Language Lessons
Our curriculum development based on your needs and objectives. We teach the most authentic and useful expressions, the elaborately-summarized grammatical points and fascinating Chinese culture in Los Angeles area.

-  Experienced & Qualified Instructors
Our instructors and linguists have more than 10 years of Chinese teaching experiences in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Africa, the UK, France and more.

-  Diverse Student Profiles
Our students are from different walks of life, we have CEOs, managers, directors, actors, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, college students, high scholars, musicians to learn Chinese at MCL.

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Masters of Chinese Language - Business, Travel, Daily Communication"MCL’s teaching methodologies are very effective! I am very thankful to my Chinese instructor! I have already signed up for the basic and intermediate levels of Crash Courses to continue my Chinese learning at MCL in Los Angeles."
- Lisa Lopez

"MCL instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. The classes are very systematic, practical and effective! Plus, the learning environment at MCL is really pleasant and stress-free. If you want to learn Chinese in Los Angeles, I highly recommend Masters of Chinese Language Academy."
- Steve Smith

"I was really impressed by the Chinese instructor’s profound understanding of the two languages: Chinese and English, her creative and hands-on teaching methods, her kindness and her sense of humor! Learning from my MCL instructor is such a pleasant experience! MCL is the best language school in Los Angeles!"
- John Kim

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Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center
Courses / Programs
The Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center (LACLC) is a non-religious and non-political organization that provides customized Chinese classes in Los Angeles and other cities in the US and around the world. We aim to provide an innovated Chinese language program through our Chinese classes and private language tutors. Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center welcomes people of all cultural backgrounds. Through dedicated Mandarin instructors, we are able to offer various levels of Mandarin Chinese language classes. We serve various locations in greater Los Angeles area, ranging from Beverly Hills to Pasadena, from Santa Monica to San Marino. We also have private tutors in New York, Chicago, Houston, San Jose, San Diego, Tokyo, London, and more. Satisfactions guaranteed, or our tutors will refund you your money.
Private Mandarin Chinese Classes, Group classes in Alhambra, Los Angeles County, short-term Chinese class and one-on-one intensive immersion program are offered throughout the year to help for travelers to China who may wish to gain more out of their travels. Classes in Chinese culture and free consultations on business opportunities in China.
ABC Languages, San Francisco Cantonese classes
Courses / Programs
• Are you searching for quality Cantonese / Chinese classes in San Francisco? A leading provider of second and foreign language classes in the Bay Area, ABC Languages offers group Cantonese classes and private Cantonese tutoring for adults, business professionals & executives, college students, kids (ages 5+) and teens. We also provide Mandarin Chinese lessons. 

• Conveniently located in the Financial District of Downtown San Francisco, we teach students of all levels - from total beginner to advanced.

• Our experienced and professional Cantonese tutors can also deliver private lessons in your home or office, with day, evening and weekend classes available.

• Our native Cantonese instructors know how to make lessons lively and interactive, while encouraging students to engage in conversation, role-play and other language activities. This means you learn Cantonese for authentic use in the real world. 

• We also teach languages at our school in Menlo Park (serving Silicon Valley and South Bay area, including Palo Alto, San Jose, San Mateo and Sunnyvale).

Student Review:
"The entire experience was seamless, the quality of teaching very professional and quite immersive in nature, and the small class environment provided the support and motivation I needed to keep going."
- Adam
Cantonese Language Programs:
Total beginner to advanced level

• Group Cantonese classes for adults (Evening classes)
• Weekend Cantonese classes (Intensive classes)
• Private Cantonese lessons at our school or your home/office
• Cantonese conversation classes
• Corporate Cantonese language training onsite for business professionals & organizations
• Cantonese classes for teens & kids (ages 5+)
• Skype / Online Cantonese lessons..

Other Foreign Languages:
• Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese...
Masters of Chinese Language
Courses / Programs
Learn Mandarin Chinese in Pasadena CA with Masters of Chinese Language (MCL)!

Based in Glendale CA, MCL provides Group Chinese classes in Glendale, as well as private Chinese lessons in Pasadena, Burbank, and throughout the Los Angeles County area.

In addition, we offer online Mandarin Chinese tutorials to students from beginners to advanced level.

Our Chinese language instructors and linguists have more than 10 years of Chinese teaching experiences in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Africa, the UK, France and more.

We teach the most authentic and useful expressions, the elaborately-summarized grammatical points and fascinating Chinese culture in Los Angeles area.

Our curriculum development is based on your needs and objectives.
Group Chinese Courses (On-site, 4-6 week programs)
- MCL Group Chinese Workshop
- Comprehensive Chinese Courses
- Chinese Crash Courses
- Chinese Pronunciation Workshop
- Chinese Writing Workshop

Individual Classes (Customized location, time & date)
- General Daily Chinese
- Exam-based Chinese
- Business Chinese
- Chinese Pronunciation
- Chinese Writing

Corporate Training:
- Business Chinese for professionals / executives
ABC Languages - Palo Alto area
Courses / Programs
Are you searching for high-quality Mandarin Chinese classes in the Palo Alto area?

Voted “Best of the Bay Area” by SFGate users, ABC Languages is recognized as one of the best places to learn Mandarin Chinese in California.

We provide group and private Mandarin Chinese lessons to adults, business professionals, college students, children and teenagers at our language school in downtown Menlo Park.

In addition, we offer Chinese language programs to schools, organizations and corporations throughout the Silicon Valley and Peninsula region of San Francisco Bay Area, including in Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and San Jose.

We also have a school in downtown San Francisco, and offer private Chinese tutoring throughout the Los Angeles County area.

Mandarin Chinese is not only one of the most popular languages to learn worldwide, but also at ABC Languages. Our Chinese program incorporates effective new methods in teaching that get students speaking right away and gaining practical skills for the real world.

Using a popular textbook (“Chit-Chat Chinese”) written by ABC’s Founder, students get to experience a new way of learning Mandarin Chinese that involves role-play, picture prompts, audio aides and much more that keep lessons lively and ensures students are actively learning.

Teachers are native speakers with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.
Mandarin Chinese Classes for Adults & Juniors:

- Group Chinese classes - for total beginners to advanced
- Chinese conversation classes
- Chinese grammar lessons
- Private Chinese lessons
- Chinese classes for kids & teens, including private tutoring for elementary/ middle/ high school students
- Family Chinese classes
- Corporate Chinese language training
- Survival Chinese lessons
- Online Mandarin Chinese lessons

Additional Language Classes:
French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Farsi, Arabic, & English among other languages.
Mandarin Tree Academy
Courses / Programs
Situated in Manhattan Beach CA, in southwestern LA County, Mandarin Tree Academy is a Chinese language learning school that provides a full academic Mandarin immersion preschool and childcare program for children ages 2-6.

Our Chinese school is convenient for students living in Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and surrounding areas of the South Bay region.

Children in our course not only learn Mandarin, but also develop a strong educational foundation on which to build and grow. Our teachers guide the children and provide them with the social and academic skills to excel throughout their future.

We believe that young children don’t “learn” a language by being taught language lessons, they acquire a language by being surrounded by it. In the process, they also absorb the culture and values that are the foundations of the language.
Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Programs:

- Ages: 2-6 years
- Maximum Number of Students: 12
- Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1
- Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 6:30 pm
- Weekly Tuition: Available upon request
Department of Modern Languages, College of Marin, North Bay
Courses / Programs
Learn Chinese in the North Bay at the Department of Modern Languages in College of Marin! Conveniently situated in Kentfield, just 3 miles south-west of San Rafael, we provide quality instruction Mandarin Chinese. Join us and open the doors to important fields such as Chinese politics, economy, or history.

One in every 5 people in the world speaks Chinese, making it the most widely-spoken first language in the world. At over 5,000 years old, China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures. Learning the Chinese language will make travel in this fascinating country more rewarding and will allow you to communicate with people all over the world in their native tongue. For example, Chinese is also spoken widely in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia and Tibet.

Being able to speak Chinese is also a valuable asset in the business environment. China is one of the United States’ largest trading partners and the second largest economy in the world. Many U.S. companies do business in China.

In addtion to our Mandarin Chineses classes, we provide instruction in Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian and American Sign Language.
- Basic Chinese lessons
- Elementary Chinese classes
- Conversational Mandarin classes