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Spanish Immersion Programs in Montgomery County MD

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ISL International School of Languages, Montgomery County MD:
Situated in Bethesda, in southern Montgomery County, MD (just northwest of Washington DC), ISL International School of Languages provides a wide range of Spanish language immersion classes for children of all ages and proficiency levels. Courses include 'Mommy & Me' toddlers classes, preschool classes, private lessons, group classes, and more. We also provide specialized tutoring in French and English, with Mandarin and Italian classes.

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Comprehensive Spanish Language Classes for Children:

Weekly Spanish Group Classes for Children
Photo of Spanish Immersion Programs in Montgomery County MDChildren are naturally more "efficient" foreign language learners and have a great capacity to learn a second language. Our program is based on the idea that this learning can be significantly enhanced through the use of:

- Music
- Creative Visual Aids
- Games
- Variety in Presentation
- A Relaxed and Fun-filled Environment

We use various audio and visual elements that are complementary and inter-related so that the same vocabulary or element of grammar is practiced and reinforced in many different ways to create variety, encourage participation and avoid boredom.

The program we use is rooted in a method that is designed to stimulate different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) to capture the attention of all students. By using a multi-sensory approach, both sides of the brain are engaged in the learning process. Students can learn much faster and with a higher level of retention.

One-on-One Spanish Classes: 
If you feel your child is more/less advanced than the other students in the class, we also offer private classes at your home or our office to proceed at a level that meets your child’s language learning needs. This is a great option for students who are learning Spanish with an specific goal in mind or those who prefer the one-on-one class without distractions.

Mommy and Me Classes (6-36 Months)
This class is designed to start the process of  language learning for newly verbal students and for caregivers to take an active role in students’ learning. Don’t let the name fool you — plenty of dads and other caregivers also join the Mommy & Me class with their little ones.

3-5 Year Olds:
Image of Spanish Immersion Programs in Montgomery County MDThese lessons are designed to be both fun and informative for children who know how to express themselves a bit better in their native language already.  

6-8 Year Olds:
In this class, students begin practicing writing and grammar exercises at an age-appropriate level. Instructors use various audio and visual elements that are complementary and interrelated so that the same vocabulary or element of grammar is practiced and reinforced in many different ways to create variety, encourage participation and avoid boredom.

9-11 Year Olds:

For students with no or little language experience. Students will begin learning basic vocabulary and simple sentences to express personal information, where they live and people they know. 

High Beginner:
For students who have had 6 months – 1 year of language instruction. Students will begin learning phrases and sentences to describe in simple terms their family and other people, living conditions and their school environment.

For students who have had more than 1 year of language instruction. Students will be able to connect phrases in a simple way in order to describe experiences and events, dreams and hopes; to give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans’ and to narrate a story.

Preschool / School Programs:
Duration = 10 weeks (can be changed in agreement). The school program is divided into themes. During each program, we introduce two themes and a series of games and activities that develop the skills needed to learn a second language in a consistent and sequential manner. The themes introduced depend on the level of the students and the programs they have taken with the International School of Languages.

Beginner Level:
- Beginner 1: Animals, Food,
- Beginner 2: House, Verbs
- Beginner 3: Body, Clothes
- Beginner 4: Places, Shapes/Opposites

Intermediate Level:
- Intermediate 1
- Intermediate 2
- Intermediate 3
- Intermediate 4

Other Languages:
We also offer the above courses in French, English, Mandarin and Italian.

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Address: 7906 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, USA
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Beltsville Maryland; Capitol heights MD; Kensington; Chevy Chase, MD; Rockville, MD; and more.
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ABC Languages NJ
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• Give your child a head-start with private Spanish classes from ABC Languages! We provide high-quality Spanish tutoring for kids (ages 5+), teens and adults in cities and counties across North Jersey and Central NJ.

• ABC Languages offers private Spanish lessons for elementary, middle, and high school students of all levels - from basic beginner to advanced.

• Lessons can take place in your family home, a local library, or similar location of preference. We also provide private Spanish language classes for adults.

• Our experienced and qualified Spanish language teachers make learning fun. Your child will start speaking Spanish from day one, helping them to gain real-life skills that he or she can take out into the world. Our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach.

• As well as providing private lessons in major NJ cities (Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, Edison, Clifton, and Paterson), we also offer classes in convenient locations in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Union County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Morris County, and Passaic County.
One-on-One / Private Spanish Classes for Kids & Teens:

For children ages 5+ from Basic beginner to advanced levels

• Private or at-home Spanish tutoring
• Enrichment & homework help
• After-school Spanish program

We also provide Spanish language classes for adults

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Spanish Workshop For Children, LLC
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With four campus locations in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Spanish Workshop for Children provides Spanish language immersion programs for children ages 15 months to 11 years. Our language centers in Pennsylvania are located in Blue Bell and Bryn Mawr; and our centers in New Jersey are located in Cherry Hill and Princeton.

Our Spanish program is carefully calibrated to match the children’s developmental needs at every stage. Language learning is a natural process for young children. For that reason, Spanish Workshop for Children takes all the advantages of the proven Spanish Workshop Immersion Methodology and departs from the traditional curriculum to offer a natural and easy way for children to learn while enjoying themselves at the same time.
Quality Spanish Language Immersion Programs for Children:

- Spanish for Toddlers (15 months - 36 months)
- Spanish for Preschoolers (3-5 years)
- Spanish for Young Children (6-8 years)
- Spanish Literacy Program (7-11 years)
Creative Acts Learning Center
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Let your child become immersed in the Spanish language! Creative Acts Learning Center, in Washington DC, provides 6-week Spanish language immersion courses for parents and children (ages 3-5) and older kids (ages 6-9).

Children engage in immersive activities; learning topics such as colors, clothing, food, body parts, traditions, and Spanish greetings and customs specific to a selected Spanish-speaking country.
Spanish Language Immersion Classes:
- Duration: 6 weeks
- 3-5 year old classes (with parents)
- 6-9 year old classes

Features & learning topics include:
- Colors, clothing, food, body parts, traditions, greetings and customs
Learning Spanish Together by Team Tutor
Courses / Programs
Based in Pennsylvania, Learning Spanish Together is an in-home Spanish language tutoring service that offers Spanish-speaking immersion programs to children in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs.

Learning Spanish Together introduces your child to the Spanish-speaking world and allows them to explore the Spanish language through fun and games, song and dance, literature, and more. Our philosophy is to teach through an easy immersion system, incorporating all concepts via a thematic/whole language approach. We limit enrollment to 10 students per class to ensure each child receives the individual attention they deserve.

Children may derive several benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills. Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores.
In-Home Spanish Tutoring Enrichment Program for Kids:

- Children can get several benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills.

- Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores. Benefits include:

- Reduced test anxiety
- Higher test scores
- Improved grades
- Productive study skills
- Increased academic awareness
Bilingual Butterflies, Philadelphia
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Based in Philadelphia PA, Bilingual Butterflies provides Spanish language immersion programs for children ages 0-10. Classes last from 8-10 weeks, and include private classes, group courses, specialized tutoring, and parent participation classes. Our immersion classes take place in locations throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

Our curriculum focuses on giving your child an exciting educational experience all while learning a new language. Through puppetry, stories, games, music, and lots more your child will forget he's learning and acquire the language naturally! Classes are taught by a native speaker to ensure proper dialect. Our small class size allows for individual attention.
Spanish Language Classes for Kids ages 0-10:

- Mama y yo / Mommy n' Me (Ages 0-3)
- Pequeños (Ages 3-5)
- Chicos (Ages 6-8)
- Specialized Spanish Tutoring (Ages 3-10)
- Private Spanish Classes (at student's home)