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Spanish Classes for Kids in the DC Metro area

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ISL International School of Languages, Montgomery County MD:
Situated in Bethesda, in southern Montgomery County, MD (just northwest of Washington DC), ISL International School of Languages provides a wide range of Spanish language immersion classes for children of all ages and proficiency levels. Courses include 'Mommy & Me' toddlers classes, preschool classes, private lessons, group classes, and more. We also provide specialized tutoring in French and English, with Mandarin and Italian classes.

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Our Method:

Photo of Spanish Classes for Kids in the DC Metro areaThe program we use is rooted in a method that is designed to stimulate different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) to capture the attention of all students. By using a multi-sensory approach, both sides of the brain are engaged in the learning process. Students can learn much faster and with a higher level of retention.

After taking a ISL International School of Languages class, students will:
- Know how to read and pronounce words in Spanish.

- Possess essential Spanish conversational skills.

- Master Spanish vocabulary associated with the alphabet, colors, numbers 1-1000, greetings, the body, questions, directions, family, opposites, school, days of the week, months and seasons, weather, magic words, verbs, food, silverware, farm animals, wild animals, household items, clothing, occupations, places, time, nature and many cognate words.

- Understand many aspects of Spanish grammar including pronunciation, masculine/feminine, singular plural, personal pronouns, present/past/future conjugations and useful irregular verbs.

Best of all, they will acquire a love for learning Spanish because their experience was positive and joyful.

Comprehensive Spanish Language Classes for Children:

Classes / Age Groups include:
- Mommy & Me Class - 6-36 months (start the process of language learning for newly verbal students)
- 3-5 Year Olds (designed to be both fun and informative)
- 6-8 Year Olds (students begin practicing writing and grammar exercises)
- 9-11 Year Olds (Beginner, High Beginner & Intermediate options)
- Preschool / School Programs (Small classes and proven curriculum)

Parent Testimonials:
"My 9 year-old daughter enjoyed her Spanish classes at ISL International School of Languages  Her instructor was terrific and made learning a new language fun and engaging. The admin staff were extremely professional. We'll definitely be back!"
- Dupeh, mother of Spanish student, private lessons

"I love ISL International School of Languages After-School Program! The instructor is fun and patient. My daughter leaves the class feeling energized and relaxed and she is learning Spanish every week. We have had other programs in the school prior to this one, but ISL International School of Languages is by far the best. I recommned every school to use ISL International School of Languages as their After-School Program for Spanish. Children really learn and they have fun while doing so!"
- Donna, mother of student

"As a parent, I appreciate how well-organized your classes are, and how you keep us informed of what is happening with regular e-mail updates".
- Penny, mother of student in Spanish After-School Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Image of Spanish Classes for Kids in the DC Metro area
Can my child join a class at anytime or do I have to wait until the beginning of the session?

Our classes for children are ongoing so they can enroll at anytime. Our method allows children to catch up easily with the rest of the class as we review and repeat things so they can retain the information better and faster. A big part of our method is based on activities and games that children have fun with while learning the language. This will help you child acquire a love for learning Spanish because their experience is positive and joyful.

Do the children classes have different levels or parts?

Children’s classes are divided into different age groups: 3-5 years old, 5-8 years old, and 8-12 years old. Depending how old your child is, he/she will be placed according to his/her age. If you feel your child is more/less advanced than the other students in the class, we also offer private classes at your home or our office to proceed at a level that meets your child’s language learning needs.

What is the class size?
For children 3 to 5 years old, the class maximum is 6. For children 5-8 and 8-12 years old, the maximum number of students is 8.

What if my child is more advanced than other children in his/her class?

If your child is more advanced than other children in his/her class then the instructor will try to work around each of the students learning abilities, perhaps providing the more advanced students with more advanced activities than the other students. Also, we offer one-on-one tutoring that can help your child learn at his/her pace.

Can I be present during my child’s class?
Yes. In fact we recommend you to do this during the first class at least. It is very important that you see how the class is and the progress your child is making. Many parents also choose to drop their children off and run some errands around Bethesda. It is up to you!

Will homework be assigned to my child?

Our goal is to make your child’s experience learning Spanish a positive one, so we will not be sending homework with the children unless the parents/caregivers specifically ask for this. Many times, fun activities are sent with the children in the event we do not have time to finish in class, however these are not obligatory and children have the option to finish them at home.

Will there be any examinations?

No. The goal of our classes is for children to become familiar with the language and be comfortable around it as well as using it. We opt not to test them in paper, however, during the class our instructors definitely observe if the children are making progress or what they need to work on. If you are interested in knowing more in detail how your child is doing, please do not hesitate to talk to the instructor after the class. They will be happy to help you.

Are any certifications given out to students who have completed a course?

No. Because our program is ongoing certifications are not provided to students.

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Address: 7906 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, USA
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-11-20 were from:

Edgewood;   Germantown;   Silver Spring MD;   Gaithersburg, MD;   Chevy Chase;   Silver Spring;   Germantown, MD;   olney;   Rockville, Maryland;   Silver Spring, md;   and more.
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Children may derive several benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills. Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores.
In-Home Spanish Tutoring Enrichment Program for Kids:

- Children can get several benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills.

- Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores. Benefits include:

- Reduced test anxiety
- Higher test scores
- Improved grades
- Productive study skills
- Increased academic awareness