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1, 2 or 3 semesters on the following degree courses: ; • Acting, Animation Production, Architecture, Photography, Costume with Performance Design, Creative Events Management, Fashion Studies, Film Production, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Visual Effects Design & Production, Illustration, Interior Architecture & Design, MakeUp for Media & Performance, Textiles, Modelmaking, Dance. ; Further Courses: ; • Portfolio Preparation Art, Design & Media (2 terms) ; • Preparation for Masters (1 or 2 terms) ; • Summer creative arts courses for ages 13-14, 15+, 18+ / adults.
Orlando Feliz, Study Abroad Evaluation ; from United States
(2011-05-10  17:38:17)
 (Highly Recommended)
How would I describe my study abroad experience in Bournemouth? Simple: AH-MAH-ZING!! To be completely honest, words cannot express how educational, fantastic, and thoroughly exciting last fall semester was while studying at Bournemouth. Although, I must say that I was a little apprehensive about the entire experience at first. I was my first time visiting another continent, it would be the farthest distance I have even been away from home, I would also be the first time that I would be living on my own, among a family I did not even know. So all in all, I cannot stress enough how the entire experience was completely new for me. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but all nervousness and anxiety was washed away within the first week or so of my arrival.

Prior to starting classes, I visited the campus and was given a tour, by the great and very friendly study abroad officer Pablo Kuba, of the campus and the wonderful facilities that it has to offer all of its domestic and international students. The campus itself is marvelous and very easy to navigate. Although we were there before classes actually started, the atmosphere was that of an educationally nurturing and artistically stimulating kind. This was increased ten-fold once there was a lot more activity going on. Since the campus is small you run into students from every major and from every corner of the world. And they are all very friendly! It was just great! To further remove myself of worries I, or any other international student was having, the international office did a fantastic job organising an entire week of activities for all the international students, which include a fun filled night at the beach, complete with traditional English meal and some drinks. We even got to meet with some of the tutors from our course. It was a very great, down to earth experience with a lot of great people, and definitely brought my guard down completely.

The facilities that the Arts University College at Bournemouth has to offer are absolutely amazing. I would have to say, however, the defining factor that made my experience at Bournemouth the most memorable moment of my life thus far, has to be the people, nay, the many lifelong friends that I have come to know while I was there. Everyone was just absolutely wonderful. From the tutors, to my fellow Animation students, to just the random people that I met along the way, absolutely everyone was grand. I will admit, the scariest moment of the entire experience was when during the first days of class, where everyone didn’t really know each other, and we were all just kind of on our own, especially me. However, after just a couple of days, I came to realise that they were all just like me: people with a sensational love for the art of animation, who were in a whole new experience. I no time flat we helped each feel welcomed, we helped each other feel like we belonged, which was feeling, a sensation that I was yearning for. It did not take long for me to get to know practically everyone in the entire Animation Production major, from first year students, to third year students. I actually find myself missing them quite a lot from time to time. All of the friends that I have made while on my AUCB adventure will definitely not be forgotten, for I hold all of them close to my heart.

Truth be told, it is rather unfortunate that I such a lovely study abroad experience so late in my college career. But I believe that is my fault. If I would have done this study abroad adventure earlier on, I would have definitely transferred over for the entire three year course, to become a full-fledged Arts University College at Bournemouth student, in a heartbeat, no questions asked. However, I am still very grateful for having been given the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience. So I thank you, everyone at AUCB, for making my study abroad adventure a dear memory that will rival all of those to come forevermore. And I thank you, donor of the Iversen Study Abroad Scholarship, for allowing to experience all the people of Bournemouth, and the United Kingdom, has to offer, for giving me the education that I so yearned for, and most importantly, for giving me to opportunity to create those long lasting memories that will forever live on. I will forever consider Bournemouth and AUCB as nothing short of a home to me. Thank you.

Orlando Feliz from Bloomfield College, NJ, studying Animation in Autumn 2010
Vinicius de Souza, Study Abroad Evaluation ; from USA
(2011-05-05  09:40:21)
 (Highly Recommended)
Coming to AUCB was one of the BEST decisions I have made in a great while. Hearing the accounts of two students who’ve come here before me for their study abroad programs, had given me the motivation to venture beyond my comfort zone. The jump was very well worth it! In these last 3 months here I’ve learned a lot more than I did in the past 2 years! It was a relatively small decision that changed a lot. And I’ll tell you exactly why.

Two colleagues of mine, who also went through the same program, told me that coming to Bournemouth was an experience that they greatly enjoyed, I figured, ok maybe I should try something new for once and decided to make the investment. I quickly got to business by going to the study abroad office in my school; and learned about every aspect I needed to know about going overseas, I was informed of the costs, and was referred to places where I could stay. After dealing with the logistics of living temporarily out of the country, off I was to the U.K, the place that would totally catch me by surprise.

At first it was very uncomfortable; the culture shock I’ve experienced was very high despite the U.K sharing the same language. AUCB’s orientation was prompt to lessen the impact however, and filled me in the gaps. It was only a matter of time before I started making friends and adapting to life here. During the orientation I got to meet people that would end up on my Animation and Digital Media courses, which was definitely a nice considering that when the term started, I knew at least over 3 people in the class. The orientation program was very well structured and the staff and student advisors were very informative and open.

When the classes started, my nervousness had worn off and I was already pretty comfortable in Bournemouth. I found myself taking very competent classes here and working with people that were very passionate about their craft; the professors were also very knowledgeable and helpful when difficulties arose. I have also unexpectedly forged very strong friendships with my fellow classmates, all this in a matter of 3 months.

Outside of school I spent my time living with a British host family, this put me even more in the way of the culture. Given the fact that they were residents of the U.K, living with hosts provided me opportunities to not only experience what the life of a British person was like firsthand, but also acted as another means of help with living here. My hosts were very down to Earth and were very lovely, I definitely do not regret my decision of staying with them.

I also got to inevitably travel around Europe. I visited Paris, Florence, and Rome. This was a separate journey on its own right, except that this time I didn’t have English as a safety net. It was the first time in my life that I truly had to fend off on my own, as the time I left the U.K on my little side journey I had very little chances to contact my family. I faced quite many challenges and surely felt like a fish out of water, but my triumphs were rewarded when I was able to stand in the front of places like the Eifel tower or the Coliseum, whose pictures really don’t do them justice!

Studying abroad was worth every penny. I’ve learned a lot of new things and met many great people. AUCB’s competent staff and excellent resources ensured that I would get the most of out my time here by reducing the impact of culture shock, and providing me with top notch courses that encouraged critical thinking. Ultimately, my time away from home was more than just a mere 3 months in another country, it was a means to not only exceed academically but to push myself beyond my comfort zone and thus, become a changed man.

Vinny de Souza from Bloomfield College, NJ, studying Animation and Digital Media in Autumn 2010
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