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Arts University Bournemouth:
Established in 1885, Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a leading university specialising in arts, performance, design, and media education. Easily accessible less than 2 hours south of London by train, AUB provides study abroad BA (Hons) programs to international students and professionals studying or pursuing careers in the arts, architecture, acting, animation, digital media, event management, fashion, film production, graphic design, interior design, makeup, photography, textiles, and visual communication. Programs can be taken for 1 term, 2 terms or 3 terms. Currently, AUB has more than 450 international and mainland European students from about 60 countries.

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International students may join existing Degree students in the following Arts & Design courses:
Study Abroad programs can be taken for 1 term, 2 terms, or 3 terms.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Fine Art:
Photo of Short Art & Design University Courses in UKContemporary art involves a boundless diversity of creative practices, which are reflected in the open approach you will find at the University. 

You will be able to explore the use of materials, media and processes and, in doing so, will participate in critical discussion and debate around the work you produce.

You will be part of a stimulating environment in which you will be able to bring together ideas, processes and cultural theory in order to discover and develop your own position within the community of fine art.

The course encourages ambitious individual practice and is underpinned by three strands: studio practice, cultural theory and professional development.

Your work in the studio will be supported by a dynamic programme of related theoretical studies; you will be encouraged to analyse your own work and question your role as an artist and how your work is understood.

You will be stimulated to develop your own creative problem solving abilities and to apply them in a multitude of situations.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Acting:
This highly practical course provides those aspiring to be successful actors with a thorough preparation for a career in acting. 

You will learn the key skills required to respond to the diverse demands of the industry and how to become a creative, flexible and independent artist.

As well as strengthening performance skills you will learn self-motivation, self-discipline, and develop a critical and imaginative engagement with the social, historical and cultural contexts of performance.

Although there is a strong element of academic research, this is often approached through practice, emphasising the vocational nature of this course.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Animation Production:
The art of making animated films requires a high level of practical skill, draughtsmanship, technical proficiency and a wealth of theoretical knowledge and understanding.

This course looks at animation production in a broad and holistic way, providing a thoroughly intensive and team-based experience in which students develop comprehensive expertise in the whole production process.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Architecture:
Image of Short Art & Design University Courses in UKThis course provides a vital introduction to the architectural profession. A major strength of the course is its location within a specialist University with the potential for students to study alongside creative and cultural disciplines and determine their individual sphere of practice through interdisciplinary collaboration across Fine Art, Design, Media, and Performance.

As a student of architecture you will have the opportunity to experiment with architectural design, including many different media, such as drawing, photography, printmaking, model making, video and electronic media.

With this breadth of skill and experience you will be able to propose challenging and innovative places and work collaboratively with other specialisms.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Commercial Photography:
The course aims to produce the next generation of visually expressive fashion, documentary/editorial, portrait and advertising photographers.

We are firm believers that our students should enter the industry as educated individuals, able to engage in the broad dialogue that is expected of creative professionals.

We are looking for those who not only have ambition to produce work of the highest standard, but who also want to push the creative boundaries, challenging industry perceptions and setting the agenda for future generations of successful commercial photographers.

You will gain a broad understanding of photographic practice and theory and be guided towards a career in photography and the creative industries.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Photography:

Photos of Arts University BournemouthThis course explores contemporary photographic practice within a broad cultural context, and is underpinned by historical and critical approaches to the medium of photography.

Your individual creativity and personal ambition are at the centre of the course’s philosophy rather than an imposed ‘house style’.

We will encourage you to undertake an expansive, risk-taking enquiry into the possibilities of photography.

The curriculum allows for a flexible approach to image-making in relation to both subject and resource, and you will be required to position and critically articulate your photographic work in relation to your audience.

We have an extensive range of equipment and facilities and you will be encouraged to freely experiment with these in any and all genres of the medium.

Our aim is to build a specialist knowledge of photography and a broad understanding of visual culture.

The course also allows you to consider how your developed expertise might ultimately lead to professional opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Costume with Performance Design:
This course addresses design and manufacture for the performance industry with specific focus on developing a conceptual understanding of performance design.

This is a diverse and demanding subject; students need to be interested in art, design and all types of performance to support the study of the dazzling array of genres they will encounter on this course, including theatre, film, television, ballet, opera, circus and the study of new performance disciplines.

The University is a very exciting place to study; you will work alongside students from the film, make-up, and acting courses on staged and filmed productions.This is a very labour intensive subject and the workload is heavy. However, we provide a strong support network to all students in an inspiring and supportive environment.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Creative Events Management:
Creative Events Management is about the creation and organisation of live arts and other events – from art exhibitions to theatrical productions, music gigs to multi-artform festivals, dance workshops to fashion shows. 

In this course, you develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required to make such events succeed. Our aim is to support and enable you to develop as a successful arts manager, able to work at the forefront of the arts and creative industries.

Our course offers a unique opportunity to work alongside other students studying practical creative subjects at the University. Our students have previously worked alongside Film, Animation, Acting, Fashion, Visual Communications, Fine Art and Illustration BA (Hons) courses. 

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Fashion:
Picture of Short Art & Design University Courses in UKThis innovative course reflects the way in which fashion continuously redefines itself through processes of evolutionary and radical change. You will have the opportunity to design not only garments but also accessories, fashion jewellery, footwear and millinery.

The course is designed to stimulate curiosity in fashion by enabling exploration and integration of the subject strands of design and construction with fashion communication and promotion and their application to new technologies, as well as historical and contextual frameworks.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Film Production:
This course provides practical experience of the many aspects of filmmaking, both in drama productions and documentaries.

Based around production projects and exercises students gain a contextual understanding of the process of film production and the relationship between all its constituent roles and departments including designing, editing, sound, cinematography, production and direction.

Collaboration between courses is strongly valued and a key quality of the learning environment at AUB. Of particular value is the work with Acting, Animation, Costume with Performance Design and Make-Up for Media and Performance.

Our members of staff are industry professionals and passionate about their craft with a wealth of experience. The course is well resourced with professional filmmaking equipment for each part of the process from pre-production to delivery of completed films.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Graphic Design:
Graphic design is a vehicle for communication as well as self-expression. It is about communicating to inform, educate, entertain, persuade, or any combination of these. This course aims to foster self-confidence and the ability to develop informed design strategies; it will also encourage you to bring your own experiences and interests to the course.

You will develop your own unique and individual approach to visual problem solving. Graphic designers need to be able to make decisions in complex and unpredictable contexts and react quickly to new information, evolving briefs, changes in situations and advances in technology. Innovation is therefore central to the course and will be critical to your development.

You will engage with a variety of contextual and design issues such as user-centred design, sustainability, emerging technology, service design, information design and interactive design.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Visual Communication:
The Visual Communication course is broad and exciting, incorporating elements of both graphic design and illustration. Its focus is on solving communication problems using a variety of media.

Students explore typography, print and screen-based media, web design, animation and illustration. The first part of the course provides skills in these areas, and students have the opportunity to work on projects that have been set by industry, as well as course briefs. All briefs are designed to reflect current industry practice.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Illustration:
The course will provide you with an active creative environment within which you will be encouraged to experiment, test and develop your work. You will explore drawing, painting and printmaking, as well as lens-based, digital, interactive and time-based media; this variety of media reflects the diversity of contemporary illustration.

Our aim is to support and enable you to develop as an individual practitioner and to be prepared to work confidently and successfully within and at the forefront of the creative industries.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design:
This exciting and challenging course offers the opportunity to develop a creative and dynamic understanding of the potential of three-dimensional interior space. The course focuses on observing and understanding the needs of people within spaces and environments and explores alternative solutions to contemporary design problems.

Working in a lively and realistic studio environment, you will explore the creative use of space and develop practical skills to progress from project concept to project presentation; you may also work on ‘live’ projects during the course, working closely with industry and specialist professionals.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Visual Effects Design & Production:
Devised with input from industry professionals, this course is designed to develop your understanding of primary visual effects, compositing and animation technology and their application in a film production process.

Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, using industry-standard hardware and software. You learn through seminars, workshops, lectures and tutorials. Units of Study include: Concept development, On-set data acquisition, Asset building, Animation, and Compositing.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons)
in Make-Up for Media and Performance:
Images of Arts University BournemouthThis course provides experience of the many aspects of make-up and special effects within performance, film and television.

In addition to developing your specialist skills within a creative community of artists and practitioners, you will study the historical and contemporary contexts relevant to the work of today’s make-up artist.

The course will mix live, practical, theoretical and work-based learning and provides opportunities to work with students studying acting, film production, costume and modelmaking on ‘live’ collaborative projects.

The course includes make-up and hair design for historical and contemporary drama, special effects and prosthetic make-up for film and television, and theatrical make up for performance including ballet, opera, music and dance.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Dance:
This highly practical course provides those aspiring to have a key role in the Dance Industry with a thorough preparation for a career in this area. 

Students are fully integrated with our BA (Hons) Dance students in an exciting, creative University environment. Using our outstanding facilities at Pavilion Dance South West as well as on campus at AUB, you develop specialist knowledge and skills in a creative studio environment.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Textiles:

This course offers broad based creative study in the field of textiles, covering the breadth of the discipline and its applications including surface print, stitch embellishment, dyeing and construction processes.

It offers the opportunity to focus on a variety of specialist areas, including textiles for fashion, textiles for interiors and textiles as art/crafts. Traditional skills are taught together with expertise in design development and production.

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Modelmaking:

This specialist, innovative course is a European leader in the field of modelmaking. It sets out to be challenging, practical and demanding but also to provide a rich, rewarding, fun and vibrant experience.

You will develop technical and aesthetic abilities, experiencing a wide variety of processes and materials in carrying out a range of challenging and interesting briefs – working both physically and digitally in three dimensions.

You will be introduced to creative making, technical processes, material manipulation, mould making, finishing techniques, digital modelling, designing, problem solving and aesthetic understanding.

Additional Courses for International Students:

 Portfolio Preparation Art, Design & Media (1 or 2 terms)
Designed for international students who wish to develop their skills to produce work for a portfolio or interview at university, you can join this course for 1 term or two terms.

Through a series of projects and briefs, it will cover all the fundamental skills required to build a portfolio. You will study basic drawing skills and proceed to more complex observational and analytical work.

This is ideal for students who wish to pursue further studies in the fields of: Painting & Drawing, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Architecture, Fashion, Animation, Sculpture, Photography, Film, Costume, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Digital Media, Textiles, Printing, and Modelmaking.

 Preparation for Masters (2 terms)
Designed to help students to secure entry onto a Masters course, this Preparation programme helps you to develop your creative understanding of your chosen subject, or to increase your English language scores before being accepted onto a Masters course.

Once you have been offered a place on the Preparation programme, you will be provided with an individual programme of learning, which usually takes place over 2 terms, and is designed to prepare you for your future Masters application. 

Specialist 2 & 3 Week Summer Creative Arts & Design Courses:
- For individuals, college students, senior high school students and adults, from ages 13-14, 15+, 18+

- All students taking part in one of our summer courses will receive an official AUB Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion.

- Students also have the opportunity while on the course, to attend an interview for a place on any of AUB’s 1 year Foundation or BA and MA courses.

• British Architecture & 3D Design
• Animation Course
• Studio Photography
• Drawing & Illustration
• Fashion &Textiles
• Creative Make-up  course
• Graphic Design & Visual Communication
• Filmmaking Course
• Portfolio Preparation for the Arts

We also offer a summer residential programme to compliment the above creative arts courses.

• 2-Week Creative Arts Summer School:
We also offer a summer residential programme for secondary school teenagers to compliment the above creative arts courses.

All-inclusive residential course for students of ages 14-16 years old
15 -26 June 2022

And again:
All-inclusive residential course for students of ages 13-14 years old
27 July -7 August  2022

Sessions / topics include:
• Animation, Digital Photography, Drawing, Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration, Mixed Media, Print Making, Adobe Packages, Stop Motion Animation.

Residential Programme (accommodation, meals, activities etc).

•Discover British Costume Collections: Study Tour
All-inclusive, fully residential for College-age Students 18+ only
15 -26 June 2022

All students taking part in one of our summer courses will receive an official AUB Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion.

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