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Welcome to Live Language. We are an English School in Glasgow, west of Scotland, offering English courses.
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Jessica ; from Germany
(2018-09-28  07:07:38)
 (Highly Recommended)
I studied at the Live Language school for four weeks and can just truly recommend it. The courses where held in a warming and welcoming atmosphere with people from all over the world. The teachers are high qualified and always try their best so that you are able to achieve your English language goals. I also liked the Culture Club where I could learn more about the british and scottish culture and history. Furthermore the school offers a social programme which gave me the chance to explore Scotland even more and to make friends from other countries. I really enjoyed my time here and would like to come back.
Carlota ; from Madrid
(2018-08-15  08:50:12)
 (Highly Recommended)
More than just a Language Academy!

I have taken the CAE preparation course for two months during the summer and I would say that it has been one of the best effective options to prepare my Cambridge exam.

Firstly, you will receive a big range of good tips to deal with each part of the exam such as technics to improve the understanding, or practising the problematic points of each part, so that the student can gain experience in how they must be focus on their individual studying. Secondly, the teacher puts in practise a lot of useful group dynamic activities to encourage students to improve their English level in a cooperative way. In addition, teachers are very compromise with their objectives and they push their students to get the best part of themselves.

In short, I have personally found the course as the ideal method to train myself in order to feel well-prepared to pass the exam successfully.

However, Live Language is more than just a Language Academy, it is a space of sharing cultures throughout English, which means that you will meet a lot of people from all parts over the world. Also, thanks to the Social Program, you will have the chance to join to different activities and travel across Scotland.

So, if you don’t want to miss a marvellous language learning experience in Glasgow, I would recommend you without hesitation to join Live Language family!
Paula Maria ; from Spain
(2018-08-09  08:53:55)
 (Highly Recommended)
First of all, I have been studying in the Academy for 2 months in the CAE class and what I have to point out is the ability and good qualification of the teachers, who were able to lead the group providing with motivation and making easy what was highly complicated. We not only learned academic knowledge but also about the Scottish culture, what is more, we discovered other countries through other students.

Whereas I had class in the morning there were always different activities in the afternoon which helped me to know other people and make new friends. Now I know people from all over the world and I still remember the laugh of my teammates when we were in the Drama Club, it was pretty funny!

Finally, the last thing I am going to highlight is, always when I looked at other classmates during and after classes, to the teachers, and even when I spoke with people from reception or personal from the coffee shop; what I saw was an amazing smile.
I think the best thing is the respect between the different cultures you can breathe there.
Yvonne F. ; from Germany
(2018-03-21  09:36:28)
 (Highly Recommended)
Live Language ist a really great language school. The english club was very helpfull for me because I can train my english and also talked to people from other countries.
All staff are very frienldly.
Livia ; from Italy
(2017-11-06  09:24:51)
 (Highly Recommended)
I spent one month for my internship in Live Language. Regarding English lessons I think that they are interactive, never boring and focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. I had the chance to learn a lot of things about other’s people cultures and make new friends. The atmosphere in the school is cosy and friendly and since the first day I felt part of it. I also could take part at many activities such as visits around Glasgow and trips nearby with the social programme. I strongly recommend spending time in Live Language!
Helen ; from Italy
(2017-08-24  10:11:23)
 (Highly Recommended)
I studied at Live Language for 3 months and I spent a magnificent summer there! The teachers were really professional and friendly, the staff helped me in every moment and during afternoon and every Saturday there were social activities. My favorite was Speaking games because I could imporve more and more my English vocabulary in a funny way. I met new students from different countries and I have found new friends. I warmly recommend going to Live Language School! Indeed I really love Glasgow and Glaswegian! It has been a perfect summer!
Clara ; from France
(2017-06-08  09:09:12)
 (Highly Recommended)
I strongly recommend Live Language to anybody wants to improve and enjoy learning new language.
I have enormously learned and this internship represents without a doubt a great step in my professional life. The whole team and teachers are friendly and helpful.

I recommend the English club; it is a supplementary class in the afternoon, which allows speaking freely on any topic with students, come from different cultures. It really helped in improving my English skill and meet new students

Thanks to the activities of the social program I had the opportunity to discover Glasgow and meet students from all over the world.
Antonio Marrocco ; from Italy
(2017-03-14  13:35:26)
 (Highly Recommended)
My objective was to improve my level from B1 to C1 but also to meet people from everywhere and with a different culture. From this point of view, I am really satisfied with my classroom where I met nice friends of various nationality. They were really willing to develop their English skills and supportive to each other.
In addition, I am satisfied with my personal lesson too. I could achieve the level that I wanted and t vbbeachers are really willing to help us even outside the classroom, for instance we can email them pieces of writing.
Furthermore, I was completely enthusiastic about the social programme, I took part in many activities around Scotland and I really enjoy it.
I've been in different schools but if I have to choose my favourite one I would choose Live Language.
Svetlana ; from Czech Republic
(2016-09-19  04:28:48)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have studied English at different schools not only in the Czech Republic but also in Scotland (colleges included) and I have to say that Live Language is definitely so far the best!

All teachers who I have met are very experienced, professional and always helpful. Moreover, they are also friendly which is not standard in the Czech Republic, so it is a big and pleasant difference.

Live Language is not only about sitting in the class and learning English but also about becoming aware of Scotland - all students have a great opportunity to visit attractive places across the Scotland as a part of social programme.

When talking about classes, everybody can choose what suit them. For example, Cambridge Exam preparation, IELTS preparation, General English or Academic Language.

To sum up, Live Language is the best place for learning and improving English.
Claudia ; from Italy
(2016-09-14  08:16:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been studying at live language school for one week and it was a great experience. The staff is really helpful and very kind and I felt at home. The quality of the teaching and the study system is really high and you can see your improvement week by week. I had the opportunity to visit Glasgow because the school usually organises a fantastic social program with a variety numbers of activities and the most of them are free. I had a really good time!
Ekaterina ; from Russia
(2016-07-04  11:33:36)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have studied at Live Language twice for 5 weeks and had an amazing positive experience. I did a course of academic english and a Cambridge exam preparation. All teachers were really good qualified and the courses useful. Every week we covered a new material including a wide range of vocabulary, than we did practice and at the end of the week we had a test. I liked this system cause we could appreciate our results and highlight the weak sides to work on. Also school offers a lot of benefits as a social program, language exchange meetings, english club and a study centre facilities. All these things help you to be fully immersed in the language environment and gain a good knowledge. The school staff is extremely amazing and helpful! I have never seen such a friendly attention! Live language is a school worth to go!!! I was more than satisfied with everything there!
NE ; from france
(2016-06-14  09:43:31)
 (Highly Recommended)
I went at live language for improving of my English.
I recommend this school, there are good teacher with a good staff. The courses was in small groups. There are a real support by the teacher.
The social program allow to meet a new friends and make a lot of activities.
Glasgow is a city that moves much.
Scotland is one countries with a lot of loch, castle, mountains. It will disorient you.
roberta ; from Italy
(2016-06-14  09:18:40)
 (Highly Recommended)
When I came to Glasgow, my English wasn't great. I was afraid that people couldn't understand me and because of this my confidence was low. Fortunately I came across Live Language, and I couldn't made a better choice. Thanks to all the teachers and staff my English is getting stronger day by day and my confidence is building. All that is left to say is thank you all for helping me, I really enjoy studying here.
Amir M ; from Iraq
(2011-03-18  07:34:01)
 (Highly Recommended)
Upon the Amandine's request to support live-language school, I am writing my opinion concerning them in below:

I have studied at Live Language school for four weeks, it was dreadful environment with regard to the weather in Glasgow... but the school's staff, teachers were very friendly and doing their job responsibly. I enrolled in IELTS preparation there and I think Live-Language was the right school for this course since we had full exam practice every week with progress feedback in session which is not many schools bother to think about. It is important to have full live-exams practice, it works well with me.

When it comes to the money.., the Live-Language school acquires reasonable fees comparing to the other schools and the quality of teaching they offer. Actually the quality of teaching here is even much more better than that of some high-fees schools which I had attended before. What I want to say is that you could always get what you paid for, however, no many schools are committed to their students as really good as Live-Language do. I am telling you.

If you are lucky enough to study at live-language, you might also enjoy your staying by attending wide range of entertainment and social activities programmed by the lovely marketing assistant Amandine for every weekend.

Finally, if you need any further details ooorr iifff you catched some mistakes in my writing, please do NOT try to be in touch. Alternatively contact the school itself, and ask for the right person who is in charge. :)

I suppose you will be happy while studying here and more than happy when you leave... don't get me wrong, all your wishes will be done.

Fabio L. ; from Santa Fe - Argentina
(2011-03-11  12:10:33)
 (Highly Recommended)
hola amigos les recomiendo un paso obligado por glasgow, y que se busquen un buen curso de ingles live lenguaje esta bien se conoce a buena gente, interesante y con muchas ganas de aprender y divertirse
Steven F. ; from Taiwan
(2011-03-06  09:24:32)
 (Highly Recommended)
Hi everyone
I strongly recommend to you a great school - "Live Language". It's a wonderful school in Glasgow. They have complete & enrich the system of teaching, friendly & nice staff, and blameless living services.
I'm a international student, however, I have no class in Live Language, I study at other school. Even so, they're still willing to help me for living in Glasgow. If living in Glasgow is strange to you, you can find a home-stay through Live Language rent you. These host-families are selected by Live Language, that can keep your studying life better. If you don't adapt to your new family, you can change it any time.
There are many programmes that are hold by Live Language at every weekend. You can have nice social activities there. You also can know local conditions in Scotland.
I suppose you will be satisfied with studying there.
Steven Glasgow
Claudia D. ; from Caracas-Venezuela
(2011-03-04  06:27:18)
 (Highly Recommended)
tuve una muy agradable experiencia, me encanto Glasgow, es una hermosa ciudad, en donde pude disfrutar un monton, entre ellos estan los museos, los eventos, las discotecas, y de las personas, ya que la gente super amable.
Acerca de Live Language, si pudiera volver a ir, Voy!! todo el personal es muy atento y cordial, te ayudan en todo, al igual que los profesores, hic muy buenos amigos en esta escuela, aprendi un monton!!
Estoy Feliz de haber sido una estudiante de Live Language :D.
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