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Art & Design Degree Programs in California

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California College of the Arts:
California College of the Arts (CCA), founded in 1907, is the largest regionally accredited, independent school of art and design in the western United States. California College of the Arts is noted for the interdisciplinarity and breadth of its programs. We offer studies in 22 undergraduate and 11 graduate majors in the areas of Fine arts, Architecture, Design, Writing, and more. CCA has two campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area, a global hub for technological and cultural innovation.

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Undergraduate Degree Programs
We welcome all undergraduate applicants who will enhance our diverse community. If you demonstrate creative promise and are intellectually curious, we encourage you to apply.

- Animation
The Animation Program curriculum explores time-based motion and form, combining traditional character animation with a more experimental, interdisciplinary approach. Students begin the program by studying shifting weight, locomotion, characterization, timing, and emotional expression through traditional drawing and filmmaking courses.

- Architecture
The Architecture Program integrates critical, artistic, and material approaches to the study and practice of architecture. The five-year, NAAB-accredited program is committed to experiments in alternative models of practice, design, and fabrication. The curriculum accordingly brings developments in culture, media, and technology to bear on the process of architectural production, allowing students to capitalize on new opportunities in a rapidly changing profession.

- Fashion Design
The Fashion Design Program is an idea-driven, craft-based course of study that emphasizes design concepts and skill development. The goal is to produce designers of daring originality who are willing to explore across disciplines and contribute to fashion as an aspect of modern art and culture.

- Interior Design

CCA's Interior Design Program provides an interdisciplinary design education where critical, artistic, historical, and material approaches to the practice of interior and environmental design integrate theory with art and technology. We prepare our students to be innovative leaders in the area of spatial design, which in turn educates them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

- Media Arts
The Media Arts Program has three areas of focus: experimental film and video, narrative film and video, and new digital media. The coursework emphasizes both theory and practice: the conceptual framework of contemporary media art and technical skills applicable to the time-based arts.

- Photography
The Photography Program takes a broad-based approach, engaging students in the most contemporary practices, as well as in the traditions and historical structures from which those practices have evolved. The curriculum provides a technical foundation in analog and digital imaging alike and introduces the critical skills and theoretical insights necessary for students to manifest their creative visions.

- Writing and Literature
Students in the Writing and Literature Program make a rigorous investigation of literary traditions and explore the challenging, subtle craft of writing. The program benefits greatly from the Bay Area's rich literary history and dynamic writing culture, and its students become part of CCA's diverse community of artists working in a broad range of media.

Other undergraduate programs include:
- Ceramics
- Community Arts
- Film
- Furniture
- Glass
- Graphic Design
- Illustration
- Individualized Major
- Industrial Design
- Interaction Design
- Jewelry / Metal Arts
- Painting/Drawing
- Printmaking
- Sculpture
- Textiles
- Visual Studies

Graduate Degree Programs
The graduate programs at California College of the Arts offer concentrated study against a stimulating background of interdisciplinary exchange. Each master's program features its own distinctive curriculum as well as a rich menu of graduate elective seminars.

- Architecture MA Degree
The Master of Architecture Program focuses on material innovation, research, application, and resourcefulness within a larger social and cultural context. While providing a well-rounded architectural education, the program engages physically and digitally with old, new, and emerging building materials and systems to explore architecture as a critical and evolving practice. Digital craft, design research, interdisciplinary engagement, alternative models, and global involvement and exchange are emphasized.

- Curatorial Practice MA Degree
As contemporary art practice evolves, the role of the curator is shifting. Ideas about the relationships among art, exhibition spaces, and audiences are changing, and the way that art institutions are structured and administered is becoming more complex. The first of its kind on the West Coast, the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice offers an expanded perspective on curating contemporary art and culture.

- Design MFA
The program offers concentrations in communication design, industrial design, and interaction design. All students earning their MFA Design degree take core courses in design history, theory and criticism, research, materials and processes, and strategy and entrepreneurship.

- Design Strategy MBA Degree
The MBA Program in Design Strategy equips students to lead organizations from the unique perspective of design thinking. By uniting the studies of design, finance, strategy, and sustainability, we provide the tools to manage in today's interconnected markets with a vision of business as sustainable, meaningful, ethical, profitable, and truly innovative.

- Visual and Critical Studies MA Degree
The MA Visual and Critical Studies degree encompasses core courses, electives, forums, workshops, and lectures, students encounter professionals from around the world who explore the complexities of the contemporary visual landscape. Our distinguished faculty members, drawn from departments and programs across the college, have been trained in disciplines that include fine arts, art history, architecture, architectural history, design, design history, fine arts, curatorial practice, creative writing, philosophy, cultural studies, and critical studies.

- Writing MFA Degree

The MFA Program in Writing at California College of the Arts is a two-year course of study. Our program offers workshops in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, cross-genre writing, playwriting, and screenwriting. Rather than require you to declare a specific genre, we instead leave open the option to take workshops in various genres.

Other undergraduate programs include:
- Curatorial Practice
- Fine Arts
- Master of Advanced Architectural Design
- Master of Architecture in Urban Design and Landscape (MAUDL)
- MBA in Design Strategy
- MFA in Comics
- MFA in Film

Professional Programs of Study

- Critical Studies Program
The Critical Studies Program is part of a substantial curriculum in the humanities and sciences, based on the belief that the visual arts are guided as much by the mind as by the hand. The college offers a broad, integrated curriculum that seeks to produce informed citizens and artists who will engage both critically and imaginatively with the world around them. In addition to creative practice, students acquire oral and written communication skills and the tools of critical thinking and argumentation. The Critical Studies program includes courses in cultural history, social science, philosophy, mathematics, and science, as well as interdisciplinary methods of knowledge.

- Diversity Studies Program
CCA’s Diversity Studies Program offers an intensive exploration of cultural diversity in America and in other world cultures that have impacted American society. A commitment to social change and social justice informs the program’s investigations into the processes and constructions of racial/ethnic, gender/sexual, and socioeconomic inequalities.

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Kingston Ontario, Canada;   and more.
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Shepherd University, Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
Situated just 10 minutes north of Downtown L.A., Shepherd University's School of Digital Arts provides two comprehensive Degree programs in Digital Arts (Bachelor), and Information Technology (Masters), with concentrations including VFX (Visual Effects) & Animation, and Game Art & Design. With a special concentration on producing digital entertainment content, our School of Digital Arts focuses on producing qualified and talented professionals to meet industrial needs.

The mission of the School of Digital Arts is to provide students with opportunities to develop in-depth knowledge and experience in Digital Contents and Graphics fields to contribute to the economic vitality of our region and beyond and to launch the careers of first-rate, 21st century professionals and leaders who are ready to make immediate, positive contributions to society through Christian spirituality.

Our school is located right next to Hollywood, where the global industries of filmmaking and digital content are concentrated.
Bachelor & Masters Degree Programs in Digital Arts & Information Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts Program - concentrations:
- VFX (Visual Effects) & Animation
- Game Art & Design

Master of Science in Information Technology - concentrations:
- VFX (Visual Effects) & Animation
- Game Art & Design

Shepherd provides a modern educational environment with high tech facilities including a VFX & animation lab, game art & design lab, computer lab.
The Academy of Cosmetic Arts
Courses / Programs
Situated in San Jose, Santa Clara County in Northern California, The Academy of Cosmetic Arts Professional Makeup Artist School offers a specialized Cosmetic Arts Certificate program. Our training program is the first and only program of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern CA. The Academy of Cosmetic Arts provides students with the knowledge and advanced skills required for the transition from cosmetic or college level programs to professional organizations and careers.

Our resident makeup artist Rose Hill recognized a need for a program with hands-on experience. This successful program has proven to work in the areas of television, film, fashion shows, fashion print, theater and special effects.

We have received many awards from the community and media in recognition of service. Marketing the makeup artist is an important factor while learning the business aspects for success.

The curriculum is designed to give an intense study of each area of the profession, providing a range of makeup and fashion styling artistry from which to choose special areas of interest.
Cosmetic Arts Certificate Program offering 8 weekly, 3-hour workshops:

Curriculum includes:
- Make-up Design workshop
- Airbrush Make-up workshop
- Fashion Show Makeup workshop
- Corporate Styling workshop
- Television and Film techniques workshop

- Internships on independent & feature films offered upon availability with master classes in on-location work
SJSU School of Art and Design, San Jose
Courses / Programs
San Jose State University School of Art and Design, CA, offers some of the nation’s highest quality and yet most affordable and accessible programs in art and design fields. With over 1900 students and nearly one hundred faculty and staff members, the School of Art and Design provides programs at Bachelor & Masters degree levels in fields that include animation/illustration, digital media art, industrial, interior, and graphic design, photography, spatial and pictorial art, as well as art education and art history.

We offer high-quality, hands-on programs in the arts that prepare students to be lifelong learners and skilled critical thinkers. Active in their respective fields, our faculty bring extensive knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the classroom.

SJSU provides internship and employment opportunities for graduates with many of the nation’s leading entertainment and artistic technology companies. Works by student and recent graduates have recently won awards the National Housewares Competition as well as film and animation festivals internationally. They have been included in the Whitney Biennial and other fine arts invitationals.
Bachelor & Masters Degree Art & Design Programs:

Undergraduate Degree programs:
- Art History and Visual Culture
- Digital Media
- Photography
- Pictorial Art
- Preparation for Teaching
- Spatial Art
- Studio Practice

Graduate Degree programs:
- Art History and Visual Culture
- Digital Media Art
- Photography
- Pictorial Art
- Spatial Art
Arts University Bournemouth
Courses / Programs
• Study for 1, 2 or 3 semesters at the UK’s No. 1 arts university!

• Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a leading university specialising in arts, performance, design, and media education. Easily accessible less than 2 hours south of London by train, AUB provides study abroad BA (Hons) courses for US / international students & professionals who wish to spend time abroad in pursuit of careers in creative arts, graphic design, interior design, textiles, fashion, makeup, animation, visual communication, event management, architecture, dance, acting, film production, photography, & more.

• Our short study abroad courses are designed for students who want to spend time learning in the UK, developing their creative skills and perhaps gaining credits towards their university degree, but do not necessarily want to spend as much as 2-3 years studying in the UK.

• Students are fully integrated with our full-time BA (Hons) degree students, and these courses can be taken for 1 term, 2 terms, or 3 terms.

• If you can't find the exact course you want, we can design a course tailored to your individual needs. You can join several groups of students on a range of different courses and also receive one-to-one tuition.

• We also provide summer study abroad programs.

"The facilities that the Arts University Bournemouth has to offer are absolutely amazing. First off, the library was one of the most resourceful places I have come across in my entire stay there."
- Orlando, USA, Animation Production
1, 2 or 3 semesters on the following degree courses:

• Architecture
• Animation Production
• Acting
• Costume with Performance Design
• Creative Events Management
• Dance
• Fashion Studies
• Film Production
• Fine Art
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Interior Architecture & Design
• MakeUp for Media & Performance
• Modelmaking
• Photography
• Textiles
• Visual Communication
• Visual Effects Design & Production

Further Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Art, Design & Media (2 terms)

• Preparation for Masters (1 or 2 terms)
The Actor's Intensive, San Francisco
Courses / Programs
Kirk Baltz is an acting coach in the San Francisco Bay Area of California with 15 years experience in teaching acting classes. His studio is located in San Bruno in San Mateo County. He also offer acting lessons in Los Angeles. Kirk's work as a private acting coach has assisted many working actors with developing a sharper auditioning technique. His weekend acting workshops have been taught in major cities across the U.S. while his on-camera classes in LA have helped many beginning actors to gain a better understanding of film acting. He is currently offering a Two-Day Audition / Cold Reading Technique Workshop which is suitable for all levels of actors. Space is limited for this workshop.
- Two-Day Audition / Cold Reading Technique Workshop which is suitable for all levels of actors.
- Private Coaching Workshops and Training Techniques for Actors.
- One day to five week sessions.
- Online and phone coaching now available.
CMC School, Yucatan - Color Reading / Chromatology Workshop
Courses / Programs
Psychic ability practitioners, medical professionals & color therapy healing enthusiasts living in California may be interested in this unique short program in Mexico:

• Develop your psychic ability with Divination through color in the abundantly colorful and spectacularly scenic state of Yucatan in Mexico!

• Chromatology or Chromatics is the study of color, and at CMC School in Yucatan, we offer an exciting and highly educational chromatology, divination & color reading workshop (taught entirely in English) to develop your psychic ability and enable you to make color readings.

• Today, color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is used extensively by interior designers, fashion designers, beauty therapists, holistic and healing therapists, doctors, mediums, and artists to enhance the power of color and color combinations.

• CMC School is owned by U.S. citizens from Texas, and we are excited to welcome tourists and alternative adventure travelers to our new destination workshop in Progreso Beach, a tranquil & picturesque location just 30 minutes north of the city of Merida (renowned in many articles for its safety, architecture, food and voted the #1 place to retire in Forbes Magazine!).

• Our programs appeal to professionals, therapists, vacation seekers & travelers from the neighboring border states of CA, TX, AZ and NM, from across the U.S., local students from Mexico, as well as international students from Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, and around the globe.
Chromatology Workshop - Fall 2018:
• Learn how to develop your psychic ability through color, and how to do divination readings by utilizing the power of color.

• Divination is the art or practice of seeking to gain an insight into future events by gathering hidden knowledge through interpretation.

• Chromatology (also called chromatics) is the study of color - which has an enormous impact on our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual body.

• Learn how color influences our perception, and study color for its healing qualities.